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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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charge of the cybercrime squad busted for molesting three young boys. why cops fear there may be more victim. a school administrator and daughter in hot water. a special pot laced treat that got them in trouble. posing for a purpose. >> a lot of fun to be part of it knowing that the end result is going to benefit others is the best part of it. >> a different kind of bravery as female firefighters taken out for good >> thank you for joining us tonight. new tonight an fdle agent who spent years in tampa chasing and arresting men who exploited children for sex is on the wrong side of the law. he is no accused of targeting victims he was in charge of saving. chuck mcmullen no stranger to the underbelly of society. he supervised agents in the tampa cyber squad, sometimes appearing on news channel eight to announce major sex crime bus.
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three counts of lewd and lascivious behavior. on paid leave right now at the fdle office. those are the same charges he arrested people for, for his stint at this office. >> a lot of people we talked to online that did travel to the house. >>reporter: working on the tampa office of fdle, chuck mcmu seeking sex with children. >> we will do our part in investigative efforts to find those people and arrest them as well. >>reporter: investigators arrested mcmullen after getting reports from 28 -year-old boys at the santa rosa kids house. a third boy telling the similar story. one told a case where mcmullen touched him downstairs on his private parts. when told of the allegations that mullen began to cry. and arrest report says he told another eight -year-old boy this is between you and me and not to tell anybody.
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denied any contact up. arresting a special agent was not easy for deputies. >> from a law enforcement standpoint, it is a difficult case to work because of the individual but by the same token we are prosecuting and doing the case exactly, nothing different than any other person . >> all children are scarred from the sum do well, some don't they need therapy. >>reporter: the hardships if the allegations are true. >> the ones i have seen the listed over 30-40 years are now adults with all kinds of problems. >>reporter: at the time of his arrest mcmullen worked as a special agent supervisor for the cyber squad in pensacola the same job he held here in tampa. >> i understand investigators are worried there may be additional victims in the bay area? >>reporter: they are worried about that.
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that means the county sheriff wants to hear from potential victims that might live here. you may want to give them a call. a pasco county assistant principal career may be crumbling like the marijuana laced cookies she consumed. deputies tell us donna haff went to the emergency room sunday after she ate a cookie laced with marijuana oil. according to investigators her daughter, allison up the cookie from a coworker because her mothan 50th birthday. >> it is out of character for this woman, everyone is shocked and of course it is disturbing given what we know at this time we have to take action. >> deputies arrested both women. donna haff is on paid leave from and close high school where she works. the search continues for a
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of people and slammed his car into a bar. it happened at the bad monkey around eight 30:00 this morning. the suspect and another man got into a fight. the suspect got in his car and tried to get away but instead hit a man and plowed into the building. >> it was really chaotic it happened really fast the blink of an eye. >> areas to a good type of business here you hate to see damage of this nature. >> the victim had a leg injury but refuse president-elect donald trump's cabinet a points. rudy guiliani and tom bolton -- john bolden appeared to be top candidates for secretary of state. and paul night -- paul ryan renominated as speaker. they are unified with trump. >> we are on the same page with our president-elect. i talked with donald trump virtually everything they. i spoke with mike pence this morning. we are on the same -- on the
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successful administration. >> senator harry reid told fellow democrats we had the duty to stand up for americans who may not feel welcome in america after this election. president obama began his final trip overseas today and donald trump was topic number one. the president met with the greek prime minister before taking questions from the press. president obama said candidates like donald trump and bernie sanders tapped into a legitimate fear of globalization. he went on police and plant city looking for this trio of thieves, stealing from elderly woman at publix stores. detectives tell us one of the three distracts the victim while the others take a wallet. thieves cashed in at a nearby cvs and bought more than $1000 worth of gift cards. crimestoppers offering a 3000- dollar award for their arrest.
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nation average. tampa bay buccaneers mike evans had a change of heart. fans blasted evans for not standing on sunday for the national anthem. at the time evan said he was upset over the election of donald trump. yesterday the coach said he was disappointed in his player. fast forward two days, evans now saying something much different. the statement he released today reason part i want to start by apologizing to all the u.s. military members, their families and the fans who i offended by my actions on sunday. he went on to say, this sunday i will be back to standing with my teammates. we are learning new information about the death of a southwest airlines employee, that prompted an airport lockdown. the victim has been identified as 52 -year-old michael winchester. the father of kansas city chiefs football player, james winchester. police confirmed tonight in winchester's shooter was found dead in an airport garage of a
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the motive for all the violence is still unclear. thick fog and smoke rolling through charlotte, north carolina today. you can see it in this time- lapse video. smoke and fog of scaring the city early in. the smoke coming from forest fires in the smoky mountains, hundreds of miles away. more than 40,000 acres of burning throughout many parts of the southeast. a special evening for some of the greatest athletes in the sports world. the names read like a who's who of movers and shakers across the state. >> jenn holloway at the induction ceremony. she joins us live from tampa with the story. a very big night in tampa bay. earlier this evening was the annual enshrinement ceremony included in the 2016 list of inductees, some of the biggest names and florida heroes in
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what else would john gruden and steve spurrier be talking about? football, of course. throw johnny into the conversation on the topic turns to baseball. sports legends part of the 2016 inductees into the sports hall of fame. gruden, brought a super bowl championship to tampa bay, says he loves his job now but still has a hankering for being back on the sidelines. >> i miss the journey. defeat and thrill of victory. >> even phil esposito eventually stanley come to tampa bay overjoyed recognition and wouldn't mind if some of his naysayers get wind of his induction. >> i want people in boston and new york and toronto who gave me such a hard time i want them to find out about this somehow
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and gloat a little bit, is that all right? >>reporter: also part of the 2016 florida sports hall of fame inductees, jeremy damon, and allison jolly sailing and olympic gold medalist. at the 2016 fame for fitness honoree former outfielder for his work with usf health's diabetes center. making tonight completely seamless was the mistress of ceremonies, and is generally's gayle sierens who did an incredible job. >> i thought someone look familiar on stage they will see gail again it was a who's who list their. >> i think we should tweet part of that interview to boston. >> just so they will now. >> a little poke.
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firefighters heating up for a good cause. >> an exclusive behind-the- scenes look at the incredible photo shoot and what it means to these women who put their lives on the line every single day. one airline wants to get you to your holiday destination and keep you on a budget. why you need to act soon. the sun came back out today, refreshing after yesterday's dy several days. changes long-term, cooler
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese.
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. . tampa bay's sexiest female firefighters him a women who love life on the ladder truck. strong i'm a smart and calendar quality. also heroes making life better for pediatric burn victims. tonight we are giving you an
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rescue invite us to go behind the scenes of an epic first of its kind photo shoot in the middle of the city. melanie michael light at -- melanie michael live tonight at the oldest working fire station in the country. >> good evening. this is such a remarkable location. coming to you live from of the most historic firehouses in the united states. this is the original and look at this the original brick work as well. truly, not necessarily the outside, it is the inside at firehouse six the people that make the heart and soul of tampa so special including a firefighter named sophia. they are strong, smart and insanely in shape. >> a lot of physical training. >>reporter: brave for suiting up and taking it off.
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let our hair down. >>reporter: for tampa native sophia this epic photo shoot in the heart of the city she protects is humbling. >> it is very meaningful to work here in tampa knowing that this is where i have grown up and i can be part of this. >>reporter: behind the glitz and glamour is a lot of hard work and willpower. >> we do sacrifice suites. >>reporter: even though desserts are done during the calendar prep process the second the camera firefighters light up the lens where their spirit burns bright as they posed for a purpose. the women of tampa fire rescue calendar to benefit child burn victims. >> to me glamour is at the heart. it is nice a picture can be taken but it is what the cause is for is the most important. >>reporter: next time you see these ladies fighting a fire,
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lifelong dream. a passion that burns bright each and every day. this has been one of the most favorite assignments i've had in a long time. sophia, thank you so much in the women of tampa fire rescue thank you for i do. by the way the calendar will be on sale officially march 4 but they are taking preorders. you can find information on a website. all over the world, right? >> everybody knows about the calendars they have people who come and buy them dozens at a time. brave women putting their lines -- their lives on the line every day. >> strong as a new beautiful. melanie michael live in tampa. thank you so much. in a consumer watch still looking to book holiday travel?
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airline offering a 48 hour flash cell with one-way flights as low as $35. tickets must be purchased by tomorrow night. there are travel restrictions and blackout dates. you can find more information on wf la .com. united will send you off for cheaper tickets but you have to give up a lot to get it it is called basic economy. passengers will not receive a seat assignment until check-in. they are also not allowed to use overhead space meaning your personal iteml you have to board the plane last. the new fare class will go on sale next year. aaa calling next week the biggest inks giving rush and years. aaa's latest estimate for holiday travel predicts 48.7 million americans will travel. the number of because gasoline prices are down. this increase in travel marks the eighth year of gross --
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reunite viewers with three quarters of a million dollars. we to calls for six and a half hours and thousands of viewers took advantage of the hail. most of the money came from old accounts, insurance policies or an inheritance. there are still lots of dollars out there to be claimed. to find out just go to clouds and silver springs. jackie spero mailing that tonight. a few clouds and clear skies. we had quite a few clouds today. tony colon got a great shot in clearwater and this one in lucerne park. clear skies tonight obviously if you are trying to get the super moon last night, had to contend with clouds.
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1.55 inches of rain is the average november rainfall the entire month. you can see so far officially one tenth, point 0 1, not so impressive. typically november is the driest month of the year. we don't expect a lot but many areas have not seen rain for well over a month. the rain percentage of normal the last 30 days 100% the average rainfall getting 5% of normal in bartow in clearwater 7% in newport, 2% brayden schenn 8% point pretty dry. 58 degrees cool to start the day. noon 74, 78 at 3:00 p.m. bright sunshine. 60 at the airport, dew point 54. forecast low 58, pretty close. north wind 5 miles per hour, 80% relative committee. temps have cool down 50 in inverness, 47 brooksville, 61
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plant city. cooler farther to the north. we had clouds to contend with in areas last night. a lot of clouds across the keys today. florida straits cold front, same one making a cooler and drier across the sunshine state is stalled against my sure showers continue to fall back into cuba and offshore over the bahamas. a wet cloudy day in the area. nice and clear now across most of the area. clouds chasing across the area but mostly lots of sunshine in the forecast. hurricane season still here. 80% chance of the next five days of developing but not much in the way of movement as we look at the computer models thrown on one map, this is what they are doing. usually this time of year we get troughs that dig into the southeast part of the country that will act as a
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is an interesting spaghetti plot there. forecast and overnight looks quiet. mostly clear skies, chilly to the north 40s easily. thursday morning more sunshine. chill in the air, sunshine in the afternoon thursday afternoon. nothing but sunshine transition into the weekend. long-term watching a cold front racing across the country that will arrive into the southeast by saturday, eventually push through sunday. fi 78 the high, 80 thursday and by friday lots of sunshine. great couple of days comfortable with the humidity quite low. rain chances basically nonexistent with the drier air mass, not building up moisture ahead of the next front so we are not expecting much in the way of precip. on sunday the air mass, much cooler temps dropping to the 40s probably upper 30s northern areas.
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>> a perfect seasonal moment. >> i think so. >> pumpkin spice latte. >> coming up next last saturday's big upset in college football caused changes in tonight's playoff ranking. the lightning get another big win on the road but it comes with a price.
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z26eyz z18pz y26eyy y18py . lightning campton exits tonight's game with a lower body injury. watches right leg give way enough to cause something. he had trouble walking on his own, you can see it as he left the ice. not good. this injury happens while the lightning are beginning to get back on a roll, that includes dam kos who has registered points in seven of the last
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back to back for the lightning needed a good start big win last night how about petr mrazek 1-0 f -- stem kos in front to clean it up third-period in the box for a scrimmage after the 2nd period home stupid penalty the wings tie this seconds to go could drop follows with the second goal of the night now course we wait for word on stamkos. the road to tampa littered with potholes last saturday. three of the college football playoffs top four teams lost in a shake up in the rankings was a sure thing tonight. a big winner ohio state jumping to number two after getting
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teams that lost on saturday only washington drops out of that top four take a look at those rankings. michigan and clemson the other two teams that lost remain in the top four. alabama number one by a mile. tonight opening-night for usf women's basketball, taking on north florida. this is the first game after the courtney williams era. good days shoot more three point is. they did that tonight they put up 23 of them. they only hits eight i say only. they win easily. good start for the bulls and stamkos did not look an innocent little thing if you've ever tweet a knee or nothing like that but we will see. >> that is what you wonder. >> in the nhl they don't reveal
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we will see what happened. >> we hope he comes back strong. >> they play again thursday night.
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we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. where shopping is a pleasure.
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three 2, 6, 6 pick 55, -- make millions nine, 17, 23, 57, 71 and the mega ball a six. >> in the morning? >> a cool start to the day below the average 50 degrees. some temps in the upper 40s in some northern areas. a chilly start in northern spots. beautiful the next couple days. when you start off cool this time of year the afternoons are fati mannequin challenges? >> i have done six or seven. do you have an idea? >> this is in lakeland. lakeland pd froze in place in the toy aisle of walmart. shopping for toys for the cops for kids program obviously having too much fun here. pretty impressive, don't you think? >> really good. >> all the rage on social media.
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if the criminals came and poised like that. thieves taking stuff off the shelf. >> that is your news.
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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