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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a usf student is robbed as she walks across campus. 2 suspects on tell you with students and parents need to know. his job was to take kids from predators but a state law enforcement agent is accused of abusing the trust to a -- molest children . we are starting in the 40s and 50s today. leigh will let us know how quickly it will warm up and when we will see cold air. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today.
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is just right. >> it will put a pep in your step. 43 brooksville. that his jacket weather for sure. lakeland 54 pick 52 arbor dale. 57 tampa. 48 wimauma. thought yesterday may have been a little cool but in brooksville you are 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. we have clear skies. finally all the clouds some t . we have bright starry skies and it will be a bright sunny start to the day. 61 degrees at 80 clock this morning. you will see a few -- 8 this morning. you will see a few passing clouds. it will be a great day. and 4:38 one a state and pay attention -- stay in pay attention to the eight-day
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we do have some collision westbound state road 52 right around suncoast park. we're not seeing any delays and that is always nice. let's take a live look at the howard franklin bridge. we have great drive across it. it will only take you roughly 6 minutes to stretch across the water. wonderful drive on the courtney campbell causeway and no delays on the skyway with a gandy. student is terrified after she was -- a usf student is terrified after she was mugged on campus. we are concerned that whoever is responsible to storm the loose. >> reporter: police are still searching for those 2 male suspects who won female claims she was robbed by them right on
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-- 9:15 last night . she said she was approached by to white males in the early 30s that took her jury -- jewelry . she was not hurt and was able to give a description. college campuses especially when they might he out late study. coming up i will have tips from police on what they want students to know to say stave -- stay safe on campus . a state law enforcement agent assigned to investigate sexual predators has been
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children himself. >> reporter: agent chuck mcmullen was part of the florida department of law enforcement office in tampa. he lived in valrico and has even appeared on the news before as an expert on sex crimes. >> we will do our part, our investigative efforts to find those people and arrest them as well. >> reporter: that was chuck mcmullen when he appeared a news channel 8 several years ag molesting children who had already been victimized. investigators arrested him after 28-year-old boys told them he molested them -- 2 , 8-year- old boys told them he molested them. when agents went to talk to him he cried. >> from a law enforcement 10 point -- standpoint it is a difficult case to work because
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same point we're prosecuting and doing the case exactly -- nothing different from any other person . >> reporter: at the time of his arrest he worked for the special agent -- as the special agent supervisor . he held that same job while he was here in tampa. florida department of law enforcement is seeking any information on potential victims. he is in jail with his on set at $1.5 million. >> i know it is difficult, but if there are more bu stamp of police -- tampa police still searching for the driver who plowed into a crowd of people a. 2 men were fighting outside the bar at closing time early tuesday morning. that is when police say one of the men got into a car and then drove to the sidewalk crashing into the bar hitting one of the people standing outside. witnesses described the scene.
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-- it happened really fast . >> the man hit by the car suffered a leg injury but refused treatment. when police catch up with that driver he faces felony hit and run charges . a trio of thieves are targeting elderly women at local public stores -- piblix stores. th distracting the victim and the other taking the wallet. in this crime the headed to a cvs afterwards and bought a hunt -- $1000 in gift cards . a teacher is on the line for a treat she ate for her birthday. she ate the marijuana cookie. deputies claim her daughter got
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mother wanted to try for her birthday. deputies arrested both women. she is now on paid leave from the high school where she works . happening today, state legislators are meeting to investigate the storm still that sent millions of gallons of sewage in tampa bay. it happened during hurricane her mean. sewage was discharged into the bay when their treatment facilities became overwhelmed by all of the the state legislator has not been happy from the answers around the spill. last night stamkos left the game against detroit after limping. he limped off the ice and did not return to the game. the team is labeling it a lower body injury but there is no word on his prognosis.
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about a minute left to go, nikita scored cheering them to a 4 - 3 win over the red wings . they had to buffalo to take on the sabres thursday. the week is dragging a little bit but put an extra pep in your step this morning. you'll sky after today's of seeing cloud cover. temperatures in the 40s and 50s this morning, slightly below average but mid-november we expected to be cool at least in the morning. look how fast it warms up because we will see a lot of sunshine. dirty hit 70 by 11 am, 78 by 3 but once the sunsets temperature start falling quickly again. no rain today, tomorrow, friday , lots of sunshine. only 10 percent rain chance on
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a pretty strong cold front is coming through. notice we get a nice warm up before a motive man puts his scarf on. highs only in the 60s sunday monday. we could start the day in the 40s. we will check it will traffic on the 8s is to start to warm up their car. >> it is a little chilly out there when you are walking to your car. as far as heating up on the roadways that is not happening here? have the drive. let's take a look at what is going on here can see all green on the bay area interstate. we do have a issue right by the suncoast parkway but we are not showing any delays. let's talk about a little bit award work -- roadwork that is going on . we had a water main break but has to be repaired police -- but we have one lane open eastbound. you might want to use martin luther king.
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hills bird -- hills bird is fine. from the west coast to the east coast, highflying protesters were out and about yesterday. >> coming up, why there were hundreds of rallies across the american you right here in the bay area. plus donald trump and his beloved tower decide to part ways but just for a quick state dinner. why the move caught
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president-elect donald trump caused quite a stir last night. >> the staff told the press corps he would staying in for the night, trump slipped out to go to dinner one of his favorite spots . narratives joins us now on the new center with more on the story. it is a pretty big deal. why is that? >> reporter: many wonder if he is ready for around-the-clock coverage and scrutiny that comes with being the president of the united states. the transition team was told he was staying in for the night, but a short time later reporter spotted his motorcade leaving.
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who happen to be at the upscale steakhouse 21 to review that photo of donald trump arriving with his family. a reporter managed to get inside while the president-elect was dining. >> [ video playback ] >> so why is this important? the point of the pool of journalists is to act as people's eyes and ears. people expect the president to be transparent about his or her schedule. the press wants to know where the president is in case of an emergency as well. donald trump has refused to travel with the press corps since the election, and the media covering him have not been offered briefings on his transition efforts. those preceding -- briefings allow the public to stay up-to- date on the new government. so
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in there has been no indication of when he may appear next in public. >> definitely a position that he will have to get used to although it is unknown if you will make it his own and change it. >> as he chooses his administration, florida governor scott stated he is not issued -- interested in a place on the team. the meetings not to discuss it in his cabinet or circle of advisers. at the republican governors association conference held at a resort near disney world he explained why you expect to have 781 days left in the shop. i will finish this job is a great job. we're doing well with jobs. we have added 1,222,000 jobs. i want keep adding that and keep improving education. i want to finish this job.
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they need to move fast on promises made to voters during the election. the governor agreed there is the opportunity for disruptive changes to be made in washington with the election of donald trump project will leave with the republicans in control of house republicans, the senate presidency and soon to be the supreme court. > affected the outcome of the election. the president said they are banning fake news websites from using their sites to sell ads. protesters gathered to rally against the controversial pipeline in standing rock north dakota hear from the west coast of the east coast more than 200 rallies took place to stop the federal government for moving
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was a part of a national day of action organized by the standing rock sioux tribe which is trying to block construction of the pipe line on their lynn. here are pipeline protesters in st. petersburg yesterday. if the pipeline is billed it will go under the missouri river. : camera, people have unix gas statio a cement truck is rounding the corner. it overturns making a dusty mess. it was trying to make it through the intersection before the light changed. witnesses say he took the turn to fast load it was carrying. one more time for you. it almost miss that guy. no injuries reported.
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has dropped considerably. the rural counties have the highest teen birth rate. a medical condition is keeping ashton ryan last. using robot technology he doesn't have to miss a lesson. he controls the rollout karen at at cameras allow him to see into the classroom and interact with the teachers and the students. >> you can hear everything. i have the microphone, a full picture of the class. it feels like i'm right in the classroom. the school system believes this is a way to make students that are homebound don't fall behind in class. we're seeing more more that it seems, technology in the
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morning it might be tough to get out of the covers. a cool, crisp start to the day but don't worry it warms up quickly. 74 by noon. 78 around 3 pm. it is chilly this morning don't get me wrong. 44 brooksville, 44 zephyrhills. 48 wimauma. a little milder near the coast. i checked in with my weather watcher in venice and he says it is 57 degr it is certainly cooler than yesterday. 9 degrees cooler brandon, but the skies are clear . the rain has pushed across south florida. let's look at the long-range forecast. i'm expecting clear skies all day today, all day tomorrow and basically all day on friday. will start to see a nice warm up so it will be mild and sunny on friday. this cold front will come through late saturday but notice barely any rain with it.
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that comes in behind it. sunday and monday we have highs in the 60s. we have a good driver throughout pasco county. very good drive state route 54. palm harbor nystrom and us 19. not seen any slowdowns in 19. good drive on the bay area interstates. this earlier crash was actually westbound say road 52 right at the suncoast parkway. the roadway. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. this morning a chance at getting airline tickets on the cheap. still ahead which airline is offering a flash sale and why you need to act fast. posing for a purpose. a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot featuring the women of tampa fire rescue. coming of why this calendar is more about -- more than just about
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. ? ? he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal. ? ? better find a way to smooth things over. ? ? if only harry used some bounce, to dry.? ? yeah. ?
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shooting a calendar. >> we have exclusive behind- the-scenes access about the shoot that took lace in the middle of tampa. several female firefighters participated . they told us the fire suit is not -- shoot is not just about the camera . >> to mean glamour is in the heart so it is nice a picture can be taken, but it is what the cause is for. that is the most important. >> the calendar goes on march. presales are already underway. you can get more information on our website, >> many people would like to give up the 9-to-5 job and perhaps work from home, but which work at home jobs are legit? >> we have the top scam free jobs you can do from home. plus a live look on this hump day. weather and traffic on the 8s
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. it is nice and clear outside. we have a lot of stars shining out of our tampa camera. 50. 58 degrees as though. 78 degrees in the afternoon which is pretty average and then tonight another chilly night. we drop back into the 50s as the skies remain clear. we have colder air in the forecast. i will tell you about that coming up. we have a little bit of overnight construction in the venice area. that has cleared but one lingering. on northbound lane on i 75 is blocked at dell growth. you can still -- fruit bell
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we also have roadwork going on in tampa eastbound hillsborough. we have one lane open because of a water main break them
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breaking news overnight, a usf student moment while walking through -- logged -- campus. donald trump has made a request. why some say it is a bad move. if you have ever thought about working for home -- from home, good news business is booming . how can you tell if it is the real deal and not a scam? we will tell you coming up. good morning and welcome. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning.


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