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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news overnight, a usf student rob while walking through campus. -- robbed through campus. donald trump makes a big request, top-secret clearance for his son-in-law. it has never happened before and why some say it is a bad move. if you ever thought about working from home, good news, business is booming. how can you tell if the work at home cake is a real deal or a scam. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on
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>> we are waking up a little cool this morning. when you walk outside some places well into the 40s like 43 brooksville and 44 zephyrhills. cooler yesterday in tampa. clearwater 54. wimauma 48 degrees. all the cloud cover has left as well. we will see plenty of sunshine which actually warms us up this afternoon we hit 78 which happens to be the average for today. close to average as we dropped on the 50. we will hour by hour through your wednesday for your forecast. we have look at your wednesday commute. we just had an accident in hernando county. we will have more on that in our next report. let's take a look at travel times here through st. petersburg. we have pretty good drive from downtown st. petersburg to
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that will take you roughly 21 minutes. we are looking great on the veterans expressway, no complaints other direction looks very good. that is a look at weather and traffic now back to jean and gail. >> right now special agent with the florida department of law enforcement is in jail charged with molesting children who had already been victimized . chuck mcmullen worked in pensacola. for that he lived and worked right here in the bay area. now there is fear that there could be more victim the fdle office in tampa. at least 3 kids have already come forward.>> reporter: good morning, all 3 boys claim chuck mcmullen molested them over a couple of years. you once lived in valrico and he worked out of this tampa office of the florida department of law enforcement. estate agents now want to know if there are any more victims
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video when he appeared a news channel 8 to talk about cyber and sex crimes. 3 boys told investigators that he touched them inappropriately many times. when agents confronted one of their own they explained to begin to cry. we spoke to a local psychiatrist who believe the boys have a long road ahead. listen here. >> reporter: the children are damaged. the ones i have seen over 30, 40 years or molested 30 years ago they are now adults with all types of arrest he worked as a special agent supervisor for the cyber squad. he held the same job title here in tampa. i checked and the agent remains in jail in the panhandle with his bond set at 1.5 in the panhandle with his bond set at $1.5. a female student is shaken after she claims 2 meant rupture when she was walking on
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this should serve as a warning to parents and students. >> yes, usf has it has shaq own police force but college campuses like this, their public area is making it easy for people to get on and off camera. that is why it is important for students to stay vigilant when they are out after dark. this robbery happened around 9:15 last night when the student was walking near the interdisciplinary science building approached by 2 white males in their early 20s who claimed to have -- who reportedly had taken her jewelry . she was able to give a good description of the suspects before they got away. this morning police want to remind students to be aware of their surroundings when they are out and about after dark. they say stay away from alleys, don't listen to your phones one
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around you. finally tell someone when you are -- where you are going and when you will return . university did send out a text message once they got more information about this robbery but you were mentioning in the last hour a lot of time students feel like you're in a bubble on these college campuses but even still you need to be aware and vigilant when you are out after dark. >> it is easy for all of us to get into some type of comfort zone. it's an important mi trump presidential team. reports of fighting and changes amongst team members. at the center of it all commissioner, the husband out of ivanka trump. he has been trying to rid the team of those close to governor chris christie who was removed as head of the team last week. now the president-elect has taken the step requesting kushner received top-secret
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presidential briefings. the law prevents family members from holding an official federal job. >> the idea that someone would be an informal or unofficial advisor but also have those powers is itself a contradiction . donald trump has inquired about top-secret security clearance for his adult children. there is also concerns about how much his business interests could lead to conflict as president. >> we're concerned about the po we should be asking hard questions about how president- elect trump provides -- divides his political interest. he owns 55 countries around the world and 500 companies in 22 countries. >> meanwhile, we are getting a look at president-elect plan for his first 200 days in office
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including renegotiating or withdrawing from the trade transaction, 2nd stop unfair imports, retain and return manufacturing jobs by lowering the business tech rate -- tax rate . the outgoing and incoming vice presidents will have brunch. joe biden will welcome pence. hillary clinton will make her first public appearance since losing the election. the children's defense fund in dc will honor her tonight. she wants worked at the agency as a young staff attorney. mike evans is in a fan of donald trump or promises for now on he will stand for the national anthem. fans blasted him for sitting during the anthem before sunday's game. he says it was a protest donald trump elected
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released an apology saying i want to start by apologizing to all the us military members, their families and the fans were offended by my actions on sunday. he went on to say this sunday i will be back to standing with my teammates. the time right now is 6:08 on this wednesday. a little chilly outside. cold and some spots otherwise it is in the 40s in about 20 minutes we will see the skies bring up but outside right now it is still quite dark. 55 degrees right now. good news, a sunny day. it warms up very quickly. 60 7:10 am. 76 i want. 78, sunny imperfect at 3 pm. perfect november day. 60 degrees at 7 pm. a nice stretch of whether, sunny and pleasant through friday. it is not until saturday when a cold front comes through. it doesn't bring much rain but it will
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look at sunday only a high of 68 degrees. it is cooling down but the tropics are still heating up. we have this area in the western caribbean with an 80 percent chance of developing. it doesn't look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. hurricane season ends november 30. traffic is looking pretty good. we do have one problem. wanna let you know what is going on. here's an update, broad street at county line road. outside of the spring hill area we have an accident that is off to the side of the roadway. it is not causing any delays. let's take a live look at traffic out here. here's i-4 right around the polk parkway. i-4 looks great coming away from lakeland through plant city and all the way into ybor city. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s.
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help foster children find a home. the foundation is partnering with the florida department of children and families to raise awareness for adoption and recruit foster families. the hall of fame coach will announce the partnership at raymond james stadium. news channel 8 will be there and we will bring you the story later today. i am so glad he stayed in town. you such a standup guy and does so many amazing things in the community. working at home is a dream for some people, but which look at legit work at home options. >> don't fall for those scams. >> a miracle in south florida as a baby falls 4 feet from a changing table. we will introduce you to the baby's guardian angel who caught him
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investigators are trying to figure out why a man would ambush an airline employee who was the father of an nfl star. this happened outside of will rogers airport. >> a man shot and killed 52- year-old michael winchester. he was a southwest employee was
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investigators found the suspected gunman dead. they believe he killed himself. west virginia mayor is resigning after commenting on a controversial posts about first lady michelle obama. the facebook post by pamela ramsey taylor has gone viral. it reads, quote, it will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the white house. i am tired of seeing an ape in heels. the mayor then co the post just made my day. the mayor step down at last night's council meeting and claims her comment was not meant to be racist. the official who made the original post was removed from her job and is now claiming she is the victim of reverse racism. >> this morning warning for ucf students, the aware of bats.
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creatures on campus. on students video shows a small group hanging out inside the college of science. that is what they do, to hang up. they picked the perfect apartment as well, science. the bats don't pose an immediate threat just keep an eye out so you are not caught off guard.>> is being called his baby brothers guardian angel. >> some incredible bull -- video here. he caught his brother when he fell from a changing table at their home. it was all on camera. watch the upper right corner. mom turns her back on the baby for a moment. the baby flips off the table and there is 9-year-old joseph with the save, catching that baby just moments before he would've hit the floor.
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>> i would have never caught him and i can't run that fast. i felt like something came in just push me for. when that happened i just ran and cost. >> quick reaction. his mom is be ungrateful for his quick action. she is also using this video to warn parents to be careful. >> >> good news, you can have it all job with the good salary and do it from the comfort of your own home. >> meredith is here to tell us where to find these dream jobs. >> imagine working in your pj bottoms every day. it is possible. >> florida ranks 4th for telecommuting jobs. these are the kind of jobs you wouldn't necessarily associate with working from home. i talked to one local woman who decided to work from home and she says initially it wasn't easy.
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while that sounds great to a lot of people, she initially missed office interaction. >> i was so used to having a people walked into my office and need me for something. >> it took her a year to master staying focused. >> you have to be very disappointed, very self managed . you have to be able to prioritize your work. >> she works in the computer it industry ranked in the top 5 career categories the site expanding opportunities th the others, customer service, medicine health, administration, and sales. a quick search of flex jobs shows more than 850 full-time jobs with 100 percent telecommuting in tampa right now. >> she was encouraged to work from home to her husband who has an office down the hall. he has seen his wife's stressed decrease significantly. >> avoiding traffic and just
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from home just put you in a better mind shut -- said to work more efficiently. >> that is true she says of the now she has to set boundaries with her coworkers she has to set them with her husband. >> because i'm physically here does not mean i am available over time. >> she says just like any job you learn what works best for you and your family. again that website flex . there is a link on our >> it seems like they are in a opportunity employer. i saw a cat and dog. >> in all seriousness i did see she was wearing her work polo. you have to be in the right mindset. >> it takes discipline. >> it is all about getting a routine. >> with all of the traffic we have in the bay area a lot of people like it just cannot deal with the commute. >> it is 6:18. let's turn things over to
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beginning to wednesday. right now traffic is not too bad . it is really early and yes it is chilly. 55 degrees in tampa. by the time we get to 8 am with these clear skies now that the sun is coming up so early we will be up to 61. still a little chilly but continuing to warm up, 74 at noon, 70 3 pm. the typical november day, low humidity and that fast warm-up. you might need a light jacket this morning. but it warm subperiod quickly, o about 4 degrees cooler than yesterday in tampa. we have nice clear skies. 9 degrees cooler in brandon. clear skies as all the cloud cover has pushed to the south. this morning a bit of a chill but just a pleasant sunny afternoon. we will stay dry. we will be between 2 cold front over the next several days. tomorrow still mild before we went on the bigger cooldown that comes after the cold front
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monday, time to break up the sweaters. >> we have pretty good try overall. let's take a look at the suncoast parkway, good drive, no delays even connecting to the veterans expressway we're still holding out very nicely. here's a howard franklin. it will take you about 7 minutes to cross it. nice driving across all the bay area bridges. we're seeing more vehicles out on the road. crash when it rots treating county line road in the spring hill area but it is off to the you may want to plan a trip soon. >> still ahead, the airline offering a sale and when you need to book your flight to cash in. also outrage over the demise of the peach but the
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a special birthday cookie lands a bay area educator in
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was in the cookie and why her job is on the line. >> trouble on the ice for lightning captain steve sentenced stamkos what happened that had him limping. >> clear skies over downtown and we're back in 3 minutes with weather and traffic on the
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just send the kids to the bus stop. clear, little chilly. 61 when the bus picks them up. it's comfortable and 78 this afternoon. we get all wait to 81 by friday before the big dip in temperatures next week. lesslee how's traffic. we have one accident out at broad street and county line road. just outside of spring hill but off to the side.
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interstates. starting to get a little bit busier but also a quick reminder eastbound hillsborough down to one lane between 22nd and 30th street due to road
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breaking news. a student robbed as she walks across campus. two suspects on the loose. >> we'll tell you what students and parents need to know. >> and his protect kids from predators but right now a state law enforcement agent is accused of abusing that trust to molest kids himself and there could be more victims out there. feeling a little chilly out there this morning? let us know how quickly it warms up and when we could see colder air. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. thanks for joining us.
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let's check in. it's certainly clear and that fall chill in the air for sure. 57degrees. sun is coming up this morning. gorgeous. just that little bit of maybe a light sweater needed. everybody cooler than yesterday. tam pap 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. but brandon you're 9 degrees cooler. all the we actually see a pretty quick warmup. back to 61 at 8:00 a.m. few passing clouds great lunchtime. 74degrees. around 4:00 p.m., 77. barely a cloud out there. weather and traffic on the 8. >> . stay tuned to this 8 day temperature trend because we see a big cooldown and now we'll take a look at traffic. traffic still looks pretty good. more vehicles on the roadway
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let's get to what's going on. more vehicles you can see they're all kind of loading up onto 275 on the right. it's not too bad there. look, down to i 4 about a 16 minute commute. getting more congested. we're following breaking news this morning a usf student terrified after she was mugged on campus. mary mig joins us still on the loose. >> reporter: that's right police are still searching for the two male suspects after a female student says she was robbed right here on the usf campus. it happened in in front the interdisciplinary science building she was approached by two white males in their 20s and they took her jewelry. she wasn't injured and was able to give usf police a pretty good description of the
6:33 am
the first male is described as having shoulder lent blond hair and a white shirt and khaki shorts. the second male had bond hair and wearing gray sweat pants and a -- blue shirt. usf police sent out an emergency notification to all students using the usf mobile emergency notification app. they also released a series of tips. safety tips for students and the one that interesting, they're advising students take the ear phones out of their ears. [poor audio] investigate online predators and sex offenders zika virus now being charged
6:34 am
abused young boys. live from tampa, so ryan the agent worked right here in the bay area this is so disturbing. >> reporter: that's right. chuck mcmullen he worked here at the tam pap office of florida law enforcement in the cyber crimes unit. mcmullen lived here and appeared on the news before as an expert on sex crimes. >> we're going to do our part our investigative effort to find those people and arrest them, as well. >> reporter: that was chuck mcmullen when he appe ago. deputies in santa rosa county tell us he's accused of molesting children who had already been victimized. investigators arrested him after two 8-year-old boys told them he molested them. a third boy explained he was abused, as well, when agents went to talk to mcmullen, they told us he cried.
6:35 am
are prosecuting and doing the case pactly nothing different than any other person. >> reporter: at the time of his arrest he worked as a special agent supervisor for the cyber squad in pensacola. he held that same job title here in tampa. again, there could be more victims that's why the florida department of law enforcement wants anyone with information to come forward. i checked and the agent remains in his bond set at $1.5 million. >> you know, these kinds of stories are always disturbing but when they involve somebody that you're supposed to be able to trust that takes it to a whole new level. the men were fighting outside the bar around closing time early tuesday morning.
6:36 am
car, drove it into the sidewalk and crashed the bar hitting one other people standing outside. witnesses there describe the scene. >> it was really chaotic. it happened really fast. the blink of an eye. >> we're used to a good type of business here. and you hate to see damage of this nature. >> the man hit by the car suffered a leg injury but refused treatment. when police catch up with the driver, he faces felony hit and run charges. a targeting elderly women at local public supermarkets. these are surveillance pictures in plant city. detectives say they worked together. one distracts the victim while the others take victim's wallet. in this case headed straight to a cvs store right after that's where they bought over $1000 worth of gift cards. crimestoppers is offering a reward. pasco county says a principal's job is on the line
6:37 am
he ate a marijuana laced cookie. she went to the emergency room after eating the cookie sunday. investigators claim her daughter got it from a co- worker because her mom wanted to try it for her birthday. deputies arrested both women. donna lynch haff is on leave from the high school where she works. state legislators are meteorologisting to investigate that storm spill that sent tampa bay. they discharged sewage into the bay when the treatment facilities were overwhelmed by all the rain from a storm. he has not been happy with news from the cities involved in the spill. this is a bummer. this morning concerns about lightning steven stamkos. he left limping after getting hurt during the game. watch what happened to his right leg.
6:38 am
did not return to the game. there's no word on his prognosis. he did score a goal against the red wings before that injury. then in the third period nikita kucherov scores carrying them to a 3-4 win over the red wings. the lightning off today and head to buffalo tomorrow to take on the sabers. beautiful, perfect fall day in the morning but barely a cloud in the sky. warm up nice. start by taking a look outside. the sun is coming up over the horizon in tampa. 57degrees. by7:00a.m. at 57. but then we're up to 67 degrees, 10 degrees warmer at
6:39 am
78 at 3:00. sunny skies. we start cooling down after the sun sets. 71degrees at 6:00 p.m. sunny and dry today through friday. saturday that's only aton% rain chance as one of the stronger cold fronts comes through and it's significantly drops. temperatures. it's time i don't think that's the ordinary. >> i'm right there with emoji man, as well. i get really cold really easily i. had my heater on this morning. what a difference 10 minutes can make. just a moment ago i shed you this camera. we didn't see any vehicles. new you can see them stacking up here. on ramp to 275. so seeing more vehicles up here. and just as we move a little bit further down, you can see it's ian heavier a about martin luther king. that continues as you approach the junction. that will take 20 minutes. this is what i showed you on
6:40 am
crash in pinellas county. that's a look at weather and traffic. a ban on political talk in public. >> still ahead, who's keeping the political bickering at bay and where it is forbidden. >> decide to part ways just for one night in fact, just for a quick steak dinner but why that quick move caught
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. president-elect donald trump caused quite the stir last night. >> sure did. his staff told the press corps he was staying in for the night but then he slipped out to head out to dinner at one of his favorite spots a pricey manhattan restaurant. why is it such a big deal? >> reporter: trump's move has some wondering if he's ready
6:44 am
the job of president. a short time after being told mr. trump was in for the night reporters spotted his motorcade leaving. soon after, a reporter dining at the steakhouse 21 spotted him. >> mr. president-elect no heads >> reporter: why is this important? the pool of journalists is to act as the public's eyes and ears. people expect him to be transparent with his schedule. donald trump has refuse today travel with the press corps since the election. and the media covering him have not been offered briefings on his transition. those briefings allow the public to stay up to date on
6:45 am
issued any statement about last night's supper slip. trump's twitter feed, he is awake and tweeting but he hasn't said what happened last night. and there's no indication of when he will appear in public next. >> okay. well, only a matter of time, thank you. as president-elect trump chooses his administration, florida governor rick scott stated he's not interested in a position he well scott spoke several times with trump since his victory he says it was shimly to congratulate him. the meetings were not to discuss a seat in trump's cabinet or inner circle of advisors. >> i have 781 days left. it's a great job. the-- we're doing well with jobs. we added 1,222,000 jobs i. want to do that. keep improving education i.
6:46 am
yesterday's annual conference held near disney world. facebook, google and other social media sites cracking down on fake news. this comes after the sites were criticized for being a place where fake news stories were shared. critics claim it may have affected the outcome other election. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says that's a crazy idea but still he doesn't want that fake content on facebook. so facebook and le using their social media sites to sell ads. police are ramping up security for the macy's thanksgiving parade after isis singled out the event as an excellent attack target. isis urge the supporters to use rented trucks and attack. similar to the operation that killed almost 100 people in france this summer. >> to stop potential trucks, sand filled trucks and concrete
6:47 am
around the parade route. america protesters gathered to rally against the controversial pipeline in standing rock, north dakota. more than 200 rallies took place to stop the federal government from moving forward worth the project. >>y was part of a national day of action organized by the standing rock sioux tribe which is tying to block construction on their land. just yesterday, standing up and speaking out mile pipeline. if built it would go under the missouri river. the standing rock reservation the source of drinking whatter. caught on camera people at a phoenix gas station didn't see coming. a spent truck rounding a corner, it overturns, making a dusty mess. can you believe that? the truck was reportedly trying to make it through an intersection but bicycle there it goes. when the light changed it flipped right over. witnesses say the driver turned
6:48 am
was tying to carry. thankfully no injuries were reported. well a pilot fed up with all the political bickering is taking action. he's banning political discussions on his flight. >> i understand everybody has their opinions. have the common decency to respect each other's decisions. >> the pilot made that decision after two people started arguing about politics. he told passengers if they didn't lhi flight. it seems almost everyone agreed with him. in fact, cheers broke out in the cabin. >> you know, you never want to be in a flight and do exactly what they tell you. it a federal offense. don't mess with the flight crew. >> i think more people are talking about the fact united is talk about charging for overhead bin space. >> am i allowed to talk about that, lee? it's 6:48. you won't get cheers on that, though.
6:49 am
going on about the bay area. beautiful sunrise. 57degrees. some golfers wearingsome long sleeves this morning. the good news is boy, does it warm up nicely. 61, crisp start to the day. clear skies. 74 by noon and 78 at 3:00. just a perfect fall day. 64 in brooksville. checked in with weather watchers in plant city, 52 degrees. cooler bradenton 5 degrees cooler. brooksville 11 degrees cooler and it's also clear. all of yesterday's cloud well down to the south. long range forecast, keeping it clear today through friday. gradually warmup so friday will be low 80s. then we got the second cold front to come through saturday. not much rain. but it is going to have a huge impact on the temperatures with
6:50 am
it's a but of ady backle right now in traffic. my camera is acting up. hopefully this will go away. but you can see here, behind this banner, this is actually southbound 275 in st. pete. the backup only the left lane is open. let me just go ahead and move to the maps you can see what i'm talking about and it's around 22nd avenue. you only have one lane getting by. backing up very quick. this backup happened within just the last say 10 minutes. we also have reports of a vehicle fire on the skyway bridge no. delays on the skyway. so moving over gulf to bay and elizabeth avenue we have an accident, of course, it's building in general on the roadways in the typical areas u. that's a look at
6:51 am
some tampa firefighters taking off their uniform for a good cause. >> children who have suffered ear of serious burn injuries. did get some exclusive video for you of behind the scenes access to the shoot that took place in the middle of tampa. sexy ladies, selfie mail firefighters participated plus the photo shoot is not just about the calendar. >> to me, glammer is in the heart. so it's nice that a picture can be taken. that's the most important. >> calendar officially goes on sale march 4 but presales are already underway. you can get more information on our website what you need to know before you walk about the door is next. >> including a lightning win against the red wings. >> the usf campus on alert this morning. >> what happened to one student as see walked on campus.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
a warning this morning for college students in tampa. a female student at usf claims she was robbed by two men walking on campus. >> mary mcguire joins us from the usf campus wit more on who -- with more on who police are looking for. >> reporter: they're still searching for the two stay vigilant. the strong armed robbery happened around 9:15 last night when a student was walking near the interdisciplinary science building. she was approached by two white males who took jewelry. if you have any information about the crime please give usf police a call. state law enforcement agent
6:56 am
unit office is facing child molestation charges. he was prove of previously assigned to investigate sex offenders. they're worried there could be more victims out there. pasco county assistant principal's job is on the line. donna lynch haff was arrested for earthquaking a marijuana laced cookie. she i. the cookie because she wanted titrate for her 50th birthday. she's now on paid leave from anclote high school where see works. investigating the storm spill that sent millions of gallons of sewage into tampa bay. this helped happened when hurricane hermine dumped rain into area. president-elect donald trump went to a pricey steakhouse after telling the press he was in for the night. it has people wondering if heats ready for the constant coverage of being the
6:57 am
last night's win over detroit limping off the ice. the team is labelling it a lower body injury. no word on whether he'll miss any gyms. here comes the sun, [singing] 55 degrees in tampa. isn't that just gorgeous. you might need a light jacket this morning. 52 in lakeland and plant city look at this night warmup. pretty typical for this time of year. we ian get up to 80 tomorrow and 81 friday. next week, highs only in the 60s and lows in the 40s. i can't drive 55. keep your speeds down, folks. we're done to 6 miles per hour. much less than 55. and it's all due to the collision that's right around fifth avenue north. got you backed up almost,
6:58 am
a vehicle caught fire on the skyway. not seeing any delays. i don't see any smoke on the cameras. elizabeth avenue collision there. let's take a live look at some of the traffic. this is 275 at fowler. [poor audio] have another local hour of
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. smooth sailing. despite firings and reports of disarray, donald trump tweets that his transition is, quote, very organi president-elect ditches long-standing protocol and the press and takes his family out to dinner in manhattan. airpo shooting mystery. an nfl player's father gunned down in broad daylight, bringing the airport in oklahoma city to a standstill. the shooter found dead soon after. but what was his motive? >> the crime does appear to be premeditated. >> this morning, the search for answers. the o'reilly factor. bill o'reilly takes on megyn


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