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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a toddler inside her home and step in the line of fire. ahead, the way the police are trying to track down the shooter. messages of hate scrawled on the sidewalk in front of this church. coming up the pastor's message to the graffiti artist. thank you for joining us tonight. we begin with breaking news. on a campus crime that never was. we fibr news this morning. within the last hour we have learned it was a hoax and the alleged victim is now under arrest. paul mueller joins us live at the university of south florida in tampa. how did they figure this out? what really happened? >>reporter: usf police not releasing a whole lot of information about the case or what motivated the students to make this all up. that remains a mystery. we have confirmed the search for the two so-called roberts
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student that allegedly concocted the story will be spending her night in jail. take a good look at her right now, 19 -year-old fatou gueye, she was taken in to jail after 9:00 tonight. facing one charge of false reporting of commissions of crime. in plain english he allegedly lied to usf police. now her story, she says two men in their 20s followed hurt to the mlk plaza on campus last gh conversation. in the end she claimed they took a backpack and her necklace fell on the ground. later police found everything except for the guys she said committed the crime and now we know why. students shocked to hear one of their own reportedly lied to police. >> i'm surprised she would lie about that, putting students in danger because people worry about that. i'm shocked. >> that is not okay to lie in general. that is annoying and probably
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held in jail $500 bond. she has no prior convictions with the hillsborough county sheriffs office. >> live in tampa. thank you. new tonight, an odd bomb scare to the campus of orta state university a couple hours ago the bomb squad detonated a world war ii explosive blocks from where students live. a construction crew building student apartments less than a mi munitions. military experts confirmed it was a live world war ii bomb. students can hear the blast from their apartments tonight. tampa police on the hunt for gunmen who shot and wounded a toddler. 21 -month-old leah of a lie hit by a stray bullet in the thigh. she will be fine. police believe the intended target was her dad, studied outside of their roadless park apartment when he was approached in a threatening manner.
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upset and concerned. >> is it world war iii? what is it? what is it coming to in daylight now the people are beginning to come out and shoot innocent kids kids. >> police tell us the gunman fired discharging 15 rounds, maybe more. tonight detectives are interviewing witnesses and have yet to release a description. police help finding two cars collected to a break and were 29 guns were swip the thefts happened on november november 4 on adams road. we are told the car on the left was spotted in the area around that time. the other car may be involved in a second robbery. both light in color. if you have information call auburndale police. sarasota drivers should take a look at their bank statements after the discovery of another skimmer. tuesday, skimmer found at a bp
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officials believe the skimmers are installed by an organized crime ring. the devices are built by hand and criminals use the information from them to create counterfeit credit cards. these crooks are pretty smart. very smart. i wish they would put their stuff towards better things to do. >> the gas station owner tells us he is improving security protocols to ensure it doesn't happen again. symbols of hate scrawled on a sidewalk in front of a st. petersburg church. somebody drew two swastikas along with other symbols that depict why supremacy. the pastor of the king of peace church has a message of her own for the graffiti artist. peter bernard live at the church in st. petersburg. you are hearing this church may have been targeted specifically? >>reporter: absolutely. king of peace has a predominantly lgbt congregation. let me point out where this all happened. this is where somebody drew a swastika on the driveway in front of the church. somebody drew another one down there.
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the dark sidewalk in front of the king of peace church on fifth avenue north and snps but -- st. petersburg is cleared of hateful graffiti but monday morning this is what greeted pastor candace schultz. scrawled in chalk the letters m a g a for make america great again and a swastika. >> i was angry at first someone would think to do that. upsets, i think there is anxiety. >>reporter: a few steps away, more. this time with the numbers 1488, code for why supremacists and another swastika. >> it is the height of intolerance and ignorance. >>reporter: i showed dr. john fisher the hateful graffiti, he is the rabbi of clearwater's synagogue and from a family who survived the holocaust. he reminds us the swastika is a banner under which two thirds of europe's population were
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because it completely ignores the history of the symbol. >>reporter: he wash the graffiti away. kids replaced it with more fitting artwork. as for the swastika makers, -- . >> i would love to sit and talk with them and say, you know, there is another way of seeing the world. >>reporter: there is a message of hope on the marquee outside of king of pea. the political divide in our country right now. she has a standing invitation for whoever did this to come out to the church and sit in on a session. >> what are police saying about the incident? >>reporter: they came out, took a report. they don't know who did it but definitely open to talking to anyone that has any information. if they catch the person, it is
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tracking the progress of president-elect donald trump's transition team seems to depend on who you talk with and when. notable lobbyists put in place by chris christie in the role of trump's son-in-law are issues causing problems. trump himself tweeted everything was going smoothly. a sentiment echoed by his campaign manager today. >> we feel really good about the transition. i actually want to say it is false to say it is not going well, everything up there is very smooth. another president-elect himself, since i talked to him regularly, is very happy with how the transition is going. >> new name servicing for cabinet spots including ted cruz for attorney general and governor nikki haley as secretary of state. the post rudy guiliani has been actively seeking. hillary clinton making her first public appearance since conceding the 2016 presidential election. she spoke at the children's defense fund gala in washington dc.
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followers, just as she did last week, that it is time to keep fighting and for all americans to move forward together. >> official, the tampa bay lightning need to play the next couple months of hockey without their captain, steven stamkos. he is out of the lineup indefinitely after suffering a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee during last night's game. an injury like that requires surgery and recovery time of one to three months. coming up, paul ryan will explain what this season moving ahead. three days after box wide receiver mike evans refused to stand for the national anthem he's talking about that decision many bucs fans not happy with his protest on sunday over the election of donald trump. today he said, looking back he would've done things differently, but what is done is done and he is hoping everyone will accept his apology. >> i know i hurt a lot of people by doing what i did someone to apologize to the people that were really
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people that are disappointed in my decision, my decision will stand with my teammates for now on. don't worry i am continuing to use my voice and my platform for minorities rights. >> evans says he reached the decision to end his protest on his own without pressure from his coaches or the bucs front office. a pasco county woman thought she found the perfect home to rent for her extended family. the probm up and up. detectives tell us patricia lam pretended to be the owner of the holiday home and rented it out to dana molina and her family. but she does not on the place and a had apparently broken the lockbox on the house, took the keys, remove the sign a put up a sign of her own. to rent it. >> when i walked into the house, the first thing i could think of was oh this is like my grandmas house and i pictured my daughter growing up being
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>> lamp facing scheming to different charges. she faces a similar charge and hillsborough county as well. tonight she is in the land o lakes jail. sometimes moments of excitement when a 120 crane toppled over. we are told dynamic south was working on a cell phone tower when the crane fell right onto the work crew's truck. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and investigation into went went wrong is ongoing. quite the hero to his baby brother, you are about to see why. watch as he catches the 11 -month-old as he rolled off a changing table. you can see mom turned around a couple seconds when it happens. this was recorded last month but the boys mother recently posted the video. initially too embarrassed but realized this is a good teaching moment for other parents. so she decided to share it. >> close call.
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still ahead keep an eye out for a monkey on the move too. >> where this mysterious prowling primate, spotted oliver, was seen again. ready to start holiday shopping? we will explain why now may be the perfect time to sign up for a new credit card before you start checking your list. start out cool, added a form 74 degrees for the high, similar tomorrow but the weekend coming up. we will talk about that and take a look at thanksgiving as
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. a mysterious monkey spotted in tampa bay. if it is the same one we have been reporting on repeatedly, then it is making its way further south. the first reported sighting was in the hudson beach area then near mcmullen booth in the safety harbor community.
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st. petersburg the sunday. jenn holloway joins us live from salt creek. you spoke to an eyewitness who snapped photographic evidence? >>reporter: he certainly did, indeed. the last thing he or his coworker expected to see when they got here to work earlier today around noon was a monkey running around their business, but indeed there it was he said look, there is a monk o roof. >>reporter: bob howard could hardly believe his eyes to look out and see a monkey. >> it was on not very long because the dog started barking . >>reporter: scared by barking the mic he kept moving. >> when it was on the roof it was about 15 feet from me. i said gotta get the camera going. >>reporter: this is the third sighting in the last several weeks. you remember we showed you video of a monkey spotted in the safety harbor area. before that, all the way in hudson beach. >> that is a freaking monkey
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various animals in salt creek but this is definitely a first. >> if you see gators in the creek, things like that but never see monkeys. >>reporter: howard says the last time he spotted him, it was continuing it southward journey . if you do see this monkey, or any monkey, simply called florida fish and wildlife and they will help you capture. >> i know this is the same area in pinellas where another monkey was spotted and captured a few years ago because i work that story, 2011 or 2012? >> back in 2012 the fwc captured the same exact species of monkey they are looking for tonight. a rhesus macaque it again that was in 2012 but that was the
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>> jenn holloway live in st. pete, thank you. we have a consumer alert to tell you about. there could be a problem with the grated parmesan and romano cheese. 4 c recalling several varieties due to concerns it could be contaminated with salmonella. that you sold under the 4 c and cento label. the company has received no reports of illnesses. you can find more information on w philly .com. the holiday shopping rush around the corner and credit card companies want to push reward cards on you. banks are comfortable extending credit right now thanks to the end of the great recession. consumers also expected to spend more than $650 billion this holiday. experts believe it is a good time to sign up and cash in on the big rewards. >> credit card companies want more than ever to attract you
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offering sign up bonuses that can be worth as much as 1000 dollars per credit card. >> we are not endorsing this here, because if you don't pay off the balance each month, 24% interest rates and high annual fees could end up costing you big time in the end. do your homework before you sign up. warm, high 79 degrees. but changes headed our way, included changes from folks in pe coming out of the west. what is behind that has our interest. the cooler air mass moving east and the snowstorm thursday and friday across the northern part of the country, staging. this cold air mass crosses the u.s. by sunday temps 10 degrees below average although saturday we will likely see a warm day, high temperatures near 80 on saturday but then the changes come sunday. nice shot of the sensate a different angle through the
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picture, a beautiful night tonight. temperatures cool, i saw peter bernard reporting out there with a jacket. 50 at midnight, 80 at 4:00 p.m. a lot of sunshine. chilly to start the day especially northern spots, upper 40s in those areas and of course the sun will have to warm things nicely into the afternoon. 63 in tampa, the dew point 56 degrees but looking at mostly clear conditions. hardly saw a cloud in the sky today under high pressure, dominating very dry air aloft. center 61, lake placid same number, already low 50s, chilly in brooksville, clearly loaf orders a good possibility with the dew point being lower in those areas. clear skies under high-pressure across the southeast including florida. a few clouds of these goes. we had a cold front causing quite a bit of rain across the florida straits, quite a few
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pressure coming out of the west come at a big first snowstorm. these are blizzard watches for sections of minnesota and the dakotas north and south dakota. winter weather advisories, winter storm watch as, back into colorado maybe a foot of snow possibly at the higher central, northern and western parts of minnesota also sections of wyoming. three to 6 inches possible. could be travel trouble for some 80-degree plus sea surface temperatures deal the possibility of an 80% chance, according to the hurricane center, of a tropical development but somewhat comical see what the forecast models are doing i have never seen this squirrel he forecast pattern. we will continue to watch to see what development we have.
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the day and in the afternoon sunshine, beautiful weather. high-pressure to the north will shift east and a clockwise flow will give us more of an easterly flow as we head into friday morning. by afternoon a few clouds developing. we will watch the progress of the cold front that will change temperatures sunday. saturday warm, 80 for the high. with the passage of the front a slight albeit slight possibility of seeing a shower if you are waiting for a good downpour your lawn, this is in it. sunday, breezy, cooler that carries us into a chilly monday morning, 49 degrees. probably some of this coolest weather of the season. thanksgiving, 78 degrees likely another front but that probably won't have much impact. it will possibly bring cooler temperature. >> rare to see temperatures go that low, 49, 50s? >> this time of year. >> not like snow out west. >> blizzard watch.
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you. coming up the bucs prepared a play in the loudest stadium on the planet. lightning without captain steven stamkos for the foreseeable future. an update on the status next in sports. z26exz z18pz
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z26eyz z18pz
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stamkos a little shaken >> turns of the captain is much more than checking up. steven stamkos out and definitely after suffering an injury in last nights win over the red wings. steven stamkos and home from the road trip, returning to tampa today for further evaluation. that is when doctors deliver the bad news, he has a lateral
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knee. whether he will have surgery has yet to be determined but the general manager has not ruled it out, saying the team is quote evaluating options for repair and rehabilitation. recovery time ranges from one to three months, based on the severity of the injury. the minor tears will heal on their own with rest. the lightning visit the buffalo sabres tomorrow night. no roster move replacing stamkos has been announced just yet. buccaneers injury report a mixed bag but wide receiver russell shepard will dance it off anyway. he was a participant in practice today as was guard protocol. center joe holly practiced in a limited capacity. offensive coordinator seems to think he can play sunday. rogers, evans in the stock rollout today. my kevin should be raring to go sunday, ready to play football rather than defending his decision to sit for the national avid. no doubt evans has had to drown out a lot of noise the last 72 hours or so. he will have to do that again this weekend because they are
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at arrowhead stadium which is, according to the guinness book of world records, the loudest stadium on the planet. back in 2014 the crowd recorded a war of 142.2 decibels, louder than a jet engine. needless to say that compose a a problem to visiting teams trying to communicate. >> nothing simulated, daily experience plane there is playing arrowhead. >> i played in seattle, they say this is the best so i am excited even coach had great wins and harrow had but also taking some beatings. i want to go out and get a win. >> i had to communicate with so many different people. by me communicating with different people that alone is adversity. that can help prepare us for the loud environment but at the end of the day we are now playing against the noise, we are playing against kansas city . >> if i recall correctly, they won ten straight home games, that is a tough place to play.
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9. powerball 28, 41, 61, 63, 65 and 7. >> the morning will be chilly relative to the time of year a couple degrees below normal 58 degrees but sunshine, the yellow glowing bank, will warm us up nicely possibly near 80 degrees. 79 today but probably a similar feel >> you like drums? >> i love them. >> you like disney. >> if you are a fan of drums and the holidays you will like disney's newest show guest said disney springs can and show -- can enjoy the starlight holidays drone show 300 show drones illuminating the night sky at the same time. is something happening?
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tree. those are all drones. >> the show scheduled to run nightly from november 20 through january 8. that was a preview. >> how did they not bump into
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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