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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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breaking news this morning, a biker crashes his cycle on i 275 near the i or juncture this accident. >> hillary clinton gives her first public speech after conceding the election last week . the confession she made after her first instinct after being defeated by donald trump. >> signs of hate and division found outside of the state petersburg church. the surprising invitation the pastors offering to whoever did this. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today.
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this pretty thursday. >> it still feels a lot like you did yesterday morning. it is clear, crisp and cool. you might need a light jacket this morning. we are at 55 and palm harbor. how about apollo beach. you are at 48. cooler spot in brooksville. during the afternoon even though it is chilly now we will actually be quite pleasant with an afternoon high of 80 just 2 degrees abov at 5:08 i will take you more specifically hour by hour through thursday. >> is a pretty good to me. we're headed out the door in a nice way. sick a look at the suncoast parkway, the veterans expressway travel times. you will not see the slowdowns. would have roughly an 8 minute commute. you do tend to see a lot of construction out there but the
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bay area interstates. nice drive on i-4. crash year dell maybury highway at lutz lake fern road for right now no delays. breaking news, deadly crash on i 275 is the i-4 junction. a motorcyclist is dead and an off-duty deputy is involved in the crash. >> it close to the interstate for hours but it is back open now. there are still a lot of questions about at scene.>> good morning to you, the crash happened late last night. many lanes were closed for several hours including this on ramp here. you can see it is back open right now. let's go to some video. this is the motorcycle involved in the crash. we learned the writer was headed south -- right or mac
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tossed into the northbound lanes . an off-duty pernod safety was headed home north on i 275 and was somehow involved in the accident, perhaps he struck the motorcycle driver. investigators are trying to determine how the crash happened and if the biker was speeding at the time of the crash. we're rating for more information from the florida highway patrol we get it we will pass us along to you. right now it was all a big lie, 19-year-old usf student was arrested last night after authorities found out her story about being robbed on campus was a hoax. mary mcguire joins us now live from usf campus in
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in jail but posted bond and was released charged with one count of false report of commission of a crime. in plain english that means she lied to usf. here's a look at her mug shot. the 19-year-old claimed 2 men in her 20 followed her near the mlk plaza and struck up a conversation. in the end she claims her backpack was taken and her necklace fell. later police on everything except the 2 guys she sa students were on edge all day wednesday thinking 2 robbers were on the loose. >> uneasy and honestly it had my stomach in knots because i have been here at that time. now we know students had no reason to be worried. police are not releasing what they think motivated this female student to do this. police told us yesterday that they were buying over surveillance video taken from
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leave them to those suspect. we're still trying to find out if that was the crucial piece of evidence that led them to find out that this was all a big life. happening today, governor rick scott heads to new york city to me was president-elect donald trump. the governor announced he plans to congratulate mister trump on his win and offer to help him reinvent fel some say you could be a candidate for the head of department of health and human services. mike pence will be on capitol hill today. you will meet with mitch mcconnell. you will also get together with the democratic minority leaders in both houses senator chuck schumer and representative nancy losey. hillary clinton made her first public appearance last night since conceding the race to donald
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can relate to regardless of party. meredith is joining us now with this story. >> reporter: secretary clinton was honored last night from the children's defense fund. she told the crowd after her loss to donald trump her first instinct was to go home and stay there. >> i will admit, coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i nt up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again . >> we all understand; right. clinton also told the crowd she knows many americans are disappointed by the election results, but she urged her supporters to stay engaged in the democratic process. >> there are still questions about what secretary clinton will do next. her speech may signal that her focus will be
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you have to eat your feeling sometimes. more signs of the ugly mood surrounding the election. 2 swastikas were found scrawled in front of a st. petersburg church. make america great again was also written on the swastikas. a few steps away the number 1488 which has symbolic me white supremacist. it has a predominantly lgbt congregations of the pastor thinks whoever drew the graffiti doesn't like gay people . >> i'd love to be able to sit down and talk with them and say, there is another way of seeing the world. >> police are still searching for the graffiti artist who would be charged with a misdemeanor, however, the pastor is offering an invitation for the artist to come to her church. bucks right receiver mike
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mike evans is talking about refusing to stand for the national anthem. he says looking back you would've done differently that says what is done is done and he hopes everyone will accept his apology. >> it will not happen again. i will stand with my teammates. i know i heard a lot of people so i want to apologize again. to the people that are disappointed in my de now on, don't worry i will continue to use my voice and my platform for minority rights. >> he says he reached the decision on his own without pressure from coaches for the bucs -- bucs front office . we had that crisp cool morning again. it was really fall-like weather that we had to wait so long
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but for those of us that live in the sunshine state that is what i have for you in store. we will be mild at noon, 80 at 3 pm then pulling back down to 70 at 7 pm. clear skies lots of son, highs near 80 the next few days. cold front arrives late saturday. i almost took out the rain chance but it will bring some sweater weather for us, much cooler air next week. the advertise 78. we will be 10 degrees below that despite the cooler air the tropics are still heating up. we had this area in the caribbean has an 80 percent chance of development. it is currently stationary and is just expected to meander around. we will check in with traffic on the 8s. it is early this morning so hopefully not too. >> it looks great out there just overnight construction in sarasota. overall the lanes look very good . let's take a live look at
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overnight we had a pretty serious accident that is long gone. taking a look at it from saint pete's downtown to downtown tampa it will only take you about 21 minutes on the interstate also from the 175 to the howard include bridge, 8 minutes. a woman diagnosed with cancer refused traditional treatment. and said she offered for a more holistic approach. coming up, how a woman treated her breast cancer
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8 onr sinkhole. records show the state of florida was in no hurry to share information about the sinkhole. on september 12 more than 2 weeks after were begin escape in, the federal epa wrote the state, quote, we have received the mosaic document from friday, september 9 in which they suggested a meeting between the government and mosaic. a goes on to say, has there been any discussion related to having that meeting? that is a question.
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held within the last week of september. that would be a full 5 weeks after the sinkhole opened. they discovered the leak august 27 and informed dep the next day . they kept it from the public until we report on the september. they kept it from the public until we report on the september 2 but the sinkhole had dumped 250 million gallons of highly contaminated water into the florida aquifer. a close call for a school bus in kentucky. the bus got caught under a ra -- passed by. now parents are not happy . take a look at the video. the camera pans to the left. you can see the train roaring right past the bus. parents say the same should happen. >> trains aren't quite so they don't just make up on you. just to be on that track, the whole situation should of been
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video is a little skewed in the intersection is a very big and that the back of the bus would be out of the road if the driver didn't move forward. >> san francisco schools are being offered a new lesson plan that calls president-elect donald trump races and sexist man. this is controversial. the teacher's unit. the plan on their website. it is off signal for city education -- optional but city education officials are teacher that created the election plan says it is a way to teach students about the election. >> opponents, that it is meant to scare students. >> is a call to educators to take that anti-racist stance, anti-sexist dance and tell the students, we're here for you and we are going to have these discussions and talk about these issues. >> a representative with the republican party in san francisco says this is a specific anti-donald trump
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beefy years. students across the country are protesting the election of donald trump. hundreds of students marched out of school stopping traffic as you see here. in south florida high school students ran out of class jumping offense all to protest the president-elect ignoring threats that they would be suspended for this. students say they fear what may happen to their undocumented moms, dads and siblings when he takes office. in 8 on your si past it is opening the floodgates for people seeking alternative treatments for an array of health conditions including cancer. in fact, medical professionals and industry leaders will attend the tampa medical marijuana can conference -- conference which is an education for . this morning i talked to one bay area woman who decided to turn to cannabis oils to treat her breast cancer. >> at her six-month checkup
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of cancer . a year and half ago she was diagnosed and refused traditional treatment. >> they thought i was insane. they said it's not going to work you can do this. i said it is my body and this is what i wanted you. >> now the amendment 2 has passed so she can easily pick up her medications in pinellas county instead of traveling out of state. clearwater doctor who now oversees her chair says while her successful experience -- her successful experience proves to be antidotal it will lead to more research. >> will be able to come up with that is that actually support that in yes indeed -- in fact that yes indeed we are on the right track and looking for a cure for cancer. >> the doctor said cannabis is not a treatment but studies show thc has a strong antitumor affect.
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-- forming. >> when i looked at tammy's bloodwork the tumor markers were all zero. i couldn't explain it. >> 3 months later i go in for my mammogram and i had another doctor coming, another doctor come in, there is something not right. is a bad or good and you just let me know? we have not seen anything like this in our lives. >> tumor is gone? >> it is not only gone but is growing >> it is important to reiterate that cannabis oil is not a treatment protocol cancer patient. you pointed out it can be used as enhancement to traditional treatments that are proven. >> sometimes that is what people want. >> i'm put -- i put more about tammy's story on my website here this was a leap of faith
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she didn't want all the chemicals that came along with traditional treatment. we are so glad that it worked out for her as well. this morning we are nice and cool with clear skies. 60 degrees at 8 clear skies. 60 degrees at 8 am. you can bet ss warm-up already by 76, 15 degrees cooler by noon . we level off at 80 nice and comfortable at work p.m. work p.m. the meteor shower -- comfortable at 4 pm meteor shower will be light. you might see 10 to 15 per hour streaking across the sky. it is not a huge one but i wanted you to know what is happening right now. it is chilly. 46 lakeland. 49 apollo beach. sunshine around all day warming us up. today we had 80 and tomorrow into the low 80s and then we will start tracking the cold front all the way across the
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tomorrow but look at that first big snowstorm of the fall season across the upper midwest , plus a brings us highs in the upper 60s. we are looking pretty good right now throughout lakeland. no delays there. i-4 is a pretty good drive. in polk county we do have an incident on us 27. this is reddick county road 546 in the haines city area. we have reports of an accident. several lanes blocked will keep an eye on this for you. let's move over. we still have this one that is listed at dale mabry highway and loose lake fern road but there is no delays. you get back just fine. calling all of those negative nancy's out there. >> it is time to make a change. coming up, how your attitude
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time to turn that frown upside down. having a negative attitude can be harmful to your health. 11 year study found highly pessimistic people were more than twice as likely to die from heart disease. >> don't to it. it is always good to say positive, optimism had no effect on the risk of heart disease. >> mindset is everything. >> when it comes to whole versus skim milk, researchers found a correlation drinking higher fat milk and lower body weight and kids. speculation that children drinking reduce fat health feel less will and eat additional fatty foods. doctors recommend keeping at one or 2 percent that for kids over the age of one or 2. doctor sam behind this healthy fat will make dinner. and innocent toddlers shot by a stray bullet. will tell you how it happened
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>> plus the lightning will be without stephen stamkos for the foreseeable future . we have more on his injury coming up. >> let's find out what kind of day it will be with weather and traffic on the 8s.
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shrek -- the kids will be cool at 60 degrees at the bus up this morning. when they come home from school they will be able to come out and play at 80 degrees. 80 on saturday. we will be cool and breezy with a high of only 60 and on sunday. lakeland looks good. we have problem spot over in the haines city area.
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accident on the northbound lane. the lanes are blocked. the traffic is like being there are not a lot of vehicles on the road with. i will keep an eye on it throughout the morning.
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florida governor rick scott headed to trump tower to me with president-elect. >> could be up for a cabinet post on the trunk to? >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thank you for waking up


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