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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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florida governor rick scott headed to trump tower to me with president-elect. >> could be up for a cabinet post on the trunk to? >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thank you for waking up
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. let's check in with legal has news of a nice crisp morning worth. >> just like yesterday there is a chill in the air. 42 brooksville but lakeland your 46. bartow 46. 60 burkini a. there has been some patchy areas of fog. it is not very thick or widespread but i'm teaching -- keeping an eye on it . when the sun comes up we will see nothing but blue skies. 60 degrees around 8 am. >> gorgeous afternoon right around 77 degrees at 3 pm. i have an eight-day temperature trend that will show you the big cooldown. we will let you know what is going on on the roadways. >> we have an issue out in the polk county area but it is not in lakeland. it looks good and so does i-4. is as human, i just want to show you do see where it is orange right underneath that i can't. that is because all the
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little bit of a slowdown as you come up through that area. keep that in mind. meanwhile, we have very good drive on 275 in and out of downtown tampa. breaking news, motorcyclist is dead after a deadly crash on i 275 is the i-4 junction. an off-duty sheriff deputy is involved in this wreck. a close the interstate for hours but it is back there are many questions about what happened. >> good morning, once again the crash happened late last night along i 275 in downtown tampa. >> the highway was closed for several hours but you can see this on ramp is back open. let's go to some video. this is the motorcycle involved in the crash. we learned the writer was headed southbound on 275 when
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northbound lanes. officials tell us an off-duty deputy was headed north on i 275 and was involved in the crash somehow but they are not giving specifics. the writer of the motorcycle pronounced dead at the scene. right now investigators are trying to determine how the crash happened and if the motorcyclist was speeding at the time. we have calls into the florida highway patrol. we are waiting for updates. once we get them we will let you know. and on can't is crime that never was. >> refers brought you the report of a robbery at usf as breaking news yesterday morning. overnight we have learned that it was all a hoax. mary mcguire joins us now live in the usf campus in tampa. >> how did police figure out this was all like?>> reporter: police are not releasing
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called robbers that with this campus on edge all day yesterday is off. the 19-year-old was arrested by deputies last night just after 9:00. she is facing one charge of false or of commissions of crime . in plain english that means she lied to police. she claims 2 men in her 20s followed her on the campus and struck up a conversation. in the end she claimed her backpack was ta police found everything except for the 2 guys she says committed the crime and now we know why. >> students are shocked to hear one of their own made up the slide. >> i am shocked that she lied about that. that is putting students in danger because people worry about that. >> it is not okay to lie in general so that is really annoying and probably puts people on edge.
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campus yesterday. we're working to find out whether or not that was a crucial piece of evidence that unraveled this will do. overnight she did post bond and was released from the hillsboro county jail. she has no arrest record here in hillsboro county but we know so many police resources were hard into this case to solve it now that we know it is all a hoax it just seems like a big waste of time. >> so many people were worried. so many man hours tr time now 5:35. >> an explosion near the florida state can't this tallahassee. >> cruise that needed a live down -- bomb found miles away from campus. military experts confirmed it was alive bomb from world war ii possibly dropped from a bomber on a training mission more than 70 years ago. the explosion was so loud it could
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this morning the search is on for a gunman who shot out of the. to 21 month old will be okay. police believe the shooter was targeting her dad. he told police he was standing outside of his apartment when someone approached him in a threatening way. neighbors are upset and concerned. >> is it world war iii? what is it coming to in the daylight where people are now beginning to come out and shoot innocent child? >> police tell us rounds maybe more. investigators were interviewing witnesses hoping to find a motive in this case. you will definitely want to check your credit and debit card statements for each -- charges you do not make. an employee at the station unlocked would ridge road found a device tuesday. investigators believe and
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scammers discovered in the area . the owner claims he is taking steps to prevent this from happening again. legislatures received up dates from the mayor and dep on sewer discharge during hurricane hermie. investigators say they continue to evaluate the overall system. the mayor storm water improvement plan includes fixing the immediate issue by next summer. some lawmakers are hesitant to believe the problems could be fixed so quickl undertake and complete in 7 or 8 months. i just don't want to expect -- i would rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised that have high expectations and be disappointed. lawmakers asked them to look at other options like renting a wastewater treatment barge. i hate to break this tough news for lighting vans but the bulls will hit the ice without
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>> he is out of the lineup indefinitely this after suffering a right knee injury during tuesday night's game. we're told he tore his lateral meniscus. an injury like that require surgery and recovery could take from one to 3 months . the rest of the season might look a little different. we do have a chilly start to the day. it will be almost identical to yesterday. issue will need a light jacket if you're going out for any length of ti when you come home from work or school make sure you remember to grab the jacket because you won't be wearing it. look how fast it warms up out of the 50s quickly to 70 at 10 am. you will be in short sleeves by your lunch break. 80 by 3 pm and 73 at 6. i almost took the rain chance out completely on saturday. i still left it at 10 percent on saturday. you might get a drop of rain. november is our driest month of
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that rain chance on saturday this as a cold front comes through and look how surprise the mojo man is about highs exceeded on sunday. we take a look at traffic on the 8s. they are starting off to a pretty nice one. we do have a couple of issues. let's take a look here in downtown lakeland we're up but elsewhere in polk county not so lucky. we have big issue where we have all the north all lanes blocked the us 27 county road 546. that is due to a collision tying up all of those northbound lanes. take 17 and 727 as your alternate. let's head out to sarasota. most construction has wrapped up on the interstate but westbound on university we still have a lane blocked. also we have collision here us 41 which is the tamiami trail right at martin luther king way. injuries are involved but it is off to the shoulder. that is a
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a high-powered meeting with the president-elect for governor rick scott. >> still ahead could he be up for role in the donald trump
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florida governor rick scott meets with donald trump though he still denies he is interested in a cabinet position. we're joined now from the center
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looking forward to seeing mister trump to congratulate him on his big win . he offered his help in, quote, reinventing the federal government. the governor has said he does not want to leave his job as governor, but there have been constant rumors about him becoming the head of the department of health and human services. with republicans now in control of the white house and congress, the party can act of about to do away with the affordable care railed against president obama healthcare reforms calling obama care a disaster in july. >> they say you get to keep your doctor in you don't. they said healthcare costs will go up and they didn't -- they said your healthcare costs would go down anyone up . >> he is a former healthcare exec. >> meanwhile, the same agency that governor scott is rumored to become head of, the department of health and human
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insurance plans through the affordable care act continue to surge. in fact more than 300,000 people . >> here's another name for you this morning, more rumblings about the president elects cabinet. nikki haley being considered a secretary of state . she is expected to meet with child y is the first female and indian- american governor. the minnesota police officer who fatally shot linda casteel during a traffic stop is now facing charges. you remember his death was live stream by his girlfriend on facebook. >> please don't tell me he is dead. >> please don't tell me my boyfriend just went like that. >> those are the moments right
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officer said he thought he was reaching for a gun for prosecutors argue he was complying with command. >> his dying words were in protests that he wasn't reaching for his gun. >> there was no objective threat posed to the officer. the officer is charged with 2nd degree manslaughter and 2 counts of dangerously just charging a firearm. if convicted he faces 10 years in prison fo years each for each of the charge. 3 people are hospitalized with burns after it would truck exploded. you can see the flames shooting through the roof of the truck. this happened in washington dc were several food trucks were parked. the fire started in the back of the truck near the generator. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. a bizarre accident during a
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a deer crashed into a runner. cell phone video captured it all . several deer run across the course and run -- one runs right into justin . he was able to get up and finish this race. 2 teammates helped him to get -- do that. his coach says he is doing okay just a little sore and bruce. ho are like standdown. we got this. a mysterious monkey has been spotted around st. petersburg. this is the 3rd sighting in the last several weeks. first in hudson beach, then in safety harbor always on a dock looking at water. is climb down a tree right there.
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>> he said look, there is a monkey on the. we see gators in the creeks but we have never seen monkeys.>> in 2012 for the fish and wildlife service captured the same, a rhesus macaques in st. petersburg. if you see this monkey called the wildlife office to reported. a lot of people think it is fun to see them out and around but they want to make sure he the college football playoff in tampa. >> it is the first time the bay area will host this again now we know a little more about who will perform during the three-day concert series. is happening january 6-8. headliners include eric paisley , gail's favorite, -- gayle's
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. it is expected to draw and a record crowd, about 80,000 people expected to be here for all the events leading up to the beginning. >> to know why i like flo rida so much? it is because he is from florida. >> it took you that long to make that up. of course he is from florida he is flo rida >> [ video playback ] the crowd of the washington capitals game did not miss a beat. they loudly saying the end to
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>> let's turn it over for a check of weather and traffic on the 8s. >> for the morning it is going to be clear and cool just like it was yesterday, a perfect fall day. we don't like it to stay cool all that long. you will get the chill in the morning but we are already at 76 at noon. 80 and comfortable with lots of sunshine around 3 pm. it is chilly now. 48 auburn dale. 43 a little milder about 47 in north port. starting the first big snowstorm of the season back to the upper midwest but for us clear skies. high-pressure will stay in control. we see a slow warming trend keeping a nice and mild through saturday. saturday night a cold front comes through . we will feel the cold breezy air coming in for sunday and monday. we will get another nice warm-up in the middle of the week but on things getting we are expecting another cold front to come through. even
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lakeland still remains a good drive put over here in haines city as i mentioned before we do have little problem spots. we have northbound lanes are blocked on us 27 in haines city . this is right by county road 5. this is right by county road 546. you 17 that is a little bit over to these. let's head over to the suncoast area. this construction almost completely wrapped up. westbound lanes on university taken away under i 75. some types of cheese can be stinky. >> that doesn't mean you should always throw them out, but coming up the cheese in your refrigerator that you do need to toss. why popular brands are being recalled is next on news channel 8. >> closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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3 popular brands are being recalled because of salmonella poisoning. these cheese brands are being recalled. if you have any products in your home take them back to the store you bought them from for a refund. >> apps designed to make your
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in the first half of the year highway deaths climbed more than 10 percent compared to the first half of the. we know that hands-free is not risk-free. >> it is not your hand that is distracted. it is your brain. the company stresses there are safe ways to use them. you can go into the menu and limit notifications and ds >> good news in driving safety . booster seat manufacturers have come up with the perfect safety belt fit. the evaluated 53 new booster seat models. 48 of those earned the highest ratings. if focused on seat belt fits for the 4 tet to 8-year-old child. for the complete list go to
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now she is cancer free. coming up why she opted for a more holistic approach and is becoming more popular. will show you why a news channel 8 today. let's head outside and look at beautiful downtown tampa. weather and traffic on the 8s
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piece for you. see if you're eligible for
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. it is cool and clear this morning, 58 degrees, eat -- east to northeast wind at 3 miles-per-hour . it will warm a very quickly. near average temperatures tonight. we're tracking a big cold front. i will tell you when it gets here coming up. lakeland still looking pretty good as well as i-4 in the haines city area not so much
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was found on us 27 because all the lanes are blocked at county road 546. save yourself time and take 17 instead. we have great drive on i-4 into
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a biker crashes his motorcycle on itunes and 75 near the i-4 junction and then an off-duty pernod sheriff deputy with the latest on this accident . >> hillary clinton gives her first public speech after conceding the election last week. the confession she made after her first -- the confession she made about her first after finding out she lost to donald trump. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning.


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