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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  November 17, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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the 2:00 warning. >> cris: when drew brees gets it going, it is tough to stop. and thomas davis barely missed that one. you play that kind of the tampa two to where you are going to drop the middle linebacker, and earlier in game, it is craig robertson who had to chase ted end zone. and the saints in the same sort of thing, and when you are at the goal line, you don't want to back up too far, because drew brees gets it right in front of you. >> al: and ron rivera talking about having to finish games and here they are again putting themselves in the precarious position, and you are almost leaving it to the offense right now to get the first downs to take the all of the time off of the clock. >> cris: i think that you are going to see the saints bringing all kinds of pressure.
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and you the pressure point of the fact that this game now is on the line. you go after them here. >> al: lutz to kick. that is joe webb back, and fozzy whittaker back there as well. from the goal line. webb. he slips. taken down at the 15 yard line. >> cris: big hit by shiloh keo. that is back on the 15 yard line, so we are talking about field position, and you know, going back to beginning of the game, and carolina had a couple of nice plays right off of the bat with some motion and going wide, and all of the different things, but some of those plays are really tough to run though when you are getting the feeling that you will be seeing at lot of pressure off of the edge. and the only reason that the
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position, and a little afraid of man coverage here. >> al: panthers have had three straight three and outs. he throws, and that is errant. and a flag comes in though, and stupar is tangled up with jonathan stewart. carl johnson com this call. >> referee: no faoul on the pla. >> al: and so he was the head of officiating a few years ago and now he is the head linesman, and the flag is waived off. >> cris: it is a great job here by nathan stupar and you cannot have pass interference behind the line of scrimmage and that
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to understand that. >> al: rivera are is pleading his case to no avail. second down and ten now. and it is nervous time in this ball park. newton is going to go nowhere. now you have third down. the saints are going to take a time-out. the 2:00 warning, and then of course, in drew brees world that might as well be a month on the calendar. all right. a little bit of the pulse here. newton and taking a look at the numbers. not very good. brees meanwhile, 32 of 41 and 242 and less than what he normally averages, but still, he has had it when he needs it, and 17 unanswered. there is the most depressing
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back in the locker room. and we will get a report as soon as we can on him. >> man, you just have to take your shot here right now. i mean, i know that there are some things working gaiagainst , but you cannot turn around and kick the ball back to drew brees at this point. and he is not thinking field goal at this one, but he is thinking, let's go get a touchdown and get out of here with the win. a big time play here sh, and th have ted ginn and kelvin benjamin, and devin funchess is down to cam newton's left. >> al: they had the linebackers backed off and newton in traffic and that is caught by kelvin ben ja min. that is a big time catch.
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and the decision to not bring pressure there is very interesting one. you could have almost told what was going to happen there. and kelvin benjamin is a bigger than life wide receiver. they play above the rim in these key situations. if you are sitting back in the zone, he does not care about getting hit. you throw it up high, and he will outrebound everybody. that is a core element of this offense. gutsy catch to go up to hang on to that one. but, no pressure and gave it a chance. >> al: that is a gigantic first down. new orleans now takes the last time-out. so the only time that the clock will stop now is at the 2:00 warning. after most likely this play. >> cris: here comes the pressure again. >> al: stewart is the running back. they want to get the clock down the 2:00, and they will on the
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so it is go ing to be second don and eight as we go to the other side of the 2:00 warning. can brees get the ball back? >> cris: what a big time throw and catch that was when they needed it most. >> al: we have come down to the 2:00 warning in a tight one in charlotte. carolina over new orleans, 23-20 on this thursday night. ? whoa! what are you looking at? crazy! it's a virtual reality world. can i see? oh yai yai yai yai yai yai. ? will we be able to see the whole park? yeah, it's 360. look, it goes all the way around. go! let's go, let's go, let's go.
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>> al: right after the game, it is the volkswagen post game to interview the stars of the game. and he will not return in this
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are the only three games that he has missed in his career. in there for almost every snap. we thought that maybe it was the leg. but it turned out to be something else. hope for the best here. >> al: newton is taking the clock all of the way down to third and eight. keeping it on the ground. not much to do here, and fozzy whittaker just stays inbounds to take you down to half a minute. so brees will have oh, you know, probably less than 30 seconds with the time we get down there to try to get them into field goal range. >> cris: you know, i have to go back for one moment to the decision to play the zone out of that play. most defensive coordinators and not all, but most defensive
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come up to make the tackle at about seven yards and force the punt and go on. now i am not saying it is a wrong decision, but i am saying that typically in this league that is what you will see. >> al: surprising. time-out here. for carolina. go back to the benjamin catch. >> cris: and they rush out and rush four here, and they get close to getting to cam newton and there is definite pressure up the gut, but there is -- if you can understand what i am one more than they can block, you have to throw hot on the outside, and usually a slant or some kind of the stop route to come up to make the play. and you know, there is no right answer, but it is just that it is the typical one that i see. >> al: i am with you, brother. always. thick or thin. >> cris: until sunday. [ laughter ]
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i will with be back, don't worry. palardy in his first nfl game, and another booming kick at the 13 yard line. marcus murphy and he will get taken down at the 25 and then a flag at the end of the play, and another flag that comes in, and for the moment, you have 14 second seconds on the clock. >> referee: during the return, team, 10-yard penalty, first down. >> al: that is the last thing they needed. that is nate stupar and now you are forced to air it out. 14 seconds and hope to get out of boundsle because you don't have a long pass and if you are carolina, you know, you have to guard the sidelines, but then again, you have to be careful over the middle, too. >> cris: yes, and now you can catch one over the middle, but
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at the sideline and hope nfor te best. >> al: yep. try to get lutz in field goal ran range. >> cris: you have to throw it 50-yards plus to have a chance at a field goal on the other side. lutz' career long is 57. >> al: he won the game with 11 seconds left when these two teams met in louisiana last mon month. so brees now just dumps it off here sh here, and it is hightower who tries to get out of bounds to save at least one play. six seconds. >> cris: well, you have big tight ends, but not so big wide receivers. we have seen brandon coleman go up to get one, and michael thomas is a big body. i am not sure now that you can throw a hail mary and get out of bound, and maybe it is one of
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>> al: and the thing is that you need a stanford play or the defensive foul deep downfield. which would extend the game by one play. so brees, and he is going to throw to the sideline, and they have one more play? they do. michael thomas makes the catch. now, you it up to the 36 yard line which is fine and dandy, and now what do you do? >> cris: i mean, it may be fine, but not dandy, because you have to throw this thing 65 yards into the end zone. with who knows, maybe drew brees can still do it. >> al: a hook and trailer. you have all kinds of gimmicks. >> cris: but you have the buy the time to get the receivers down there anyway. >> al: just a three-man rush, and they will throw the short
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only to the 44 yard line. well, they made this crowd sweat it out, didn't they? >> cris: huge win. >> al: 23-3, and winds up 23-20, and each of the teams is now 4-6. they are each two games behind the division leading atlanta falcons. and the volkswagen post game show is coming up on the other
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welcome to the volkswagen golf alltrack post game report. the cam newton to kelvin benjamin was the only first down of the fourth quarter, but enough to preserve a victory here on nbc thursday night football to kick off week 11. moments ago, heather cox met up with thomas davis of the p panthers' defense. >> heather: thank you, rich. thomas, after giving up the lead last week in a tough loss, what was the key to this panther team finishing tonight? >> well, it is just that. staying focused and finishing a as football team. we put ourselves in a bad situation once we got the big lead and allowed them to get
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we did a great job as a football team to finish the game. >> heather: you saw your fellow linebacker luke kuechly go down, and you were emotional and what did you say to him? >> i said that we would go out to finish the game for him and we loved him and get healthy. >> heather: indeed, you did. congrats. al, back up stastairs to you. >> al: all right. thank you, heather. let's hope for the best for luke kuechly. they go to the west coast to oakland and seattle and still alive at 4-6. and the saints are 4-6, and tampa bay is 4-5 and don't forget about them. they go to kansas city, and atlanta with the bye, and somebody has to win it. >> cris: obviously, they have wins over both of these team, and they have a hot quarterback and hot wide receiver doing some damage around the league, so they are the ones to beat here. >> al: yeah. it is another close game, and you talked about the panthers and they did it again, but this time, they come up on the other side.
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panthers win. "when the ship comes in" by the hollies ? oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ? ? and the seagulls they'll be smilin ? ? and the rocks on the sand ? it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack soon to be everywhere. >> thank you for watching "volkswagen golf all-track post game report." >> al: sunday night, it is on to
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the washington redskins as football night in america starts at 7:00. thanksgiving night on nbc, the pittsburgh steelers against the indianapolis colts. you are watching nbc, and stay tuned for your late local news except for on the west coast. for those watching on the nfl netwo network, the mazda post game show is next. 23-20 is the final. al michaels, cris collinsworth and heather cox saying good night from charlotte. ? ? what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave...
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etting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. right now on news channel 8 at 11. >> escaped inmate is on the run in polk county. live with new details on the search. a dramatic fight that ends in a car crash caught on camera. 8 on your side is asking just how safe is ybor city? yet another reason to lock your part -- car. thieves are after something more valuable than a laptop.
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>> thank you for joining us. breaking news in polk county, lakeland police are helping the sheriff's office search for an escaped inmate. this began more than eight hours ago at the fleet maintenance building in bartow. searching about 20 miles north of there near the sam's club in lakeland. that is where jenn holloway and joins us live tonight. everybody wants to know if this guy is somebody we should worry about. is he dangerous? >> we have not gotten that warning from the sheriff department or from but i can tell you earlier tonight, this is exactly where they seemed to be focused on. as i tell you that, there goes another patrol car passed us right now. this is baker street just behind the sam's club be a long u.s. highway 98 here in lakeland. as i mentioned earlier tonight crews were searching this area. when our crew got here a chopper was searching for my above, they also had canine units on baker street along with deputies and officers. a couple of them seemed to be investigating some of the
11:55 pm
may be questioning some of those neighbors. at this point flanagan appears to be on the run. i just sent an e-mail. tried to touch base with the sheriff's office. the public information officer a short while ago, to get some updated information as to why the deputies moved. but we have not gotten any word since then. in the meantime here is another look at flanagan. the 45-year-old is arrested in september for petty theft. that wis on a charge like that. flanagan was said to be released in march. arrested in september. he was granted trusty status for good behavior. that allowed him to work outside under supervision. which is why he was out here in lakeland tonight. we do understand he will will face theft and escape charges. at this point update on our breaking news tonight, we have no word he has been arrested here in polk county.
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camera and the video is jaw- dropping. a fight breaks out right in the heart of ybor city. a man gets run over as a guy plows his car into a building. it raises the question, is ybor city safe? paul mueller joins us live in ybor city. paul, is this isolated or does this show a troubling trend? >> reporter: many people think the streets are full of crime. not so says tampa police. its way weigh down. they have the numbers to back this fly punches thrown and then the car becomes a lethal weapon. hitting a guy and plowing into the bad monkey barn. the video dramatic and so too is the crime rate down this year by a whopping 40%. >> the fact it is down is very encouraging. >> reporter: the drop in crime is due in part to teamwork cops working hand-in-hand with bars and businesses. >> it takes both to make an impact like that.
11:57 pm
>> reporter: tom mueller is with the crisis center of tampa bay which launched an anti- violence program. he says many people don't have the facts straight. >> not enough people are aware of the crime statistics. and how far down they are. and how minor -- how minor most of the crimes are. >> reporter: the reaction tonight is mixed. >> ybor city crime free or crime-ridden? >> a little of both d bit of a wrap for crime. >> reporter: when it comes to a bad rap, ask the owner of the bad monkey. >> you have rowdies that come out and look for a fight. we hate that. >> reporter: bad reviews that ybor is a dangerous place. he said nothing could be further from the truth. >> you can leave work and play as well as you can anywhere else. >> reporter: when they talk about that drop, violent crimes like robbery, grand theft auto
11:58 pm
jenn? >> can we talk for a second a little bit more about the incident with the car? do we know where the suspect is ? if he intentionally aimed the car at the victim? what do we know at this point? >> reporter: police are trying to figure it out. they say they know who the suspect is even though he is still on the run. how do they know? he left one big peak of -- big piece of evidence behind. that was his car launched right into that bar. >> that's a heck of a clue. paul mueller, thank you some new information about a false robbery reported on the usf campus. they arrested 19-year-old after she admitted to making up that robbery story. the foreign exchange student from senegal did not explain why she lied but there is speculation she was motivated by something that happened on election day. she claims someone sent her and other students as some threatening letters. usf police are looking into that report. we expended a lot of
11:59 pm
impacted by this. the university climate and community has been affected by it. >> when our reporter asked the chief if the teenager seen here was remorseful, he gave a one- word answer. no. consumer alert, 8 on your side, beware of people lurking in parking lots. they may be zeroing in on items you left behind. we're not talking about cash sungla night beat in safety harbor. peter, what exactly are these thieves after? >> reporter: they want your drivers license, others, forms of i.d. and then your checkbook. they go to extremes to get tellers like this place here to cash checks. it happened right here at this chase bank in safety harbor. as members of the spring hill ymca worked out to stay healthy and lose weight, recently a few staff members and customers lost something else in the
12:00 am
enough, checkbooks. listen to what they do to get tellers to cash the checks. >> whether it is shaving or makeup or wigs, a lot of times, they will try to do that to make themselves look like the person that picture as much as possible. >> reporter: cameras caught this woman in the act. she used a stolen i.d. and checks to get away with cash without a gun. victims spend the bay area and beyond. have hit in tampa, clearwater and safety harbor. and it can be costly. >> unfortunately this is one of the largest ones i've had recently. the victim that came through is out over $8000. >> reporter: how do you keep yourself safe? and then rob you again at the teller window? or drive-through? this y member does not play it safe. >> i don't. and i should. i should do a better job. everyone knows that about me. >> reporter: best bet to do this guy does. >> don't leave anything visible. don't keep anything in your car
12:01 am
>> in this case that could be the key that leads us to more people. >> all right. let's help them. hernando detectives are not sure if they're dealing with one theft ring or several. but finding the woman in the picture could help them unravel the mystery and put people behind bars. jenn? >> i'm curious, are they using the same i.d. and checkbook from each person or doing a mix and match operation here? >> reporter: it's the latter. mix and match. the steal and i.d., checkbook and then they fake like they are actually that person on the i.d. so it's not the same person. not the same form each time. it's the checkbook and the i.d. they want to catch these people because it's ongoing. >> peter bernard live in safety harbor, thank you. highway patrol troopers are investigating what caused a deadly motorcycle accident on i- 275. the driver stellas jewel schubert was headed south when he collided with a barrier
12:02 am
propelled into the northbound lanes where his body was hit by an off-duty pinellas deputy. right now but knows county sheriff's office is trying to track down the man in this video after he broke into 12 cars on wood landing trail in oldsmar. all of the cars were unlocked. crime stoppers is offering a $3000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a fake bail bondsman in manatee county was arrested accused of scamming a woman out of money to bail out her son. it's not the first time. sheriff's office tells us jefferson took more than he was also arrested earlier this month for the same thing. detectives now want to know if there are other victims out there. pinellas county school librarian is cooling -- suing tarpon springs over get this, and exploding toilet. it happened in 2012 at tarpon springs elementary school. city workers gave the all clear after one toilet exploded during the day. according to the suit a second toilet also exploded.
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on this case. a possible appointment from president-elect donald trump a senior official reports the job of national security advisor was offered to retired lieutenant general michael flynn. although it is a high-ranking position in the white house trump still has yet to appoint his first cabinet position. earlier today it was rick scott's turn to meet with donald trump amid speculation that he may be offered a high- level post. scott tweeted out a picture of himself with the pren distanced himself from being part of the administration as he talked about how he will rely on trump moving forward. i'm excited now. somebody that's going to help me with job. i have a problem with epa or transportation, tell somebody. get a solution. >> attorney john morgan who helped get amendment 2 passed in florida said he is now
12:04 am
that he would self fund his campaign. there was another surprise announcement today related to donald trump. mitt romney scheduled to meet with mr. trump this weekend possibly as a contender for secretary of state. you may recall romney and trump were openly hostile to each other on the campaign trail. >> arizona police officer is on leave over some disturbing video shot by a bystander. it shows the officer punch a woman in the face. the woman allegedly became uncooperative when the officer tried to warrant that had already been served. that's when the officer punched her. you see that there. this body camera video was just released. it does not show the punch but you kind of get an idea of how the woman was acting when she was being taken into custody. flagstaff police chief ordered multiple investigations into this. new information a federal inspection found the barrier to keep the public and guerrilla separate was not in compliance with safety standards when a
12:05 am
turns out the barrier had been in place since 1978 with no updates. investigation into why is ongoing and it could lead to fines or other disciplinary actions against the zoo. a family of voters have a lot to be thankful for. coming up next for the first time we are hearing their message of thanks to the good samaritans who saved them from this burning boat. you will soon be able to send a text hands-free using an amazon echo. but it will only cell phone provider. what a beautiful day today. 80 degrees. started out cool. same story tomorrow. the changes for the weekend saturday and sunday, we'll talk


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