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. a restaurant owner accused of inappropriately touching a teenaged employee and police fear she isn't the only one. good evening i'm jennifer lee. >> i'm josh benson thanks for being with us tonight. >> first we're begin with breaking news. a pinellas county is fired for using excessive force during a traffic stop and falsifying a report about the incident. sheriff bob gualtieri just released this video ate news conference in it you can see the deputy hold a license in the woman's face and then body slam her into the truck before taking her by the arm and down to the ground. we will have an update on this entire investigation coming up at 6:00. >> a sarasota restaurant owner
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business and assaulted a teenaged girl and now officials are worried because there could be more victims. john rogers joins us live from sarasota to explain why. >>reporter: this is very shocking because police say he had only known this girl for a couple of days. if he dock this to her he can do this to someone else. >>reporter: sarasota police say last month 45 year-old fernando palamino hired a 16- year-old girl to work at his restaurant. she was so youn >> she was only working there for two days. >>reporter: but her stint ended in horrifying fashion. police say at around 1:00 p.m. on october 15th. palaminos wife left to run an errand he locked the door and assaulted the teenaged girl. the girl ran away crying to a nearby business and called the police for help. this restaurant is very popular in the area. >> i mean that's terrible.
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>>reporter: scott dixon works next-door he said palamino is friendly and this crime has he and his family on edge. >> that's scar i that's for sure. >>reporter: we visited palamino's business and his home but he wasn't available. police say he admitted to assaulting the girl and they are worried he could have attacked other victims too. >> that's part of our concern is because it was you know, a very brief time that she had are other victims out there we want the to make sure they know that they can step forward. >>reporter: palamino faces three counts of sexual battery against a minor. police applaud that girl's briefer are you and they say if there are any victims out there they are hoping they will come forward so if anyone knows anything call sarasota police department. john rogers live for us in
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southwest florida cemetery leads rescue crews to a discovery. they found three puppies underneath a large cement box. there were three of them in all. the animals were scared but in good health and are now all looking for a new home. new tonight zika virus is no longer a public health emergency of international concern. that's according to a tweet from the world health organization. mosquito-borne illness can cause birth defects in babies. most cases were the u.s. but the cdc does report that there are 139 nontravel related zika cases in florida. pulling the records. tonight senator bill them son is calling on the u.s. attorney general to look into an alleged practice of selling your drivers record information. rod carter live in tampa tonight with more on what the senator is hoping to do. >>reporter: , i actually talked to a few drivers today about this thick here where
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an outside source. many of those drivers absolutely unhappy about that. they want their private information kept just that private. senator nelson not happy to hear that either. however according to the dmv they say it's not true. they say the senator has that wrong and they do not sell that information. >>reporter: when people get a license to drive is it also a license for the state to sell their information? >> i think that that should be illegal. >>reporter: mary lee for seth is angry >> we have the privacy act for everything else, why thought something that's so for to our everyday life. >>reporter: today senator bill nelson based on a local news investigation sent attorney general loretta lynch a letter asking her to look into the state's alleged practice of selling driver's license info. >> it's nounal unconscionable but it may well be that it is illegal. >>reporter: however today the
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and that quote, the florida department of highway safety and motor vehicles does not sell driver or motor vehicle information. they went ton point out the driver privacy protection act restricts public access to info like social security numbers. >>reporter: driver's license numbers, i.d. card numbers, names addresses telephone numbers and much more. that is something drivers certainly welcome. >> that's my information. >> ve don't like that being out there to have it done again. >>reporter: the senator wants to make sure your private information is kept just that, private. that same statement went on to point out that under the law a lot of this driver's license and motor vehicle information is considered public information and that people can actually request that, but only if they meet a certain exemption that is covered by
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off limits, it's still considered restricted. >> that's pretty disturbing. we're all drivers we obviously don't want our information just out there. what did senator nelson say about dmv's statement. >>reporter: you know i sent the senator a copy of that statement during our conversation with him. i did ask if he or someone i should say another reporter asked if he actually had spoken with the dmv he said he had not we sent him that information and right now i have not heard back from them just yet. >> you'll most likely get a re thanks. the state of florida could be in for a billion dollar windfall all from unclaimed savings bonds collected from all over the state. that's what cfo jeff atwater is hoping after filing a lawsuit against the government. >>reporter: u.s. savings bonds are how average americans help
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then baby boomers were brought up buying stamps in school that were later redeemed for bonds. >> first thing you know you'll have enough for a savings bond just like dad buys with payroll savings work. >>reporter: so now a million dollars in savings bonds left unclaimed in safety deposit boxes have been turned over to the state, but there's a problem. the federal government won't redeem them. >> the money doesn't belong to the federal government. ultimately it belongs to the individual who purchased that bond. sometimes even years ag if the federal government isn't going to look for these individuals this is what we do and we happen to do it pretty well. >>reporter: last month alone more than $35 million was returned to floridians. the state has filed suit. it wants to redeem the bonds it holds but it also wants to gain access to an estimated 1 billion in unredeemed bonds bought by floridians. >> they feel differently. they would like to hold on to thousands those funds that's that's where we stand. we're looking forward to the spring where we'll have our day
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right side of this fight. >>reporter: until then the promise of a better life for going buying government bonds will remain unfulfilled for some. >> our country stands for law and odd near the world. for the right of free people's to live and work in peace. if you want to see if you have some of the unclaimed bonds or other unclaimed cash like utility deposit, remember it's always free to look up. out how. a beloved bay area teach is battling lour gehrig's disease. >> the friday night blitz takes to us the home of the undefeated plant football panthers. i'll have a live report from right here coming up.
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. >> do you remember the ice bucket challenge? it helped raise millions of dollars for als and fund research that's giving have had finding a cure. sign brenner high school came together to raise money for a teacher there with debilitating illness. jeff patterson joins us live at the school to tell bus this very important effort. >>reporter: good evening jen. some very, very emotional moments here this afternoon at steinbrenner high school. you know they had a fun kick ball game all for a beloved teacher who's having a a very tough time. he rolled out the first pitch
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for a cause. his cause. teacher mike wife is suffering fromals better known as lou gehrig's disease. >> feeling the love and support coming from our school community has been overwhelming, tremendous. i don't have words to describe describe it. >>reporter: liz is also a teacher here. the funds raised by the school will go to offset the family's rapidly rising medical costs. >> we just wish that hope would come really soon so with als you're working against the timeline. the ample life expect ten say is 2 to 3 years. he tells me how much this day means to him. >> it's amazing everything it's humbling and i'm very grateful we are all where we are. >>reporter: remember the ice bucket challenge? the quirky viral fundraiser it
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thanks to the ice bucket challenges three new genes have been discovered there's a new drug that is clinical trials right now another is set to be in clinical trials for next year. >>reporter: at steinbrenner they are hoping to raise a few thousand dollars for him. >> i really like him. i had him last year for u.s. history it's my favorite subject it already made it with people. >>reporter: we heard a lot of students say today how much they really love him. near they are really hoping for new medication or a cure. >> it's a devastating disease. what can people do to help? >>reporter: well you could certainly call steinbrenner high school.
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association of florida donate to them, and you don't even have to pour ice over your head to donate. you can just give cash. >> jeff patterson reporting live for us tonight. tonight is our final friday night blitz. game of the week takes us to dad 's stadium. plants fool panthers take on the lakeland dreadnaughts in the semifinal. that's where we find anthony allred double a. i know the panthers in the match up last year you have breaking news for us? >>reporter: i surely did. i did digging into coach castle 's past it turns out the man has a rap sheet about a mile long. please somebody cue the breaking news music as i dig deeper into his past. i got to tell you it's been 40 years but the 40 years is the 40 years he's been the coach of the dreadnaughts and in that
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district titles. coach castle has been nailed coach of the year by local newspapers and he's been in the polk county sports hall of fame and hall of fame for florida as well. he's also florida high school athletic association's coach of the century that's a hundred years they are saying nobody has been better. so i talked to panthers head coach robert weiner about the thoughts on coach castle's >> have some great players over there. probably a couple players play on sunday. that doesn't mean as a team we can't overcome that and we can't take care of that tomorrow and that's our goal. >>reporter: i want to say congratulations to coach castle for 40 years of excellent service but tonight the dreadnaughts are going to took it out against the plant football panthers right here at dad's stadium and of course to the highlights we will go tonight at 11:00.
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double a thanks so much for the update. quiet day we actually did detect some smoke around the area of course that's as a result. fires we saw around the region. certainly our temperatures have been nice and mild reaching the low 80 newscast many locations. this is a look at max defend sir 8 at the moment you can see out around west of sebring in hardy county that has cleared up but there's a possibility of seeing a few showers in the area for tomorrow. here's a look at new port richey 70 degrees northwest wind at 5 miles per hour. 71% relative humidity our rainfall forget about it. we're not expecting much here. although there is a cold front headed our way in the forecast area for tomorrow. famous taste 74 degrees with that northeast wind at 4 miles per hour. 52% relative humidity, lost the
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were mostly clear. 71 degrees in connorton west winds at 2 miles per hour. and finally veterans ford clear conditions as well. no surprise. # 1 degrees with that north wind at 7 miles per hour. as you can see the thanksgiving forecast 9 degrees comfortable at any time and that weak front is going to pass the area. this is a week from now essentially but we're expect a weak front to move through the region and behind that perhaps slightly cooler temperatures did you but still a fair a warm ks and we know that it's been relatively dry. well, very dry, and there is the dry season. that's not the completely unexpected, but only .01 inches that was at tampa international airport. frankly the forecast looks pretty dry this trend likely will carry on. 69 degrees this evening. really mostly clear skies, the computer model paints out a few clouds there but i think we're going to see mostly clear conditions. although tomorrow we might pick up a few clouds in the day 62
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79 degrees. high temperature for the area tomorrow again plenty of sunshine but i mention aid few clouds may come in later associated with the cold front. 9 degrees current temperature, tampa international airport very comfortable mid 50s dew points should be a fantastic evening in st. petersburg pinellas county if you're headed out to watch some of the football games if you're out a later a light jacket. tropics 60% chance of development we've been talking about this area for the past well it's not that impressive at the moment. in fact the numbers have gone down just a little bit and the numbers as i mentioned have been just a little bit lower. but the next five days the computer models just say forget about. it's not going anywhere probably wands off to the west or off to the east and blocked by that ridge of high pressure farther to the north. but it is interesting to watch with computer model as long as solutions are actually calling for. 44 degrees. equipment for the bucks in kansas city no surprise this time of year sunday but plenty
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traveling up to kansas city to watch the bucs play. saturday, sunday, monday 9 degrees saturday, 68 degrees for00. breezy 07 degrees for monday tuesday wednesday a warm up before thanksgiving and another front expected for thanksgiving. behind that maybe some slightly cooler air expected long term. guys back to you. >> thank you, sir. >> some firefighters out west had their hands full this morning. >> we'll show you how the scorching fire also caused headaches for commuters well. >> you can join jen holloway julie phillip and me tonight from 8:00 to 9:00. on this friday evening trump team building some big picks announced today who they are and what they bring to the table. millions under winter advise rice we'll take you where they are faceing the first blizzard of the season. a promising new way of treating concussions in kids when we see
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what's making headlines across america. a mother was shot dead a her 2- year-old child's birthday party in tennessee it happened near memphis overnight. 7 other people were also shot including a 6-year-old. local police arrested a man
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he's being held on $2.5 million bond. also in tennessee a school bus carrying high school students hit a guard rail and flipped over in nashville. 23 people were hurt but luckily their injuries were minor. the students were on their way to a national bet a club convention when that crash happened. a massive fire in california scorched a two acre compound filled with wooden pallets. several propane tanks completed exploded as firefighters battled the massive fire this morning. the flames forthed authorities to shut expressway. no one was hurt. police and prosecutors have used breathalyzer tests for decades to prove someone has been drinking and driving but what about people smoking pot and driving? while blood and urine tests can detect that someone has smoked marijuana they can't pinpoint exactly when the person did. well a california chemist is trying to change that with a breathalyzer.
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chemistry. >> new breathalyzer would detect molecules of marijuana in your beth breath the same way it does for alcohol and that would also help prosecutors prove someone was under the influence of pot in the events the kay went to trial. >> they have to be pretty smart to figure that out. good luck to them. news channel 8 at 6:00 is come up next. >> stacie and keith are here. >> caught in a lie and forced off the job. >> the pinellas county sheriff has fired one of his deputies. deputy tried to cover up a case of excessive force. plus sick on a cruise ship, what may have caused more than a hundred people onboard this ship to get sick. . >> paints say one of the through locks has issues. >> he's in here for a heart beer procedure he and his wife are dealing with heart failure and though he's been married more than 30 years, the va
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more?
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anksgiving from publix.
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. a vacation nightmare. more than a hundred people sick on a cruise ship. >> of education. parents climb that are new health concerns at play to academy. what's wrong ate different location now. trying to preserve his wife's rights to his benefits. but the va insists this veteran is not married. target 8 investigates. good evening i'm keith cate. >> i'm stacie schaible. we grin with breaking news. fire fired for using excess sir force at a traffic stop then
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the job tonight after the sheriff tells us he fab ate cateed events about the march night that he pulled a woman over. and news channel 8' peter bernard is live at the he sheriff's headquarters in largo with more on this story. >>reporter: deputy wayne wagner is the dispute involved here. he is no longer on the force. he had been on the force for just over two years and he's no longer employed here. the sheriff tells me wagner pushed page paige taylor into ground violently. it was all caught on tape it now we have that tape. dash cam video and surveillance video from a mobil gas station fourth street north in st. petersburg shows what happened. deputy wagner pulled a woman over paige taylor was arrested her for battery on a law enforcement office every recessing arrest with violence empty wrote in a report a woman


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