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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Saturday  NBC  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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away. a chance to the speak with the president elect. >> after harsh words, the nominee buries the hatchet with the new president elect. fired for lying and excessive force. the video from a march of stop for wagner's dismissal. the woman are speaking out with her attorney. it is a story that lawyers hear but this time it was true. live from the mobile gas station where it took place. chip, i know this woman has a lot of say about what happened records you are right, rod. when the attorney saw the video from the surveillance camera at this mobile station you see behind me he knew that his client had a case. >> get on the ground now. >> reporter: when taylor explained what happened in this
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vehicle and then he spins me around a little bit and slams me to did ground. >> reporter: the attorney believed her. >> if you do this long enough, you can separate what was a story and i half truth or some is true or not. but in meeting her it is like this could not have happened. this is not even that type after person. >> reporter: as we later learned the video didn't lie nor the audio from the deputies patrol car. the the boyfriend yelling for the deputy to stop. >> stop, what you are doing, get off of her. >> reporter: who did lie? deputy wagner. >> it is clear unfortunately that deputy wagner lied and didn't tell the truth about what happened out there and that he used unnecessary force. >> reporter: the state's attorney office dropped the charges on her. now she wonders if prosecutors
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>> i would like him to be because as i was in that scenario they were pinning to charge me so it would be the right thing do. >> reporter: the indent scarred taylor physically and emotionally. now when she sees officers she thinking back about what happened. >> i kind of like to be honest, i die inside and i pull over the closest stop and like try and get myself together and know hopefully there is psi closer stop so i it. >> reporter: so video in this case, i did ask the attorney if a civil suit against the sheriff's office is possible he told me that is something up for discussion. he told me because of deputy wagners dismissal, every case where he made an arrest, every case that is pending could be in jeopardy, could be tossed out. >> all right. thank you, chip. a juvenile is recovering tonight after a shooting in
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the victim was rushed to the hospital but the injuries do not appear to be life threatening. right now park police are investigating a death at home depot. we don't have a lot of information about what is happening here but we are trying to find that out and as soon as we do we will let you kn key park after receiving a tip to search for a body. no body was found but the park and back open now. however the detectives are investigating the tipsters claims. tonight lakeland deputies are investigating a possible stabbing. 32 year old gabriel died after a fight with another man in his front yard. the vic was rushed to the hospital and the investigation is still on going tonight. as soon as we get information
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president elect donald trump says his meeting with the mitt romney went well, great were his words. they met privately in new jersey. now during the campaign romney was against trump calling him an con man and a fraud. since they have mended fences apparently. romney says he appreciated the chance to speak with donald trump. >> very thorough i appreciated the chance i had to speak with the president elect and look forward to to coming administration and the things -- thank you. >> you can see he didn't answer questions about whether exactly he would join the trump administration. vice president elect mike pence watched the broad way hamilton. the headlines here are the
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after the curtain call, they was thanked for attending. however he had a very strong message for the vp elect. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are aall righted and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our planet, our children, our parents to defend us and uphold our rights, sir. we truly hope this show behalf of all of us. >> pence left the theatre before the actor finished his message. a spokesman said he stood in the hallway to hear the full remarks. nasa blasted a weather satellite into outer space tonight. that means more accurate forecasts. it is part of a program called
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satellite. the meteorologist ian was in the cape tonight and has this report. >> reporter: a lot of extremely meteorologist tonight, myself included at cape canaveral after this launch of the next generation weather satellite. hi the opportunity to see it up close just before it was prepared for launch. it was will send back images with four times better resolution. it is to an hg television. >> the evolution with the development of this satellite and technology, it is leaps and bounds ahead. >> reporter: improved psych loaning will be among the key features. it is scheduled for a 20 year mission. >> thank you.
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carrying a heart disease patient crashing in nevada. how santa ended up on the naughty list for his comments to a little girl. >> the colder air, just a few hours away. we will take you through a couple chilly days ahead. that is coming up. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go...
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four killed in nevada. the twin engine plane was carrying -- the cell phone video after the crash, it crashed into a mining company parking lot. it caused multiple explosions on impact. this crash is being investigated. a suspect dead and two police officers hurt in new york city after a shootout. the police say what the office weres were responding to about a saw suspicious man in the hallway of a housing project. once they got there they found the man and the fight started between the suspect and the officers. both officers are in the hospital with head trauma. today president obama met with the president of peru as part of the final foreign trip of his presidential term. so the president is attending the asian summit in peru. also is facebook ceo asking the
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to more people. pope francis williaming cardinals, including three americans into the catholic church today. it was held at the vatican. the cardinals are from five continents and the close advisors to the pope but the key job is to elect the pontiff. a santa removed from the mall. the mother says her ten yo and he told her she was on the nice list. he says he then do you want to know who is on my naughty list, hillary clinton and laughed. the mother didn't laugh. she called management and the santa was replease, sirred. thousands of people when the opportunity to get shopping done a lot early. coming up after the break, take you to a local event what helps you with your list as well as
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today thousands came out to st. petersburg and some got their shopping done early giving back to the local economy. >> reporter: this is tampa bay's alternative to black friday shopping. it got started 7 years ago when the founder wanted to keep their money almost. >> if you spend a dollar at cents will stay in your community. >> reporter: more than 130 vendors out today selling their unique and often hand crafted items while selling a different product, they all shared the same message. >> my livelihood depends on whether or not people come out and support individual businesses and artists. >> support the mom approximate pop businesses and small
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boost our economy. >> just skip the malls and big stores so you can get something unique. >> reporter: nearly 7,000 shoppers chose to skip big box stores this year. >> you got to support every local shop afternoon here. just like anything, you want to help everyone grow. >> reporter: from chocolate cake, hand crafted art and food trucks, all sales and support lead to a that makes a community. >> now if you missed it, don't worry, it will run from 10:00 in the morning until sunset necks weekend: well within the last few
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they are not over land, they are sitting along the coast, just offshore. if you go outside you note scattered clouds out there and this is part of the cold front, the cold front actually way off to the north but getting a few showers to form just ahead of it here. the cold air still in north florida at this time but a few sprinkles at this time. this will head down and parallel to the as through the rest of the night. overall the rain chances will be less than ten percent. 69 in tampa. it is a mild night for us here. couple nice weather photos. it was a nice beach day-to-day. that bird is enjoying it. that is the view from the atlas five launch of the satellite and our ian was there. at 7:00 a.m.
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steady breeze and it will feel comer. 62 by noon and 67 nor the high. temperatures this evening we are in the 60's. these numbers have not changed too much. we are still sitting ahead of the cold front here. you see a lot of shades of green indicating the 60-degree temperatures but that blue, not too far away. that is the beginning of the colder air and tomorrow everyone is going to wake up in the blue with temps in brooksville but tacking on the wind on top of this. highs tomorrow with that cool breeze out of the north only going to make it to the mid 60's so a big change from where we are been the last couple days. i mentioned the wind, you combine the temperature and the wind, we are talking windchills and there's some spots where it does feel chilly. this is what it is actually going to feel like as we step
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counties. make sure you break out the jacket tomorrow morning. by the afternoon again still quite cool across our area. here's a look at the cloudiness. a big batch of clouds here over the southern caribbean. here's a cold front, not way of rain. you will feel that tomorrow morning at other with a high of 67. not as much wind monday but it will be colder, 46 degrees to tart the day monday. -- to start the day monday. and for thanksgiving at this point looking at fairly dry conditions and 10% rain chance. >> thank you, sir. this atlanta man who has no
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live under a rock. he doesn't want to know. joe chandler watched but after a few hours he decided to go to bed. the next morning he didn't want to know anything at all. he stays at home a lot so when he does go out he puts on head phones and a sign stating his rather unusual request. >> when i approach people i will say listen, before we begin the conversation i don't know who won and i don't want to so please don't tell people have honored that. >> i'm wondering, you know. >> okay. chandler says he doesn't have a plan for when he wants to actually learn the results. i'm not making this up. again the lightning win without their captain.
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hurricane matthew stopped the game between florida and lsu. the date was set for today. the gators taking on the tigers and tempers running hot pregame. lsu leonard fournette shoved a florida coach and eventually they put on helmets and it was 7-3 lsu in the third quarter. this to el 98-yard touchdown putting florida on top. it was 16-10 gators. in the final seconds, 4 and 1 at the goal. you shall not pass. florida hangs on to win 16-10 and clinches the sec east. usf needs to win out. 4th down, they need one but
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mack ran for a buck 29. flowers pumping and hits a wide open mechanic can'ts and -- mccann. the muscle tank tanks hung around though. looking to tie it up late in the 4th. hath and -- 4th and short. a huge stop. usf wins 35-27. it is time school history. in the sec florida state -- acc florida state at syracuse. it is high time to kiss the cook, calvin cook -- dalvin
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mark bolton is the straw that stirs the drink for the canes. you guys give up yet? you thirsty for more? miami wins it 27-13. in conference usa old dominion dominating. florida international picking up finally another day, another road trip, another win for the tampa bay lightning. the bolts showing no signs of missing the captain.
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road trip. well we are looking forward to the playoffs. >> come on man, that is so far away. >> we will be right back. hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma!
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k who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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pick two, 2, 0, pick three, 6, 7, 4, pick five, 9 our forecast getting much cooler. temperatures at other when you wake up. 67 for a high and the coldest morning will be monday morning at 46. some little boy charm but
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he proposed to the girl at school and the parents didn't expect it. >> can you show me the ring that he proposed to you today? >> he has stolen his mother's engagement ring, three enormous diamonds and proposed to millie. >> notice she ring. that's awesome story. have a good night everybody. mr. trump? [ cheers and applause ] mr. trump, are you ready for


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