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tv   News Ch8 at Noon Sunday  NBC  November 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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buc's wide receiver mike evans promises he will be standing for the national anthem for today's game before the kansas about the controversy. plus, president-elect donald trump met with mitt romney this weekend as he puts together his cabinet. the position he is up for and who trump is meeting with today. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8 today. we will get to the top stories in a moment but first, the forecast with ian oliver. hello. >> good afternoon. experiencing life on opposites sides of a cold front. the front came through last night and the warm sergeant
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notice the temperature, just 58 degrees with that cool breeze out of the northwest. about 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperatures have moderated some heading into the lunch hour here. it's 60 in st. pete. 63degrees in tampa. and also up in brooksville. inverness though stuck in the upper 50s here at noon. 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts to far on the day. good news is, max defender 8, that is the front last night. did not see any though. just a few extra clouds. the front across south florida now. we have plenty of sunshine to enjoy into this afternoon. it comes with the below average temperature, only expecting a high temperature this afternoon around 67 degrees. about 10 degrees below average. candace-- >> all right, thank you very much. the bucs and the chiefs kick-off in about an hour from
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and wide receiver mike evans promises he will stand for the national anthem this week. before last sunday's game, evans took a seat on the bench during the national anthem to protest the election of donald trump. criticism came swiftly. and two days later, evans had a dramatic change of heart. he said, i want to start by apologizing to all the u.s. military members, their families and the fans who i offended on sunday. he went on to say, this ay teammates and on wednesday, he talked to reporters and affirmed that again. >> it won't happen again. i know i hurt a lot of people by doing what i did. i want to apologize to the people affected by what i did. and to the people that are disappointed in my decision, you know, from now on, don't worry. i'm going to continue to use my
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the protest a slap in the face to veterans saying he would not attend another buc's game until evans apologized or was off the team. we talked to the senator hours ago here on news channel 8. here is what he had to say. >> i acknowledged that he had a first amendment right to free speech. but so do i. and i have a right and the fans have a right to spend our money and he should be a role model. but to me, it's over to now. the young man did the right thing. and you know, when i was 23 years old, actually probably when i was 63 years old, i said a lot of dumb things. >> the senator went on to say about evan, i'm sure he's a fine young man and i'm going to root for him. for the bucs on the field, they'll have their hands full.
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home. but the bucs are getting better at forcing turnovers. forcing 13 fumbles in the last five games. the winner of the turnover battle today might be the win over the game. >> we have to continue to have the mindset that we're going to attack the receivers and ball carriers. but their track record says it's going to be tough to get the production we've had over the last four weeks. but we're going to work at it and do everything >> good streak going. i don't think they want to end that. especially being at home. so it's going to be a tough one. but y'all know me, it's going to be fun. i love games like this. >> kick-off is at 1:00 p.m. in kansas city. we will have full highlights and reactions on buc's bonus tonight after sunday night football. new information today. pinellas park police have identified a man found dead
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body near a dumpster on u.s. 19. police are investigating this as a suspicious death. investigators have not said how he was killed a juvenile is recovering after a shooting in north port. it happened saturday night. we're told the victim was rushed to the hospital and will survive. north port police say everyone has been identified. they continue to investigate. president-elect donald trump is busy holding meetings this weekend at his golf course in new jersey upcoming administration. today trump and vice president- elect mike pence are meeting with new jersey governor chris christie as well as former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. both have served as trump advisers for months and are considered candidates for cabinet positions. yesterday donald trump met with mitt romney. romney spoke out against trump during the primary but they buried the hatchet saturday.
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state. but trump advisers say the meeting was just an exchange of ideas. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interest in the united states of real significance. >> trump met with florida governor rick scott this week. his twitter page says he went to the big apple to congratulate the president- elect and offer his help. the meeting offered a position in the administration. but the governor has insisted that he is snot interested. today president barack obama wraps up his final trip as president overseas. he is urging people in peru not to assume the worst about the incoming trump administration, in particular when it comes to trade deals. ron allen has the story. >> reporter: president barack obama has spent a lot of time during the administration focused on the asia pacific rim, so no surprise that the
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allies. the president was asked about donald trump and what his administration will mean to america and the partners here around the world. the president taking a philosophical view and saying not to assume the worst. >> wait until the administration is in place, it's actually putting its policies together and then you can make your judgments. >> reporter: the president saying there's a big difference between campaigning and governing. in this part of the world, the president-elect donald trump said he is against the trans- pacific partnership deal. the president-elect has said some aggressive things about china. president barack obama taking a approach and saying he is committed to a successful transition of power. also here at the summit, we expect that the president might meet with russian leader vladimir putin, someone who he has had a difficult
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allegations of hacking into america's election. so the president on his final trip overseas saying give the president-elect a chance. now back to you. coming up, changes in cuba. the country is now allowing residents to open small businesses. the impact this is having on the island's economy and their relations with the united
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last hold-out of communism, cuba. allowing cubans to open small businesses of their own is a change. more on the pioneers determined to succeed in one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. >> reporter: welcome to burner brothers bakery. run by a brother and a sister, tony and sandra rodriguez. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm marcus. >> reporter: they started selling cookies ou house in 2013. now they have really taken off. with the retail space, several employees and a catering service. >> can i have a gauva? what did you do before this? >> i'm a dentist. >> she's a dentist. >> you're a dentist? >> yes. >> and you're selling sugar? >> yes. >> how much did that pay? >> they pay me 1,000 pesos. a month. >> around --
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>> and you make more money selling doughnuts? >> yes. >> in one day? >> not in one day. >> pretty close. >> people probably think this is just a bakery. no. it happens to be a thriving business in the face of very strong head winds of regulation. >> reporter: ted visits cuba often and has written extensively about the new business landscape. >> the changes have been >> reporter: he told me that cuba is going broke. the price of socialism is too high. >> you get housing, you get education, you get health care, and you get a job. there's a basic bottom below which people aren't allowed to sink. but the bottom has become frayed and it has holes in it. one reason why the state is allowing more economic freedom is they need to relieve itself of the burden of providing for
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loosened the regulations on private enterprise. >> everything is made in cuba? >> yes. >> reporter: now thousands of cubans are now working for themselves. cnbc. >> small business owners are hopeful but the election results have cast uncertainty over u .s./cuba relations. on the campaign trail, donald trump promised to reverse president barack obama's opening. coming up, ian oliver has the chilly forecast. plus, spreading a little area residents will be able to celebrate thanksgiving this
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happening today, thousands of people in tampa bay got a free turkey just in time for thanksgiving. we are live from the field. and this was a huge turnout there. tell us more about it. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon to you, candace. thousands of people have already come out this morning but you guys had this is the event coordinator. and he still has some to give away. >> we have a couple hundred turkeys left to give away. if you are in the area and can get to the stadium by 2:00, 2:30, we have a free turkey for you. >> reporter: and tell me more about why you wanted to plan and coordinate. >> we wanted to give back to the city. we realize that people find themselves in situation, things happen, life gets in the way. accidents, unemployment, et cetera. and you know, this year
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confusion, a lot of temperamental issues, a lot of people are angry. and when add no food to that, makes it worse. so this is our fourth year. and we're giving away almost 2,000 turkeys today. >> reporter: and in four years, he said they have helped more than 6,000 families enjoy a thanksgiving dinner that otherwise they may not have been able to. and turkeys left until about 2:00. >> by 2:00, we will free turkeys up for grabs here. and why not pass on the opportunity? >> time to get your hands on the turkies. live in tampa. thank you. and all of a sudden, it feels like thanksgiving is only a few days away. certainly after last night's cold front came through and the
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cold front. max defender 8 sweeping through dry air. this a live look from the loews don cesar. looking out at st. pete beach, the temperature just 60 degrees right now. the north wind, a chilly breeze out of the north, 5 to 10 miles per hour. plenty of sunshine to enjoy in downtown tampa though. this say live look from the wfla towercam. 63degrees at tampa international airport. the wind out of the north at 10 temperatures elsewhere around the tampa bay area still stuck in the upper 50s up in inverness. a little bit milder across southern spots, 67 degrees right now in sarasota as well as venice. it's this that really tells the story though. the work of last night's cold front. temperatures 15 to 20 degrees colder. here in the lunch hour. that's what happens when the front makes its way through. see the red and orange. that's the dry air that moved in from the north in the wake
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you step outside today. the air is crisp. the dew point values in the 20s and 30s. these will be back up closer to 60 though, the humidity returning as we head towards the midportion of the upcoming week. and the weather map. high pressure quickly building back in from the north and west. the gradient between the two will create that breeze out of the north. and we are stuck with that the through the day today. the wind should star relax a bit as we move into tomorrow. 45degrees, that's the chilliest air we have seen since back in the spring. in fact, the last time we had a temperature 50 degrees or lower for a low temperature in tampa was back on march 22nd. the forecast low, 45. milder towards the coast. 49 for a low in st. pete. and look at the northern spots, that's where we could see frost tonight as temperatures drop down into the upper 30s. and watching the tropics.
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caribbean, the national hurricane center gives that cluster of thunderstorms a 70% chance of developing into a tropical depression. less than 45 minutes to kick- off a chilly day in kansas city as the bucs take on the chiefs. temperature at kick-off, to 50. today, high around 67. tonight, clear and colder with frost possible north. it is a good looking exthe ended forecast towards you the -- looking extended forecast towards thanksgiving, the temperatures back well above average with a forecast high temperature of 80 degrees. and those overnight low temperatures back down in the low 60s. so i know a lot of people broke out the jackets today. tomorrow morning as well. but by the time we visit family, no concerns with the chill. >> you have family coming in. i do as well. and many people want to come in and experience the beach weather. and they'll have it. >> yeah, tomorrow they are bringing new england with them.
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celebrating another win plus big upsets in college foot
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back on october 8th,
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and lsu. it looked as if the game wouldn't be made up. eventually the programses made a compromise, removing a non- conference game from each schedule and setting a date for november 19th. that was yesterday. the gators taking on the takingers in death valley. tempers running hot re-game. you like nickelback. no, you like nickelback. the lsu line backer shoughed a florida coach. en and decided it the regular way. from there, it's the cleveland show. 98-yard touchdown puts florida on top. it was 16-10 gators. in the final second, lsu facing 4th and goal at 1 for the win. and you shall not pass. florida hangs on to win 16-10. and clinches the sec east. usf needs to win out and have temple lose to get into
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4th down, they need one but mac is a greedy man. how about 60? mac ran for a buck 29. second half, bulls up seven. flowers pumps and hits the wide open in stride. and one of two touchdown catches for him. the mustangs hung around though. on 4th and short, sanchez comes up with a huge stop. usf wins the bull's first nine-win season since 2007. that's tied for the most in school history. in the acc, florida state at syracuse. the horning surrendered 89 points in two games and the seminoles had no problems cutting through the defense. he tosses the couple touchdowns and then high time to kiss the cook. cook snaps his all-time rushing record at florida state, going
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the seminoles smother syracuse 45-14. miami hoping to win its third straight with north carolina state. he is the straw that stirs the drink for the hurricanes. he snaps the 3-3 tie with a 30- yard touchdown run. you guys give up yet? thirsty for more? he puts it out of reach in the 4th. 19 carry, 120 yards, and three second-half touchdowns. miami takes it 27-13. in conference usa. atlantic. but florida international picks up the win over marshall, 31- 14. and in orlando, the florida classic goes to cook for a sixth straight year. the wildcats beat the rattlers. that's their best record since 2012. another day, another road win for the tampa bay lightning. the bolts showing no signs of missing captain steven stamkos. beating the fliers 3-1. and
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trip. johnson blocked. he post a 32-save shutout. his second straight spotless outing. tampa bay wraps up the road trip tomorrow in nashville. the bucs taking on the chiefs this afternoon. check out buc's bonus tonight on news channel 8. that's it for sports. i'm paul ryan. coming up, securing the president-elect. secret service increases security around trump tower in new york city. how residents and plus, a new weather satellite is on the way to
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good afternoon. i'm candace mccowan. thank for joining us this sunday. buc's wide receiver mike evans will take the field soon and he promises he will stand for the last week evans sat in protest of donald trump being elected president. evans has apologized for not standing for the anthem. the bucs and chiefs kick-off at 1:00 p.m. president-elect donald trump is holding several high profile meetings at his new jersey golf course this weekend. he along with vice president- elect mike pence met with an old foe yesterday, mitt romney. romney is believed to be a candidate for secretary of state. today trump is meeting with two
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christie and former new york city rudy giuliani. our top stories this afternoon. deputies in lakeland are investigating a possible stabbing. a 32-year-old died after a fight with another man in his front yard. the man struck him and then took off. the victim was taken to the hospital where he passed away. the investigation continues. if you were downtown this morning, you may have lot of noise. the helicopter was lifting a new air conditioning unit to the top of a building. let's start by checking on the forecast with ian oliver. >> good afternoon. a switch up from yesterday after the cold front came through last night. the warmth is gone. it's bright, breezy and a little brisk this afternoon. this is a live look from crystal river where you notice the temperature at the lunch hour stuck in the upper 50s.
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to 10 miles per hour. that will limit the high temperatures heading into the afternoon hours. running about 10 degrees below average. 63 right now in tampa. it's 60 in st. pete. and warmer on to the south though. it's 67 in sarasota. 64degrees moving down towards venice. there's the maximum wind gusts on the day so far, 20 to 30 miles per hour between tampa and st. pete. and that wind direction again is out of the north, pumping down the cooler, drier air. clear air this afternoon. sunshine to enjoy. again, it doesn't come with a lot of warmth. and the front came through last night. and it's cleared south florida. and all the cloud cover to the south and east. this afternoon, cool sunshine, staying breezy with a high temperature around 67. big news from cape canaveral. nasa blasted the most advanced weather satellite into outer space saturday night. this is good news for us, especially here in the storm
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forecast. i had the opportunity to see the goes-r satellite just before it was prepared for launch. >> think about how much has changed just in the smart phone alone that we have these. 10 years ago, we didn't. and now with goes-r and the development of the satellite and the technology, it's leaps and founds ahead. >> in the first six months of operation, the satellite will send back more data than all of the previous i love the comparison, talking about the smart phone and iphone. think back to the early 200s, the orange iphone and some of the technology now, all kinds of great new features with the goes-r satellite. so we are excited to use it. >> about three months before we start getting -- >> yeah, they'll run quality control in the next few months but it's set for a 20-year mission. >> thank you so much. well, developing this
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fight its fake news problem. with 44% of adults getting news on facebook, it's become a debated topic on what the social media giant is and is not responsible for. >> reporter: amid a flurry of criticism, mark zuckerberg now owning up to fake news spreading on facebook. >> we can work to give people a voice. but we also need to do our part to stop the spread of hate and violence and misinformation. >> reporter: misinformation some believe may the presidential race. mark zuckerberg changing his tone from the initial response in the aftermath of the election. >> the idea that fake news on facebook of which -- it's a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way, i think is a crazy idea. >> reporter: now the 32-year- old founder and ceo changing his tone about the issue. writing in a post, we have been working on this problem for a
12:35 pm
seriously. in an unusual move, mark zuckerberg detailed facebook's new plan to crack down on misinformation online. saying the company will improve misinformation detection, make flagging fake news easier, use third party fact-checking and potentially label stories as false. this week, facebook banned fake news websites from buying advertising. the new strategies come after a buzzfeed news investigation found that fake news on facebook generated more clicks traditional news outlets in the final three months of the presidential race. but experts say it may not be enough. >> ultimately, we have to move past the band-aid solutions i think to a greater reenvisioning of what facebook is. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg admits not all the fixes will work but says he is committed to getting this right. new york.
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donald trump has been working on his team. all the activities, meeting, people coming and going inside and trump tower in new york city. the building is the center of attention for people around the world. we go inside and the famous trump tower. >> reporter: in midtown manhattan, this skyscraper, now the center of the political universe. ? money, money, money ? >> reporter: welcome to trump best known as the set for the apprentice became the backdrop for the president-elect's campaign. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. >> reporter: hundreds of tenants in more than 200 apartments live above 26 floors of offices and a five-story lobby. the lobby has always been a tourist attraction but you never had to go through security like this before. and you never saw this, press
12:37 pm
there's now a live cam streaming on c-spann so anyone can see who is coming and going from the elevators after visits with the president-elect. from his family to top advisers, among them, maybe future cabinet picks. >> donald trump, we've been in meetings. >> reporter: it's a who's who of potential administration vips which is why security is so tight inside and and outside too. above trump tower, no inauguration. on the ground, sand-filled trucks and s.w.a.t. teams to protect against attacks. unlike the homes of other presidents like george w. bush's western white house in texas, there's no wide open space for police perimeters. instead, barricades funnel pedestrians past police. this is just across the street from trump tower where a press pen is set up for reporters, lining up to do live shots.
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>> reporter: on the sidewalks nearby, protesters. plus, regular new yorkers. and tourists too. >> feels like the 1920s, 1930's king kong film waiting for him to fall from the empire state building. it's a spectacle. >> move. >> reporter: but not everyone is listening to the police. people from all over the world stopping for a trump tower selfie. getting around manhattan by car is never easy. but with the president-elect tucked it's now nearly impossible. >> seems like every taxi driver in the city knows to avoid 5th avenue next to trump tower because traffic can be a nightmare, not just at rush hour, but any time. >> reporter: the chaos and commotion should calm down when the action moves to the white house in washington, d.c. in january. but like president bush and his ranch in crawford and president barack obama with his house in chicago, president-elect donald trump will always have new
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working with the nypd setting up 24 hour coverage with snipers and radiation gear around trump tower. well, a 21-year-old ucf student from pasco county is among the newest members of the florida house. she is the youngest to be elected as a florida state representative. she beat out the incumbent and democrat amanda murphy saying she is ready to shake things up in at the has see. >> what do you think about you inspired voters? >> i think it's perspective right now. and with donald trump and bernie sanders, that's the thing that's going on. and people are really interested in having someone in there who is going to shake things up or look at things differently and try to get these issues fixed. >> well, she is a graduate of five high school. she will take the spring semester off and finish her degree next fall. i wasn't that ambitious at 21. >> the world by the horns there. >> exactly.
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>> yeah. yeah, we told you about the, go-r launch. check out this shot from chris. she caught it from her place in seffner. a beautiful shot there. and mary just tweeted us this photo, the christmas tree at hyde park. it's looking like christmas. it's feeling more like christmas than thanksgiving. we will let you know how long
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school is out and millions of americans will be traveling this week. the right app may help ease the stress of getting there. >> reporter: google trips organizes plane tickets and hotel reservations while offering guides to more than 200 cities. even makes personalized recommendations based on your google history. it works off line and that means you can download everything you need before your trip such directions. it's fry for ios and android. tripit is considered by many to be the best travel planning app. it's as simple as having confirmation emails send to yore million address. and it will create a plan for each trip making the details accessed at one location. and they can be shared with
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itineraries for travelers from flight and hotel and residence rest reservations and it sends aletters for delays, cancellations and gate changes. and it can help find cheaper flights and hotels. >> are you looking for more information? i made it easy for you. go to my blog. there's my address on the screen. i've built in direct links to everything i st nbc news. nothing like a good cold front to make it feel like thanksgiving week. the warm sergeant gone after the front came through last night. it's bright and brisk with the north wind. max defender 8 completely quiet. this is hyundai of new port
12:45 pm
upper 50s right now. it's 59 with the wind primarily out of the northwest around 10 miles per hour. making it feel just a bit cooler. beautiful in downtown tampa with the blue sky. a very dry air above us. 63degrees right now. and check out the dew point, just 25 degrees. exceptionally dry air above us. the wind out of the north at 10 miles per hour. it's 65 in wimauma. 66 in arcadia. 67degrees in sarasota but all about this, the 24 hour temperature change. op sit days on -- opposite days on each side of the cold front. yesterday, temperatures back around average. today they are about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than this time yesterday after the front came through. all the red and orange is that dry air that worked in behind that cold front. these dew points in the 20s and 30s. 40 in bartow. that's the most muggy spot, if you could call it that. but the humidity will slowly
12:46 pm
week just before thanksgiving. staying breezy right through the afternoon. with a lot of sunshine. that front though well to the south and east. and high pressure starting to build back in from the north and west. forecast low temperature tonight, 45 degrees. it will be the first time we have seen the temperature, 50 degrees or cooler for a low temperature in tampa since back at the end of march. and northern spots back into the upper 30s. with that, we could see frost. and a lot of sunshine this afternoon. breezy and cool, temperature of 67. tonight, clear, even colder. again, the frost possible across northern parts of the tampa bay area. with a low temperature in the mid-40s. good looking eight-day forecast. we could use the rain but the fronts, haven't had a lot of rain with them. just the cooler, drier air. notice by turkey day on thursday, back above average, expecting a high temperature of 80 degrees. so the jackets are gone by the
12:47 pm
outside. thank you. well, the entertainment industry is booming. performers now have more opportunities. up next, the new twist companies like circumstance desole lay are offering job -- like cirque du soleil are
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
if you like to perform in front of large audiences, you may want to brush up your resume. the entertainment industry is
12:50 pm
soleil offer a twist for job seekers. >> reporter: cirque du soleil performer ashley has seen her life come full circle. >> i remember seeing whit i was like 14. i remember walking out, just in awe, wondering how something like that was ever made, and thinking i want to do that some day. and here i am. >> reporter: the 35-year-old gymnast performs chinese poles in las vegas, e as a kid. >> it's very physical. we do 470 shows a year. >> reporter: performers will see more opportunities in the next decade as the entertainment industry is poised to grow by 6%, creating more than 46,000 new jobs. pay can vary from $50 a night up to six figures and a full contract with benefits with a major company which
12:51 pm
year. casting directors say the ideal candidate is multi-talented. >> looking for extraordinary talent. people who can do something you don't see in real life. many roles go into a general profile, multi-talented, multi- discipline profile. on broadway, they call it triple threat. >> reporter: they have the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience but it's harder than ever to the out of every 100 application, only two to four make to it the company's talent database with the potential the to one day receive a coveted contract. >> my hope is that all of them one day receive a phone call from us. the reality is like maybe less than a quarter of them will receive the phone call. >> reporter: in new york city, talent came in all shapes and sizes, from clowns to gymnasts, jugglers and more. to make the cut, they had to
12:52 pm
>> projection, precision and presence. presence very subjective. some have presence. some don't have. precision and projection, it's something they learn in school. >> reporter: having found success, ashley says getting in is hard but well worth trying. >> i would say go for it. find what you love. find what you're good at. and if it's something you really want to do, push for it. do whatever it takes to get there. >> reporter: but just make sure you're cut out >> that is seriously so, so hard. >> well, we know there are major dos and don'ts at the dinner table and politics is on the don't list. coming up, what you should do to avoid more than the food getting heated over
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this is news we could all use. thanksgiving requires self- restraint. but this year w the country still processing the election, many are preparing for a whole new level of tension at the dinner table. we see the best way to avoid that contentious topic. >> reporter: surrounded by loved ones at thanksgiving. oops. >> if i had a make america hat, i would wear it. i wouldn't keep it on but i would wear it in. >> and then standing around
12:56 pm
offered me a drink yet? >> yeah, what do i have to do to get a drink. >> reporter: son and host mike with parents gary and judy. on thursday, they'll be joined by 30 other equally opinion yated relatives. which calls for new rules around the table. >> just put a sign up with a no politics today. >> reporter: following an intense and divisive election, passing the politi it used to be a battle between potatoes and stuffing at turkey time. not this year. >> talk about other things like the brad and angelina divorce. >> yes, we should keep calm and carve the turkey. >> reporter: here's a psychologist mark's recipe for avoiding a dinner disaster. >> recognize that these sort of battles are not winnable. so don't engage.
12:57 pm
the cranberry sauce, and nod knowingly. otherwise, you might end up like the cast in home for the holidays. the house, everyone. before we're on the evening news. >> reporter: there's one in every family and you know who you are. >> her. >> reporter: remember, freedom of speech is a good thing. >> we're thankful that we are in a country that we can have differences and view them and not be persecuted for them. it's all about. oh, and this too. nbc news, chicago. >> i love playing uno so every time somebody brings up politic, i'm going make them play. >> and you can talk about the weather. >> absolutely. the warmth returning for thanksgiving. we are a couple days away. because it's chilly this afternoon. the high temperature is about 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. and notice, overnight tonight,
12:58 pm
could be talking about a little frost. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us. be sure to check out the next newscast at 6:00 tonight. have a great one. z26ijz zy6z
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