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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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right now on news channel 8 today. 4 police officers shot in 4 states including one right here in florida. this morning one of the shooters is still run. >> a weekend of possible trump cabinet picks at the president elect's golf club in new jersey. more meetings happening today in new york city, the new names and positions they could fill coming up. >> and some holiday help for those in need. this is a live picture right now where many, many people are lining up hoping to get their hands on a free turkey today. again, they're all lining up right now. we're going to tell you where that's happening in just a few moments. well, good morning, and
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monday morning, just a couple of days away now from the big feast. thanksgiving day. it's starting to feel a lot like holidays. let's check in with leigh. it's going to be a shock to the system when you walk outside this morning. much cooler than we've been in months. in fact crystal river right at the freezing mark at 32 watch for frost on your car there, 34 in zephyrhills, even in polk county you're in the 30s, 39 in obviously even cooler than yesterday morning and yesterday felt chilly, right? well brooksville you're 16 degrees cooler, lakeland 11 degrees cooler, brandon 14 degrees cool. now, of course max defender 8 is confirming the fact that we have clear skies. in fact, we have extremely dry air. so even though we're going to see a lot of sunshine we're staying below average. the average is 77 and i'm only expecting 68, another chilly night tonight at 47.
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talk more about the traffic. well i'll tell you what we've got a good drive on i-4. traffic looks great through lakeland, no delays between the polk parkway entrances. all right. let's zoom in here to pinellas county over in the northern end tarpon springs tarpon avenue at u.s. 19 we have a collision so be on the look out for that and a live look at 275, looks great. that's a look 8s, actually on the 2 right now. a new rash of violence against police officer, one officer was killed, 2 others hurt in 4 states including florida. >> though none of these cases have been linked all of the shootings involved officers involved in traffic or traffic stops. >> yeah, that's right. we have 2 developments overnight a police officer in the kansas
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conducting a traffic stop. we have new video just coming in overnight from kansas city where that shooting occurred. and right now we don't have any information on the police officer his or her name but we do know the officer will be okay. a suspect has also been shot but no word on his or her condition. also overnight a gun fight in st. louis killed a man accused of shooting a police officer on sunday. the officer was in a marked car in traffic face. he's in critical condition. last night in florida officer chicone was conducting a traffic stop when he was shot. he's been released from the hospital a suspect is in custody and sunday afternoon in texas, a police detective was shot and killed as he sat in his patrol car. the detective was writing a ticket while he was murdered. the shooter remains on the loose.
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example of the risks that officers take every day. . >> it's very hard to find somebody that's willing to do this profession, this job because of the very thing that we saw today. >> and we do expect to learn more about that shooting in kansas city today and the search for that texas suspect as that continues this morning. >> all right. we'll check back with you. thank you. a shooting at a gas station has left it happened at a raceway. fire rescue explains one person died at the scene the other at the hospital. the shooter is not at large though deputies have not said if that person is one of the 2 people found dead or is in custody. and today more meetings on tap or president elect donald trump after several possible cabinet picks showed up at trump's golf course in new jersey over the weekend he's back at it again in new york
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they're now looking to fill 4,000 staff openings in the administration. more than a thousand will require senate confirmation. the president elect held talks with chris christie and former republican presidential nominee might romney. >> he was very grateful that the governor came in. they had a good meeting, it was a warm exchange and i know he's under active consideration to be the secretary of state of the united very distinguished americans. >> some selections already announced. alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general and mike pompeo, for cia director. michael flynn had been tapped or national security advisor. one issue raised involved creating a muslim registry. chief of staff dismissed that notion but left the door open.
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he's not ready to rule anything out. he explained there would be no registry based on religion but an effort to prevent those from coming into the country. . >> he believes that no faith in and of itself should be judged as a whole but there are some people in countries abroad that need to be prevented -- there are some people that need to be prevented from coming into this country. i think that's where 99% administration wants a better vetting system in place before the u.s. allows anyone from a country known to help harbor or help terrorists into the united states. an 8 on your side alert toys "r" us will start selling a tonka truck after the truck caused a real truck to catch on fire. you can see the fire in the bed of the pickup truck. how's toys "r" us responding to
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friday one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year, and ahead of that holiday toys "r" us is pulling that toy off of shelves saying that they're going to investigate what caused this fire to happen. the family said that they bought a tonka ride on dump truck from a local store on friday but on the way home the toy caught fire. they said they pulled over to put out the flames but as they drove back to the store setting his truck on fire. . >> the officer when he looked on he said the flames looked -- appeared to be, you know, 15, 20 feet high. yeah, it was pretty shocking. . >> so i went to go -- they told me to get whatever i needed out of the car, so i'm in the back grabbing my purse and stuff and as i'm leaning over i hear pop, an then all this glass shattered in from the -- and then there
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. >> now, the couple did call 911, a trooper who arrived on scene tried to put it out but the flames were just too intense. when the fire department put out that fire this is all that was left of the truck. luckily no one was hurt from the flames, toys "r" us did respond by recalling that toy and issuing the family a refund. so it had to be very scary for that family and it's important to check your christmas gift stash to make sure that tonka truck in there waiting to go out to your friends and family members this christmas. >> sure thing. got to check. thank you. now, let's get an the weather with leigh. >> it is one of the coldest mornings we've had in months since basically the middle of march. so get prepared when you step outside. our oldest spots up in the crystal river area where you're at 34 degrees, say it ain't so. the good news is a lot of sunshine, very dry air, a lighter breeze than yesterday.
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55 at 10, 62 at noon, 68 at 3 p.m. and right back down into the 50s by 7. coldest day -- or last day that we've had a temperature below 70 degrees in the afternoon was march 21st, although it will be warming up quickly. mid-70s tomorrow and 80 by thanksgiving and very little rain expected this week. now, interestingly enough we have tropical depression 16 that formed just about an hour storm. we'll check in now with traffic on the 8s. moving at very good speeds not a perfect drive a couple issues. let's talk about sarasota, i mentioned my story before about the diamond interchange and we have a little bit of overnight construction right now on it northbound on i-75 where we have a lane taken away. should be wrapped up within the next hour. also the tarpon springs area seeing a
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out here. tarpon off and u.s. 19 is where the didn't has been reported so keep that in mind. that's a look at weather and traffic. happening today a turkey give away to kick off thanksgiving week, it is first come first served at the pendes law firm. if you take a live look you can see people already lined up, lots of them. again this is a live look right now it's only 5:10 in the morning. thisat west doctor martin luther king boulevard. employees will be handing out turkey for 2 hours starting at 8:30. it is first come first served. 3,000 birds up for grabs. please remember these are for families in need that otherwise would not have a turkey on the table for thanksgiving. well the buccaneers get a big win on the road sunday.
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plus the satellite is now orbiting the planet. >> and you're golden years are supposed to be spent relaxing hanging out with family, traveling the world but that's not the case for most americans. is there still a way to realize
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. forget spending all day playing golf or baby-sit the grand kids. he retirement is not what it used to be. bay area residents are still figuring out how to enjoy their gold heen years. >> i'm working a job that i expect to work for a very long time. i did that feeling like we're not going line on the government. >> the finish line is moving farther away despite 401(k) and social security contributions. the u.s. bury of labor statistics reports 20% of americans 65 and older are working and that's projected to increase in the coming years. today retirement looks different than your grandparents. >> in the shock of i didn't save enough money is the opportunity of how can i make money but do
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purpose for me. >> he be core tampa bay helps people prepare and succeed in this new retirement. she says baby boomers are turning hobbies into a business. >> could the organization think differently about keeping on on a part-time basis or a contract basis. >> she believes older americans can enjoy their grandkids and activities if they explore flexible opportunities but >> my kids who are young in their 20s i tell them start saving early and hope for the best. i don't know it's all very unconcern. >> however she says many are already getting it right. >> yes, they need to save money but it's about purpose and looking for different opportunities along the way which we didn't do as boomers. >> one of the thing i found fascinating she said the millennials are getting it right, are because they're
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themselves instead of just working for a company and then realizing oh, i didn't save enough. >> its purpose is the key word for a lot of people. my mom worked into her 80s. >> because she loved what she did. >> exactly. >> there's an event to help people prepare for retirement and it's happening in a couple of weeks so go on my facebook page and look at that info. mike evans did not sit before the anthem before the game. he raised a lot of eyebrows aroe area last sunday when he sat down to protest donald trump's election. a few days later he apologized saying he has great respect for america's military and went onto say he would not sit again and would find other ways to show his feelings. now, onto the game evans clearly not letting all the anthem stuff get in his way. he finished with 6 catches and
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arrow head stadium 19-17 over chiefs, the bucs improve to 5-5, one game behind the first place falcons in the nfc south. making us proud. and making news across america the man who confessed to kidnaping and killing an 11-year old boy in minnesota will be sentenced today. he's expected to be sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. he pleaded guilty in septembero possessing child pornography. he entered the plea as part of an agreement involving his confession to kidnaping, sexually assaulting and murdering jacob wetterling in 1989. well the first major snow fall for the northeast fell over the weekend and more is coming. an additional 2 to 4 inches expected to fall today in utica new york. all the snow causing dangerous driving conditions out there. lots of slick roads
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connecticut, another 5 inches in norfolk. pretty soon forecasting snow, rain, hurricanes and much more is going to get a lot easier. over the weekend the goes-r satellite blasted off into space, it's the most advanced weather satellite ever created, we'll get images, 4 times better resolution at about 5 times the speed and speed matters. listen to this: in the first 6 months of operatn the satellite will send back more data than all previou . i saw ian talking about this, he was out there at the cape such exciting times. >> you know who else? leigh spann. >> i know. she ge me all the science of it last week and i had no idea what she was talking about. >> you get excited about a new toy and this is a new toy for the entire world. it has a higher ability to estimate how
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away from when we can send a hunter plane into it. so we'll be able to get a better look. all right. we'll go back to geeking out about max defender 8, right because it is scanning the skies this morning and perfectly clear. in fact extremely dry air. you'll feel that on your skin because it's that low of humidity. jackets needed this morning, 46 at 8 a.m., 68 at 3, right lakeland, with this very dry air a red flag warning for pinellas, manatee and sarasota counties certainly unsafe to burn between 10 a.m. and 7 a.m. -- 7 p.m. the coldest morning in months, still below average today a chilly morning but look at that warm up, 75 tomorrow, 80 on thanksgiving. how's traffic? all right. well we still have a little bit of construction out in the sarasota area northbound here i-75 right near university parkway. we may
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due to overnight construction. should wrap up in 45 minutes. we're starting to see delays north and actually southbound on u.s. 19 by tarpon avenue and we have reports of a collision right there so keep that in mind. also i just got off the phone with the tampa police department. right in front of the university of tampa there's apparently an officer got into a collision with someone right there, minor injuries to the officer but he's going to be okay and the citizen was not hurt. and right now they tell me all there on kennedy right at hide park. that's a look at weather and traffic. millions of people traveling this week for the thanksgiving holiday. >> and more people on our roads means more potential for accidents of course how allstate is lending a helping hand. >> all right. i am starting to hear from people on my facebook and twitter feeds this morning
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traditional or oyster. >> if you don't put it in the bird can you call it stuffing? i say no. >> it's national stuffing day to
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. something to keep in mind if you're traveling over the thanksgiving weekend on wednesday allstate is offering road side rescues for just $2
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website. you can download the app for free. it's for emergencies. the app also allows you to view and connect with the service provider that's in transit to rescue you. more than 137 million american consumers are planning to shop or considering to shop over thanksgiving weekend. that's nearly 2 million more than last year. the holiday weekend covers thanksgiving day, black friday, small business saturday, let's not forget about that one and sunday both in according to the survey black friday will remain the busiest shopping day of the holiday weekend. today is the last day to get amazon's first batch of black friday deals. a lot of them are exclusively through its digital assistant but there are some other deals as well. amazon has said other discounts will be available throughout november and december and still no word on your question if you can rename alexa. >> what if you have a friend and
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her. for sarasota commuters there's now a dim light at the end of the i-75 construction tunnel. >> it's because of the diverging diamond interchange, if that sound unfamiliar, well, it should. this is a one of a kind project, but florida dot promises it will be drastically improve drive time and most importantly safety.
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. well, at 5:28 be prepared it's a chilly start to the day, 39 in lakeland, 40 in wesley chapel an afternoon high of 68, well below the average of 77. but look at the warm up, 75 tomorrow, 79 wednesday and 80 on thanksgiving.
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accident. i'll zoom in seeing a little bit of a delay on the south wound side. it's at tarpon avenue and u.s. 19. also just remember you might see a little activity off to the shoulder here on kennedy right
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8 on your side with a holiday alert for parents, a toy truck still new in the pickup truck. the retailer is issuing a nationwide recall. >> and a twitter tirade from president elect donald trump why he's taking aim at saturday night live and the cast of a popular broadway show. >> plus a florida chill, it is downright cold this morning, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. leigh spann will tell us how long this cold weather will stick around but the timing is perfect.


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