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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. 4 police officers shot in 4 states including one right here in florida. this morning one of >> a weekend of possible trump cabinet picks at the president elect's golf club. more meetings happening today in new york city, the new names and the positions they could fill. that's coming up. >> and some holiday help for those in need, how you can get your hands on a free turkey today where some people are already lining up early on this monday morning. well, good morning. and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us. just a few days away from
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holiday around here. let's check in with leigh. people got to bundle up. >> yes, certainly need the jacket this morning. brooksville it is 30 degrees. we just dropped there broad freezing right at freezing in inverness at 32 but everybody is chilly. it's 33 in zephyrhills, 39 in plant city, 48 in clear water. so if you thought yesterday was cold today is significantly colder. plant city, brandon 13 degrees colder than yesterday, 7 deg defender 8 is not only proving that it's not raining but it's streaming dry air. so nothing but sunshine today and despite that look how far below average, average is 77. another cold night tonight down to 47 degrees but coming up i'll take you hour by hour through the day and let you know how long this is going to last. in the meantime we're going to help you get out the door. a pretty good drive.
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county, we do have part of state road 64 blocked we've got an accident right there, and injuries are involved. so i'll keep an eye on that one for you. meanwhile we've still got a little bit of a delay southbound u.s. 19 at tarpon avenue due to a crash that's trying to clear up. a great drive on all of the bay area bridges. a new rash of violence against police officers. 4 officers have beenho the past 24 hours. >> these cases have not been linked in any way, but all of the shootings involve either officers in traffic or making traffic stops. >> yeah, that's right. one officer has been killed, 3 others hurt in 4 separate shootings including one right here in florida. now, overnight an officer in the kansas city area was shot during a traffic stop. few details are available, but we're told the officer is okay. a suspect was also shot.
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the shooting of a st. louis officer was killed the officer was in a marked car in traffic sunday when he was shot twice in the face. he's in critical but stable condition. last night in florida officer cichone was conducting a traffic stop when he was shot he's been released from the hospital and a suspect is in custody and in texas a police detective was shot and killed as he sat in his patrol car. the detective was writing a ticket when he was murdered. shooter is on the loose. a fellow detective says his murder is another example of the risks that officers take every day. . >> it's very hard to find somebody that's willing to do this profession, this job because of the very thing that we saw today. >> now, before sunday's shootings the total of police killed in the line of duty
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127, that's according to the officer down memorial page. of those 58 deaths were from gunfire. . >> such terrible developments across the country. i'm sure we'll continue to hear more throughout the course of the day. a shooting at a gas station has left 2 people dead, it happened at a raceway. fire rescue explains one person died at the scene the other died at the shooter is not at large though deputies have not said if the person was one of 2 found dead or is in custody. a wrong way crash injury as tampa police officer, this happened around 3:30 this morning at kennedy boulevard. the driver was going the wrong way on hide park avenue when he hit the police officer. the air bags went off in both vehicles. the driver was not injured. the officer suffered minor injuries but should be okay. and today more meetings on
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trump. after several possible cabinet picks showed up in new jersey over the weekend he's back at it in new york city today and tomorrow. the trump team looking to fill 4,000 staff openings in the administration. more than a thousand of those will require senate confirmation. this weekend the president elect held talks with former new york may gully i don't know knee. . >> the president elect waser romney came in. they had a good meeting it was a warm exchange and i know he's under active consideration to be the secretary of state of the united states along with some other very distinguished americans. >> some selections already announced jeff sessions for attorney general, congressman mike pompeo for cia director
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national security advisor. one campaign issue involved creating a muslim registry. >> the chief of staff dismissed that notion but left the door open. on nbc's meet the press he said he's not ready to rule anything out. he explained there would be no register is a tree based on religion. . >> he believes that no faith should be judged as a whole, but there are some people there are some people that need to be prevented from coming into this country. so i think that's where 99% of americans are at. >> he explained the trump administration wants a better vetting system in place before the u.s. allows anyone from a country known to harbor or help terrorists into the united states. toys "r" us will stop
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on fire. you can see the bed of the pickup truck. we're joined live from a toys "r" us. how did they respond to this? >> well, we're just a few days out from black friday one of the biggest shopping days of the year and toys "r" us is responding by pulling that toy off of store shelves and investigating what caused it all to happen. the family said that they bought the truck tonka dump truck from friday but on way home it caught fire. they said they pulled over to put out the flames but as they drove back to the store it ignite again this time setting his truck on fire. >> the officer when he looked on he said the flames look -- appeared to be , you know, 15, 20 feet high. yeah, it was pretty shocking. >> so i went to go -- they told me to get whatever i needed out of the car, so i'm in the back grabbing into purse and stuff
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an then all this glass shattered in from the -- and then there was smoke and dust inside. . >> the couple did call 911 and a trooper who arrived on scene tried to put out the fire, but the flames were just too intense. when the fire department put out the fire this is all that was left of the truck. now, luckily no one was hurt in these flames and so far toys "r" us does believe this that toy so there could be a few disappointed kids out there knowing that they won't find this truck underneath their tree this christmas morning but better to be safe than sorry. >> sure thing. safety first. let's turn things over to leigh spann, you've got lots to talk about some chilly weather for us. >> yes you need to certainly grab the jacket this morning. it is the coldest morning we've seen in quite some time although it does warm up we stay below
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into the 40s but it doesn't take lock about until lunchtime to get into the 60s, 62 at that point. 68 at 3 p.m. but then back down to 59 degrees by 7. so this is going to be the coldest day we've seen in a while. last day we had a high temperature below 70 degrees was back on march 21st. mid-70s tomorrow near 80 by thanksgiving and we'll be seeing very little rain expected throughout this entire week. 16 formed, it is expected to become tropical storm otto maybe even hurricane otto. we'll check in now with traffic on the 8s because it's a chilly morning. it is chilly i'll tell you that remote start where you can start it before you walk out i'm loving that because you put the heater on and it's warm. let's take a look at traffic. it's not perfect of we have issues out here in manatee county at state road 64 we have a crash.
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so keep that in mind. you'll be routed around it. tarpon avenue at u.s. 19 still trying to clear up seeing southbound delays and a new one evans road at park drive north of main and west of u.s. 19 in pinellas county. that's a look at weather an traffic on the 8s. this morning a turkey give away in tampa. a lot of folks are lining up. this is a shot from earlier in the morning and lots of folks are lining up at the pendes law firm. they'll hand them out on a first come first served basis. they explain it's their way to spread some holiday cheer to the community. they will begin giving away the turkeys at 8:30 this morning. these are more people who are in need. well, you're golden years are supposed to be relaxing seeing family and traveling the world >> not so much. that's how our grand parents did it, right?
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your retirement dreams? don't miss my story coming up. >> and not even finished with college but heading to the state legislature. we'll introduce you to youngest lawmaker. ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ?
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. forget spending all day on the golf course or baby-sitting the grandkids retirement is not what it used to be. the workforce is ageing there just isn't enough money to go around. still some residents are figuring out how to enjoy their golden years. >> i'm working a job right now that i expect to be able to work for a very long time. so i did that deliberately feeling like we're not going to be able to rely on like the government. >> her reality is one faced by millions of americans the finish despite 401(k) and social security contributions the bureau of labor statistics reports 20% of americans 65 and older are working. today's retirement looks different than your grandparents. >> in the shock of i didn't save enough money is the opportunity of how can i make money but do it in a way that had meaning and purpose for me.
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new retirement, she says they're turning hobbies into a business or becoming professional caretakers but believes company should also adapt. >> could the organization think differently about keeping them on on a part-time basis or a contract basis. >> she believes older americans can enjoy their grandkids and activities if they explore flexible opportunities but what about younger americans? >> my kids who are young they're in their 20s tell them start saving early and hope for i don't know it's all very unconcern. >> however she says many millennials are already getting it right. >> yes, they need to save money but it's about purpose and looking for different opportunities along the way. which we didn't do as boomers. >> yeah she really said that the younger people can learn from the mistakes of the baby boomer generation who you know just worked for a company all their lives probably didn't put away as much as they should have and now getting to that age and don't have the money.
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better. >> and working for a purpose too i think is really important because if you do what you love. >> check out my facebook they're having an event to help people prepare for retirement. i put the details on there. voters made it clear this year they wanted to shake things up and voters in pasco county spoke loud and clear about that change when they vote the youngest representative ever as a florida a 21-year old ucf student amber mariano. she says she's ready to shake things up . >> what do you think it is about you that inspired voters? >> i think it is my age, i think it's you know, everyone wants new perspective right now. as you said, that's the thing that's going on, and people are interested in having someone in there who is going to shake things up or look at things differently and try and get
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school she'll take the spring semester of college off and finish up her degree next fall. well, making news across america this morning the man who confess to kidnaping and killing and 11-year old boy in minnesota will be sentenced today. he's expected to be sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. he pleaded guilty in september to one count of possessing child pornography. he entered that involvement and murdering wetterling back in 1989. preps are underway for this year's thanksgiving day parade. today the city of new york will unveil a make marking the official starting line. today is a big rehearsal day. celebrities, stars and large performance groups are getting much needed practice in and you can watch the 90th annual thanksgiving day parade right here on news channel 8 starting at 9 a.m.
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california where it looked like snow filled the streets but this is not snow. it is white foam. the foam invaded streets when se fire alarm system. it took crews several hours to clean up the mess but i saw this a lot on social media all weekend a lot of people were having fun in all that foam. that is awesome. we have the opposite it's old. max defender 8 is proving the fact that it is dry, extremely dry actually you may even notice that your skin feels a little tighter. you need some chap stick and your hair is going to have static electricity in it. 8:00 jackets will be needed this morning. 46 by noon, dry air, sunny 62 degrees, and then still cool but sunny
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it is 33 in zephyrhills, 30 in brooksville, 46 in clear water, 45 in tampa. and again, with this extremely dry air a red flag warning for unsafe burning conditions between 10 avenues family man and 7 p.m., . again because of the light breeze. but certainly the coldest morning that we've seen in months. lighter wind than yesterday but still below average. now, we have another cold morning tomorrow but during the day tomorrow a super fast warm up. the way to the mid-70s by thanksgiving a toasty 80. toasty turkey day. all right here's what's going on traffic wise kind of heating up in a sense because we've got a lane taken away here on state road 64 but i'm not seeing any delays. what i am is seeing significant delays southbound u.s. 19. i just got off the phone with the tarpon police department in the area
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on u.s. 19 right here tarpon avenue are completely blocked. you're being turned around 1 northbound lane is getting by. take alternate 19 instead. the music world is honoring some of its bright east stars we're running down the winners and losers. >> and making history in college football, the running back who's defying age to play game he loves. we'll tell you
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. here's something that you don't see every day a 55-year old college football running back. >> joe thomas senior made history by appearing in his first ever football game. he's 55 years old. >> i've been waiting on this
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. thank god it happened today. >> look at him go. >> he's believed to be oldest player to ever see playing time in a game. in the closing minutes of south carolina's game he took a hand off for 3 yards and a 32-0, victory. big win. he says he's thankful for a chao prove his doubters wrong. >> i love his age is just a number mentality. well, this morning some of the hottest stars in waking up with new hardware. >> the 2016 american music awards handed out trophies sunday night. here's a look at the winners. 21 pilots won for favorite alternative rock group. in country florida georgia line. >> yes. >> won for best group. >> love them. >> and here's my guy, favorite hip hop artist went to drake. >> didn't go to the concert, you were going to go. >> i was going to go but had to
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had to take presence dense. still ahead president elect donald trump will be moving into the white house by himself. >> new why mr. trump's wife and youngest son won't be moving with him. >> and it's beautiful but cold outside weather and traffic on
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. 6:28 on this chilly monday morning, it's going to stay below average all day but sunny 68 for the high today the average is 77. and then we get warmer through the rest of the week, 75 tomorrow, 79 on wednesday even 80 on thanksgiving. it's getting busier out there. we're looking at i-4, a
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happens to be in tarpon springs and we've got a back up folks, u.s. 19. we've got a big crash tying up all of the southbound
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8 is on your side with a holiday alert for parents a toy truck still new in the box burst into flames in the back now, the retailer is issuing a nationwide recall. >> and a twitter tirade from president elect donald trump why he's taking aim at nbc's saturday night live and the cast of a popular broadway show. >> plus a florida chill, downright cold this morning temperatures in the 30s and 40s. leigh spann will tell us how long this cold weather will stick around. >> well, good morning. and welcome to news channel 8 today. . >> thanks for waking up with us
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>> yes, a lot of folks off work and school today. >> some of them already going out to do their thanksgiving shopping and if you're heading out perhaps you want to grab a scarf. yeah, something we haven't had to talk about in many months but temperatures are close to freezing in some places 30 in brooksville, 32 inverness, 33 in zephyrhills even in our normally warmer spots still chilly 45 in tampa, 41 in plant city. 50 in time yesterday significantly so. brandon is 13 degrees colder than yesterday morning and i bet you thought yesterday was cold. 7 degrees colder in tampa and max defender 8 on the job this morning letting us know that there's no rain, no clouds. with the extremely dry air you'll be hard pressed to get a cloud at all. 46 in the morning, 62 for lunch break, still look, no clouds expected 67 around 4 p.m. coming up i'll
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long the cold air sticks around. big trouble out in tarpon springs. let's take a look at the maps as i zoom in look at these delays here very thick. southbound on u.s. 19 right at tarpon avenue all the lanes are blocked. being turned around here. i want you to remember to take alternate 19 as you're coming through the holiday area otherwise you're going to be sitting in traffic. let's head over we still have a crash evans wrap up and one over here 13th avenue north at 43rd story in st. pete. in an alert this morning parents heading out to scoop up christmas gifts won't find one riding toy. >> it reportedly burst into flames in the back of a pickup truck. now, toys "r" us is pulling the toy off the shelves. we're joined live. do investigators have any idea what
6:33 am
>> well they don't know just yet but toys "r" us claims that they're working with the manufacturer of that toy to figure out exactly what happened. grandparents in washington state scored a tonka truck from toys "r" us as a christmas present on friday night but it apparently burst into flames as they headed home. listen to them as they explain what happened. . >> sparks and smoke coming from inside the box, like fire, like it was hot, we got to pull over, got to get out of shooting. . >> they called 911, a trooper tried to put out the fire, when the fire department put out the fire this is all that was left of their truck. luckily no one was hurt in that incident. now, toys "r" us did respond with an apology, and a refund and recall. so far they think that it was an isolated
6:34 am
out of an abundance of caution. >> lots of kids disappointed that they're not getting their favorite toy from christmas but safety first. really important here. thank you. right now a new rash of violence against police officers, 4 police officers shot in 24 hours including right here in florida. the most recent in kansas city where information is just coming in. we're told an officer was shot during a traffic stop, but is expected to survive. the suspect was also shot. in texas a detective was writing a traffic ticket in his patrol car just outside police headquarters when a suspect shot and killed him. police released this picture of the man that they say walked up to the detective's car and opened fire. . the detective was 50 years old, a 20-year veteran of the force. >> and st. louis police shot and killed a man suspected of
6:35 am
when someone pulled up next to him and fired at least 2 shots. he is expected to survive. hours later police got into a shoot out with the suspect killing him. closer to home a police officer shot in southwest florida the officer had pulled someone over when a passing driver opened fire on him. the officer was rushed to the hospital where he was treated an released. the that driver after a shoot out. another rounding of meetings involving president elect donald trump and potential candidates to join his team. it comes after a flurry of meetings this past weekend. one of them 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney who has criticized trump in the past. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters
6:36 am
interests of the united states of real significance. >> president elect trump also met with july nurse see governor christ christie. president elect spend the weekend battling with hollywood and broadway. >> no intermissions for this show. >> no, that's right the president elect is fighting with broadway actors, tv stars and quite possibly vice president elect mike pence was called out by the cast of the broadway show hamilton. a cast member said many americans are alarmed by the new administration's rhetoric. . >> but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. . >> now, mr. trump responded on twitter saying cast members were rude and demanded an apology.
6:37 am
. >> they were very inappropriate. thank you. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> donald trump also reacted on twitter to the return of comedy sketches about him on saturday night live. he said the show was one sided and biassed asking equal time for us all. w, equal time rules apply only during campaign seasons. now, several digs were taken at the president elect and the future first lady during the american music awards last night. so far no response from mr. trump on twitter, just checking behind me, nope, maybe he's not awake yet. back to you. >> if he's tweeting you're reading. we'll check back with you. and when president elect donald trump moves into the
6:38 am
not immediately. they will wait until he finishes school. the trumps are reluctant to move their son from new york to washington d.c. during the school year. i guess that makes sense. you have to do what's right for the child. let's turn things over to leigh. >> the sun is coming up on this very chilly monday morning. so if you're out and about you want to grab the jacket this morning in fact you probably need it most of the day. this is the way it looks from brandon sky. so we go out of the 40s pretty quickly. 50 by 9, 62 by lunch and 68 by 3 p.m. 62 at 6 p.m. so the average 77, we get up to 75 tomorrow, 79 on wednesday, 80 on thursday, even 81 on friday. of course thursday is thanksgiving here's a break down for the turkey trotters, lunchtime around 76
6:39 am
already almost taste 73 degrees. by the way, tropical depression 16 formed this morning it will drift toward central america and may strengthen to a hurricane by the way, the next name is otto. all right. things are moving at pretty good speeds on the interstates. we're seeing more vehicles out there but we have a big issue out in pinellas county. here's 275 southbound coming away, we're starting to see a little bit of a slow here here's i-4, that looks great, here's 275, doesn't look too bad here but gets slower and closer to fletcher. tarpon springs southbound is completely jammed. so if you're coming around through the holiday area used to taking southbound 19 just go ahead and take alternate 17. all of the southbound lanes are blocked and only one
6:40 am
well, this morning a turkey give away in tampa, really early people had already started lining up on dr. martin luther king boulevard for a free turkey and the line has really grown. >> the law firm handing out birds on a first come first served basis. the employees say it's their way of spreading holiday cheer to the community. they'll be handing out 3,000 birds over the course of 2 hours there. a recall involving some spreads and dips very popular. >> still ahead the brand under recall and the danger it poses to your health. >> mrs. pipeline protesters clashing are police why they pulled out tear gas and water cannons. >> and old man winter is pounding the northeast where the storm is causing problems for
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. mike evans followed through on a his promise to stand during the national anthem. take a look, this is a picture from kansas city yesterday. his promise came after he received lots of criticism for sitting during last sunday's game. at that time he explained his action was in protest of president elect donald trump's election victory. well 2 days later he apologized and said he would stand with his teammates during the national anthem and as you just saw he did thi are 5 and 5 after beating kansas city yesterday. a big win. well they returned to tampa. >>t the chiefs. winston threw for 331 yards howe point came from igao who kicked four field goals. they're now 5 and 5 and second in the nfc south behind
6:45 am
and monday night football is headed to mexico. tonight's game between the raiders and texas spans will be played in mexico city. in an 8 on your side alert dips and spreads are under recall for listeria contamination this morning. sabra dipping company is recalling some of there is through january 23rd, 2017. it can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children the elderly or those with weakened immune systems. and we're making calls to find out more about a shooting outside a tampa bar. this happened last night in the parking lot on 30th street. a bullet grazed the head one man. he is expected to be okay. police arrested the shooter but
6:46 am
identity for details how this unfolded. a boat exploded, take a look at the flames and black smoke shooting from a boat in the green coast springs in south jacksonville. workers were on the vessel when they heard a loud pop and saw the fire. the flames spread to several other boats destroying them. 2 people suffered serious burns. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. and across america protests demonstrator clash with police. police fired tear gas and used water cannon to say keep them off the land owned by the developer. at least one person is now under arrest. they are against the pipeline that will carry oil through 4 states. they fear it poses an environmental risk to the lands on the reservation. 2 teens are charged in the murder of a 15-year old grandson of a chicago congressman. the teens are accused of killing a 15-year old wilson in a fight
6:47 am
he's the grandson of congressman davis. police arrested a 16-year old boy and a 17-year old girl. and this morning workers from chicago's airport will announce when they plan to go on strike. nearly 500 workers voted to strike during the busy thanksgiving week at the airport. employees such as baggage handlers and cleaners are fighting for a wage increase and union rights. it isn't airport just cause many disruptions. well, the first major storm of the season is pounding the northeast right now. check this out this is video out of rochester new york where snow is falling at 1 to 2 inches per hour. check out that temperature 29 degrees. let's go live here is a live picture from the buffalo area in upstate new york that's getting hit by a winter storm you can see all that coming down. it's got to be tough to drive in these
6:48 am
>> no. >> i've never been behind the wheel. >> i've been in a car in these conditions and it's -- the tires sometimes keeps spinning on you. >> sure. >> better get some chains on there. >> could be very dangerous. let's see what we're looking like here. chilly but look what a gorgeous picture we have compared to what's coming out of buffalo. it's 39, yeah, it's title colleague but extremely dry in fact max defender 8 is scanning the us know there's no rainfall. but it's also very dry meaning the humidity is very low. we even have a high fire . jab a jacket this morning. sunny, 62 at noon, up to 68 around 3 p.m. and that's below average. i checked in with my weather watcher patty in another chilly at 42. 50 in sarasota, 51 in clear water. but look at this we've got 20s
6:49 am
so everybody is getting in on this winter chill including there's that snow fall we were looking at. freeze warnings up this morning for a lot of the southeast but not here. in fact, sunshine for most of the day today. our long range forecast i know it's a nice long holiday week for a lot of people through wednesday i do expect rain across the middle of the country. the cold front never really comes through here so generally warm up to around 80 by thanksgiving. traffic isef we've got more vehicles on the road. this is 275 at the bird street on-ramp southbound starting to build. you can see a lot more vehicles open the roadway. here's a look at i-75 heading southbound. let's talk about i-4 through ybor city starting to see slow-downs. still a good drive on the veterans expressway but coming away from martin
6:50 am
the side of the roadway but i'm seeing a little back up. you hate the brakes. tarpon springs still a mess southbound on u.s. 19 because we have a crash tying up all those southbound lanes here at tarpon avenue. you're backed up to that apex. so take alternate 19 instead of 19 coming through the tarpon springs area. we also have a crash here evans road at park drive and traffic starting to get busier on we've got a crash here 13th avenue north at 43. well, what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including a twitter rant from the president elect we'll tell you what upset him coming up. >> and police officers caught in the cross fire 4 officers shot in a 24-hour period including an officer right here in florida. it's 6:50 and you're watching news channel 8
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6:54 am
. 4 officers shot in 4 cities, one of them hours ago outside of kansas city missouri. >> there was also shooting in texas and right here in florida in southwest florida. >> we're starting kansas city. overnight police say the offices were hit in a shoot out, one of the suspects died. the conditions of the both the officer and the other suspect are unknown at this time however we do and in texas police are looking for the man you see here as a person of interest in the deadly shooting of an officer there during a traffic stop the suspect pulled up alongside a detective as he wrote a traffic ticket to another driver. the man walked up to the passenger window fired twice then fled. the detective died at the hospital. in st. louis an officer was shot while in his patrol car. someone pulled up next to him and fired at least 2 shots.
6:55 am
the suspect was shot and killed later in a shoot out with police. and closer to home an officer was shot and injured overnight. the officer was conducting a traffic stop when a passing driver opened fire. the officer was treated and released. police arrested the driver after that shoot out. no word on a motive. well, this morning toys "r" us is pulling a ride on toy from its shelves after one appears to have caught fire. >> we're joined live from a look at what happened. >> reporter: investigators still don't know what caused the toy to catch on fire but they're pulling it off of store shelves issuing a recall and a refund. one couple said that they bought the tonka ride on dump truck from a local store on friday but on way home it caught fire. they pulled over to put out the flames but as they drove back to the store it ignited again setting the truck on fire.
6:56 am
thinks that this is an isolated incident. this week president elect donald trump will continue meetings to choose members of his team. this weekend he met with mitt romney, christ contradiction see and the president elect is looking to fill some 4,000 positions. >> well president elect trump is not happy with the world of entertainment. he went on a of donald trump on saturday night live and called out the cast of the broadway show hamilton for making a statement to vice president elect mike pence when he attended a performance there. bucs fans excite this morning after the team beat the chiefs, 19-17. they're now 5 and 5 on the season and are second in the nfc south. next up for the bucs the seahawks that's next sunday at ray jay so
6:57 am
tampa law firm for a chance to get a free turkey. earlier there were about 8 people but the line quickly grew outside the law firm. starting at 8:30 in about an hour and a half from now workers will start handing out about 3,000 birds to those in need. sunglasses and jackets needed this morning. that sun is bright coming up over the horizon. in zephyrhills. 39 in lakeland. yes, coldest morning in months.m up though staying below average all day. 62 by lunchtime. still sunny and cool. clear and below average 68 at 3 p.m. tomorrow is going to start out chilly again but then a fast warm up 75 tomorrow afternoon, 80 on thanksgiving and for the 8-day forecast basically dry this week. all right. checking traffic you can see on the veterans
6:58 am
we have a crash on martin luther king backing up. the biggest issue continues to be in tarpon springs southbound u.s. 19 completely blocked. you're being turned around a big crash and also the north bound lane just one lane getting by. look at that seeing some color changes on alternate 19 is starting to get busy. that's a look at the roadways out in tarpon springs. >> thanks. the. the feudas posed add question earlier if it's stuffing that is not stuffed in the bird it's called dressing. you were wrong. >> no, if you stuff it in your mouth it's called stuffing.
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snow-vember. the first major storm of the season blankets the northeast. frigid temperatures, icy roads, power outages. frenemies? donald trump meets with mitt romney, and today rick perry. could those one-ti bitter rivals wind up in the new trump cabinet? as the vice president-elect speaks out about his dressing down from the "hamilton" stage. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. >> trump himself, not so forgiving. >> they were very inappropriate. urgent manhunt. a traffic stop in texas


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