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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: anyway. now, 4 headlines at 4:00. number 1 serial robber some guy claiming to hitting one gas station after another. >> number 2, one hundred days president elect trump tells youtubers what he plans to do during his first couple of months in office. >> number 3, to believe in toy land. >> and here's number 4. >> it's the dawn of a new era here in tampa bay and i get to be one of the first to try i
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>> this is first at 4, and we want to begin with your as we're just a few days out from thanksgiving. >> another gorgeous day. here's the view from another, beautiful blue skies once again. temperatures have been mild this afternoon sitting at 68 degrees currently and you can see widespread most of us now sitting in the 70s, 74 in zephyrhills, 77 in plant city, 77 in bradn temperatures have warmed up a bit more this afternoon but this morning was definitely chilly again. temperatures were in the 30s and 40s, we didn't see any rain. max defender 8 is showing that live sweep as it goes around you can see we're not tracking any showers or storms really across the entire state of florida and we're looking at the dry conditions to continue all the way through the end of this week. not the case everywhere.
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chicago, atlanta boston looking good at the moment though if you're heading out for the holidays. tonight it is going to feel significantly different. the humidity comes up a bit and the temperatures won't be as cool. 59 in clearwater, 57 tomorrow morning in apollo beach and temperatures in the low 60s tomorrow in st. pete. a full look at your thanksgiving forecast is coming up next. right n your help identifying a serial robber. >> the same guy has hit several stores in clearwater. deputies tell us the man in this video robbed 4 stores in a 24-hour span. yesterday he robbed a speedway, a jk's food store and a deli and early this morning police believe the same man has robbed a 7-11. police are concerned they may escalate into
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to a savage case of criminal animal abuse. you may remember hearing about a horse in manatee county being butchered for its meat. when the case happened in manatee detectives believed it was a traveling ring that originated in south florida. investigators are now looking at the possibilities the cases are related. and right now across america 12 elementary school aged children are in a hospital in tennessee that killed 5 of their classmates yesterday. the driver, 24-year old walker is facing multiple criminal charges and according to authorities the bus was travel well above the posted speed limit of 30 miles an hour when it crashed. walker will appear in court next tuesday. president elect donald trump releases a video created and distributed by his transition team.
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100 days in office. he says he'll withdraw from the trans-pacific trade deal. he wants to cancel restrictions on merge american energy, a process that is possible but will involve some time and red tape. also he wants ethics reform . >> as part of our plan to drain the swamp we will impose 5-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after he leave the administration. . >> this video posted on youtube also mentions withdrawing from the trance pacific partnership as we just mentioned, abuses of visa programs and protecting america from cyber and other attacks. the president elect and his family are expected to spend thanksgiving in south florida. hours after their election
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sworn into office and some are promising tough reform. . >> reporter: there are 46 new members of the florida house of representatives, 18 new members of the florida senate. there are also perhaps more importantly 2 new leaders. newly elevated house speaker of pasco county is taking a drain the swamp approach when it comes to ethics in the legislature. he's rules in the nation. >> no more lobbying texting during committees in sessions, and no more lobbying after our term of service is done for not 2 but not -- and not 4, but 6 years. . >> in the senate joe negron of stuart is the new president. his top priority fund colleges and universities.
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ceremony the real work begins next month when meetings begin. the tampa police department is amping up mall security this holiday season and so you know police officers will be patrolling mall parking lots and shopping areas beginning this weekend. thieves look for anything from purses to packages even cell phones. officers want to remind shoppers never leave anything in plain sight. lock your doors and be alert. eye out in the packed mall parking lot, fender-benders. according to the national safety council, there are 50,000 crashes in parking lots and garages each year killing more than 500 people. officials blame distractions like social media and gps systems but some drivers are just plain careless. . >> unfortunately people get so wrapped up into finding the closest spot that they're not scanning and looking for
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. >> on black friday troopers will be stationed at parking lots across sarasota county. officials are urging drivers to be extra cautious this shopping season. and now we have an 8 on your side consumer alert. florida consumer groups are warning about dangerous toys on sale this holiday season. >> this is the 31st year for the annual survey. we show you these dangerous toys can be both big and small. >> it looks innocent but it choking hazard these and others present a real danger to children this holiday season. >> they continue to be a challenge to us on a daily basis. >> the doctor works in the emergency room in st. petersburg and regularly sees children who are choking on toys. >> usually small objects usually under 3 years of aiming. >> still many toys that present
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online. a 31st survey of dangerous toys listing batteries and magnets that can be swallowed. >> what the issue is if a child swallows this magnet and the second one they confine combine tonight and therefore become one larger magnet. >> in a parent has a question about a toy you can look at recalls dot gov or safer to find out if the toy is on a recall list. still ahead. >> america has a huge shopping weekend coming up we're going to show you how to save some cash and stick to a budget coming up. >> and a wheel lot of people are worried about political food fights during thanksgiving dinner. we'll have ideas to keep the election off of the
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first at 4, a recall kia believes 72,000 of its suvs have an electrical short that can cause engine fires. it covers models from 20008 to 2009. and watch out if you're frying a turkey on thursday. this is what can happen. it's a scary demonstration. it's suggested keep the oil levels low don't try to fry a extinguisher by just in case. water will not work on a fire like this one. a lot of us are going to be shopping over the holiday weekend. some of us have started from black friday to small business saturday and cyber monday americans are about to spend a lot of money. how do you get deals while still staying on budget? we have some answers today.
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you've got to talk about having a list, i told you i'm not good at this. >> i know. >> i just keep buying. >> you do. you want to make a list before you go. and even put down what you want to spend on each person. >> total. >> per person and total. because you get out and you look and say wait, maybe this would be a good idea for one, and you start the budget starts blowing up really quick. >> it sure does. >> you're saying skip black friday >> well, those are the 2 big names now. and cyber monday you know the sales continue and you can shop online, a lot of times with the right kind of account you're getting free delivery any way you can avoid the lines but the discounts are out there so you don't necessarily have to be in person on friday. >> you know, and the internet really can be your friend this time of year if you start checking like for these free shipping sites. >> right. >> and how long can you go into december and still get free
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retailer they're looking at the month of december and as it continues on they start to see what their sales levels are and want to press the numbers up so more deals will show up and offers like you can still order now and get it delivered on time maybe even nor free. so waiting until december you might find better deals. >> what about these group gifts. i know some family members are fans, some are not, but if you can do a name exchange, that kind of thing? >> if it's the right kind of envien a secret santa instead of everyone buying a gift for everybody you pull names out of a hat and buy a gift for one person, but it can help save you some money. >> as my mom says it's about the kids any way, right? make sure the kids get the gifts and the adults don't need 500 things. >> that's right give it all to the kids. >> all right. well thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> before the shopping there is thanksgiving, and if you're headed home and are anxious about a political food fight at
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we show you how to keep thanksgiving civil in a post election america. . >> thanksgiving has long been the melting pot for political dialogue and this year well the emotionally charged election is still swirling in the minds of many. >> i think there are pro protesters with a specific beef. >> politics will end up at many tables as the red hot main course. >> do you think this year you guys will talk about the ec >> some people are trump supporters some are clinton supporters. >> we like to win, as probably most families do. >> the 2016 election has taken an emotional toll according to an american psychological association survey. more than half of americans say that it was a source of significant stress. for some -- >> some of my family um, actually supported mr. trump. >> the anxiety of just being with the politically divided
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from even showing up on thanksgiving. >> no. i will not be going home . >> others view politics much like football and turkey. >> it's not that we're not going to talk about it, it's like how long we're going to talk about it. >> election is going to be one of the topics. >> experts say that there are some smart ways to navigate the elephant in the room. >> lots of families are going to be getting together where they come to the table with a predetermined strategy whether it's avoiding the topic completed, agreeing to listen to each other without arguing or using a trusted family member as a mediator. >> somebody who's accepted by everyone and who's more moderate and who would listen to both sides. >> he says the goal should be to focus on what brings you together rather than what tears you apart. >> to be able to sit down with
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appreciate it, what's better than that? now, max defender 8 the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast. . >> and max defender 8 this afternoon showing us another dry one. it has been a while since we've seen rain in the tampa bay area and you can see from the view on max defender 8 completely quiet for this afternoon, dry air in place. we're not expecting any showers or storms to develop you can see nothing but beautiful blue skies. 74 degrees with our winds now coming in out of the northeast between 5 to 10 miles per hour. and overall we're going to expect to see these warmer temperatures over the neck couple of days or so. so you can see for the rest of tonight looking clear, this was actually a view from this morning taken in tampa from mary. you can see clear skies then, clear skies now. no real change. so at 9 p.m. temperatures beginning to cool
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tonight as it has been the past couple of nights. when you wake up tomorrow we're in the upper 50s as opposed to the upper 40s we were at today. so it's going to feel different. by the afternoon hours we'll top out close to 80 degrees and bring in a partly cloudy sky. on our water vapor that bright red orange color you see that is dry air in the atmosphere. some exceptionally dry air. that's why no showers or storms expected for today. really not even much in the way of cloud cover coming our way. overnight. tomorrow morning plenty of sunshine to start the day, a much warmer start to the day and then by the afternoon hours we'll top out close to 80, because we have more of an easterly component to the wind and that's going to help warm us up more. we'll keep things dry for tomorrow and heading into thanksgiving day. thursday morning the possibility of fog exists so if you're heading out doing some driving across the area visiting family keep that
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though looking at sunshine and warmer temperatures to work off that turkey dinner. we of course end up eating too much. in the tropics we have hurricane otto. we're tracking a hurricane at this point. winds at 75 miles per hour moving off to the west not going to be impacting the tampa bay area though. so we're just looking at more dry weather over the next several days. rain chances out of the forecast until our weak front comes through on saturday but those rain so generally looking dry still, that's a weak front though drops us back into the mid-70s sunday. next real shot of rain isn't until the middle of next week. so looking good. >> all right. thanks. well, if you have tickets to see rapper kanye west perform in orlando on december 6th, well you're going to need to get a refund. he's in the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. this follows a week of bazaar incidents in which he endorsed
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well, a source claims he's exhausted and upset over his wife being robbed in paris. coming up see the turkeys set to be pardoned by the president tomorrow. >> and there's this. >> a new attraction has made its way to tampa bay that has customers flying 70 miles an hour through the air. i'll give you the grand tour coming up. . >> then in sports last night. >> and remember you can get developments on all of today's biggest stories on tampa bay's most convenient prime time newscast. it's every night on great 38 at 8. we'll be right
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welcome back. let's check in with your first at 4 sports with dan.
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mondays. >> yeah, you said last night can this 5 game road streak continue, the answer? >> no. >> everything started so well and they lost 4-0 to colorado and i thought, okay. i guess they're not the greatest right now. last night kind of felt like that because it was not a good performance but the lightning they're back home tomorrow night to take on the philadelphia flyers. they did wrap up a successful road trip last night but no one was in stretch on the road that's because the loss to the predators ended the 4 game win streak we talked about. 2 things about this game a struckish start was the main culprit the other was an incident right here brown took an elbow to the head. now, brown had put a hit on ellis earlier in the game but a blind side shot to the head is what everyone is talking about after
4:25 pm
game by the bolts. >> we it was -- i don't know it was one of those games that we needed to get the lead and that was it, and we didn't get it. you know, we kicked the first one in our own net. . >> you know, it's i think at the end there it stuff like that shouldn't happen, but, you know, that's the rest of the game, you know, it's- you and sometimes they don't go your way. >> all right. tuesday a quiet one so far today on the fisher lsu rumor mill. the media in louisiana insists that lsu is targeting fisher as their main man. one report says an offer could be made right after florida state's game saturday night against florida. now, the president of florida state on the record stating that fisher has given him no indication that
4:26 pm
this a year ago is telling recruits he is happy at florida state. and i'll say that for him last year and he said i mean it, i don't tell recruits what they want to hear i'm going to give it to them straight if he's telling them they're happy then what does that mean? >> so do you think lsu will get him? that's the question. >> this year i'm sure the monetary offer is going to be very hard to say no. i will say national championship at florida state than he is at lsu. the pieces are in place. it's a pre men does defense. the offense is a press. >> i would rather see him say. absolutely >> recruitment is one of his strong points. if he's telling the recruits hey everything is great. >> i think the path to a national title is easier for florida state they can motor through the acc get through
4:27 pm
playoffs system. lsu, a good season for lsu you might be third place in your own division. >> you're going to have off years. >> of course. >> he's had a lot of success. >> he's got a quarterback who can get the job done. >> a lot of years. >> so as we say we shall see?
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now, 4 headlines president elect donald trump vowed during the campaign to put hilry to have no interest this doing that. advisers suggesting they'll help her heel. number 2 an emotional day for children at woodmore elementary school in tennessee. they're mourning the loss of 5 of their classmates. they range in age from kindergarten through 5th grade. the driver of that bus is now under arrest and
4:31 pm
department is issuing a travel alert about a heightened risk of terror attacks throughout europe. the department noted that extremists carried out attacks in france, germany and turkey in the past year. the alert expires february 20th. >> and number 4 blizzard conditions buried the village of lorraine new york 3 feet of snow with 7-foot drifts reaching rooftops and blanketing cars and homes there. then the lake overdrive. the weather is making commutes especially dangerous today. now, your first at 4 weather. >> it's a whole different view here in the tampa area. here's a look outside from our tower camera out at wfla beautiful blue skies once again this afternoon. it was a chilly start this morning. brooksville started off the day near 32, but check out our temperatures this afternoon. they've warmed up nicely. now, sitting at 76 degrees dew points close to
4:32 pm
some very dry air in place. winds nice and light this afternoon and the count down is on for the holidays only 2 days left to get ready for thanksgiving. 29 days until the start of winter, and 33 days now until christmas. so the mornings i think the cool mornings have definitely maybe got us in the mood that the holidays are around the corner. but some warmer days are ahead, thanksgiving day comfortable afternoon temperatures we're going to be reaching into the low 80s on thanksgiving and the one thing you do want to watch ou start the day. so if you have travel plans you could need to give yourself a few extra minutes with that especially east of i-75. high temperatures the next couple of days going to be warming back up into the low 80s to end the week. so a warmer trend is ahead for us over the next several days. we'll have a full look at your forecast coming up in a few minutes. and breaking news right now we want to tell
4:33 pm
19,000 mark breaking the record for the highest close ever. it rose 67 points to 19,023, and other indexes also closed at record highs today. well, today we're hearing from a witness to the officer shooting in sanibel over the weekend. >> the witness had just before pulled over by the officer when it happened. >> heard 2 shots, and rapid sequence, police officer who stopped me was coming towards my car and says i just got shot. >> turns out the officer was in the car writing a ticket when someone drove by and shot him in the shoulder. he's one of four officers shot across 3 states in a 24-hour period. the sanibel shooting suspect is now in custody. a deputy was killed today while chasing a man crossing a highway in jacksonville. the 32-year old was struck and
4:34 pm
and happening across america we're seeing nerve racking video of a near miss. this crash was captured on camera during a police chase in pittsburgh. it ends with the car spinning out of control narrowly missing a group of teens on the corner. it was chasing a stolen car when it was hit by another vehicle. the teen aimers and officer are okay. the obama administration is calling for an end to corporal punishment in school. in a letter the education secretary called it harmful and infective. it is generally defined as using physical force to inflict pain as punishment. right now there are 15 states that still permit it and florida is one of them. and here they are our first look at the 2 luckiest turkeys. they'll be pardoned.
4:35 pm
president tomorrow. the turkey pardon began 69 years ago. and politics and money usually go hand in hand and it's no different in florida legislature. >> even though net worth has dropped slightly there's still plenty of money for the people elected to serve. . >> elected officials in florida state legislature will be carrying atl new republican senator gainer is now the wealthiest member. we asked if he can relate to the afternoon floridian. >> i was county commissioner for 18 years and i guarantee you that will teach you what the people are thinking and we're pretty much have you understand what the needs of the people are and what you can do over here and what you can't. so i intend to do everything that i can.
4:36 pm
the average state house member almost one and a half million. well, there's a new attraction in the bay area that's sure to have customers heads in the clouds. >> yeah it's called i fly and we checked it out. . >> if you've ever dreamed of doing stunts while flying 70 miles an hour through the sky, you have to try i fly. >> anybody can do it. anybody from age 3 to 103. >> so when danny said that i just had to try i fly. but as you can see i was more than a handful for the instructor. the idea of getting this big body off the ground went over like a led balloon but a few minutes later and just like r kelly said i believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the
4:37 pm
spread my wings and fly away. . >> you're a little bit nervous that's why i tried to give you a pep talk. when you got in there your eyes got really big. you understood what i was asking of you and you responded real well. you flue great. >> kelly brought his 16 years old daughter so they both could fly. >> it was pretty good once you get the first -- once you get your balance and you're flying it's just amazing. >> i was alway who doesn't want to fly? you know that's just me. i really liked it. >> other families also had a good time. . >> i thought it was amazing. like you have to do all the moves and the slightest moment can send you barelying somewhere else. . >> i felt better about being able to like simulate skydiving instead of jumping out of a
4:38 pm
tomorrow for tomorrow's weather and traffic on the 8s. >> hello, hope you're enjoying your afternoon i want to remind you about a little bit of road work that's going on here right on mcgill avenue northbound between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and this is g meantime expect a little bit of a construction there on the northbound side. this is right between gandy to bay to bay. let's talk about the sarasota manatee county line. overnight you tend to see one of the ramps blocked on unfortunate or one lane taken away on north or southbound it's due to that ongoing diverging diamond interchange project. do you want and the channel side area
4:39 pm
you usually tend to see some of the roads closed at least the lanes and right now the roadway is open but you might see construction tying up the left lane. that's a look at some of the road work tomorrow morning. you know, it's not going to be quite as cold tomorrow. 2 very chilly mornings. tomorrow morning though closer to seasonal for this time of year. not as cool high 50s but still clear skies. we'll see you tomorrow on news channel 8 today. >> and you can catch them every traffic on the 8s starting at 4:30 a.m. still ahead. >> would you be able to tell if someone pulled a switcharoo with your wine? see how many people can tell the difference between boxed and bottled wine coming up. >> that deadly bus crash bringing up traumatic memories for parents who saw their kids bus crash into this lake. we talk to parents about how their kids are doing more than a year
4:40 pm
represent is the right price why not, well a family found out the hard way it was a scam, their warnings for others. >> it's been nearly 3 months since hurricane hermine battered cedar key. residents are
4:41 pm
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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we all want to enjoy the holiday with family and friends but no one wants the guilt that comes with stuffing yourself. always good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> it's that time of year. we're going to have a lot of food everywhere. you're here to help us stay away from overdoing it. >> yes. >> so tips on staying healthy this time of year. >> if you have a routine you
4:44 pm
holiday parties going on and normally those are at night so you might need to switch it up a bit if you're used to working out at night maybe work out in the morning. maybe used to take a class maybe go for a walk. >> just try and do a little bit. >> yes. >> which foods you definitely don't want to put on your plate. >> the fattening foods which are the best kind. you want to go and look for thoseeg look for green beans and potatoes and stuff like that. >> the stuffing? >> if you're going to go for the bad culprit you want to make sure that you're watching your portions you want to keep it smaller and i know that you wanting to to your favorite first and then only have a small portion of your favorite. >> limit it to one plate. >> yeah, one piece of pie. >> . >> all right and if you're going to indulge you can do it the right way, right? >> yeah, so same kind of thing
4:45 pm
piece of pie if you have to go for 2 maybe don't put ice cream on the second one and make sure you're drinking a lot of water. >> the turkey isn't bad. >> not at all. >> it's protein. you may take a nap after that. >> you might. >> and then in terms of exercise you just want to stick to some kind of plan if you fall a little bit off your regular routine which is probably going to happen to a lot of people. >> yep, if you have to miss a day. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. now, max defender 8 the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast and max defender 8 showing us another great afternoon, just looking at blue skies around today. no showers or storms on the radar. some very dry air in place we're not expecting to see any showers or storms today or tomorrow for that matter you can
4:46 pm
lake club. 74 degrees at this location. winds fairly light coming in out of the northeast and at the plantation at crystal river sitting at 73 degrees this afternoon. it has definitely warmed up today. as we head into the overnight hours it's not going to be as cold. at 11 p.m. in st. pete we're still going to be sitting in the low 60s, and we're going to be kind of hovering around there into the upper 50s when we head into tomorrow morning. so a nice mild start to the day by tomorrow afternoon we're topping store. and really that's the head line. the last couple of mornings have been chilly but tomorrow morning is going to feel significantly different, about 10 degrees warmer than we have been seeing. and then a weak front is going to roll through not until saturday, it's going to be weak so only a small 10% rain chance and a slight cool down because really next week we're looking at warmer temperatures and also the return of some humidity to the forecast. so we're expecting
4:47 pm
the board, 68 in clearwater as we head into the overnight hours generally our skies will stay clear and it's not going to be as cool when you wake up tomorrow morning. a few more clouds expected tomorrow, going to stay dry temperatures reaching close to 80 for a lot of us and on thanksgiving day fog possible to start off in the morning hours. if you're traveling keep that in mind. then as we head into the afternoon hours it warms up very quickly. we'll top out in the low 80s. . enjoy friends and family and be active because the weather will be per for you. low 80s, we'll keep rain chances out the forecast until the weak front rolls through on saturday but temperatures will only drop back into the mid-70s behind it. next week you notice temperatures go up, rain chances come back a little bit as well but the stretch for folks of that off have family in town it's really going to be nice. >> beautiful. >> that's great. we love that. >> stay close we'll be right
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now, to some breaking news a corner back for the buccaneers is suspended without pay for the next 4 games. according to the bucs he violate the policy on performance enhancing substances. his suspension starts immediately and will be eligible to return on monday december 19th. should you save or splurge on wine for your thanksgiving meal. many of thinks we can expensive and cheap stuff. >> and what, if if your wine is from a box. . >> we're throwing a party. >> white. >> inviting this group of today show viewers to a wine tasting. >> i'm a wino. >> on the men new this fancy, here's what the wine lovers don't know it's really
4:52 pm
that's right hours before the party my team got a bunch of empty wine bottles and poured boxed wine into them complete with fancy looking labels we printed up and made up an expensive sounded name in french. [indiscernible] that's box of wine. will these party goers really believe it's high end wine just because it looks fancy? gh wine is flowing. >> very smooth. >> it tastes french. >> but there is something else they don't know one of our guests isn't really a guest, it's linda pasante a branding and marketing expert. >> i'm going to speak in a hush tone. what's the play here? >> the pour of persuasion. you put wine in a fine bottle so they believe that drinking a fine bottle of wine. >> so when i ask them what they think what do you think they're going to say? >> they're going to give you an account of how good it is.
4:53 pm
>> i like it. it's refreshing. >> it's really smooth. >> the praise just keeps coming. >> would you order this in a restaurant? >> definitely, yeah. >> what do you think? >> i like it. a spice to it. >> spice to it. >> yes. >> you like that. >> it taste almost spanish. >> i like it. very full bodied but doesn't linger. >> the boxed wine works out to about $5 a bottle but how much would they pay for it. >> 20, 25, something like that maybe. >> 40, 50. >> okay. things up now and do a little taste test. we took that same wine and poured it into separate glasses and going to ask them which one they like better but remember it's the same boxed wine in both the glasses. >> tell me which of these wines you like better. >> dying to know. >> the second one. >> you like that one better? >> yeah. >> why. >> it has some character. >> character?
4:54 pm
. >> this one is a little bit better. >> every single person we asked. >> the first one. >> this one. >> i feel like this is a little bit less sweet. >> picking one over the other. >> i like that one better. >> why? >> it tasted fuller to me. >> remember it's the exact same boxed wine in both glasses. but they all seem to confident. >> this was a little bit tart compared to this one. >> okay. time to if he is up. you guys want to know what we've really been up to tonight? >> yes. >> you've enjoyed the wine i've talked to a lot of you you've enjoyed the wine. here's what you were really drinking. boxed wine. . >> oh my god. . >> surprised. >> yes. i mean that tasted amazing. >> another surprise, the taste test we did that was the same
4:55 pm
cheap. >> exactly. i'll use your bottle though instead. >> trick your guests. >> exactly they won't know the difference. >> cheers. here's another reason to save on boxed wine it actually lasts a lot longer than wine in a bottle >> experts say it's good from 6 to 8 weeks after you open it. >> you tried it and like it. >> absolutely. . >> coming up a found painting >> experts believe it could be 400 years old we're going to show you where they found it
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this story is trending online. it's a potentially 400-year-old painting found in poland. workers were cleaning out a storage space and they came across it. they thought it was just a rolled up carpet but it turned out to be a painting. it could potentially be several hundred years old. we don't even kno to see what's trending right now and get updates between newscasts, you can always go to right now we have much more news coming your way. news channel 8 at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now on news channel 8 at 5:00: >> five children killed in a school bus crash. how the tragedy is bringing up jarring memories for bay area parents. and donald trump stares down the enemy after a series
5:00 pm
with the new york times. holiday danger just outside the door. i parking lots are hotspots for car crashes right now. i am stacie schaible. >> thank you for joining us. we begin with that tragedy in tennessee. a school bus driver in chattanooga is facing charges after the bus he was driving crashed. five children were killed, many more rushed to the hospital. josh benson is joining us from the tampa news center with what may be behind the horrific accident. >> reporter: police arrested johnthony walker and believe the cause of this terrible crash is speed. more than 18 hours after this bus crash took the lives of five young children, people stopped to watch as the wreckage was pulled away from the scene. >> we have of those deaths, three were in the fourth grade, one was a kindergartner and one was a first grader. >> reporter: the mangled metal


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