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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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eagle 8 hd is brought to you by your local suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit >> right now on news ch south florida. he could have ties to a gruesome case in the bay area. i am jenn holloway. >> and i'm josh benson. you details in a savage case where a horse and manatee county was butchered alive for its me. and now a big bust just made in miami. cops are looking for connections between the cases and it's a story will only see on 8. melanie michael's is live for us now in palmettos.
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are thrilled with this big break in the case. the question tonight, with a man who was arrested be behind this cruel crime ring? the details of this case are so graphic, so savage you have to wonder how could someone be this cruel? >> this is a murder. outright murder. >> reporter: a trusting and gentle horse led from his warm bed to sadistic torture -- torture. the horse was so 11 he would have gone with anyone and he did. he was lured down a long, lonely path to unimaginable pain and fear. >> once this happens, you don't get over it. >> reporter: steve stevens admits the images still haunt him. >> all you can do is envision how the horse suffered until he actually was, lost his life.
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justice that might ease the pain. manatee detectives have long thought this was the work of a traveling ring of butchers out of south florida, which now cops say includes this guy, manuel martinez busted for allegedly selling horse meat to undercover police. >> i would rather they still my car, truck, any of my belongings before they do that.>> reporter: is this man the kingpin of a massive operation? was he behind the savagery and manatee county? imperial farms have it locked up tight fort knox style with high-tech lasers like you would see in a movie. dozens of cameras are on the property. sirens, locks, beans. these safe -- these animals are safe and we're not going anywhere. you know josh as we're standing here live, it is hard to imagine anyone hurting an animal like this. i confirmed with manatee detectives that they are
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the reward is $30,000. if doing the right thing isn't enough, there is a lot of money involved for the person who turns in the suspects.>> maybe the incentive somebody needs to bring out the details. thanks so much melanie. after seeking help from more than 50 specialist in canada, one woman decided to come all the way here on track. she is one of many outside guests getting specialized treatment in the sunshine state. mary mcguire explains why in this medical report. >> reporter: thousands of miles separate tampa bay from canada but that didn't stop one woman from traveling all the way to the sunshine state to get help for her chronic health issues. suffering for 12 years from the effects of wind disease, mold toxicity and industrial toxins, cecile knew it was time to take her health back into her own
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not located by doctors in canada. i couldn't wait any longer for the medical system in canada to get it together. >> reporter: denied out of country funding from the ministry of health in canada, she paid out-of-pocket to travel thousands of miles away to be treated at this wellness institute. >> i chose him because no one is doing what he is doing. >> reporter: for cecile, the price tag is worth it. >> the time. today i'm in heels which is great.>> reporter: 90% of the doctor's patients are medical tourists from out-of-state and 20% come from out of the country. >> what you want to see on the pet scans is all black. >> the unique approach to healing makes the institute a destination for people across the world. seeing patients succeed keeps him going. >> we have had 30 patients in
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it's exciting. >> reporter: we also reached out to tampa national hospital who says they have people fly in out-of-state every day to get treatment at the specialized centers. mary mcguire, news channel 8. >> cecile will travel back to canada on thursday and hopes her story encourages others to stand up for and the search for a hit and run driver who hit a deputy and nassau county. deputy eric all over and another deputy chased him across the roadway and when they got to the median, a passing vehicle hit him. he died at the scene. a former usa doctor pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting young girls throughout his career. doctor larry nassar served as the usa gymnastics position for
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of sexual abuse during what was supposed to be medical treatments. the results of the 2016 election in florida have been officially certified. the government cabinet signed off in tallahassee. florida saw 74% voter turnout, the highest since 2004, but fell short of the 1992 record of 83%. >> we showed the nation that florida knows how to conduct elections. we are proud of the voters. we are proud of their initiative, their passion to vote i think the years and the history of the 2000s us. >> 2016, also a record year in terms of early voting and voting by mail. hurricane hermine took a toll on cedar key. >> months later, the area is beginning to bounce back there coming up, news channel 8 takes a closer look at what the community has lost and gained from the storm. the top 10 will be revealed during the voice tonight and we have a preview of tonight's exciting live show.
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cool as last night. 32 degrees for a low last night that the warming trend is on with a bit more moisture in the atmosphere. the thanksgiving forecast is coming up. >> that and more coming up. you are watching news channel 8, the station that is always on your side. you have a lot of choices in the morning. >> will the kids need a jacket or an umbrella? is the skyway closed? >> choose the morning newscast on your side with weather and traffic on the eights. the choice is clear weekday mornings on news channel 8
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eagle 8 hd is brought to you by your local suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit welcome back. the voice had a frolicking live show with the top 11 performers singing to stay. >> tonight they will find out if they hit all the right notes. stephanie stanton has a preview from los angeles. >> reporter: for the first time this season, we saw one of these artists land in the itunes top 10 and hit number
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sundance head. he sang an alicia keys two and apparently, america loved it. >> i was really nervous to do the song in front of her. it's her son but it went well and it paid off.>> reporter: not far behind him, vocal power holes billy gilman some team adam landing at number 11, just missing the top 10. and alicia key's front runner wade highest charting singer in the bunch closing the show last night with a performance that earned her the number 34 spot on the itunes chart. >> i got to get right back up and keep doing it. >> reporter: three amazing artists, three stellar performances, and although america responded well, afterwards on the red carpet, these perfectionists still wrote -- still saw a room for improvement. >> i can pinpoint 1000 wrong things but it felt good.
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drug brendan fletcher, austin austin, and erin gibson also did well. last week, he was in the bottom two. only one artist didn't chart on itunes. find out who will land in the bottom 2 and vote for your favorite. also taking the stage behind me, previous winner jordan smith singing a christmas favorite. all of that and more reporting from inside stage xii, i am stephanie stanton. >> the voice mon our live show starts at 8 pm tonight right here on news channel 8 followed by this is us at 9:00 and chicago fire at 10:00. stick around for your 11:00 news. the tampa bay buccaneers offensive line has gathered to give back to the tampa bay community and celebrate thanksgiving. taking a live look at one buc place. the turkey time event is underway partnering with publix and other companies and charities to provide bay area
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thanksgiving dinner. you can see the lineman helping out with the turkey and everything else for a great meal. we're going to check back in with the event through the evening. always a good time. don't let this happen to you when you're cooking thanksgiving dinner. the computer products safety commission held its annual demonstration on how not to try a turkey. burning oil can trigger a massive fireball and it doesn't get better from there. sure. plus tick a look at news from around the world. people in the iranian capital enjoyed the first snow of the year after weeks of smog and pollution. residence of to ron built snowmen and had -- tiran built snowmen and had fun in the snow. amazing aerial video from japan shows waves triggered by an offshore earthquake rippling up a river. you can see the waves washing
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the quake struck near the same area devastated by the 2011 quake and the nuclear disaster at fukushima. people in cedar key are still recovering and rebuilding after hurricane hermine. progress has been helped along by neighbors helping each other. we just went back to check on the recovery efforts. >> reporter: cedar key residence were dazed after the storm battered the island things stronger and better than before. there are plenty of signs that show how a small town can rebound after a trying time.>> it tore off the back wall and we got 4 feet of water. >> reporter: the market at cedar key was one of the hardest hit businesses win hurricane hermine battled -- battered the island. >> food was all over the floor
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in business just-in-time for the busy holiday season. >> everything from this point here out was all blown out in the street. >> reporter: hurricane hermine caused roughly $40,000 of damage at the beachfront hotel. a 9 foot storm surge battered the buildings. we rolled out part of the storm on the second floor. rims on the first floor obliterated. >> it was a slow start. we got the contractors in the, got all the permits and it's going quick now. >> reporter: the motel was shut down for two months. three rooms damaged during the hurricane had been renovated and all of them are expected to be finished soon. these films were badly damaged and now they are being raised and -- onto stilts. those who live on cedar key, want to be ready just in case there is a next time. >> this by far was the worst storm we have seen, especially in my lifetime.
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i don't think we expected the surge to be what it was. >> reporter: lynn lost her house in the hurricane but gained something, faith in her community. >> everybody came together. that's why we love cedar key. >> reporter: the police chief says the hurricane caused $10 million in damage on the island. on cedar key, ryan hughes back to you. >> the chief tells us the holdup is insurance related. now to you by your local suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit >> we will ?2 of moisture the next couple of days but unlikely to be on max defender 8. precipitation not really building up that much on florida's west coast. we will look for dry conditions to hold up. we can see partially why here on the camera from the lakeland automall in polk county.
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you can see this great shot. just beautiful weather. it has been lovely under the clear skies on the region. our temperatures will continue to fall throughout the evening. north winds and very light wind conditions overall. a dry atmosphere and easterly breeze as well at veterans ford. expecting more sunshine tomorrow with a possibility of a few extra clouds. as well as the easterly flow moving into tomorrow. the evening will go along but not as cool as last night. it was quite chilly and chilly fast. 69 degrees and then the computer model has a few clouds. we have seen a bit but not much. this is downtown st. petersburg. 77 degrees at 5 pm, monday of sunshine for tomorrow and most
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inland spots and closer to the east coast. 75 degrees right now, fantastic at tampa international in st. pete. dew point 54 degrees and just very comfortable temperatures. if you're going to be out this evening, know that you will be very comfortable but also if you're going to be able to to that later, it might be cooler. 73 degrees clearwater, lakeland 72 degrees, 70 degrees and dennis. the rest of the southeast fantastic travel weather. temperatures 63 degrees in airport delays, especially in laguardia. i think this is probably just as a result of a mass amount of people heading out for the holiday. also about a half-hour delay in minneapolis as a result of snow falling. we are getting under a warming trend with high pressure building in. the jet stream iliff north as warmer temperatures return by the end of the weekend into the weekend. this trough year, this weak
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temperatures but not as effective as the last front. there is the area of pressure i was talking about. you can see a few showers moving into northern california and the pacific northwest. that might turn into snow here at the sierra and then points into the cascades. you can see all the way down across the southern part of the county, we see rain but most of that snow is way up there in the upper midwest. clear ac but very comfortable conditions today. we have a hurricane, incredible. 75 miles per hour winds. there has been a rule change here if this system should head into the specific, it would retain the name as a named storm. moving west that you miles per hour, category 1, no affect on us but there is a novelty and folks in central america will have to deal with the effect, especially the high winds and mountainous areas.
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easterly flow here throughout the morning hours. plenty of sunshine and we pick up the possibility over the next couple of days of seeing extra clouds locally. wednesday, 75 degrees for a high, rainfall very low. thursday thanksgiving and by friday 81 degrees for a high temperature. the weekend looks good with that front passing through on thursday and a few extra clouds with a slight rain chance. kind of readjusts the temperatures and the dew points a little bit. wednesday and wednesday, rain chances come back with more moisture in the atmosphere.>> beautiful, thank you steve. a controversial pack is is still allowed in many florida schools but the rules could be change in. >> what the obama administration wants to throw out of classrooms.>> join me on news channel 8 38 from 8 pm to 9 pm. ahead, new details about the deadly tennessee school bus crash and the driver now charged in those deaths. donald trump now says don't lock her up. why he is backing away from one
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refrains and the hollywood man giving someone something to think about when it comes to
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now to what's making
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in a shootout the less the suspected. the driver of this suv would not pull over for a traffic violation. he led officers and deputies on a chase for 30 minutes and that driver crashed the suv and then began to shoot at police. officers responded with returned fire. a former university police officer will be tried again in the shooting death of an unarmed black man during a traffic stop in july 2015. a jury couldn't agree on a verdict in the first trial in prosecutors want to move a second file to another of ohio city either cleveland or columbus. the obama administration is calling for an end to corporal punishment in schools. they call it the practice harmful and ineffective and disproportionately applied to students of color and students with disabilities. gopro punishment is banned in 28 states and the district of
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florida. amid preparations to leave the white house, vice president joe biden found time to visit folks at a rally in washington dc. the rally was in honor of biden. organizers called it thank you, uncle joe. he stopped for a few minutes to shake hands. he has been the subject of interesting means in his time at the white house. four holdups, one suspect. clearwater police are searching for a serial robber. >> here from a store clerk store clerk who was victimized during the robbery. plush a flashlight lights up the night sky in venice. we will explain what was behind the bright light. sure there is damage to this home but if the rent is right price, why not? winter haven family found out it was a scam and they have a warning for others. it looks fun but it can be
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they by this holiday season.>> those stories and your storm team 8 forecast and sports with dan lucas coming up on news channel 8, the station that's
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right now on news channel 8 among convenience store clerks. why police want him behind bars as soon as possible. how a couple looking for a home to rent is out hundreds of dollars. holiday hazards. which toys were put on the naughty list this year. i'm keith cate>> and i'm stacie schaible. four stores robbed in 24 hours. clearwater police think the same guy is behind all of them. now they are working hard to
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clearwater. do we know if the thief is armed? >> reporter: well, police say that he walks in acting like he does have some type of weapon. they haven't been able to prove that, just like he did when he walked into this convenience store. he went around the back of the store, made his way to the front of the register, and that's where he made his move. police say this man is clearwater. >> we are extremely concerned about the amount of times that this individual is hitting convenience stores. >> reporter: the suspect rob four locations within 24 hours. this clerk was terrified when he came in the market yesterday morning holding what looked like a weapon. >> he said open the register and that's pretty much when he pulled the gun at me but the gun was inside the sleeves. >> reporter: in the video, she tries to hide as the brazen


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