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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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clearwater. do we know if the thief is armed? >> reporter: well, police say that he walks in acting like he does have some type of weapon. they haven't been able to prove that, just like he did when he walked into this convenience store. he went around the back of the store, made his way to the front of the register, and that's where he made his move. police say this man is clearwater. >> we are extremely concerned about the amount of times that this individual is hitting convenience stores. >> reporter: the suspect rob four locations within 24 hours. this clerk was terrified when he came in the market yesterday morning holding what looked like a weapon. >> he said open the register and that's pretty much when he pulled the gun at me but the gun was inside the sleeves. >> reporter: in the video, she tries to hide as the brazen
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register and grabbed the money himself. that's when people started running from the deli trying to pretty much catch him. >> reporter: his spree began monday morning at 3:19 am. investigators say he had this speedway and short plea -- shortly before 11 am, the jk food store. 15 minutes later, the rs many market. 2 am this morning, he is back on through street at the 7- eleven. >> i hope police catch them soon. he needs to be behind bars doing stuff like this to us. >> he hasn't been violent but you don't know when a person might snap and when somebody resists or says or does the wrong thing who knows what he might do. took the suspect has been captured on surveillance camera all around town.
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light blue in color and want anybody who knows this suspect to go ahead and give them a call. >> and the sheriff's office is also involved? >> reporter: they are because one of the cases is in their jurisdiction. they are working with the clearwater police department hoping that somebody recognizes this man.>> live in clearwater, jamel lanee', thank you. new informatio five children in tennessee yesterday. investigators believe the 24- year-old driver was speeding. here is his picture. his name is johnthony walker. he is facing five counts of vehicular homicide and other charges. that chattanooga crash is bringing back horrible memories for parents in odessa
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there were 30 children on that bus but none were seriously hurt. one parent, breaking into tears about hearing about that chattanooga crash. another parent told us this is just a reminder for all parents to ask questions. >> one of the things i would definitely like to have from hillsborough county is a whose the driver will be what their driving record is, and i drive by that pond every single day when i come home. every now and then it does come back to my mind. >> the driver in this case was cited and is district. lake wales police are searching for the man who tried to run down one of their officers. they have an arrest warrant for julian bird. police tried to pull him over during a traffic stop on friday but he sped off and at one point they told us he drove directly at a lake wales detective, narrowly missing him. he has an extensive criminal record. four teenagers busted for trying to still more than $1000 worth of stuff from old maybe. employees cut the suspects in the act so they dropped the
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of hitting an employee in the face. and now a news channel 8 warning. it winter haven couple signed the lease to their new home only to find out they had been scammed. they spent every dollar they had to pay their first month rent. but now it's all gone. melissa marino is joining us with this story and these scams are probably going to try this somewhere else. >> reporter: that's right. the couple found an add about a unavailable home. they thought they did everything right but got scammed. kassidy got the keys to her new home and couldn't wait to move in. >> 650 -- $650 a month for this property and $550 if you can pay the property yourself.>> reporter: the winter haven address was listed for sale or free on a facebook yard sale
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>> we came to the property and met her here. she had a lease written up with a fake lawyer. anything that would make it look legit. she asked for proof of income, ids, like it seemed unreal. truck turns out it was too good to be true. >> after i came here with my stuff i was told by the back neighbor that she actually got evicted three days ago. >> reporter: the unit was actually owned by this man, i'm near -- a me >> so they did this he legally. >> yes, this is my house. >> reporter: now the bogus seller is nowhere to be found. so how can you avoid getting scammed? research on property appraisers can help you contact a professional and find out who owns the property. kassidy hopes her story spares others from losing their hard
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i wouldn't want to see anyone else go through this. i cried for hours sitting here. >> reporter: now the couple is out nearly $600 right before christmas. >> and police are now involved in this? >> reporter: yes, winter haven police are investigating but it is unclear at this time if criminal charges will be filed. >> melissa marino live in lakeland. a moldy mess is forcing a pinellis county fire department to move out of its main station. east lake re buildings while repairs are made. the station on tappan lake was built in 2007 but there has been a mold and moisture problem in the attic for years. the fire district is taking legal action against the contractor in hopes of getting them to cover the cost of repairs. >> it's frustrating in the newest building of our three fire stations. i've come to know more about
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to and this is a much more frequent problem in florida down one with think. >> repairs are expected to take 3 to 4 months. it is the season of giving but for thieves, it's the season of taking. >> we're going to show you what tampa police are doing to keep crooks in line and what you can do. and which toys are on the naughty list? the popular items you may want to find when shopping for your children. what a beautiful day. below normal but ended up 77 degrees, and we will continue to warm a little bit with moisture back in the atmosphere. we will have that thanksgiving
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tampa police kicked off their annual secret santa enforcement campaign today. they will be patrolling malls and shopping centers all over the city. their message to shoppers,
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valuables locked in your trunk and out of sight. >> if they are in the mall and shopping, carry your packages with you. don't take them to the car to sit in the backseat because they are visible. >> i don't leave anything in my car, no bags, no nothing that would attract anybody. >> tampa police tell us auto burglaries are down and claim their enforcement effort is the reason why. making the thanksgiving holiday so much brighter for needier families. here is a live look at the 10th annual turkey time with the o line event at one buc place. it is live right now. the bucs of offensive lineman are handing out full thanksgiving meals to 1000 tampa bay families in need. we're talking about turkey, stuffing, cranberry cost, mashed potatoes and pies. that event runs until 7:30 pm
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temperatures make it a great time to spot them. this time of year, they are searching for warmer waters. eagle 8 hd spotted several of them in apollo beach. they are always around this place. this is just one of the many places they go and where you can watch them. for a list of viewing machines -- sites, go to plenty of people start their holiday shopping this thanksgiving holiday. >> the toys of her shopping list or at least some of them. coming up, which items experts are warning parents about and
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we've seen the video. toys meant for children catching fire from tonka trucks to hoverboards. those dangerous toys are under recall but that isn't stopping online sellers. researchers found some recalled items are still being sold online. >> and there are other toys you should alsost 8 on your side's jeff patterson joins us live from tampa tonight doing some shopping or pretend shopping anyway. truck i wish i was already doing my christmas shopping. good evening. whether you are shopping online or here at the mall, some toys can present a problem for small children. the annual report, trouble in toyland points out some major offenders. you have probably seen the
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until batteries caught fire and accidents sent people to the er. >> these continue to be a challenge. a doctor johns hopkins all children's hospital in st. petersburg sees toy related injuries all the time including children who swallowed small objects. >> most of the time they go down into the stomach. when they go into the lungs, that is serious. >> some of the toys have been recalled but can still be purchased in stores. toys with batteries and magnets i can go of the nose or down the mouth of a small child.>> the battery you will probably no sooner or later but typically this can last for weeks. a child could enjoy it and you get this foul odor. truck but there is a simple test to perform at home if you are worried about a particular
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paper roll that will show them if it goes through basically, the child can choke on it.>> reporter: florida has put out its 31st annual list of toys. including everything from beanbag chairs to bikes. chelsea underwood told us there are a few surprises on the list. >> i definitely was concerned about magnets and batteries. that is a new one for me. >> reporter: if you want to find out if a particular toy or go to the government website at they have a lot of products on their and it's worth a check out. >> what if you find out something you have is on that recall list? >> reporter: i checked it out. i looked at several products and it tells you what the problem is with the product and what you can do about it. usually it sends it back to the manufacturer but very important if you have a small child and you have a question, go to
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>> jeff patterson live at the mall. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve.>> a very dry atmosphere. didn't expect much in the way of precipitation, max defender 8 not predicting much right now. we may see a few sprinkles as a result of an easterly flow. before the thanksgiving forecast, this incredible video of last night. that flash of light in the sky is believed to be a fireball, which is brighter than a usual meteor. a venice police officer stash cam captured the video last night at 11:17 pm when the city of venice posted on their facebook page. and check out this security camera video from largo. christopher sent us this shot of the fireball in the sky last night. if you saw this last night, you
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some folks did contact us with this but checking online on that fireball site, it was also seen in both georgia and alabama. a lot of folks did detect this last night. quite an event. 69 degrees at hula bay. what a beautiful post twilight area. images have been pleasant today. ended up with 77 degrees for a high. 81 degrees for thanksgiving. comfortable temperatures and a foggy star returning moisture on easterly flow. we will see that come out as fog around the area. 58 degrees at 7 am, 79 degrees at 4 pm for tomorrow. should be another nice day, warmer feeling but very pleasant weather. crystal river, 61 degrees, but to 70 degrees, sarasota 72 degrees and clearwater 68 degrees. these are the current temperatures across the country.
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cooler than the state of florida. these are the travel delays. these are a result of snow around minneapolis. these are a result of people probably, just a lot of folks headed out to laguardia, well over a couple hours delay it looks like. we can see rain showers mostly. seattle, portland, washington oregon, that area of the country, except this area of low pressure. wisconsin and minnesota, further south main primarily but nothing heavy, no strong thunderstorms and you can see across the state of florida. great weather for traveling. dry air high above in the atmosphere. a big reason why this is in the high levels of the atmosphere. we have a hurricane and this is rather unusual. the latest hurricane to form in this part of the caribbean on record. a category one storm passing
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hurricane watches are in place with 75 miles per hour winds as hurricane auto is an oddity -- hurricane auto is an oddity -- hurricane auto -- otto is an oddity continued to move across the pacific the same is true for thanksgiving morning. 81 degrees for the high on thanksgiving, friday times about the same. then another weak front for saturday. that will roll in and readjust the temperatures. not expecting much in the way of precipitation along this boundary. we're just not developing enough moisture ahead of these fronts to squeeze any rain out. temperatures next week to close to normal. >> the turkey doesn't seem to mind. >> he is happy as long as he is
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coming up in sports, a buccaneers player suspended for the next four games. >> dan lucas tells us what happened and what the bucs are
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls
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it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. it has happened again to the bucs. a defensive player nabbed for failing the performance enhancement drug test in the nfl. quarterback judon marina suspended but he is not appealing the ruling. he could return after the bucs play the dallas cowboys on
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who left sunday's game with an injured quad. for now, his spot on the active roster is filled by javianne oliver, promoted from the practice squad. if this turns out to be another spell -- sports drink snafu, it would be stunning. that is what happened to kwon alexander who missed the final four games of the season. players supported alexander and they will do the same for him but this is two bucs players cut by the nfl and two years. the hits just kee the bucs placed benjamin gottschalk on the game today. josh allen gets promoted to the active roster, starting guard kevin penfield hopes to return this week from a concussion. the lightning are back on home ice following a very successful 4 to 1 road trip but it did not feel like a good trip monday night. they fell behind early and
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against nashville. what had bolts players and fans upset was an incident late in the 3rd period. tape -- j.t. brown took an elbow to the head. brown put a hit on ellis early in the game so this was retribution. but in the end it did not erase the poor performance by the bolts.>> there was more to be said for the 1st period. it was i don't know, just one of os to get the lead and we didn't get it. we kicked the first one in our own net. >> you know, i think at the end, stuff like that shouldn't happen. that's the rest of the game. you get calls, sometimes they don't go your way.>> blindsided elbow to the head. that's something that can be
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by the way these two teams play again in tampa in january. >> get your tickets now. finally tonight, a new attraction just opened today in the tampa bay area and it's sure to have thrillseeker's with their heads in the clouds. once you put on this flight suit, you step inside a glass tube and it's going to give you the ability to fly some 70 feet into the air and more than 100 meet me. it's everything you want as a thrillseeker. that's anthony he is one of the first to take flight in the suit. this is one of the coolest things he says he has ever done. it's open seven days a week. >> i'm guessing he is happy you had a helper. >> he has somebody helping him. i think we know now. >> that's how we come to the set. we fly down.
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news is coming up next. >> we will see you back here at
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tonight, school bus tragedy. the disturbing record of the driver of a school bus that crashed, killing five children. as our investigation reveals, an alarming number of school bus drivers who may b travel nightmare, the storms that could make things miserable for millions of americans traveling this thanksgiving week. about face. the president-elect backs off his promises to investigate hillary clinton and says the law is on his side, when it comes to conflicts of interest. cancer message. the passionate plea from a hollywood star for men to get the test that may have saved his life. and high honors for an extraordinary


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