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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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sleeping bags, tense, and credit cards. it's that time of year again. we are talking about black friday. wait until you hear about the reason one black friday camper is looking for a new tv. i am ryan carter. >> i'm jenn holloway. if you are not first you are last is the theory of a lot of black friday shoppers. they are giving up their
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is a good deal. candace mccowan joins us live at best buy. the word is some have started camping there as early as last week. is that right? >> reporter: they got a big jump on it. they started camping out last week, last thursday. they have had chilly temperatures in the past week but many didn't start setting up until well past 24 hours. >> i've been starting to think we've got some sabotage. first time camping out for a black friday deal and he is suspicious.>> i don't know if anybody snapped my tent or not but it definitely wasn't broken when i came out here. >> reporter: you could say that things getting snapped is the reason chris is here. >> it's not just the deal. my ex-girlfriend broke my tv so i'm here to get another tv and it should last me about six years. >> reporter: you got to watch out for the girlfriends. >> i'll have to watch out for them for a while. >> reporter: and with this
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managers at best buy tell me the deals are why this line started last week. >> this is the best i've seen about four years for us and tvs is where it's at. >> reporter: while these tvs have been here for a week, we had trouble finding the campus. a couple of chairs were set up outside the brandman store. we waited for the shoppers but they were mia also. managers at best buy tell me there are some black friday them to stay in their tent. >> reporter: chris assures me he only leads to grab food, staying close to guard his 10th and soon his new tv. >> ricky bobby. if you're not first, your last. >> reporter: there you have it. if you're not first, you are last. campus tell me they haven't spent many nights out here but they will be sleeping out here tonight. as far as the doors at best
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the cooking, grab their good deal and make it home in time for dinner. >> despite those campers, it's already pretty busy not just at best buy but a lot of other stores. >> reporter: absolutely. i was shocked to see how busy it was. they started many of their black friday deals last week. many people are coming in now to check out those deals and coming to scope out the location of the items they want to pick up tomorrow so they can get them pretty quickly. >> candace mccowan live fo stores will be open for shopping tomorrow and which ones will be closed. you can find the list on our website clearly, black friday is important to many people but some experts believe the tradition may be fading away. 22% of adults say they will shop the day after thanksgiving according to bank rate, which is down from 28% in 2014. more retailers are offering
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reason. >> but we're finding out is last year, the saturday before christmas, which we preferred to super saturday -- referred to as super saturday was actually bigger. brick and mortar won't go away. >> despite fewer shoppers hitting the malls, black friday is not expected to be a bust. the federal retail association expects an increase of sales of about 40% over last year. thanksgiving travel is heating up. airline ticketing stations were pretty busy at tampa international airport but we did not see any lines out the door. arrival and departure's showed a few delays but no mass cancellations so far. let's go to chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> we are keeping an eye on travel commissions at major airports around the country. any big delays?>> just a few of the major airports.
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related but we also have if a lot of people at the airports. we saw that in los angeles and new york yesterday. this is chicago and in the annapolis. probably less than a half-hour at these locations back everything else is moving pretty fine. as we look ahead, this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. there are delays likely around those areas in the great lakes where you could potentially see snow are very heavy rain and some of those spots. some de new york potentially related to lake effect snow. in the northwest, a new storm is bringing rain and wind, mountain snow to the area. we saw that in the cascades. our temperatures have been pleasant around much of the country for that period of time and across the u.s., the rain is occurring east of chicago. some snow now is moving to the great lakes. that storm is coming to the pacific northwest. not too bad for thanksgiving
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>> we're going to check back in with you in a few minutes. a st. petersburg family brought home a newborn over the weekend only to be dealt a huge setback just a few days later. fire ripped through their home early this morning and as rhyne hughes reports, a simple gesture by a neighbor may have helped save the family. >> reporter: a boy who is just four days old was inside this home when somebody knocked on the back door to let em mark had just laid his son down to sleep on his stepdaughter frantically ran into the room. >> my stepdaughter came and woke me up. somebody was knocking on the door saying the back porch was on fire. >> reporter: he confirmed the fire, which was spreading and devouring the back part of the house on 53rd more than st. petersburg.>> i got my newborn and rushed outside. >> reporter: he tried to put
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water but to no avail. moments later, the fire department got it under control. >> i believe we would have been smoked out. all that smoke probably would have killed my kid. >> reporter: in the end, everyone is okay including the four day-old boy thanks to the quick actions of a neighbor. >> everybody is safe. i'm all right. >> reporter: it is believed an electrical issue started the fire. astronauts on board the international space station will be celebrating thanksgiving dinner with everything except gravity. they will still have gravy. an astronaut recorded all the courses including turkey, berry cobbler, green beans, and seven sweet tea. >> i am from atlanta has so i can't have thanksgiving dinner without some sweet tea and in our case we have sweet tea with women.
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thanksgiving around 2:30 pm eastern time tomorrow. they will even get to watch live football from mission control and then drift into a turkey induced sleep. tomorrow, millions of americans are going to line the parade route in new york for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> coming up next, the linse are being deflated and security will be tight. how the big apple is keeping this event safe. a once-in-a-lifetime moment caught on camera in the sky. scientists explain why this viral video of a meteor is so special. >> that and more coming up. you are watching news channel 8, the station that is always
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hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit >> tomorrow, millions of americans are going to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on news channel 8 that's right and tonight the inflating of the parade's famous balloons are now underway. even amid the festive atmosphere, it's going to be tight. jay gray has a closer look at security. >> reporter: good evening. it is evening here in the city as crews continue to get things ready, blowing up these balloons before they bring them out tomorrow morning. crews are creating magic in manhattan tonight. the inflation on the eve of the 90th enrolled macy's thanksgiving parade, a holiday tradition will bring more than 3 million people out along the streets of new york tomorrow with more than 50 million
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and what they will see are 60 giant balloons including the return of charlie brown and the debut of the trolls multicharacter balloon. the celebration will also feature 27 smaller balloons, and marching bands from across the country. >> it's a dream come true for me to be here at the parade and to watch my daughter dance and is extra special. will be stepped up security after an online article from isis suggesting the parade would be a "excellent target." a former federal agent says the post is troubling them something they dealt with for past parades. >> the nypd and jt tfr second to none when it comes to addressing threats like this. >> reporter: new yorkers say it won't change the way they spend their holiday. >> it's the best thing in the world and i understand we have threats but we have protection so we are okay.
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tradition. things kick off at 9:00 tomorrow . clouds will start together overnight, hoping to secure the best spot to see things along the 3 mile parade route. jay gray, news channel 8. >> and a reminder to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on news channel 8. it starts tomorrow morning at 9 am. we hope you and your families will join us for this festive thanksgiving tradition. a meteor that lit up the night sky on monday night still has a lot of folks in the bay area talking. according to the american meteor society, 150 people reported seeing the fireball. dozens of people flooded social media timelines with pictures and videos of that. jamel lanee' is joining us from the south florida museum where scientists cannot stop talking about this.>> reporter: that's
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of meteors are very common. we just typically don't see them because it usually happens in the daytime or out over the ocean but monday night we got look -- we got lucky. monday night, a meteor lit up the sky. that is when this police officer saw it. >> i was driving west over to the island of venice. the engineer of my car lit up really bright and i looked up and it looked like there was just a little firework over to my left. >> reporter: one of the fi >> it was going down very slowly and then i drove over the bridge and saw another officer so i spoke to him. he said the same thing. he said he thought he was crazy. >> reporter: turns out they weren't the only ones seeing things. dozens let the cameras roll not knowing they would capture the meteor later. jeff rogers with the bishop planetarium says this one entered the atmosphere the size of a soccer ball you the keys.
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it starts to burn up and that gives you the light show. until it got just of a maria island erin bennett was done. >> reporter: although it appeared close, we were never in any danger. >> it may look like you can count -- reach out and touch them but those are 80 miles out. very rarely do these become meteorites and make it to the surface. and now to authorities and hillsborough county have arrested a murder suspect who was wanted in a deadly shooting in st. petersburg earlier this afternoon. this is a live look from eagle 8 hd in hillsboro county. the victim who police describe as an elderly man was shot in a home on 44th avenue north in st. pete. that man died of his injuries. the scene you're looking at now is and hillsborough county where that suspect has been
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8, the world's most powerful radar and chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> we have added moisture back into the atmosphere but you can tell by looking at max defender 8 it's a pretty quiet day so we're not expecting much in the way of precipitation expect -- except on saturday as a cold front approaches. we also got another approach happening with the moon and jupiter. a nice-looking planet there. this is early thursday thanksgiving. it starts 6:44 am. if you want to try to check that out, this guy should be clear. might be a few clouds but that should give you decent night sky watching. 70 degrees at st. pete beach with some wind. we pick up the clouds as compared to yesterday which was very much sunny. at new port richey, 68 degrees. that the flag going here. a little bit of movement with the wind but it's not
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similar looking sky after sunset. we have clear sky areas and some of the cloudiness should you road as we head out to the morning hours. and then the overnight hours. 72 degrees at freedom plaza and partly cloudy conditions. beautiful sunrise shot. this is like parker. this was circle b or reserve in lakeland yesterday. 81 degrees thursday, thanksgiving we have a cold front headed our way and readjust the highs a little bit. site rain chances through this period. at 3 pm, 81 degrees, 63 degrees and a little warm this time of year for a low. 77 degrees at the airport right now. a lot of activity no doubt. the dew point is higher today, 58 degrees in st. pete, 73 degrees with a dew point of 59 degrees. high pressure continues to dominate, some more cloudiness
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area compared to yesterday but high pressure is definitely sending more of a southeasterly flow and in a couple days we will start to pick up more low- level moisture which will lead to morning fog tomorrow morning. high above in the atmosphere, dry air being chased away by high-level moisture. hurricane otto is now a tropical storm but could become a hurricane again potentially near costa rica. that's where this mornings are up. hurricane winds in this area. the pacific would remain the name of otto . it used to be named a brand-new name for the pacific basin but that's not the case now. a few calls around this evening. a few clouds overnight but low clouds, morning fog possible. we talked about that with the return of some of that moisture. thanksgiving day, warm, holiday staying rain free. a few clouds would overall very
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love this stuff and you will too. saturday and sunday, a slight adjustment in temperatures thanks to that's light rain chance on saturday with that weak front moving into the area [ gobble ]. early next week, temperatures in the low 80s with a higher rain chance long- term on wednesday. he's got to make a run for it. he does not have much time left. >> i'm going to miss out on friday. we should just put that in every weather forecast. after eating salsa. >> the search for the man police think is intentionally tainting food at multiple places in california. join us for news channel 8 at 8:00 on great 38 every night from 8 pm to 9 pm. on nightly news, the busiest holiday travel weekend in years with millions on the road this thanksgiving holiday. we will tell you what you might be up against. president-elect trump names two
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and we have an exclusive for you with the nypd bomb
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being shot in the head. calling rose was investigating a suspicious man on a bicycle when he was shot last night. police have a suspect in custody but he has yet to be charged. the giant kansas waterslide where a 10-year-old boy died is going to be taken down. schlitterbahn waterpark's announced they will decommission the slide. investigators are still working to determine what caused caleb schwab's fatal neck injury california sent a 12-year-old to the hospital. police believe a man put something in the salsa bar that sickened the boy. investigators think the same man was seen on surveillance video a week ago putting a substance onto a grocery store hot food bar. the fbi is now part of the search for this man. president obama's plan to expand over time has been blocked by federal court. right now, employers can skip overtime for salaried workers
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workers eligible for overtime pay. a judge decided the department of labor rules exceeds the agency the department is given by congress. a family cat is recovering after a long nine days stuck on top of a power pole. the cap urged 45 feet in the air. his name is that boy. his owners did everything to get him down bribing him with fo, after nine days, utility workers stepped in, deenergized the poll and used a cat carrier and that boy came down immediately. he ate and he is not going to be okay.>> news channel 8 at 6:00 is coming our way. >> the night before thanksgiving is sometimes referred to as the drunkest night of the year. >> as law enforcement works to keep the road safe from drunk drivers, a tampa bar is getting an unwelcome distinction.
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travel day. we will show you how things are going at tampa international tonight. a sebring veteran was denied for years but it changed when target 8 got involved. a corrections officer just became a world champion weightlifter at the age of 81. it's only a small part of his
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right now on news channel 8 at 6:00: >> a mad dash to get home for the holiday. how things are moving on the roads and in the skies on this, the eve of thanksgiving. >> in a south tampa bar has a new title and it's not a good one. which places being singled out
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thanks to the help of target 8. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> we do begin with an update on breaking news. eagle 8 hd is above the scene of a homicide arrests that went down the middle of a very busy roadway. you're looking live at the intersection of mlk boulevard and u.s. route 301 and hillsborough county. the person was wanted in a deadly shooting in st. petersburg earlier this afternoon. eagle 8 hd in st. petersburg just a little over an hour ago and the victim described as an elderly man was shot in a home and died of his injuries. tonight, a new number one in tampa bay but this top spot kind of hits rock bottom. the stats are out on which they area bar ranks the highest in duis. melanie michael is live on the busiest party night of the year. what's the new number one?


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