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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at
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driver who ran over a young boy and left him in a pool of blood. this all happened a couple of weeks ago just off havana avenue. as rod carter shows us he got a big buccaneer surprise. >>reporter: darryle ortega and his family pulled up outside one buc place they had no idea that i simple tour would turn a car a couple of weeks ago and left in a pool of blood. >> assuring from a concussion. >>reporter: one buck was his his very first venture out. he got a chance to see the practice field. >> nice to meet you bro. how y'all doing. >>reporter: he and his family met the key players including famous jameis and doug martin and another surprise they invited the family into the
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continued one again including a jersey and all the players signing his cast. it's an emotional step on his long road to recovery. >> encouraging him to juan to reach the next system even if just two more steps today the buccaneers hats played a ginormous part in my baby's recovery. i'll be eternally grateful. >> a pinellas busted his boat on a drunken joyride running into docks and slamming into boats along the way. >>reporter: the boat tore through tearing this dock apart. pinellas county deputies say 44- year-old robert heart was intoxicated going on joyride in boca ciega bay. he slammed into this dock tearing it up and kept going driving into another dock.
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took out 7 more docks. >>reporter: he damaged a few other boats along the way. authorities caught up with heart at a marina where they charged him with boating under the influence and leaving the scene of a crash. >> just scary, just frightening. it makes you so angry that somebody would do something like that. >> you never think that you would actually witness something like that happening. >>reporter: the owner of this dock is surprisingly not an requiremenhe one was hurt. john rogers news channel 8. >> thanksgiving came very close to turning deadly for a volusia county couple because of their son. deputies arrested edwin daughtry after he got into an argument with his parents at dinner. he reportedly stabbed them multiple times. the horrifying incident happened in front of friends and family who were there for holiday meal. he's facing two counts of attempted murder. shoppers are not the only ones looking for deals this
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stepping up patrols for the holiday shopping season. this means additional officers can be seen patrolling on foot, on bike, even from up above. jamel lanee' spoke to police officers who show us what they are doing and they are doing their best to keep you and your belongings safe this holiday season. >>reporter: aaron knows he could be taking a risk as he heads into the mall to do black friday shopping. >> when you park your car security whether it be golf cart or something like this that hess make sure that your car is safe while you're doing your shopping. >>reporter: the busiest shopping holiday of the year brings out extra reinforcements. more officers patrolling through the parking lots and watching from above. >> with an elevated platform it gives you a better opportunity for people to see people behaving suspiciously. >>reporter: the sky watch tower gives officers a 360
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belongings and themselves. >> number one first and foremost you have to lock your doors. you have skill acts and opportunity. opportunities the only thing the victims can control you can't control an individual's skill you can't control his ability or his desire. the only thing you can control if you put the bait out there they will jump on it. the rough riders are kicking off the annual john winter teddy bear roundup. they will be collecting december 19th. it's an all volunteer effort and involves hundreds of rough riders in every year we give out thousands and thousands of teddy bears to children and hospitals centers for abused women and children the family court system the special olympics and the veterans hospitals. and we wouldn't be able to do it without the generosity of the public donating bears to the rough riders in order for tholes us to give them to those individuals. >> you can get involved for a
7:06 pm simply search for the john winter teddy bear roundup. >> in the weather office upstairs we're already running out of desk space. >> you're packed. >> already. we want to film it to the ceiling. make sure udoh nature those teddy bears. weather wise it's been really kind of perfect around our area. thanksgiving was great, friday just as nice. it's been a little built warm. max defender 8 showing we are good to go this evening in terms of your rain. though rain expected for this evening. a bit of fog late tonight. stand right now. here's your metro cast. we will have scattered clouds through the night at 9:00 we're at 70. cooling will be slow shred he it will be a warm start tomorrow. 64 there will be patchy fog inland but by the afternoon that's gorgeous. lots of sunshine and 679 still slightly above average. i look for rain not too good over the next few days but then as we start going into the middle of next week that's what we're watching. a stronger system looks to roll
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better chance of rain we'll start to see rain chance is up to 20%. could be even higher by the time we roll towards thursday. we'll talk about that also going to break down the forecast for those college football games that are being played this week coming up in your full forecast. if you have some budding little scientists maybe even some engineers at home christmas can be a great time to encourage interest. we're going to show you how some great science and tech together toits are trick. plus, if you use those powdered carpet cleaners you want to stay tuned for a important
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the holidays are a great time to equipment the laboratories of our little scientist and
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lot of toys to encourage kids to learn about stem. science technology engineering and math. what's popular this year. >>reporter: stem toys are all about enter active play. i found out what the best buys are and the good news none of them will break your budgets. this christmas robots rule. they give children of all ages hands on experience with robo robotics technology. kids 8 and up 13 but. guilty kits started fisher pride code a pillar is a program able toy for kids as young as 3 and the 50-dollar make he make he circuit board recommended by mosi innovation connects your computer if
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>> you can create a banana piano. you can create a game controller. >>reporter: building sets combine engineering, technology, math and art. also on amazon's top toys list connects swing ride set for kids 8 and up is $30. sets for younger kids boost fine floats skills and problem solving. science sets allow kids to construct engineer, explore, experi. scientific explorer my first mind blowing science kit. it's for children ages 6 and up and it's $10. microscope, a great idea this one connect to a tv for big screen exploration. it's a bigger investment at $130. >> it's a great tool and it will grow along with the child. >>reporter: a few additional tips from anthony at mosi read product product reviews learn
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you're overwhelmed visit a science center for a quick refresher. >> thank oppler at this time. protecting the first family outside the white house is not always cheap. coming up we'll tell you how much the secret service could be shelling out to stand watch over trump tower when the president visits the big apple
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the dow gained nearly 68 points, the s & p 500 was up more than 8 points. the nasdaq child 18 points overall. just when you made it through black friday amazon has already rolled out its cyber monday deems. more than 75,000 items are going to be get there, 50-inch led tvs for $149. amazon's echo speaker last year cyber monday purchases topped more than 54 million items. that clocked in at 629 per second. equipment retailer rei is pushing its customers outdoors this black friday for the second year in the row the company is using the #opt
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choose outdoor activities over shopping. some parks are offering discounts on entry fees apart of this entire movement rei says more than 2 million people so far have joined in. over half million units of some popular dry carpet cleaners are being recalled over possible bacteria in the products. affected brands include arm and hammer capture, healthy home, and many others u. manufacturers worry respiratory and other infection. recalled units were sold between july 2015 and september 2016. protecting the first family at trump tower when they are visiting or vacationing could cost taxpayers a very pretty penny. the secret service and the new york police department are are currently in lease talks with truthful tower in order to set up a command center inside the building. the agencies would neild to lease two whole entire floors.
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million per year. back in washington the first outing for the first lady the outgoing first lady welcomed the official white house christmas tree today. michelle obama was on hand as 19-foot fir tree arrived for the family's first christmas at the white house. the owners of the wisconsin refarm were also on hand. the national christmas tree association has been responsible for presenting this tree since 1966. a early christmas present starting on monday that's when tickets are going on sale for the newest film rogue one a star wars story. much anticipated prequel will feature the return of dart vader as the movie tells the story how the rebels hatched a plot to sale the plans of the death star. rogue one hits theaters in the u.s. december 16th. the big mac is getting some super size company on the menu next year. mcdonald's announcing the new
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a pound of a beef pattie available. it will be added to the burger line up and for those of you watching your waist line there will l be a mack junior a scaled down version of the big mac both will be available for a limited time in 2017. sticking to your exercise routine it could be pretty tough during the holidays but you can get creative and at the same time stay fit. experts say if you're going to go to the mall or you should park one of the get a little bit of extra walking, once you're inside make one full lap of that mall to burn calories before going back in to make your purchases. hundreds of diehard black friday shoppers were in line all night long in milwaukee for beer. the lake front breweries imperial stout it's the only brewed beer there once a year and only on black friday. only 4,000 bottles of the
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pack, that includes three 22- ounce bottles and one pint glass. it is certainly easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the shopping season, but money saved is money wasted if you regret your purchase later on. investigator shannon behnken has shopping advice for us tonight. so when the gi work out simply better call behnken s. >>reporter: have you ever had any trouble returning things. >> no i haven't. everything has been real good. the normal policy for returning is 30 days. >>reporter: that's the common belief, but not exactly true. the holiday shopping season is in full swing. >> we're spending lots of money. >>reporter: before you gobble up every deal you see, you might want to consider return policies. some stores don't allow refunds
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policy of every retailer you deal with. i made a naughty and nice list to get you started. first, for the really generous policies nordstrom there's no policy. returns are up to team members and there's no limit or receipt required. l. l. bean items can be exchanged or returned even after years of use receipts aren't even required. bed bath and beyond. there's no time limit. with issued in the original form of payment. and now for some of the worst return policies. s forever 21, you had better like what you buy there are no refunds, just store credit. k-mart, some items such as cosmetics can't be returned ever. and music, movies and video games can't be returned once they have been opened. barnes and noble, this bookseller typically has a short window of just 14 days
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january for the holidays. but it won't take back anything without a receipt. so make sure you save all of your receipts just in case you need to try to return something, but keep in mind that some stores don't allow returns even with the receipt. shannon behnken 8 on your side. if you do have a problem shannon behnken wants to hear all about it. 1-855-behnken. 1- . it is another dry evening for us here. max defender 8 right now in a clean sweep over the region. we did very few small sprinkles extreme eastern polk county earlier this afternoon but as expected with the drier air aloft the showers have had a very difficult time making the trek across the state of florida. it's mild out there, tampa
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with some areas of patchy dense fog at 8:00 a.m. it's going to warm up steadily. it will be a few degrees cooler as your temperatures generally hit 79 for the afternoon tomorrow. 69 at that time where we're at now for palm harbor odessa lutz, temple terrace 71 for tampa, 67 wesley chapel and 67 as well down in north port. here's a look at the set up. we have a cold front off to the north. it's a weak boundary. ahead of been slowly but steadily increasing our most lead to a low of patchy fog toll morning. coast slips through but we're only going to call for 10% chance a shower through the day. not so much energy with this frontal boundary. behind it though drier air, less humid air it's going to be gorgeous by sunday. great weather to get outside perhaps you want to head outside to the bucs game search afternoon. big games this weekend. duke heading down to face miami. 79 degrees them could see a
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to be playing host to uc f. 72 degrees sunny and breezy for that game. a big match up in tallahassee as the gators are heading to face the noles. 5-57. the that will be a evening gaming in tall halal. for the weekend not bad. that rain chance only 10% for tomorrow. 77 on sunday lots of dry air in applause. those numbers start to warm up quickly back in the low 70s by coach. rainess pack you to 20 to 30%. looks like we'll be -p be getting relief from mother nature to wet the cars. those car washes have been making a lot of money offer the last month. >> they certainly have. when say cold front you say lows in the -- >> not cold at all. upper 50s and just little closer to average by sunday. >> just want to clarify that for those who are visiting from
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most of us would not think this real life spiderman would have scale he sense. the 54-year-old child this barcelona skyscraper with no safety equipment involved. there is not for the first rodeo though he has also scaled the golden gate bridge the eiffel tower adn he did it harness free. at the end of one of their busiest shifts of the year a group of target employees decided to have some fun after a very stressful day. at this jersey city store employees finished up a black friday fifth shift by doing it, you guessed it, the mannequin challenge. >> of course. >> from cashing out to taking selfie hes they cap curd turd the move. good way to relieve stress from all that holiday shopping
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the customers were out. >> have you done the mannequin challenge? >> not yet. just days after appearing on "dancing with the stars." now on "extra." ? ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? >> she was america's mom on the the heart condition she'd been treating for years. >> i wound up in the emergency room. >> and from her tv kids, barry williams and maureen mccormick to her dancing family -- >> i loved her dearly. >> we remember the beloved mrs. brady. the legendary warren beatty on his first film in 15 years and being married for 24. >> how do you keep the romance alive? >> you mary annette benning.
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new clues as they're spotted together again after a secret vacation. and a new hollywood divorce that could erupt in a custody battle. then -- >> mariah. >> mario. >> mario and ms. carey. how she's spending christmas after her breakup? >> that's one of my favorite things to do. plus who she's prank calling on her new reality show? >> hi, how are you? plus hilfig hilfiger, opening his book of celebrity secrets from a j.lo and diddy crisis to the michael jackson partnership that never happened. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. before she was a top female star
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bottom. also it's not too late to get black friday bargains and this guy has every trick. but first some sad news today. here's jerry. >> just three days ago she was all smiles at the "dancing with the stars" finale. today, millions of fans around the world shocked by the sudden death of america's favorite tv mom, florence henderson. ? that's the way we all became the brady bunch ? >> in her final "extra" interview florence reminding us how she lived her life t t >> in her golden years, she was busier than ever, becoming one of the oldest contestants to compete on "dancing with the stars," dazzling fans with moments like this. >> i had a blast. i've loved every minute of this. >> her dancing partner sending us this video message for us to play on "extra" today. >> i love her dearly, and she always spread her love to everyone around her. >> henderson battled heart disease for years.


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