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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Saturday  NBC  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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cuban exiles are celebrating in the streets. celebrating a new cuba, that is going to be free, that is going to be democracy. the question now, what happens next? we'll talk one on one with an outspoken critic of the regime, his take on future relations. good evening i'm rob carter fidel castro died last night he was 90 years d his brother current president raul castro made that announcement on cuban television for some time it is for some, i should say it is a time of sadness there were candles lit in churches flags flying at half staff in his memory, ceremony will take place on
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island nation as they seized property and jailed distants, you were there for all of this, what's been the over all feeling where you are? i can tell you it is definitely electric 24 hours learned of the death they continue to come out here to little havana the famous cuban restaurant where they gather daily for coffee happening in this community for decades now the talk all about of course the death of fidel castro you can see lots of smiles in the crowds out here that's on the surface when you scratch the surface you see emotions here run very, very deep. >> they have been waiting for this news for decades sharing moments with her sister and niece but there is someone missing. my mom died two years ago she wasn't able to see this.
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the cemetery and put her with a cuban and american flag. >> how special would this have been for her? >> i'm sure she is celebrating. saturday night hundreds celebrated if not thousands singing the unofficial anthem of cuban exiles a song of freedom. the artist himself joining the celebration but for cuban american david sarco the focus isn't on celebrity he passed away a couplemonths ago always said he would love to have seen this day, kind of representing my family and him by being here. the multitude of miami cubans hopeful that the death of the face of the cuban revolution will lead to change, for now they are living this moment while remembering those from their past. >> he has done so much damage to the families to the whole
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have to celebrate his death. >> back here live, to commemorate what they are calling a celebration check this out, this is a one sheeter teaser that the miami herald put out, says castro died you see the spanish daily, very straight to the point literally one word. muerto, dead. promising complete coverage in the sunday edition. community in miami continues to celebrate the death of fidel castro, rob, back to you. gene ramirez, thank you very much. reaction to fidel's castro is mixed cuban americans remember the dictator and they are rejoicing feeling a new era is about to begin. that's where we find chip
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people here at tampa international airport passengers coming from cuba are still frankly letting this soak in wondering what is next for their homeland. since tampa international began charter service in 2011, more than 300,000 people have traveled from tampa to the island nation on saturday morning two flights arrive from cuba eastern flight 3192 and american flight 9473. as were hugs and kisses and conversation. what will the future hold for cuba now that fidel castro has passed? patty rodriguez was there when the news broke. >> it was something really emotional. i don't know how to say it, like we were there when this happened and it is really nice. tampa has one of the largest cuban american populations in the u.s. tampa
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statement of hope quote they have never strayed from the belief that one day cuba would again be free the passing offers hope that one day the cuban people will enjoy the benefits of a free and democrat society juan guzman hopes castro's death will mean better relations. >> for the community and the united states that's more better to have an approach not to be fighting. the bottom line is this there is still so many questions out there, this news just breaking today a lot of folks are wondering will change happen right away or will the country stay on its course that it is on right now. frankly, that may be why
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chip osowski reporting for us. thank you very much. vastly different responses from the president and president elect, barack obama extending quote a hand of friendship to cuba to avoiding any mention of castro's human rights, instead with the focus two years ago to normalize relations with the island nation. initially president elect trump tweeted fidel dead and he was a brutal dictator with firing squads and suffer. tweeting out that president obama issued a pathetic statement on death of dictator fidel castro with no mention of who he killed and imprisoned we'll bring you updates online please stay with for the latest.
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another person critically injured after a shooting at a mall in broward county, police confirming that a jewelry store owner shot one of his employees and turned the gun on himself the owner died at the scene the employee tonight is in critical condition. >> friends and family pay their final respects to the last of the original airman he died of 101. he was a master sergeant tuskege airman, the aviation squad in the u.s. army. he walked from his home to a church a walk he had taken on sundays for more than 50 years. >> he served his country with an airman, continued to be a vibrant part, a father, a
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saint petersburg museum of history. fidel castro's death with a change of demand, we'll talk one on one with the bay area attorney about this delicate moment in u.s. cuban relations. also ahead, a new bug being passed around could actually make your smartphone sick what you need to know to avoid that. dryer air sets us up for a cooler start for our sunday a
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. the emny nominated actor known best for his role as ron harris on barney miller has passed away. all though best was known for barney miller, glass appeared in dozens of other shows in a television and film career that dated back he died friday after respiratory failure according to his agent he was 71 years old. all right so did you get a video on your iphone and not sure whether that video came from? under be careful before you open that there is a 5 second video being passed around causing a lot of iphones to slow down considerably before locking up all together then requiring a reset. doesn't seem to be grabbing hnida ta from the phone the
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. the death of fidel castro amplifies the efforts to restore u.s. relations as both countries undergo transitions tampa attorney ralph fernandez has been a critic for years today i talk with him via skype about castro's death and what that means for cuban relations. what were your thoughts when you heard fi passed away? >> it was 52 years too late with the damage and destruction it is well-received news. what does the future hold now. there is an opportunity for change i'm not that optimistic we kind of bailed him out a year and a half ago i don't think it was a prudent course of action to follow shortly
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continued opening did not promote change i don't necessarily believe or accept that donald trump will keep his promise related to cuba. speaking of donald trump what do you expect is going to happen here in the next 90 days as he begins his transition in office with respect to cuba? first you have to look at the cuban side raul now can try to consolidate his power until the last breath of castro everybody was in fe have made changes up to that moment i think whether he was trying to send a message there had been change in exchange for any concessions. we had the first commercial flights heading into cuba what's your thoughts on that? not going to change from what i said to the presidency,
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mistake, a political mistake it awakened the dead of the age cuban american community voted a 93% clip against hillary clinton any additional funding to cuba at this point in time, any discussions of opening up and continuing that path is going to create for problems the money going in is not filtering the cuban people the agencies that will col the members of the opposition so the more are hurting our own cause. now max defender 8 the most powerful radar. a cold front made its way through the tampa bay area you probably didn't notice not a whole lot do it we did see extra clouds around beyond caught a fantastic time lapse from apollo beach of the setting sun illuminating some
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into our facebook page, that front is well to our south dryer air filtering in to the tampa bay area you'll notice that with our temperatures cooler in the last few nights that red and orange working its way southward is that dryer air heading our way temperatures dropping 63 degrees in tampa 64 middle 50s in our northern spots those locations likely dropping into the upper 40s during the over night hours with clearing skies for tampa we'll see temperatures dropping into the 50s by lunchtime tomorrow back in the mid-70s eventually heading for a high temperature in the middle and upper 70s close to 80 degrees back into the low 80s through the first half of the upcoming
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this cold front temperatures staying well above average max defender 8 as that front made its through not enough atmospheric moisture to get a few showers going could we use them get that dryer air filtering in a bright start cooler and then just a few clouds for the afternoon breezy and mild with temperatures a few degrees above average a fantastic day for football if you're tailgating temperatures in the middle and upper 70s breezy there is yo our atmospheric moisture starting to recover for the first part of the upcoming workweek peeking by thursday that has a chance of bringing rainfall with a 20% rain chance on thursday as that front makes its way through we've seen a total of .01 the last six weeks
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the airport. the teddy bear round up is underway partnering to bring brand new teddy bears they go to children who will be spending the holidays in the hospital ape cross the bay area a great program through the holidays if you can take part in it dryer air filtering in clearing skies upper 50s tomorrow extended forecast in december, first on thursday that is your best rain chance is 20% but all we've got we didn't have a whole lot of luck with these cold fronts in november. slim chances but we'll take it. coming up next in sports the bulls take with ucf at ray- j, is it enough to reach the
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. the usf bulls have already matched the best win total in school history how sweet would
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war on i4 this time the bulls could sneak into that american conference title game with a win needed some health as well. marlins, macs bulls trailing early, 7-0. just give it to mac let them find the hole. 43 yards makes it look easy 7-7 at that point. next possession for ucf, it is a disaster fumble on the toss and there is the max getting warmed up 17-7. waiting for the hole to develop. horrible tackling but 56 yards on that touch down 24-7 here comes the ucf. a reverse to peyton. then splits the defense
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catch that's a 10 point game. third quarter defense however it is not a pass, flowers going to take it down the right side of the keepers a 62-yard touch down 34-14. knights have gotten it to within a touch down flowers seals it with a 24-yard score and ice bath coming up 48-31 your final, usf wins the i-4. unfortunately for the bulls they'll not play in next weekend's american conference championship game they clinched a win over east carolina only lost in conference play to temple. the florida gators are heading to the championship game but tonight they hope to end a three year losing skid to arch rival florida state. the seminoles lost three games in the acc but have a chance to
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finish for them, it is getting late in tallahassee, florida state up 24-13, the knolls were up big but fumbled a punt th gator not getting it done, knolls up 24-13. miami hosting duke today, brad on the brink of cane's history, here strike to walton, miami down early, takes the lead on that touch down for good then it is david, 76 yards now kia becomes miami's all time leader in passing yards in this game. canes win 421 but you go through the history of miami football, rod, i mean, hall of famer, type quarterbacks kia
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. tonight's winning lottery numbers, pick four, 9, 7, 2, 5. and fantasy five, 3, 17, 26, 29, 36. lotto, and power ball. 17, 19, 21, 37, 44, and the power we were just talking about our tennessee friends. >> indeed. >> lost to vanderbilt. that's all the time we have, that's your sports segment good night. >> good evening from longwood


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