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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> a changeup and leadership in the catholic ur one diocese in florida. >> i am jennifer leigh and i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. >> after serving the pensacola- tallahassee area, pope francis called bond bishop gregory parkes to come to the bay area and service senior bishop of the second largest diocese in the state. anthony allred joins us now live from the diocese of st. petersburg and i understand she parks -- bishop parkes is no stranger to the tampa bay area.
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florida from this one. from up in tallahassee where he recently served as bishop to daytona beach where he was in community college and all the way to tampa, south tampa where he served in a church, he has put down roots all over the state of florida. and now he says that he got his calling from right here in tampa bay.>> you as much joy and happiness as this great diocese has brought to me. >> reporter: with a heavy heart, retiring bishop robert lynch introduced his successor to a small group of loyal parishioners. >> welcome. >> [ applause ]>> reporter: and with that, bishop gregory parkes will soon become the new leader of the second largest diocese in the state. >> know that i am very grateful to the holy father, pope francis for this appointment. >> reporter: bishop parkes is no stranger to the area. he worked in the banking industry in tampa and attended
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>> in a certain sense, the origin, the foundation of my vocation, was discerned here in our diocese. >> reporter: as for parishioners after 20 years, they hate to see bishop lynch go. >> he has been very special, committed. we are going to miss him. >> reporter: but they are happy to welcome back one of their own. >> he talked about collaboration, that before he makes any decisions he wants to get to know the diocese and if that is truly the way he operates, then that is truly a continuation of the gift that we have been given. >> i have never had the opportunity to work with the bishop but i can tell by his presence and how he has brought us all together this morning that he is going to be a great addition to the diocese of st. petersburg. >> reporter: and they can't wait to have him served.
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he also got a finance degree at florida state. so you know he knows all about the state of florida and says he can't wait to hit the ground running and his ceremony is the first week of january. that is when he will take over. >> anthony allred live in st. petersburg. thank you. black friday isn't just for deals on appliances and electronics. guns are always a hot seller and this year is no di report a outfit to break down some numbers for us. >> reporter: well, call an improving economy or fear, whatever you want but gun sales here in florida are up over last year and that continues a trend. black friday business in tallahassee was steady. >> we had a lot of people starting. really more looking to see what
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surprised and sales went up. >> people have a little bit more spending money right now. >> reporter: the florida department of law enforcement ran 10,122 background checks on the big shopping day. almost 2000 more than last year's 8251. the state could be on the verge of becoming a more gun friendly with controversial legislation set to be proposed again. new state senator and former house member plans on proposing guns on campus legislation. it would allow concealed carry on college campuses. a key senator who has blocked the deal is no longer in the chamber. >> he is no longer in the senate so that's going to have impact. you have a lot of house members that have voted now in the senate. >> reporter: but not everyone is on board. carlos smith, who represents the area where the pulse nightclub shooting happened,
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>> we are going to have to play defense. there is going to be legislation backed by the gun lobby that is going to try to bring guns on college campuses. these proposals all going the wrong direction. >> reporter: fdle has already won more than 95,000 background checks this month. almost 15% more than november 2015. that awful attack at ohio state today, while that didn't involve a debate over the proposed legislation here in florida. campus attacks similar to the one like the florida state attack a couple of years ago are always excited. >> thanks matt. the first commercial flight to go from the us to havana, cuba in 50 years touched down today. cubans saluted the pact american airlines flight wife spring water from fire trucks above the plane. the usa in cuba signed a deal
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days after the death of dictator fidel castro. 8 on your side will be reporting live at from cuba to get on the ground reaction to the death of fidel castro. right now, reporter jeff patterson is in have an and we will checking with him as soon as we are able. people in one south florida neighborhood are being allowed back in their homes after an overturned fuel tanker caught fire. the tanker crashed sunday, shutting down a long stretch cape coral. all homes within 1000 m were evacuated and just when it seemed like fire crews were getting a handle on the situation, the flames reignited. >> the next thing you know everybody screams run and a catches fire. i looked over my shoulder and there was a huge fireball in the sky. >> the tanker caught fire while emergency crews were removing its battery. the cape coral fire department says an explosion is no longer possible and the scene is safe. to an 8 on your side
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new year's resolutions, one of them may he to quit smoking. cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable death in the country but it's incredibly difficult to quit. good news though. there are methods that are proven to work. >> reporter: if you're looking to quit smoking, financial incentives might be your best bet. a study published in the new england journal of medicine found that people who were motivated by money were able to quit successfully at least after 12 months. the program that worked best had people deposit $150 deposit back plus $650 more if they stayed away from smokes. a little more than 52% of participants were able to quit. but money isn't always a guarantee. another group at $800 if they refrained from smoking and didn't have to put down a deposit. only 17% of those participants were successful. nicotine replacement therapy like skin patches, lozenges,
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scientifically proven success. a scientific literature review examined more than 150 different tests for these items showing a person's likelihood of quitting my using them increased from 50% to 70% other methods that have had proven results, prescription drugs and quitting with a partner. the jury is still out on e- cigarettes. researchers aren't sure if they help smokers quit or fuel in your addiction. there are lots of quit smoking including on the websites of the cdc, the american heart association, and at ever wonder how amazon shifts so many different products so quickly? >> on cyber monday, 8 on your side got a look inside a local amazon facility. have robots and people are working hard for you. also ahead, a man annoyed with package thieves leaves an extra important delivery on his
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eagle 8 hd is brought to you by your local suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit >> nbc's the voice begins its finale two weeks from today. tonight, remaining artists are performing once again hoping to earn america's vote. stephanie stanton has a preview from los angeles. soundstage. >> reporter: with just three weeks left, it is a big week for the voice. the stakes are higher because tomorrow we say goodbye to not one but two artists. last week, tensions were running very high when both of team miley's artists landed in the bottom two. it was the second week in a row, aaron was on the chopping block.>> ?
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saved.>> i'm out there being me and if that gets me in the bottom two, so be it but i'm having a blast. >> reporter: team miley now has two artists remaining. tonight, these top 10 will offer diverse performances including songs from lady gaga, cyndi lauper, and share. billy gilman also goes back to his country roots. >> i just wanted that's why i came on this show. >> reporter: in addition, maroon 5 took the stage singing their latest son. and tomorrow, in addition to learning to makes the top eight, it's a big night of performances. dolly parton will debut her new song circle of love alongside jennifer nettles -- jennifer nettles. it's an exciting night on a live edition of the voice. reporting outside stage xii, i
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>> and those two hours of the voice kick off at 8 pm right here on news channel 8. timeless is at 10:00 and then stick around for news channel 8 at 11:00. porch pirates have been targeting packages in one neighborhood for weeks so one man got frustrated and took an unusual approach. eric snow put out what he likes to call the big pack. surveillance cameras cut the 2t -- thieves slinking up to his home to still the package but snow describes what was inside poop. >> hopefully these people will realize we are tired of them. >> i'm sure they didn't enjoyed as much as we enjoyed doing it. >> snow and his neighbors will keeping an eye out over the next several days to see if their stinky tactic keeps those stinky thieves away. >> a great many of. a great cyber monday. millions of people are cozying
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big holiday deals. >> news channel 8 got an inside look at the amazon fulfillment center in ruskin where workers pick, pack and ship your orders. mary mcguire has the online shopping is good. >> reporter: here at the amazon fulfillment center in ruskin, it's like santa's workshop except a lot noisier. that's because these conveyor belts are working overtime this cyber monday. forget black friday. today may be one of as people take to their computers for cyber monday, workers and robots here in the bay area are helping make it all possible. >> the robots will help maximize storage space so we have robots carrying stacks of products to the associates and then they pick from that and then they will put it in the tote, which you see going behind us. and then the associates packet so they work seamlessly together. >> reporter: last year, amazon customers ordered more than 54
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even bigger. the online retailer can be a one-stop shop for customers with toys and electronics among the most coveted items. >> we scour the deals every day to meet or beat all of the prices for our customers. >> if you're looking for something you can't find in a big box store, look no further than the handmade section. rachel o'neill is a local artist and business owner from sarasota who handcuffs items that can be shipped directly to you. >> artist, a small business. you are definitely able to shop small even on amazon. >> reporter: another new feature that amazon is introducing this holiday season is package x-ray. using the amazon app, you can scan the shipping label of a box to see what is inside before actually opening it. mary mcguire, news channel 8. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and
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forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> i've seen a couple of sprinkles across the area today. any kind of moisture is welcome but not the kind of rain most people want. just light showers over central hillsborough county. right now on max defender 8, things look pretty quiet. a fairly dry atmosphere. temperatures above average for the rest of the week. those temperatures are nice and toasty, probably close to 10 ee overnight. the next front expected to move through thursday with a chance of a shower in the topics. hurricane season ending at the end of november. 73 degrees with a beautiful shot here at who obey. southeast winds at seven meet me. 69% relative humidity. it has been a relatively clear night at who obey. a lot of clouds are starting to be road. st. pete beach, low 70s.
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we saw that rain though earlier. that's the area that a lot of folks have captured some of the images of a little bit of maestrini are that actually did create that window. southeast winds at 8 miles per hour. in lakeland, 72 degrees, mostly cloudy skies they southeasterly wind. teddy bear roundup going on. next friday, december 9, a great one-stop shop for toys for tots, for feeding america. also donate blood and for the teddy bear roundup. december 19 all the way up until that point. let's get the bear is going for the rough riders. interest 23 days away. christmas is 27 days away. the year is going pretty quickly. 34 days away for the new year. there goes 2016. danny captured the rain though earlier today. that was a nice view. there it is right there from laura in the riverview area.
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72 degrees at 9 pm. our temperature 67 degrees at 8 am with leftover cloudiness and sunshine throughout the day. we will have dry air above so perhaps a little more sunshine and we saw today. 83 degrees is pretty warm for this time of year. 76 degrees, is our current temperature. 72 degrees and st. pete. dew point 65 degrees. there is that drier air high above in the atmosphere but you can also see the clouds kind of lingering. they have been mo a quite a bit of shower activity to the north. a cold front is associated with that but that will eventually make its way on thursday. all the energy, well to the north of us. don't think on this front for bringing much in the way of precipitation. the forecast model fairly quiet, cloudiness to our east and west. probably a bit over us for tuesday afternoon mixed in with sunshine. same story for wednesday. warm temperatures to start.
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that mild flow our way. that will keep moisture levels high and temperatures warm. 67 degrees to start the day, close to 10 degrees above normal. 83 degrees for a high on wednesday. rain chances increase with that same front to 20% on thursday with a temperature drop for friday and saturday. >> thank you, steve. shopping got a little easier for some commuters. >> coming up next, how hackers forced free rides throughout san francisco's transit system. >> join jenn holloway and julie phillips channel 8 on great 38. start more from that suspect in the bloody attack at ohio state university. a massive outpouring of emotion as cubans wait for hours to pay respects to fidel castro. and delta airlines takes action over a passenger who is on board -- who's on board political rants sparked outrage. we will see you tonight on
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now to with making headlines across america. a judge has given dylan roof
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in his own murder trial. roof is accused of shooting nine african-american parishioners to death in 2015. investigators believe he was trying to start a race war. roof faces 53 charges and he will -- and prosecutors will seek the death penalty. stunning new video shows a crowd running from gunfire at a popular tourist destination. new orleans police are still searching for two men who opened fire on bourbon street over the weekend. a 25-year-old baton rouge man was killed and nine others were hurt. san francisco transit customers that free rides over the weekend because of a computer sety a hacker targeted the municipal transportation agency computer system friday. the agency deliberately opened the gates and offered free rides so customer information wouldn't get compromised. fair dates and ticket kiosks are now back up and running. a georgia couple decided to do something a little different for thanksgiving. they got married in a grocery store. four years ago, larry ran into the grocery store for last- minute shopping and that's where he ran into his bride to
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when things got serious, they decided to go back to the store to tie the knot. pretty cool. washington is getting into the holiday spirit with the arrival of the capitol christmas tree. the three traveled more than 3700 miles from idaho. the ornaments are being made by idaho residents with an environmentally friendly theme. the capitol tree also known as the people's tree has been a tradition since 1964. news channel 8 at 6:00 is coming up working on. >> reporter: new information on the chilling campus attack at ohio state university in columbus. authorities have just identified the suspect. what we are learning about him and how the victims are doing tonight. plus, families claiming their spot for a popular parade in downtown lakeland. the problem is, the event is still three days away. what the city is planning to do about this. family remember their loved one. a tow truck driver was hit and
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go. i don't understand what you're doing. >> reporter: she is not happy that i showed up to check on a dog that the county returned to her. >> plus your eagle 8 hd forecast and -- storm team 8 forecast and updates on
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right now on news channel 8 at 6:00: >> a tow truck driver, killed just moments before he was off the job for good. why the timing of this tragedy is especially heartbreaking. a college campus under attack. what we're learning about the student behind the siege at ohio state. plus, a dog released back to her alleged abuser. what happened when target 8 confronted the disgruntled
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>> thank you for joining us tonight. the man accused of hitting a tow truck driver faced a judge today. troopers tell us, the victim was helping a stranded driver when he was hit. jamel lanee' joins us near i-275 and pinellis county. he was actually leaving the tow truck is miss when this happened. >> reporter: that's right. he was. his family tells us he was asked to work one more shift but little did they know at >> he was a big old teddy bear. that's all i can say. i can't believe it. >> reporter: diane handing is in tears thinking about danny ray hand, her brother killed on i-275 monday morning. and a correll is perez was impaired when he hit him.


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