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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> thank you for joining us tonight. the man accused of hitting a tow truck driver faced a judge today. troopers tell us, the victim was helping a stranded driver when he was hit. jamel lanee' joins us near i-275 and pinellis county. he was actually leaving the tow truck is miss when this happened. >> reporter: that's right. he was. his family tells us he was asked to work one more shift but little did they know at >> he was a big old teddy bear. that's all i can say. i can't believe it. >> reporter: diane handing is in tears thinking about danny ray hand, her brother killed on i-275 monday morning. and a correll is perez was impaired when he hit him.
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impaired when he hit him. it was supposed to be danny's last day on work. he was helping out when another tow truck driver had died on howard franklin in february. >> danny was sad about that. he said nobody will move over for you and he said i get farther over so i way. >> i feel sorry for the family that is left behind. i want to find the family and hug them all because after what i've been through, what they are going through is tw was hit back in may while working a car crash on howard franklin. his severe injuries kept him out of work for two months. now back on the road, he prays that jarred -- that drivers will take heed. >> we are out there to do everything for you and everybody else. it could be your loved one who needs help.
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he worked for the public works department for just over 10 years. this weekend, saturday at 11 am, his family plans to have a memorial for him. >> what else do we know about perez, the man accused of hitting damning hand? -- danny hand? >> reporter: last we checked, his bond was at $100,000. now the latest on state university campus.>> this sent 11 people to the hospital and resulted in the death of the attacker. we're learning more about the man who first used his car as a weapon and then started stabbing people. he is 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan . he was an ohio state university student of somali descent. reporter kim hutcherson has some new information from
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ohio state university in columbus, the warning came. active shooter on campus, run hide fight. the campus went on lockdown as police him swat teams rushed to the scene. students and employees sheltered in dorms and classrooms, blocking the doors with whatever they could find. they distributed images of what they saw on social media and >> to news organizations from their hiding places. >> it's very hectic in here right now. there is like 40 cop cars. everybody is frantic. all this what together and cops are still coming out. >> reporter: before noon, the shelter in place was lifted. witnesses began recounting what they saw. >> it's not supposed to happen. [ crying ] sorry. we barricaded ourselves in our rooms like we were taught. we turned off our lights. we just hunkered down. >> reporter: and authorities started piecing together details about what happened. >> the suspect drove his vehicle into a group of
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there were some injuries that resulted from that. the suspect then got out of the vehicle with a knife and began cutting individuals in the area. and the officer engaged the suspect and fired shots and used deadly force to stop the threat. >> reporter: now, officials are trying to determine a motive for the horrific attack. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. >> reporter: that suspect was shot by a university police officer who had been on the job r the ohio state campus attack on nbc nightly news. lester holt is anchoring from havana, cuba tonight. stay tuned to nightly news right after this newscast. now to breaking news, plant city police are discussing a deadly stabbing that happened this afternoon on salmon road. police found a woman suffering from a stab wound. she later died at the scene. investigators have not released the victim's name at this point.
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young girl. amett jared santiago was arrested for an incident that happened in 2014. the victim was eight years old at the time. santiago resigned from his teaching job at eisenhower middle school and investigators tell us the victim was not one of his students. investigators are working to find out what caused this the hospital. firefighters found 79-year-old james dead inside that mobile home in odessa this morning. his a 65-year-old wife, colette was injured but expected to survive. witnesses say all they could do is watch as the flames ripped through that home. >> it was really brutal. really fast, really hot. you know, hard to watch. >> hillsboro county fire rescue had a hard time putting out the fire because of able lack of
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bring the water into battle the blaze. new information about a deadly motorcycle crash in pasco county. the victim was identified as rob cartwright. we have learned he was a member of a local band called the bearded brothers band. the crash happened on u.s. 19 last night. an suv turned into the path of cartwright's motorcycle. no charges have been filed. tonight, the country of cuba is in a state of mandated morning after the state death of the former president fidel castro. there have been a number of tributes on the island from a 21 gun salute to flags flying at half staff. thousands filed past a memorial forecaster who died three days ago at the age of 90. news channel 8 jeff patterson just landed in havana and he's going to bring us live reports from cuba beginning later tonight. is a lakeland tradition getting out of hand? >> you know all about this. you've seen it firsthand.
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littering downtown lakeland street and what the city is planning to do about this. plus, a pause out the door policy that could be putting animals back in harm's way. target 8 is trying to get answers about why it keeps
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moffitt cancer center is planning on a massive expansion. the $800 million project includes two new research buildings, a new hospital wing, and a whole lot more. they plan to raise $500 million for the project and hope to finance the rest with a bond supported by state cigarette taxes. the work is expected to begin next year. lakeland pull -- lakeland's christmas parade is several days away but people ar seats. we spotted launch has already set up downtown and it has become a tradition for families to put their chairs outweigh in advance despite warnings from officials trying to discourage all that chair clutter. >> don't cover sidewalks and whatever you do, don't chain and to light poles and city fixtures because we will cut the lock. >> they will take your chairs. lakeland's christmas day parade is this thursday at 7 pm. the city is asking people not
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>> that doesn't stop them though. that is a terrific parade. you want to have a good view. >> that's why people do it. still to come, abused animals handed right back to where they came from. >> it's a problem target 8 has been investigating for months. we will show you what happened when steve manders went back to check on one of those neglected
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the powers to task. now, a target eight investigation -- 8 investigation. >> in severe medical distress, this dog was in need of medical attention she was not getting. so a local rescue stepped up. >> without explanation, the county handed the dog back to its owner and that unleashed a flood of anger and frustration with the prc. today, scene investigator steve that unleashed another tirade. >> reporter: i guess you could call it that. i had a lot of questions about the county's actions in this case. it refused to meet with me for some reason but today's rant came from the dog's owner. >> ago, i don't understand what you're doing. so. >> reporter: what i was doing was trying to check on this dog. target 8 reported the dog was picked up as a stray.
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take the dog, the pet resource center return her to her owner. we also showed other dogs the county turned back to honors. for that, amy holland called out the county and its last animal advisory -- at its last animal advisory committee. >> there are laws in place to protect the voiceless from harm and by not employing those lies -- laws, and by not doing everything in their power to protect these animals, the abusers have become hillsborough cy provided and the prc provided this dog to the dog dish owner when she claimed her. >> these lives matter. >> but to simply jump to a conclusion based on a photograph is not fair to the people that live in this industry. and that know the whole story. >> reporter: the whole story? according to county notes, the dog suffered severe periodontal disease, infections, skin issues, and severe dry eye.
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from someone in her family who is elderly. >> this person was trying to do the right thing. >> we educated the young woman who reclaimed the dog about the dogs conditions. we issued an official notice for veterinary care for which she complied. >> reporter: i tried checking on the dog. the owner said she was doing great but wouldn't show her to me and told me to leave and not come back. then, things got interesting. >> what ar do you want me to call the cops on you? go! >> reporter: veterinary staff davis dog a medicinal bath, antibiotics and steroids. your cleaning, medication, and women for the eyes. all at taxpayer expense. the prc give dog back to the owner, the exact same day the
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investigation could they have done in a day? >> let me tell you about what prc did not do. first, it wasn't reimbursed for the money it went on the dog. this dog was not licensed when it came in and the county did not cite the owner. prc did not write on the order to get veterinary care. what she needed to be treated for. ? say they pushed the dog out the door. >> that is so interesting. thank you so much. if you have a problem you want steve to investigate, call our target 8 helpline. world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 bridge forecast with matt jarvie -- chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> a few showers several from southeast to the northwest. very light stuff. we even saw a rainbow over hillsborough county for those around riverview earlier today. things are pretty quiet at the moment. the atmospheric moisture rolling along on the southeasterly flow.
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72 degrees and very comfortable in terms of the weather. southwest winds that to meet me. teddy bear roundup is going on. we are excited about that. and of course kindness day is coming up december 9 coming up is friday but next friday. this goes on from now to december 19. drop off locations are on places like westfield mall, a great place to drop off bears. also regions bank and toys for tots. the u.s. marine corps collecting brand-new toys. kindness day. in terms of rainfall, not much this november. typically november is not a very wet month. hour average rainfall about 1.55 inches. you can see so far this month, not so great at .01. we are tied with a very dry one in 1916. just a trace of precipitation. this could be one of the driest novembers ever if we don't pick up much official rainfall at
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at 7 am, 67 degrees. at 4 pm, 83 degrees. sunshine and clouds. probably more sunshine and we had today. the southeasterly flow moved a lot of clouds, perhaps a disturbance may have enhanced the cloudiness we saw a. palm harbor 72 degrees. 70 degrees in folly beach. bennis down to sarasota, north port 71 degrees. bartoe 73 degrees. cold front back to the west of us, across the country, a nice- looking front this round of showers and thunderstorms staying well to the north kind of drying out as it gets closer to us. rain chances are low on thursday when the shower today gets closer to us. otherwise lots of clouds, clear skies and wind. quite a few clouds around the region. tuesday morning, certainly drive. we will stay in that southeast and even southerly flow area.
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for us. it just makes it feel warmer in the afternoon hours. overnight low temperatures are close to 10 degrees above our average. wednesday morning, mostly dry and monday. temps in the upper 60s. we watched the approach of that cold front later on wednesday but we will still be partly cloudy and mild as we go throughout the day wednesday. 73 degrees, 72 degrees innisbrook. temperatures had just a little bit cooler. it going to be a pleasant night for us. might want to do some christmas shopping. hour a day forecast calls for temperatures to stay warm but fall off a little bit without front once it arrives on thursday. a nice-looking front across the u.s. but it won't do a whole lot in terms of measurable precipitation. it will help cool temperatures friday. we get this series of france at come through this time of year. sometimes they have an impact. mostly they don't but they do help adjust temperatures on the
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thank you, steve. kindness day is coming up. news channel 8 looks up to teddy bears for the rough riders toy donations for toys for tots. steve israel active with that group. food donations for feeding tampa bay also. that is coming up december 9 here at our news channel 8 studios on south parker state . coming up next in sports, our exclusive one-on-one with dirk koetter. >> dan lucas sits big win against seattle.
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sports on news channel 8 is sponsored by your gulf coast honda dealers.
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koetter's corner. here is dan lucas. >> reporter: some interviews need no introduction but tonight's exclusive buccaneers bonus koetter's corner -- koetter's corner tackles football and life. their win over the seattle seahawks is the biggest win for the bucks in 2016 but as head coach dirk koetter tells us, every buccaneers player was in pain for one of their teammates. >> when hall of famer's are saying come would you agree? >> it's funny because i saw warren sapp before the game and it was like a crucial part of the game in the 4th quarter and i just happened to look over my right shoulder and i see derrick brooks hovering right there and i was going what is he doing? it just cut me so off guard. brooks, get in there. >> a few weeks ago after the atlanta game, you and mike smith had gotten together. diluted back terminology wise
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what these guys play it a little bit more. one of explained that in more detail because the results since then have been different. >> it wasn't really so much me, just all of our coaches on both sides of the ball. are we going to keep doing the same stuff? we will get the same results. how can we make a few changes. they kind of restructured how they are doing their meetings. it has recommitted to communications and doing the basic st truck the last week was more of a red zone thing but now it's just trying to finish drives. are you seeing something that is preventing drives? >> we play two really good defenses. you know it's there because we cannot smoking. those two first drives, i would be 40 -0 the way we started the game.
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we are really moving the line of scrimmage. we are taking control and we fumble. we get down there, we have a penalty that takes away a touchdown. either way, one more score and that game is over. you kind of forget it was a two score game. was maybe a little too conservative. >> like any organization, you are going to have family issues, loss of a parent. he is doing something that is very courageous here everybody needs to pick him up around them so he can go perform. >> that's a great question. personally, i have only been an observer in situations like that. i haven't gone through that myself so i can't comment but what did come about you now that was evident is we had multiple guys lose some be close to them recently. football is a game and we're
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things. it was touching to see the guys react the way they did. >> full version coming up on guys really rallied. it meant a lot to him and them. >> so emotional. >> how refreshing is coach cutter?>> he calls it like he sees it. >> he really wanted to put daen the way. good stuff. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at our gardens. check out the beautiful decor inside the pinewood estate. it looks like jennifer's place. the 20 room historic mansion is elegantly directed in the style of the 1940s. you can catch the holiday tour now through january 8.
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it looks exactly the same. >> that's were news. thanks for joining us. nbc nightly news is next. >>
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tonight, campus attack horror at ohio state. a driver slams into a crowd, then goes on a terrifying stabbing spree. we have new details on the suspect, as the fbi investigates. terrorism? with no evidence, president-elect trump pushes baseless claims that millions voted illegally, in an election that he won. plus, palace intrigue. are there warring factions inside trump tower? we're live from havana where thousands are lining up to bid farewell for castro. what's next for cuba? banned for life.


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