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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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cuba learned the news. and a new home for the hurricane hunters. why they won't be moving very far. i'm stacie schaible. >> and i thank you for joining us. trying to prevent another tragedy, robert cartwright was a possible -- popular newport ricci musician. loved ones believe the car crash that killed him could have been avoided. we are live at the accident scene tonight and the family hopes their actions can help others. >> reporter: you can see right here behind me, that there is a growing memorial for robert cartwright who was killed at this intersection but since we have been here, i want to take a look over here. this is the illegal u-turn that as part of this roadway. we have seen so many illegal u- turn's done here and this is why residents want a light.
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is enough. she started a petition for a traffic light at u.s. 19 and beach boulevard following the fatal crash of robert cartwright on sunday. >> i have been wanting to do it for years because i have been seeing how many accidents have been happening here.>> reporter: she says the issues are the constant illegal u- turn's. cartwright was driving south on 19 when a driver made the turn and cartwright crashed into the vehicle. >> it's just ludicrous. i just i could see if there was just one sign and one car doesn't see it but there is literally three no u-turn signs before they even get there to warn you not to do it.>> reporter: after several studies, department of transportation concluded beach boulevard doesn't warrant a light. officials say there is not enough traffic volume here and adding another light when there is already two nearby would cause more congestion. >> we need a safeway to get out. >> reporter: jack lives off beach boulevard. he personally contacted d.o.t. to find -- fight their
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but the contention was 140 turns an hour. everybody in this development has had a close call. >> reporter: a lot of the congestion they say comes from the walmart. the county is looking to see if modifications or different entries to the walmart could be changed in that area. again, they have also stepped up law illegal u-turn section to catch these violators. >> officials are not going along with ideas to change things but the residents aren't giving up? >> reporter: yeah, you know what they are not giving up. they do plan to go back before a county commissioner again and they say if they can't have a traffic light at this intersection, they want some type of resolution to prevent a
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county. a convicted killer is going free on bond. trevor dooley, who was convicted of murdering his neighbor asked a judge for bond while waiting for an appeal. back in 2010, he shot and killed david james in an argument about a skateboard at a park. newly one -- taylor dooley -- trevor dooley won the bond in a court hearing. davis's >> i hope you enjoy the holidays. christmas, easter, new year's, all the rest. just remember we never got to continue any of that with dj because you took him from us. so enjoy that time. >> reporter: as part of his 100,000 dollar bond, he is not allowed to leave hernando county where his family now lives and he must also big -- give up his passport and cannot have contact with the victim's
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kindness and it in a shootout. a group of friends who tried to return a phone got shot at. the victims found daniel smith's girlfriends phone in an uber and when they met up to try to return it, smith pulled out a gun and shot at the group. one of the victims was also armed and fired back, hitting smith five times. smith was released from the hospital and arrested. the man who shot him will not be charged. accused of sexually abusing three young girls. brad bell darr is facing three counts. victims are 10, 12 and 13. detectives say the abuse has been going on for several years. new information about a deadly fire and hillsborough county. investigators believe
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the survivor told investigators she fell asleep while still burning there's candles. her husband died in the fire. she also said there were smoke alarms in the home but they did not go off. now, news channel 8 special coverage from cuba as a country mourns fidel castro. >> reporter: castro's ashes were driven through the cuban capital of havana today. crowds waved cuban flags and chanted "fidel." this convoy ow to his final resting place. news channel 8 is the only tampa bay station with a reporter in cuba this week. jeff patterson actually caught up with an american student who was in cuba when the news of his passing broke. he joins us now in havana with a story you only see here. >> reporter: this is of this bow street. the first time i was here, i was hit by the music, the art,
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the music is silent now as people mourn the death of fidel castro but many are still hit by the beauty of the area. >> it's amazing here. >> reporter: hope mckinney is an american student that has been in this country on and off since 2014.>> it's an incredible place with incredible people. >> reporter: like many, she will always remember where she was at this moment in history. >> where were you when you heard the news? >> out with my friends at a bar nearby in a band. >> reporter: the band canceled the show and the music went silent. people began to process what was going on.>> i think there are very mixed reactions. among young people it's a complicated thing especially. >> reporter: complicated because fidel castro has not been the leader he once was for many years. >> i have a few friends who took it emotionally. fidel castro has been in their lives their entire life. it's like their great grandpa
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rents out her house to tourists. >> i cried for fidel castro. >> reporter: when she heard of the death, she called family but over the years, so many rumors of fidel castro's death have been spread, no one believed her. >> my family who lives in miami, i called. what happened? fidel is dead. >> no no no no. >> reporter: this time, not only possible but true. the musical start here in a few days but for many cubans, the future is uncertain without him. in havana, jeff patterson news channel 8. >> jeff lowell bring us exclusive reports all week as a country mourns the death of fidel castro. a place veterans go to find solace and reflect on their service is going away. >> and less someone steps in to save it. where directors of this military museum are hoping for
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hurricanes that no one else can. hurricane hunters have a new home. we saw a few showers today. a few showers left on the radar. 83 degrees, the humidity fairly high but a cold front is headed through the area tomorrow. we will talk about its effects
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a struggling military museum plans to close its doors for good. will largo history museum announced they will shut down permanently on january 29. the museum has been operating in the red since its inception. there are still talks about being taken over by the governor -- government or another organization. >> we are hoping if there is somebody out there that will stand up and say no way, this can't happen on behalf of the veterans >> museum leaders are discussing what will happen to all the memorabilia if they have to shut down. they say the out-of-the-way location was a major setback but it would have cost millions of dollars to move the location. the city of north port has a high-tech way for people to report issues in their neighborhood. it's an app called north report. it uses gps within the user phones to pinpoint exactly
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map it out. from potholes to traffic lights, users can send pictures and video to help city workers get the job done faster. >> with this, it's easy. you just take the photo. there's a couple of categories and you send it. i don't know how it could possibly be any easier. >> the app is free to download and the android and iphone stores -- in a sneak peek for children and parents alike. we got a preview of the brand- new legoland beach retreat in winter haven. this is the very first beach themed retreat in the legoland family. it will feature 83 beach themed bungalows. crews are working hard to finish before it opens on april 7 of next year. coming up with new ideas out there. and the future of the noaa hurricane program in tampa bay is safe. >> they have found a new home
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the noaa hurricane hunters gone to the eye of the storm to keep us safe. they will be doing it from a new home in lakeland. several bay area airports were in the running after macdill air force ended their lease. we are live in lakeland linder airport, the new home for the year program.
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right here. this building is being transformed into their new home. when a hurricane hits, the hurricane hunters fly into the storm, giving the world a view unlike any other. earlier this year, they learned they needed to find a new home.>> mcdill has new needs now. they have 18% 400 people in and they didn't receive any construction money so we understand and gave us an opportunity to look for a better fit. >> reporter: after months of searching, they landed in lakeland. >> what a great day for our city, our county, and for our airport. >> reporter: construction is already underway for the 100,000 square-foot operation center. noaa will be one of if not the biggest tenant at the airport. this means millions more in revenue for the airport and beyond for the next 10 years. >> it is a total game changer
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requirements. >> reporter: there will be more than enough room for the nine state-of-the-art aircraft and it's within 50 miles of mcdill air force base. >> we have 110 people, many of whom have been with us for decades and we could not afford to lose any of them. >> reporter: most important, they have a new place to continue doing what they do best. >> our purpose remains the same. serving the nation, providing data, and protecting lives. move by may 2017, just in time for hurricane season. >> melissa marino live in lakeland. thanks for the information. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> max defender 8 picking up a few showers in the inland areas, specifically polk county and also down to highlands
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lifting rapidly to the north. might still pick up a few light showers if you live down in sebring or lake placid or eventually frostproof or the eastern sections up polk county. if you haven't seen this in a while, this is actually rain and this is rod carter. he shot this video of a downpour in tampa this afternoon. it has been an extremely dry november for tampa bay. actually, one of the driest months on record. this afternoon, brief showers were needed and welcome. 72 degrees, no official rainfall at this location but very pleasant temperatures. haze in the air atmosphere at the lakeland automall. feeding tampa bay is going to be around as well as toys for tots and for the rough riders to collect teddy bears friday, december 9 for kindness they. also you can give -- also, you can give bled. a one-stop shop. double rainbow. what a beautiful shot.
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rainbow. just a great shot. you can see a few high, cirrus clouds. there were clear patches but a lot of clouds throughout the day. 85 degrees our high. we've got a cold front coming through tomorrow. quite a few clouds. behind that front, a little cooler, 76 degrees for friday. as for the evening, clouds and clear patches. 72 degrees at 9 pm. in the overnight, 70 degrees. temperature a bit hazy to start. that is very warm this time of year. the humidity also very high for this time of year. 79 degrees in the afternoon. probably start to see clearing but we do have a 20% chance of seeing a shower. 73 degrees largo, palm harbor 76 degrees, 75 degrees temple terrace. 74 degrees st. petersburg and 74 degrees in and rest. a cold front to the north, showers and thunderstorms ahead of it.
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today. through the central parts of south carolina, they also had torn attic concerns. further south across florida, light showers, clouds, and it's nice to get some kind of moisture. perhaps a slightly better chance tomorrow with this front moving into the area. thursday morning, 20 of clouds and then the showers roll and possibly in the afternoon. strong showers and thunderstorms like they are seeing further to the north. later in the day, we will start to see clearing taking place. as you know, once we move these fronts through the area, to butchers start to drop and the atmosphere starts to dry out. because partly cloudy with pleasant temperatures. also as it comes with drier air, you can see a cold front continue to push south for the early part of friday, drier air just in time for the weekend. we will sample that but this front comes back north as a warm front. that will put us back in the
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temperatures and the humidity again. a couple of days to enjoy cooler, drier air. 76 degrees friday, saturday the high of 78 degrees. there goes that front and then we are warm again on sunday. not unpleasantly so but a bit mild for this time of year. rain chances through this period, fairly low. more potent cold front and cooler air in the coffers long- term as we get into thursday and friday beyond the a day forecast. that could ac that might actually feel much cooler. >> i am glad you showed that video. rod carter, cell phone action. >> i sought briefly. don't forget, kindness day is coming up and you can help. news channel 8 is going to be supporting a number of worthy causes. bring more teddy bears for the teddy bear roundup. we are also accepting donations for toys for tots, feeding tampa bay and oneblood. kind of they will be december 9 at our news channel 8 studios
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street in tampa., by. coming up, a familiar face returns to the bucs practice field. >> otterbeck jameis winston says thank you to all the fans sunday and he has a message
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or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. eagle 8 hd is brought to you by your local suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit >> this game ball goes to all of fans for doing an amazing job. i hope that is in our future every sunday. >> i hope your mom has taught you how to share because there is only one ball to go around. quarterback jameis winston starting his weekly press
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philosophy. build it and they will come. raymond james stadium was as loud as he is ever heard it on sunday and that's because the >> steam is giving fans a reason to get in the seats. jameis winston is a big part of that as is the guy he was giving the ball to, mike evans. he has already thrown 22 touchdown passes equaling last year so with five games to go. evans has cut 10 of them, tied for the most in the nfl d games. that qb wide receiver combination alone has already counted over 1000 yards of offense and the scary part is they may just be getting started. >> we have a huge tendency to throw it to a great player. i like that tendency. that's what you should do. i just know what mike is capable of and he is just scratching the surface. i believe that. >> mike is just so good at so many different things.
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catches a short pass. the sky is definitely the limit. i just had to continue to get him the ball. >> reporter: it looks like winston will have another weapon in san diego. jacquizz rodgers practiced fully today and is expected to return to action this weekend. gerald mccoy did not practice but he is optimistic about his chances of suiting up. that is not the case for safety chris conte, out with a chest injury. major wright was signed to provide depth. major wright is back on the field. he has been sitting out since he was cut in august. >> it's tough. mentally, physically. but they with me, i am very proud so i feel like i got a lot left in the. whatever they need me to do, i'm in pretty good shape. whenever my number is called, major is going to be there. >> everything is roses for
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the year. the quarterback is the first in school history to earn the distinction after raking in 3766 offense of yards and 37 total touchdowns leading usf to its first-ever 10 win season. a school record 10 balls on the first and second all-conference teams. a shout out to them. >> thank you. finally tonight, in an effort to get shelter pets for the holidays. if you're looking to bring a brand-new addition to your family home, spca tampa bay wants to help you out. the shelter is waving adoption fees on all animals including puppies and kittens. the adoption event starts friday and runs through sunday but make sure when you go down there that you really want to have a pet in your home and you are prepared to take care of the animal. don't just get an animal because it's christmas. >> and if you're gifting it, be sure about that.
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tonight, double disaster -- a rising death toll as wildfires, then tornadoes explode across the south. new threats, new warnings as a big part of the country gets hit with wild extremes. n that sparked days of protests. why prosecutors say the officer was justified. in using deadly force. frantic final words from the pilot of that doomed jetliner, repeatedly telling air traffic control his plane was rapidly running out of fuel. how could this have happened? art of the deal? donald trump turns a campaign rallying cry into action, saving jobs at carrier, from moving to mexico. what did it take? and making it


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