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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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around the world, good night katy perry and orlando bloom together again after their intimate globes night. all new gossip from our star-studded late night out. >> inside powerball headquarters. how hollywood is caught up in tonight's $1.5 billion jackpot frenzy. >> i'm going to play.
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>> hell yes! >> incomprehensible amount of mo >> i'm in the studio where tonight's powerball drawing will happen. we'll take you behind the scenes. >> if you win -- >> we will disappear. >> then david bowie funeral news as his former co-star opens up. >> had the time to >> plus blake, gwen and the wedding with stefani carrying the bouquet. . >> jessica simpson with her talking diet. >> wherrin the world did you hear that? >> and more than 40,000 people at a movie premiere support the military. >> also exusive with robin williams' daughter following in dad's footsteps. >> i think he'd be really proud. >> is j. lo influencing the first lady's fashion? you've actually started a trend. >> oh, wow. >> now, in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> how many,powerball tickets did you buy? because that's all everybody is talking about. >> the chance of wiing $1.5
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people. at one point 370,000 tickets were being sold each and every minute. >> every minute. that's crazy. everybody was buying them. hollywood stars, eve presidential candidates. and we were behind the scenes at jackpot central for tonight's top story. powerball pandemonium. >> tonight's the night, everybody. >> the powerball drawing. everybody is buying lottery tickets. >> after tonight's drawing, i'm not going to be here anymor >> i'm going to play. >> are you? >> hell, yes! >> from hollywood to hillary -- >> did you buy a powerball ticket? >> i did. >> everyone wants a piece of the powerball. >> i can't lie. we all chipped in yesterday and put in like $100. >> if you win, what will you do with the money? >> i will take my husband. we will disappear. >> next -- to tallahassee, florida, and inside the powerball studio. let's first talk security. there are at least surveillance cameras in this
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powerball officials, au everyone watcng what is going on in here. this is the screening room. 13 seats available. it's first come, first serve. the gentleman standing right here is a state police officer guarding the studio and watching the vault where the machines are being held right now. >> i have no idea what i would do with $1.5 billion. >> david duchovny is back with jillian anderson for a six-episode series of the x-files on fox. it begins a special two-night event january 24th. >> it's an incomprehensible amount of money for an individual to have. >> over at "the talk" today, the ladies pooled their money. >> we played together. we sent julia's mom to go get our ticket. >> wait a minute. >> if none of us hear from my mom at midnight tonight, we'll know why. >> if jue wins she'll be looking for her mom. >> that's right. >> by the way, celebrities won lotto in the past. as a matter of fact, former dallas cowboys linebacker thomas henderson has won the texas lotto twice.
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>> that's crazy. >> i got my ticket. >> of course, you >> you know it. well, the big money was the focus at the stella mccartney event last night. but all eyes were on orlando bloom and katy perry. and people are talking. we're hanging with all the big stars in stella universe. >> you, gwyneth, you make up the stella squad. what's it take to be in the stella squad? >> years and years friendship. >> surviving. >> i love it, gwyneth paltrow just pinched yoururottom. >> always makes it feel better. >> the ladybirds definitely sassy inside the party bu couple fueling new romance rumors, katy reunited with orlando. two nights aft got flirty at the golden globes. later we spot orlando rocking out next to leo. the event launched stella's autumn 2016 collection. e got some pretty good gossip,
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of like an honorary kardash after playing c in "america's crime story." >> i spent christmas at their house. i think she's an incredible multitasker. i wish she would kind of take over my life. >> i knew i loved him when i met him. he had some hesitation. once i got older. >> any engagement plans at a >> no, we're really happy right now. and we're just, i guess, continuing being hap >> but the big surprise performance is when johnny depp took the stage and formed a tribute to david bowie. >> no one else and the never be anyone else like him. >> no doubt about that. in ft, david bowie is on the cover of "time" today and he's on the minds of the celebrities at a big unicef charity ball including his co-star from labyrinth, jennifer connolly. and tonight's honoree david beckham. you've torn your dress >> i met david quite a few times. he's such an inspiration.
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over so many people. >> the soccer superstar even posting a photo and touching tribute to the late rock legend. there's a starman waiting in the sky >> i think it's very sad his passing for so many reasons. >> as a teenager jennifer connolly shared a screen with bowie in the fantasy film "labyrinth." deep in your eyes >> not only was he a genius, he was a genius who had the time to be kind. my experience of him. nothing nothing will keep us together >> reports say bowie's funeral may take place in new york where he lived with his wife iman. and their 15-year-old daughter. >> every time you hear a bowie song, it reminds you of something. >> beckham was honored by unicef for his work with the international charity.
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were all there in louis vuitton. >> i've been an ambassador for unicef since i was 17. what they're doing, i've witnessed. >> can i mention that david bkham is the man? like h the man. 3,000 miles away at theyma fashion scholship fund gala in new york city, we caught up with the event's honoree, jessica simpson. she has big plans for 2016, but one thing definitely not on the slate, another baby. >> oh, good lord, i don't think i can have another baby right now. that's not in our near future. >> check her out with her husband and sharing her secret to a fabulous figure. >> being a mom is enough of a diet. you have to run around chasing your kids. but i do eat a lot of their corn dogs. i have to get on the treadmill a lot. >> she's keeping fit and she's crazy busy. eight years since her last movie, but she told us she's got big things lined up. >> there's lots of music and lots of acting coming up in the near future.
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fashion aside. i need lip gloss. that's our next adventure. macy's, will you sell it? >> the woman who launched her fashion empire a decade ago was honored by the yma fashion scholarship fund last night. but this weekend we hear she's going to cabo to celebrate her mom's birthday. >> how in the world did you hear that? hell >> we have our ways. >> i am bikini ready. >> thank you for alerting the paparazzi. they'll be there. and i'm sure we'll see plenty of pictures. while all that was happening, i was in dallas last night hosting the world premiere of michael bay's new movie. "13 hours, the secret soldiers of benghazi." it stars john krasinski and more than 14,000 people came out to at&t stadium, the home of the cowboy, and the night was all about honoring the men and w who lay their lives on the line every single day to keep this country safe. amazing grace >> this is definitely the most
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>> how many people in the military are here? [ this is why i made it. >> military heroes, their families and thousands more watching on a screen 2 1/2 larger than any imax and being serenaded by the band perry. there are very emotional and real human scenek in this. how tough was it doing that stuff? >> it was incredibly tough. i got to meet them as real men. these are guys who are husbands, they're great fathers. >> three of those men who put their life on the line in a fire fight took the stage. >> how cool is this moment? >> nuts. >> tiegen brought his two scene-stealing kids. >> jonathan, you're on the big screen up there. >> they were born when i was in benghazi.
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martini, brought his family. >> what i have here in my arms is why we do what weo. >> these guys were not active duty on that night. they voluntarily went into harm's way to protec >> "tanto" paronto is played by pablo schreiber. >> that man is near and dear to my heart. >> i can't be any happier tonight. most i've been in a lo >> you know, nancy, we get to interview a lot of famous people, but talking to the real life american heroes, getting to know those gu >> tops the list. >> without a doubt. >> what a cool event. >> yeah, it was. coming up, blake and gwen together at a wedding. did gwen just catch the bouquet because you know what that means? >> we're talking to john legend about his baby girl that's on the way. >> can you change a diaper yet? >> not yet. i'm going to learn. >> that is next.
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by -- tomorrow inside fit to fat to fit. is it safe? >> i'm going to be gaining 60
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>> you're nuts. check it out. gwen stefani caught the bouquet. you know what that means? she and blake will be the next to walk down the aisle. at least it's supposed to be. got the photo. it happened when blake's hairstylist got married. gwen was actually still holding the flowers when she was headed to the airport. i think that means she liked them. >> i think it does. the best part about that whole story, a guest said the bouquet actually hit blake in the head and then gwen picked it up. >> that still counts. >> yeah, it does. john legend is takin next step after marriage. he's about to become a dad. so is john ready? >> let's just say he's got a few things to learn beforortheir baby girl is born. can you change a diaper yet? >> not yet. i'm going to learn, though. i'm going to learn >> they're due in a couple of months. while john seems pretty even keeled about it all, looks like chrissy's relishing every moment of her pregnancy.
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butt. >> it's hard not to crush on this couple. just take a look at her adorable social media posts. in the kitchen together or just chilling at home with the pups. they're in the middle of remodeling their new $14 million five bedroom beverly hills home that once belonged to rihanna. >> we're trying to get the house ready before the baby gets here. i don't knoif we're going to get done in time. >> are you nervous to have a little girl? >> no, i'm not.@ i'm not one of those people are like my boy can do anything he wants and the girl has to be in a convent. just be good people. >> john's latest project has him teaming up offering aspiring musician and fililakers the opportunity of a lifetime. >> you have the chance to be mentored by me and to be featured at an event, south by southwest or the toronto international film festival. >> we're about finding all those different individuals out there who are expressing themselves in
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now just might be choosing a baby name. all of your animals have a "p" name, right? so are you thinking about naming the baby girl -- >> no, we're avoiding that because of all of our dogs have those names. >> no "p" for the babies. >> i'm going to say no "p." >> whatever her first name is, she's going to be a legend. >> good one. >> john just produced a film about the first couple's first date called southside with you. it will premiere at the sundance film festival later this month. but we'll have a first look for you this monday. >> coming up next, was michelle obama inspired to go marigold j. lo's mustard yellow golden globes dress? we're with jennifer today. then robin williams' daughter talks addiction and why she still cannot watch her dad's movies. >> that would be a bit self-destructive. >> plus, see what happens when
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that's ahead.
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world is obsessed with the first lady's dress. the marigold sleeveless sheath stole the spotlight at the state of the union address. it was shown at his fall 2015 collection. instavtly sellin online. the original off the rack price was $2,095. the sunny shade is the color of the moment. j. lo rocked the golden globes in a mustardy hue. >> more unpredictable. >> i think i kind of have my signature style. kind of classic and sexy and feminine. you know, and i stay in at circle. >> that number won her our best dressed award. >> thank you so much. i saw this on tv the other night. >> today j. lo was basking in the success of her show "shades of blue." it's that particular golden shade that's setting the trend. >> the shades of yellow. shades of blue.
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>> anothe star that looked like she got memo is trish regan. she'll be moderating the undercard on the republican debate. we joined her behind the scenes at fox business network where she's balancing being in charge of this whole big event with being a mom. >> you're not allowed to have candy. >> i will show you -- >> can i talk in the microphone? >> with three kids she's like a lot of women doing it all. >> i try to make sure when i am with them, i'm 100% with them. the reality is in the news business, news happens and you kind of always got to be flexible and be around and available. but they're my main focus in my life. >> she partly credits tha poise to her pageant past. >> miss new hampshire 1993. >> i'm just kind of shell shocked right now. takes some getting used to. i had just en the pageant because i was looking for some extra money for school. and i didn't really think i'd
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instability in china sparking a sell-off here at home. >> trish anchors the intelligence report on fox business network, making history as part of a two-woman tea moderating a debate. she's doing her homework for tomorrow. >> what it is, is a tremendous amount of focused energy. >> she expects all eyes donald trump. >> every time he says something, you can't help but watch.h. you can't help but react. >> and fox is seeing big ratings because of it. trish's talent at the pageant, she sung opera. she studied opera in austria. >> very talented woman with her priorities right in line. taking care of them babies. speaking of talented, robin williams' daughter z a talen filmmaker and is making her directorial debut in a music video with pop star jo jo.
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turned to zelda's famous father. >> what you say looking back now is the greatest lesson that your father left you? >> a lot of what i try to do is interact with the world the way he did. he didn't care who someone was. he did a lot of work with the homeless. he did a lot of work with people in prison, as my mom does now. and he was always kind. it meant a lot to him. so i kind of hope to, if nothing else, be that. >> zelda definitely father's kindness, his wit and the same sweet look when they laugh. it's been nearly a year and a half since robin passed away. zelda told us she still has a hard time watching rin's movies. >> once i reach a place whe i'm more comfortable, i can watch them all again. right now that would be a bit self-destructive in a sense. it's been kind of nice to work on myself and my family and the people who are here. >> you can tell at 26 years old, zelda's reflective and, as she moves on, she's continuing robin's path taking up acting
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>> any other pointers that he world? >> don't go to the bathroom with your mike on? always be nice to hair and makeup because they're responsible for you not looking like a [ bl this is why dad always had that around him. [ bleep ]. things in my past, i had, nice [ bleep ]. >> i swear like a sailor so it's hard for me. public interaction, especially around chililen. >> her latest project is behind the camera of her best friend jojo's new music video "save my soul." the two who were introduced by robin share a very special bond. both dads battled addiction and both dads r passed away. jojo lost her dad last november. >> when my father passed, her and her mother were one of the first people to reach out to m that meant so much just because you're a pillarf strength. you were before and you continue
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>> how do you think your dad would react to watching the "save my soul" video today? >> my dad would cry. >> my dad would say something inappropriate. she was 15 w we worked with her. now my daughter's filming her looking very sexy. >> look at her boobs. what happened? >> being that he's the one that introduced the two of you, now you're making your directorial debut together. >> someone gave me a chance, thanks, boo. >> that is really cool. and zelda shares other good advice her dad gave her. he told her always be the best you can be even if the project won't win awards, continue to learn and be humble. that's good advice for all. >> in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which "grey's anatomy" star admits he likes older women i'll go with patrick.
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>> the answer is coming up next.
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com. travel conside provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star admitted he likes older women? >> there's a lot to be learned from older women. there's a certain wisdom. >> no wonder he's mcdreamy. patrick dempsey turns 50 today. happy birthday. >> there was also exciting news today for "friends" fans. the cast will reunite as part of a special that will pay tribute to director james burrows. matt leblanc sent out this tweet, should be a good time. >> we've been waiting for it forever. >> everyone is asking for it. tomorrow all about the oscar nominations. we'll be down there coveri event talking to the nominees.
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bye, everybody. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> all i can really think is the $1.5 billion powerball drawing. powerball fever has become an epidemic. but is winning the lottery a blessing or a curse? >> those six numbers put a man six feet under. >> a seven-time lottery winner tells us how to suive the billion dollar jackpot. >> i've been rich and i've been
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