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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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forward and the daughter has quite a story to tell. peter what is she saying? >> well, rick, she's the woman that came here furthermore crock o ten years ago and says she has terminal cancer. she says her desire was to find out more about other religions indicias why she stopped at the temple and even a church. police say no laws were broken. with a smile on her face she and her mother came to the north miami beach police department to speak with two visits to a temple last weekend. a photo on community websites shops them engaging temple measures. >> i just wanted to say hi. >> the unannounced visits alarmed the jewish community after they were asked about services and pulled out a quran. they have an explanation.
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i wanted to get in touch with my brothers and sisters. i'm a social person. i love people. i love being around people. i love talking. >> she recalled her first visit. >> i was looking to buy the torrah. i asked him where usually they have their lectures. >> they even went to a church. >> they were very nice to us and welcomed us and said they love us. i told them i love you too. >> she was diagnosed with breast cancer and going through a divorce. >> i was told i have terminal cancer. >> police were compelled to investigate. >> we got a report of a suspicious person and we investigated that they pose no threat to anybody. >> the rabbi says police were justified and says unannounced visits from strangers can be alarming. >> common sense dictates they would address the proper channels and make the proper appointments.
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investigation and was not aware of the stories. >> i did not want to start a problem. i don't have t.v., guys. >> well police urge you to say something if you see something suspicious and remain vigilent. miami beach also had a similar accident recently but police announced that they do not believe the same women stopped at the temple in their city. live in north miami beach peter cbs 4 news. >> thank you peter. now to the historic change next month by president obama an official word from the white house coming from social media this morning and most of the presidential candidates had something to say about the president's plans to visit cuba. jeb bush among the first to react just minutes affect the news was leaked last night. >> it's a tragedy we have presidents trying to build
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different view than the castro regime you are put in prison. the ladies in white continue to be beat up after mass on sundays sundays. politicalness does not exist. there's very little capitalism. small businesses don't flourish there and you have to deal with the castro government if you want to do business there. the thing about cuba is you would like to think that they would kind of do something good like free political prisoners, opening up freedom of expression and all of those kinds of things. and so i'm disappointed in that but if the president wants to go to cuba, then god bless him. >> i have a message for the cuban government. we are keeping guantanamo. you are not getting it back. [applause] >> in response to what senators marco rubio and ted cruz said last night opposing the trip the white house said today what they believed in has not worked
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the white house it's time to try something new. >> a new cbs news poll shows donald trump maintaining a sizeable lead over the rest of the republican field. in the nationwide poll trump has nearly twice the support of ted cruz, 35 to 18%. john kasich has risen to tie with marco rubio in third place with ben carson and jeb bush far behind them. the poll also finds two thirds of those who support trump say they will not change their minds. trump also leads among every demographic group on the republican party. the latest poll has hilary clinton and bernie sanders in a dead heat in nevada which holds it's democratic caucuses saturday. they spoke with scott pelly on the campaign trail. >> what do you think donald trump and bernie sanders has tapped into? it's a powerful thing.
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angry and that anger comes out of frustration. it comes out of fear, insecurity. the vast majority of americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. women are still working for unequal pay. they know it. the minimum wage hasn't been raised. there's so much that people feel like their government is not working for them. >> look for much more of the interview with hilary clinton tonight on the cbs evening news at 6:30 after cbs 4 news at 6. and stay with cbs 4 news at for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 now through election day. several people are behind bars after a major bust in miami involving a prostitution ring and car burglary suspects. police calling an operation clean up. marabelle rodriguez has more now on the round up. >> early this morning several arrests were already made. >> prostitution has been a concern in this area in the
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with these efforts we've been able to reduce it but again we still need to work at it so it doesn't continue to happen. >> that pro active approach operation clean up. for 24 hours city of miami police out in full force in the area. from south west aid street to south river drive and 27th avenue to 72nd avenue on a full scale operation targeting all crimes. >> i think it's great. much needed. crime will overall take a rise and even little things that may seem insignificant to others. >> alexa rodriguez's car was broken into outside her home on 54th street and first avenue but within minutes police arrested the 18-year-old. >> our officers saw an individual with a backpack stopped him and this individual had a lot of items. once the individual ball was questioned he confessed so far
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>> i didn't have anything in the car that was effected but he stepped onto my property and that was enough. >> that was exactly what the city of miami police are hoping for avoid the crime before it happens. >> we don't want to be reactive in the miami police department or want people just to call when they need us. we want to take a pro active effort to make sure we take care of crime. we don't want to put a band aid on it but eliminate it to the future. >> they will be reaching out to the homeless community to offer them help and the task force will be out. they want all residents to know once it is over they will continue to crackdown on crime in this area and throughout the city. in miami marabelle rodriguez cbs 4 news. straight ahead hospital hacked. the ransom they reportedly paid to regain access to that hospital's computer system. we tell you straight ahead.
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gets more than he bargained for when a customer fights back. how that customer knew what to do after the break. >> i'm lisa at a hidden gem in little havana. it's all about shrimp and it's coming your way. >> greg, cbs 4 controlled another and great weather lasting through the weekend. the forecast coming up. and elliot rodriguez in the cbs 4 news room. here's what's ahead at 6. we'll have live team coverage on president obama's trip to cuba. what it means for cuban relations and what local americans are saying about it. are police officers boycotting beyonce? the head of the local order of
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4 news abo florida's healthcare agency is issuing a fine to liberty hospital. back in december 57-year-old dawson was forciblely removed from the hospital's emergency room. she collapsed after being escorted out by police and later died. the agency lists four counts against the hospital three related to emergency care and services and one for failure to evaluate a patient.
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working to make improvements and the family is suing. a robber gets a beating. the man walked up to the counter but he didn't realize that one much the customers was a boxer with two state titles who was at the store visiting his girlfriend who worked there. he confronted the crook and they got into a scuffle and just like in the movies he punched the man in the face and held him until the police arrived. >> picked the wrong time to rob that store. bye-bye benjamin. >> why some think the $100 bill should change. angelina jolie on motherhood. her eye opening comments getting a lot of attention tonight after the break. and lisa takes us through another taste of the town hidden gem. this restaurant has been doing this for four decades. we'll show you the menu later on.
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a detonation bringing down a portion of the old bridge in st. louis, missouri that will demolish the entire bridge built back in the 30s. will take place in a couple of a los angeles hospital says it paid a ransom to hackers in order to get it's data back on line.
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the ceo says bit coins are the most efficient way to end the problem. the hospital computers are infected with ransom ware. patient care was not effected and no evidence that patient data was compromised. the f.b.i. is investigating the attack. apple is getting high-tech support in it's iphone encryption battle with the f.b.i. apple is right to defy the judge's order to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists and ordered apple to disable the auto erase feature but tim cooke says they don't have that technology available and developing it would create a back door to not only the iphone but other devices as well. >> apple is saying even if you promise you are only going to use it once it's going to get used again and again.
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-it supports the department of justice's request. >> it may not all be about the benjamins. the former secretary says it's time to remove the $100 bill and 500 euro note from circulation because high bills are linked to crime. case and point in certain circles the 500 note is known as the bin ladin. angelina jolie generating headlines about her shocking thoughts on motherhood. we have more. >> angelina jolie making a big confession saying she never wanted to be a mom. >> it's a lucky profession to be a part of and i enjoy it but if it went away tomorrow i'd be happy to be home with my children. >> no doubt she epitomizes having an open heart as the most famous modern family of eight. >> this is the first time the kids and friends are here. >> but 16 years ago it was another story. in a candid new interview she
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to have a baby or be pregnant. i never baby sat or thought of myself as a mother. revealing she had a spiritual awakening while first visiting cambodia to shoot laura croft, too many raider. >> it was magic there. we were there for ten days filming and i spent time with the people and they are such a beautiful, generous, warm group of people. and it's really my--i've never loved a place so much or felt so happy. >> the journey to adopt their seven month old son maddox would come the following year when she returned to cambodia and spent time with local children. >> it dawned on me that my family was here. i thought about documentation
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something felt right and i came back a third time and met my son. >> so much more on this story tonight and everything else that's happening in entertainment news. back to you. >> thank you. it's been quite a journey for her. for more on her and the rest of the day's hollywood headlines watch the insider tonight at 7:30 after entertainment tonight at 7 right here on cbs 4. another beautiful south florida day. >> i know. >> thank you craig. >> thank you. >> don't thank me. >> i know we needed it. first off a live picture from everglades park. betty who watches us is a big fan. i said thank you betty and keeping an eye on you with our camera so do good work here. weather is looking pretty good. western broward catching the sun going down. temperatures upper 70s today.
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fort lauderdale hollywood a high of 78. low of 59 and 74 in key west low this morning of 64. temperatures in the mid 70s cooling off into the 60s tonight not quite as cool as last night thanks to a breeze keeping the atmosphere stirred up and not cooling off as much. satellite showing the clouds blowing in through the day and up stream cloudiness over the atlantic coming into the northwest region and a few sprinkles possible during the day tomorrow as there are a few little showers out here in that flow and after that on saturday and sunday the winds turn more easterly and the rain chances stay low. lots of clear skies and the exception off the atlantic. high pressure in control of the atlantic the atmosphere mostly dry and the sunshine state as the computer forecasted today as we go into tomorrow still that reddish color remains as the air remains very dry. even saturday and sunday looking great. rain chances very low with the exception of a few sprinkles tomorrow. then our storm chances start to go up into next week. monday still looking good but here comes the moisture ahead
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and wednesday our next potential for any type of severe weather. in the southeast right now sunshine and mild temperatures. 50s, 60s and 70s in the northeast a clear and cold day. temperatures right now in the teens 20s and 30s. midwest it's warmed up quite a bit. very warm right now up to rapid city at 71 and 72 right now in denver. here's the forecast for the night. breezy along the beaches not as cool. low temperature 63 degrees for tomorrow and sun. gusty breeze and a high near 74 degrees. mold is low. juniper, cyprus, oak burch and willow taking you through the weekend breezy day tomorrow temperatures in the 70s lots of sunshine. next storm chance coming tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you craig. here's the cbs 4 news at 11. >> liars will give you an enormous amount of
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>> so do you know how to spot a liar? we have an expert to reveal how to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. all of the secrets you need to know tonight at 11 on the cbs 4 news. >> that explains everything. still to come more of your hidden gems. lisa has a taste of the town
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time for another ren addition of taste of the town and continuing our month long search for finding a headen gem. >> those are the wonderful spots you might know about but other people won't know about. lisa takes us to little havana. >> it's the ultimate cuban fish fry here at sea food market in little havana a family owned favorite and hidden gem of the locals since are you ready. >> 43 years.
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food, people coming back. >> we didn't have any and people eat at the counter. it was definitely very unique. >> the business began in havana cuba. there he is now and his ten brothers caught and sold them. >> this is something we used to do across the street from our house in cuba a family of fishermen and we would sell this and the black eyed peas that we do. >> in the strip mall. yes a lot has changed but a lot has remained the same. >> we have been here 43 years. family has been able to come back with their kids and now we are catering to everybody. >> the food is what keeps them coming back. this sandwich is made breaded flash fried and served on a cuban roll with the tail on.
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super tender and fresh but then that fry on the outside. >> next both caught grilled shrimp served with salad. >> the shrimp is so fresh and with a grilled onion to give it the crunch on the side. tons of flavor and spices and tastes like it just came out of the water. >> and finally garcia with the yellow tail served whole. bite sized pieces. squeeze and you are ready for heaven. >> you would not know this is fried because it is so light and fresh and flaky at the same time but then it has the crunch on the outside with the flavor and the lime adds a little zip. probably the best fried fish i've ever had. >> fresh fried fish and family go hand in hand here. >> it's open seven days a week monday through friday lunch and on the weekends dinner. come and check it out with your
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little havana. cbs 4 news. >> it's located at 1952 west flagler street in miami's little havana neighborhood. >> i don't think it's going to be a hidden gem for much longer now that we show you how good it is. we are always looking for little gems. we want to hear yours and we'll check it out. you may see your restaurant featured on taste of the town. e-mail us at taste of the tweet lisa directly so lots of ways to let us know about your favorite restaurant. >> i love how easily they said it. >> i have been there a couple times. thanks for the lesson. >> thank you. here's what's coming up on cbs 4 news at 6. >> president obama is traveling to cuba. why his visit will be so historic. >> plus a developing story. the brawl that sent a child to the hospital. and boycotting beyonce?
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attending her south florida concert. cbs 4 news at 6 starts right now. right now at 6 president obama is traveling to cuba for a historic trip more than one year after moving to normalize relations with the island. that trip will be restored for many reasons. no sitting u.s. president has visited cuba since 1928. president obama hopes to advance the progress made between the two countries as well as improve the lives of the cuban people. natalie joins us live with more on the president's trip. >> the president began his two- -will begin his two day trip to the island on march 21 and the white house says normalizing relations with cuba will be a cornerstone of his legacy and counting on the first lady to help make the trip a success too. many cuban political leaders
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in an off the cuff moment chatting with reporters president obama had a light demeanor about his up coming significant trip to cuba. >> it will be fun when we go. >> fun aside the white house says the president intends to press the cuban government to do more to move towards democracy and a cuban government. >> we see it as a means to push forward the process trying to achieve a greater opening between the united states and cuba. >> south florida congress woman highlighted american values to blast the president's decision. >> the trip is shameful because as the president of the united states he's supposed to be the standard bear for the values that we stand for, for our american ideals. >> congress man mario says it's the pinnacle of restoring relations with a dictator. >> are we surprised president
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bow down to this anti terrorist regime? no. marco rubio sent him a letter urging him to cancel the trip writing a presidential trip to cuba is a dangerous idea and i urge you to reconsider. the white house argues the last 50 years of isolating cuba has not worked. >> it's not as if one more year of the embargo is going to bring transformational change. >> human rights and living conditions for the cuban people and closing guantanamo or repealing the wide foot policy is not on the table during the visit. the president will meet with business leaders and raul castro and the white house is relying on the first lady to make the visit a success. >> she's an enormously popular figure in other countries


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