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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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12 men until that fierce fire. code enforcement came by and declared the building uninhabitable a short time ago. someone came by imported of the windows. tonight we have a firsthand look at what it was like for firefighters when they got to the burning building. it's a rare look inside a burning home. fort lauderdale fire fighters helmet camera allows us to see and feel what it's like to confront massive flames while making sure no one is inside. firefighters used a thermal imager to check for victims. when i got the call, there was a report that some of the residents in the group home at fictional of the nw. 10th ave. may have been trapped firefighters determined everyone escaped. they left with more than they close on their back. >> look at my boots. i stopped on the fire. >>reporter: the group home
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smoking and asked ellie with a mattress on fire. >> there was an alarm going off and i looked in the building was on fire. >>reporter: the damage is extensive, you can see the aftermath. the walls are standing but everything will have to be rebuilt. >>reporter: a neighbor, leticia ramo's, saw what happened when the 12th man who lived here, it broke her heart. >> i wouldn't be here if i didn't. >>reporter: it has been home for three years. he lost what he had has to figure out how to start over again. i spoke to the fire department and they said the cause is not been determined but for the residents, some have left and the owner of the building says she has insurance and she plans to rebuild to put some people of one of her other facilities. fort lauderdale, joan murray cbs4 days.
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to worry about. and miami tae kwon do instructor is facing new charges. police had previously accused him of molesting young sisters who are students of his and officers essay he assaulted another child, for five years, they are worried there are more victims out there. you are asked to call my meeting crimestoppers. if you have any information. obama's trip to cuba want to include any announcements about the future of guantanamo bay, that's what carter told a congressional panel today. carter is pushing lawmakers to cooperate with a plan to close the detention center and transfer detainees to present in the us. the president submitted a plan to congress on tuesday and republicans rejected it. we are headed to cuba to cover the president's visit next month. but for our live report march 21 and 22nd.
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still though, tonight from donald trump about a controversial robot called. that is making the roads on his behalf. mcdonnell trump is not a racist, but donald trump is not afraid. don't vote for a cuban, but for donald trump. spinning some voters in minnesota and vermont are receiving the call from an american national super pack is it is called. a white supremacist group telling people not to vote for a cuba. the group does not have any connection, officially, to the trump campaign attracted not authorized that call. today we asked and miami pollster and nelson diaz about the controversial message. timothy effective of this is enormous, not just as a cuban- american but as an american. this is as un-american as it can get. the idea that anyone can run for president, regardless of where your parents are from is as american as apple pie.
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was some anti-trump supporters to put that out there just to create some news and noise around the issue. >> marco rubio and >>reporter: five have parents board and cuba. this call is the lowest form of campaigning and rubio is calling for trump to demand the calls be stopped. no, dead from donald trump himself. summit. former president clinton is making a stop in south florida this weekend. he is scheduled to attend day event at the betty ferguson recreational complex on saturday. he is expected to lay out his case for why hillary is the best candidate for working families. jeb bush has personally apologize to his biggest donors for the failure of his presidential campaign. the new york times reports he held a conference yesterday afternoon. the former florida governor told donors. he thought it was important have a clear path to victory for his party and he also
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to his supporters. he suspended his campaign saturday night after losing in the south carolina primary. voting by absentee ballot well underway in florida in early voting for the florida primary begins on monday and parts of the state, including miami-dade. it's important to know that florida is a closed state where the winner takes all of florida's 99 delegates solely registered democrats and registered republicans can vote for candidates from their parties and they can only do so for the party in which they are registered. miami-dade voting is from and broward residents have less time if you want to vote early for march 5 to the 13th. had to cbs 2016. for information on early voting throughout south florida,
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polling locations and times. stay with us for campaign 2016 now through election day. connect nevada's gov. says no thanks to a possible supreme court nomination. 52-year-old brian sandoval's a former federal judge. he issued a statements it afterwards surfaced that obama was considering him to replace late justice scalia. sandoval is nothing why he's not interested that he did say he is incredibly grateful to have imagined. >> sandoval is a republican, which is why they're so much interest in why democratic president would even think of nominating him. spouting first the world, admitting they spied on those working against them and the reason behind after the break. baby backlash about something that was posted about it on board child conceived
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the controversy later on. i am live at the south beach wine and food festival. it's a tie mbytes on the beach. we have pasta and meatballs cooking up. we are featuring some great restaurants and a taste of the town is coming your way. we will see you in a few minutes break it or appetite ready.>> she gets the best assignments. lots of sunshine. nice and cool out there. look at your forecast through the weekend coming up. elliott rodriguez in the newsroom. big news in campaign 2016 in florida. the presidential candidate with the most support. it could surprise you. some of the passengers on board a royal caribbean ship that sailed into the hurricane are suing.
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>>reporter: (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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see world admitted it went undercover to spy on ammo rights protesters. the company ceo elegy parks and a worker to infiltrate and anti- see world protest last summer in san diego. that worker was suspended but allowed to keep his job after the animal rights group said they he tried to incite
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demonstration. see world said this will not happen again. systemic after a year in space astronaut scott kelly is a few days away from returning to earth. kelly held a news conference from international space station. 52-year-old astronaut blasted off on the mission last march. kelly said it has been hard being away from family and that includes his twin brother mark kelly and he can't wait to get back to earth. >> when i get back to houston, i will go to the astronaut quarters at the johnston space center for several hours of medical tests and then i'm going to go home and jump in my pool. >> is just hanging out floating around in space. kelly spend a year on the iss because nasa wanted to study the effects of space on the human mind and body. the space agency said when it learns from kelly could lead to a trip to mars. kelly will leave the iss next tuesday on board a direction capsule.
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he's doing for this country by subjecting himself to that.>> i love it. >> come on home. passengers accused of plotting a child in the midst
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escorted off the flight. in washington family is upset after they have their seven-year-old boy kicked off an airplane. the flight was about to take off when the boy broke out in hives. the family said he was allergic to any dog that was on board the plane. they move seats but personnel determine it was best to get him off the plane. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. it's not my fault. someone has a dog. and someone said i'm not getting off the plane for a dog. and i got escorted off the plane. >> what made matters worse, some of the passengers started clapping when the family was on its way off the plane. they were finishing up a sightseeing list, bucket list item for his father has terminal cancer. allegiant airlines is involved in the apologize for what happened in the family was able to fly back home last night.
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heat after her controversial ibf revelation. i picked a girl from her little embryo. she is in los angeles tonight with backlash that she is now facing. >>reporter: crissy's words caused a firestorm of backlash today and now she is fighting back. >> i feel really good. i don't want to know too much. i think over planning, you will be surprised and emily are going to let it happen. >>reporter: crissy and john were not surprised there having a girl they are receiving an epic amount of social media backlash for telling people magazine that they picked the gender. >> it's a slippery slope to a designer baby. people are going to pick blonde babies with blue eyes and every kid will look like the village of the damned. >>reporter: joy's view was echoed by some of crissy's twitter followers to which
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i also picked embryo with a taste for bacon, knack for magic in size 7 feet. every doctor knows the sex of the embryos, it's not a grand secret. >> we cannot determine the gender of the embryo unless we perform an extra step, pgs. it's not something that we do routinely but with the involvement of technology, is $300 per embryo to find out the makeup of that embryo. >> our medical insider explains how the tran12 gender selection has increased in recent years. >> is more common than you would think. they would choose to do ivf for the purpose of finding out the gender. the person has a child and they would like to have family balancing, meaning one child of each gender.>> more to talk about on the storage night on the inside of a back to you.>>
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no matter what gender. >> next a designer weather? this weather today, see this live picture, it's a beautiful south florida evening. the high temperature occurred after midnight. we're going to be well below that tonight and highs today in the 60s and 70 was the qs. cooler air direction. the the the direction, keeping the warm water away from us. not too bad, mainly in the upper 60s. but when the sun goes down, temperatures will go down quickly.
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in the 40s and 50s. mostly clear skies throughout the day today. that's part of the big storm system off the east coast. there is a cold front that passed through premiums moving away. dry air wrapping around low-pressure in the overall pattern upstream, it's quiet. so we're going to be stuck in this weather for a few days and slowly warm up. temperatures over the southeast, in the 50s and in the 50s a severe thunderstorm and in maine, behind the system, a lot of snow in the ohio valley and in new york in the midwest kind of chilly. here's our forecast for tonight, crisp and clear overnight. tomorrow look for sunshine and after a chilly start, we headed to the 60s for highs.
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counts. temperatures cool for the next few days. the 40s. if you miss the 80s, they are not too far away. years. new at 11 pm. a lot of stores have price matching policies. less than 5% of customers take advantage of price matching policies. >> if you don't ask, you don't get it. but what you get if you ask for? mystery shoppers but the policy to a test have three major retailers. we have a test results tonight at 11. >> i am looking forward to that report later on. more development in a beyonci boycotts in south florida. smith the fraternal order of police boycotting her concert another have a new proposition.
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next at 6 pm. live it the southeast fine and-the wine and food festival.
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gem . it's time for a taste of the town. we are continuing our search for hidden gems.>> we take you to a homemade pizza and pasta spot so good they were invited to participate in tonight's italian night at the south beach wine and food festival. >>reporter: the proof is in the pizza and pasta. literally. >> the proof is the way we ferment the pizza dough. we make it and we proved that
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>>reporter: justin is the head chef and owner after working in top-notch kitchens in new york and florida he had a dream kitchen of his own and it's a hidden gem that has become a local favorite. smith we make everything in- house. the food is high quality. we make it by hand every day. it's very labor intensive, but we wanted to be a neighborhood spot. >>reporter: dining inside and out and beers on tap and italian wines served. they also celebrate the artsy side of lynnwood.>> we have a local artist. >>reporter: his cuisine get such rave reviews, he was invited to participate in tonight's italian night. he will be preparing a dish like this, his homemade pasta with tomatoes and fresh parmesan. there is a true difference 20
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not out of the box. this is a special consistency and tastes. and marinara sauce. it's delicious. >>reporter: next brussels sprout salad made with dried cranberries and apple vinaigrette. a favorite. so much punch and flavor. the brussels sprouts have a delight texture to them and you bring in the cranberry and the nets and the dressing, it's divine. and finally justin's signature pizza made with black garlic purie, caramelized onions and braised ox tail. i had no idea what to expect and he put ox tail and onions on a pizza with mozzarella, it's a sensation. it's almost a barbecue flavor. the caramelized onions and cheese and the custom-made
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the proof is most definitely in this place. this is the pasta right here that just is going to be serving tonight and here he is, everybody. justin, you are chosen to be here at the south beach wine and food festival. >> we love supporting it. it's great. we love seeing everyone. we are excited to be here. looking forward to it. >>reporter: in your pasta tonight is? >> pasta with tomatoes, fennel and spicy pork sausage. >>reporter: this event is hosted by john at de la renta's. we are hearing that neil patrick harris and other stars will be attending. lots of pasta, lots of meatballs. i'm italian. i love it all. >> we are jealous. >> i want everything i saw. >> proof pizza and pasta is located at 3328 north miami ave. in miami.
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hidden gems. please send us your hidden gem. we will check it out. you might see your future taste of the town favorite restaurant. here's how you tell us about your favorite spots. email set taste of the town of you can treat we said, directly or tweet >> it was great to see a young, up-and-coming chef. way to go justin. >> is food looks magnificent. >> my is growing. the fight to florida, a new poll reveals sen. rubio could have an uphill battle to win the take all primary. the community comes together to remember a six-year- old boy killed by a stray bullet. the push to boycott beyonci's upcoming concert
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big news, a campaign 20 16th in a centers on florida's upcoming primary. a new poll shows donald trump on top of unlikely florida voters. and it delivers good news for trumpet bad news for rubio. he was a distant second. gary nelson has the numbers from the control room. >>reporter: devastating is one word analysis used in describing the numbers out today showing marco rubio , the floridian still in the race, getting flocked in the florida primaries. marco rubio got a feel for the podium in houston in preparation for tonight's big debate. he may need the performance of a lifetime. they respected poll shows rubio losing his own state to donald trump. the guy favored by 40 for percent of likely voters to
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a 16 point gap. for rubio, pundits say, the prognosis is not good. >> if you can't win his own state of florida, he needs to face the fact that is probably have the sweepstakes for the presidency. >> rubio something for a boost, but on the whole--on the heels of the poll numbers. he sent an email saying, i'm not going to order the snap. there has never been a more critical time for your financial support. if the candidates sound a bit desperate. his reps were upbeat just 19 days out. >> we have no doubt when all the votes are counted, that marco rubio will win florida the 99 delegates that come with it. >>reporter: rubio supporters were bowled over by the poll, sort of. >> that's crazy. i'm not surprised. >>reporter: not surprised
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>> i love the poorly educated. >>reporter: his unorthodox pronouncements notwithstanding, his tearing up the field. rubio seems to call him out. wednesday as he talked about occupying the white house. >> and ever want you to watch me out tv cringes that supported him. if he told them his lead team like wherever real space and in florida. he will make an insurance of the cadillac golf championship next thursday at the trump resort. thank you gary. clinton spend her time focusing on south carolina while bernie sanders campaigned in ohio. he told supporters that polls show him and clinton beating


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