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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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-- 18 tragedy . a 14-year-old boy shot and killed by his friend playing with a gun. you will hear the exclusive. >>good news for the the commuters on miami beach. the venetian roadway is reopening. we have all the details.>> we're standing by with a look at the roadways. >> first let's check in with our meteorologist, lissette gonzalez. >>here we are ending the month of february on some nights weather. we are waking up to a mainly dry quite start. also, the clouds are still around. thankfully, we are mainly dry and dealing with the wind flowing out of the north 3 to 5 miles per hour, down to the keys out of the northeast at 7. temperatures are comfortable in the low to mid 60s. oout-of-school yesterday but
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-- not as cool as yesterday but still pleasant. we will be mild and breezy in the upper 70s. there could be if you spotty showers. the humidity will start to creep up. temperatures are also on the rise for the next few days. i will have details in my next forecast. let's get a check of the traffic. >>we have an issue in miami- dade county, there's an injury accident that has not clear on southwest 8th street and southwest hundred and 22nd avenue affecting the west by lands -- westbound lanes of tamiami trail . police activity has shut down the west exit ramp to north 107th avenue off of the dolphin expressway. you can always exit off a little bit further west. finally, 826 drivers and southwest 8th street, exit and entrance ramp, you will see the traffic lights are malfunctioning. you will treat that entire intersection as if it were a stop sign. thank you, a family
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shot and killed by his friend while playing with a gun. the teenager accused of shooting the boy is home and facing some very serious charges. where life at the miami gardens police department with that story -- we are live at the miami gardens police department with that story. >>we spoke with the attorney of the 14-year-old suspect and also we spoke with the family member of the teenager who was killed. there heartbroken. friends and families of the victim gathered for a vigil outside the home where he was shot and killed. they say his 14-year-old friend and another friend -- showed the victim and another friend a gun when it went off hitting and killing the victim. >>he was loving, he was sweet, he was funny. he was always laughing. he was always playing. he was always dancing and making jokes. he was beautiful and i'm glad we were able to be here and
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>>police arrested the 14-year- old accused shooter. we spoke with his attorney who says he is remorseful and devastated about what happened. >>he is in shock. he is really upset about all of this, but when everything is said and done, unfortunately, this was a tragic accident. >> it is unclear where the gun came from or who it belonged to. police are still investigating this one. as for the 14-year-old accused shooter, adjudged it released him -- release him. he is at home and must stay there. now hear more of your morning headlines: the woman accused of kidnapping a 2-month- old baby is expected to appear in court today. late last night, the baby arrived back home near fort lauderdale. she was kept overnight saturday
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she was found. deputy say a 23-year-old and her 14-year-old cousin broke into the babies home friday night and took her. the suspect was arrested and is facing charges. >>presidential candidates are making their final pitches ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday contest. marco rubio and donald trump are insulting each other. the latest tracker poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton leading in key states. or than 1500 delegates are up for grabs in about a dozen states. hollywood honors some of its best and brightest during the 88th annual academy awards. while the film mad max fury earned 6 awards, spotlight took the award for best picture. leonardo dicaprio and brie larson one for best actress and actor respectively. chris rock won praise by addressing the lack of diversity brought the night.
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out of miami beach after months of construction of anything causeway -- venetian causeway is set to reopen. >> reporter: good morning, after 9 long months of construction and the stores, the venetian causeway is finally set to reopen and it is happening on schedule. if you take a look behind me, you can see the road is so close, but in a couple of hours all of these barricades will be gone and the new and improved roads, that will all be back in service. this is a $12.4 million project that replaces a 730 foot stretch of the west bridge that was dilapidated and had been temporarily patched up with metal plates. construction started last june shutting down a crucial connection between miami beach into the city of miami, forcing drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists to take the month -- julia tunnel causeways which was a major inconvenience especially for people who live in the area. to celebrate, there will be a
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write over the causeway later today. there actually meeting at the miami vice -- bike shop at this game at 8 pm. you do have a lot of people excited not to have to deal with these detours anymore. according to the county, parts of this 92-year-old bridge -- 19-year-old bridge, there were dropped into the water to create an artificial reef. the causeway is scheduled to reopen at noon. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony out here with the mayor and other county and city officials. we will be here. we have you covered and we will have a full report for you on cbs4 news at noon. an update now this morning on a miami woman reportedly attacked by a roommate she found on craigslist. her mother says she is still in a coma but has made i've movement. her mother ship the picture on facebook. she still the hospital in
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she is in hospitalized since valentine's day. the suspect has been charged with attempted murder. he told police he and danielle were in a relationship, but the victims mother says he was her daughters new roommate whom she found on craigslist. >>new details on a violent protest involving the [ null ]. 5 ku klux klan members are out of jail after a violent brawl in california. video of the fight shows they were acting in self-defense when several other people beat and stomp them with wooden post and an anti-immigration -- at an anti-immigration rally . a member stabbed 3 counter protesters with knives and the decorative and of a flat pole. -- flagpole . but they say they had a right to defend themselves. >>get a news from across america: an army staff sergeant is expected in court to face murder charges. is accused of killing his wife and opening fire on 3 police officers.
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on her first day back on the job. ashley glendon was killed on her first patrol with the prince william county police department in virginia. investigators say she and other officers were responding to a domestic dispute saturday night about 30 miles outside of dc. >>we will continue, one step at a time in honor of ashley. we will not discredit her memory and her selfless service. >> police arrested 32-year-old ronald hamilton, and active- duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. he was a 6 year marine corps reservist. >>the victims of the mass shooting at a kansas factory are speaking out. 7 people were killed and 14 others injured. he killed 3 people before police shot and killed him. >>adam miller came face-to-face
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>>i saw him come around the corner and he looked confused. i told him to run and he just looked confused. i told him again and he said i know and he shot me. >>investigators believe he acted out of violence after being served with a protective order taken out by an ex- girlfriend. straightahead: just when you get the latest iphone, a newer version comes out. details on apples newest product set to be released. >>disney is rolling out seasonal pricing at its seams parks. what you need to know when planning your next visit. oscars fashion, see with the stars were wearing on hollywood's biggest night. everyone looked fabulous. my fashion advice for this morning as your waking up in the low to mid 60s, a light jacket, light sweater will do because we will see highs in
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south of the panhandle meeting the heavier coats. we will see the warning -- -- a warming trend coming up in my complete forecast.
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super tuesda welcome back south florida. welcome to the final day of february. can you believe it? how time flies. it is leap day as well tomorrow kicking off the month of march. right now we have a nice quiet start. we are waking up with cloud coverage, thankfully it is mainly dry except for maybe few showers popping up across the keys. breeze out of the northwest, 3 to 5 miles per hour. down through the keys at about 7. we're going to see more of the winds out of the east throughout the day.that shift in the wind plays a huge role in terms of our weather pattern . that indicates we have the wind off the ocean we will start to warm things up and moist and up the afternoon -- atmosphere. we are waking up with comfortable conditions. it was a little cooler yesterday and temperatures are
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>>c-5 fort lauderdale. 54 miami. low 60s in kindle and homestead mid to upper 60s down through the keys. 40s for boston and the big apple. right now the 50s in dc and atlanta down through new orleans and dallas. 30s in chicago, minneapolis and kansas city. 40 through denver and albuquerque. we're under the influence of high-pressure. that is what provided for the spectacular weekend and mainly dry conditions. a frontal boundary is pushing across the great lakes and leading to wet weather ahead of it. that is beginning to move into the northeast. we have another storm system across the northern tier of the country. that is going to be headed in our general direction. here in south florida, today we're talking highs, seasonable with 77 degrees. breezy, mild, some spotty showers can't be ruled out but rain chance
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of dry air in the atmosphere. boater c2 to 3 moderate chop on the bay. no advisories or no problems. the son sex at 6:20 3 pm. we will see lows in the upper 60s, cloudy with a beach breeze. as you can imagine, we will see the temperature on the increase. we have a better trains -- chance of when -- rain on wednesday. we are in the low to mid 60s highs in the upper 70s for thursday and start -- friday. if you're leaving miami beach at fountain street, you will see an injury accident that has a number of lanes blocked off. just on the palm tree you can see the flashing lights on fountain street. everything getting through there, it will be a slow one. we also have another accident to worry about on southwest 8th
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avenue. police activity has the westbound exit ramp to northwest 107th avenue off of the dolphin expressway blocked off and finally traffic lights malfunctioning on the palmetto as you exit and enter from southwest 8th street here treated as a stop sign. >>the panthers lead in the atlantic division takes another hit. joe johnson makes his miami heat debut. we have your monday morning sports report. good morning south florida, heat fans invaded madison square garden last night. let's go heat chance for over the floor as they took it to the knicks. joe johnson wasting little time getting into the starting lineup. how about this, his first shot. this is a 3 ball. this is exactly why they brought him to miami. last nights game look like a track meet. wait to richerson, the rookie taking flight. miami may have found a new
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wade a 20 -- 26 point night . >>as you go into playoff runs, it is very important for this team -- especially with everything we have been dealing with with guys in and out, it is big for us. we're all going to get more comfortable with each other. >> i guess you can say heat owner, nikki erickson is very happy with the move to bring joe johnson to miami. not only to johnson scores 12 points in his debut, the tipton 3 assist, a good start for the summertime all-star. >>we have a great group of guys . a lot of veteran guys. it looks like a great atmosphere and i'm looking forward to it. >>this panthers 20, breathing enemy territory yesterday in minnesota. -- braving enemy territory
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florida down as the going to the 2nd. high game heading to the 3rd, but eric would not be denied, breaking free and going top shelf. cats loose, 3 - one. >> glue held us in their, but we just had a few absences that caught us. fellate we didn't get enough quality chances. we will have to change something -- we felt like we didn't get enough quality chances. we will have to change something. >>joe, i was so torn last night, step and watch the oscars or step and watch the he came. in the end, i just went to sleep. >>well, i wanted to watch what chris rock had to say and then it was all sports. that was all i cared about. i tried to do the competition. but i will say this, the miami heat, especially getting joe johnson on the team, that is a great gift for them.
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with this team, it seemed to give them a spark last night not to mention they were playing in new york at madison square garden and everyone in the mba loves to play their. i just thought dewayne wade to all the young guys really came out and played with energy. i like the fact that they put johnson in the starting lineup. he played 30 minutes last night. he had 12 points, hit 5 of 10 shots. i felt like he really got everyone going. they got another weapon to help them. i don't know if they are good enough to win the whole east, but i look at their schedule going forward over the next 4 to 5 games, they play some of the real weak teams. they have a chance to really held on the record and get some more timing and chemistry with johnson in the lineup. i like what they have. i think that is a great pick up in the last couple of days. >>let's talk about joe johnson. set the scene for us? it looks like dwayne wade played a role in bringing him
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this pickup for the team? >> well, i think dewayne had a lot to do with it. he is one of the most popular guys. we always laugh on the radio shape -- show, he is the president of the fraternity . he is one of the guys and everyone likes and respects because of his success. he doesn't go over the top. for when he invites you, and says we would love to have you on our team, we have great chemistry, we don't have a lot of ego, we play well as a group, what he did -- lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers wanted joe johnson. they are the number one team in the east and he goes know, that is okay i think i'm going to go to miami. he had to know he was going to be in the starting lineup right from the start and he talked about it. i like to win, i like that group of guys. to have good chemistry. i want to play with that kind of team. i think dewayne had a lot to do with it. i think dewayne behind the
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rally -- riley, i had -- think he had a lot to do with the 3 coming together before and now joe johnson.>> a seem to make a great?[ audio playback ]. hopefully the rest -- team. hopefully the rest of the team starts. >>a food court has been shut down at a mall. shoppers will be without a food court for the next year and a half for demolition and construction. the 241,000 square foot expansion is expected to complete completed next fall. >>a new plan to stop airlines from cramming more people into coach. >>also, red carpet fashion from plunging that lines and high splits. we will see who wore it best at last nights academy awards. plus yoga and beer brewery
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re on hold, your business is on hold. doesn' t leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride' s ready. don' t get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. down to a consumer alert: disney is rolling out single prices for single day tickets
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the often jampacked team parks. customers will be able to look at a calendar 8 to 11 months from now to consider which days are value, regular or peak. people will pay more on peak days. value days for the magic kingdom at walt disney world will cost $105. that is the same as a current one-day ticket price. regular days will be $5 more. on peak days that ticket will cost $124. disney says once prices are posted, they will not change. we're learning more about the expected release of the new iphone, plus the 3rd time was not the charm for space x. joe wagner is joining us live from the new york stock exchange with details. good morning. speaks s -- space x aborted its last attempt
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the rocket was trying to deliver a satellite into space that would be able -- be able to provide internet access to parts of the world. >>here's a new plan to stop airlines from stuffing work passengers into coach. an amendment is being added that will require the agency set a minimum seat size for airlines. >>apple is expected to release its newest iphone at the end of march. it will have a smaller 4 inch screen and look identical to the iphone 5 asked except it will have curved edges and it will likely not include the 3-d touch feature. they could say -- it could satisfy users who like the smaller phones but want a longer battery life. they will also release a smaller screen ipad and new apple watch bands. >> i love the giant 6+3. with that said, starbucks is
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someplace that is known for having great coffee and that is italy; right? >> walter, i with you on the bigger screen. i'm a big fan as well. but yes, this is pretty surprising. starbucks has no shops in italy but that will change. they will open its first italian store in milan in early 2017. starbucks is already in europe but it hasn't been as successful there as in other markets. italy could be a challenge coffee is a big part of italian life and a lot of local shops can -- compete . we will see how it goes. >>we will see how the italians look at our coffee from the pacific northwest; right? >> actually, it is interesting because it was the ceo of starbucks -- when he first went to italy in the 80s and he saw their espresso drinks, that is how he got the idea to create starbucks in the united states.
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interesting run. another big part of the oscars is the fashion. the academy awards red carpet turned into a runway as hollywood's biggest names clammed up for the oscars in the latest designs. daniel nottingham has fashion highlights from the red carpet. >> reporter: brie larson, sofia vergara and kate blanchet owned the red carpet in shades of blue at the 80th academy awards./years best supporting actress winner, patricia arquette looked ellicott in a sip -- elegant in a simple navy blue ground -- down it. -- down .-- gown alysia for candor was the belle of the ball in a custom louis vuitton while davey ridley and [ indiscernible- name ] were in vintage great. >> what we see on the runway is
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we see on the red carpet. >>lady gaga wowed in a white pantsuit and whoopi goldberg channeled old hollywood. the academy awards showcase some of the best style moments in hollywood, but the oscars also bring out fashion fails. krishan -- heidi clue and kate winslet failed to impress. other stars rocked maybe suits. leonardo dicaprio dressed up his classic black armani with the most coveted assessor he. but host chris rock may have made the boldest statement in a white tuxedo. that will do it for cbs4 this morning at 5. cbs4 this morning at 6 starts right now.
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and killed his friend -- boy was shot and killed by his friend. you will hear from the family in a cbs exclusive. >>a 2 month old baby who was kidnapped by family members is back home with the mother as the suspects get ready to appear in court. >>marco rubio and donald trump launch personal attacks ahead of super tuesday. how marco rubio question donald trumps manhood. >>oscars 2016: from the big winners to the diversity controversy to the after party. we're live in hollywood with a complete wrapup of the oscars. >>good morning. in a 6 am on this monday, february 29. >>thanks so much for being with us. traffic and weather together this morning. we're standing by with a look at the traffic situation. >>first, let's see what we can expect from our forecast with our meteorologist. >>the final day of february, we are waking up to a nice try start.


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