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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  March 2, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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super tuesday finally here voters in 13 states hitting the
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>> the focus is already on florida and its 99 take all. cbs for brain's complete team coverage. -- cbs -- cbs4 brings complete team coverage. donald trump is calling himself a unifier and wants to go after hillary clinton. he had choice words for marco rubio. >> marco rubio in florida calling it a reboot or launch of his campaign but he is optimistic because he's been here before. hilary clinton played a very key role tonight. she certainly has her eyes set
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>> we are glad you are with us tonight. we will dive into the campaigns and where they go. as far as winning states, donald trump and hilary clinton clear winners. >> ted cruz is also a projected winner in two more states and marco rubio may have gotten his first victory. >> the republican establishment make this like donald trump, but that is not the case with republican voters. they have swept trump to victory in six states. tonight also is a big night for hilary clinton wrapped up victories in six states. let's look at the map of the states. texas and georgia are the two most populous states in play. in the republican race trump carries the states listed.
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listed. on the democratic side former secretary of state hillary clinton has won alabama arkansas georgia tennessee texas and virginia. bernie sanders is the winner in his home state of vermont as well as oklahoma. tonight's results are disappointing for marco rubio he is getting some good news out of minnesota where he is eating at this hour. john kasich and ben carson have no wednes. rubio is vowing to stay in the race. marco rubio -- we continue our team coverage. >> donald trump is a happy man tonight he did very well on this super tuesday. tonight he did not have a big
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he had a news conference. >> donald trump the big winner on the republican side. he said now it is time for the party to work together and focus on november. >> i am unified. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person and that is hilary clinton on the assumption she is allowed to run. i don't know that she will be allowed. >> while concentrating on hilary clinton he had a few words for his fellow candidates especially marco rubio. >> was a very tough night for marco rubio. he worked hard and he spent a lot of money and he is a lightweight. i want to congratulate him on winning texas. ted cruz worked very hard. it was an excellent when.
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>> mexico is going to build a wall. we have a trade deficit of $50 billion a year with mexico. the world will cost $10 billion. it's so easy. >> is also promising to bring jobs back to the us. >> we will make our military bigger and better and stronger than ever before. nobody will mess with us. >> reporter: our primary here in florida is in just two weeks and donald trump said he will be spending a lot of time in florida between now and then. it was the polar opposite down here. very disappointing night for marco rubio you wouldn't know it from seeing him on stage. he is either in full denial or fully expecting the tide to change.
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>> senator marco rubio had the homecoming he needed on a night where he won just one state. rubio claiming victory in the polls saying his attacks on donald trump over the past said days is working. >> he loves to talk about polls and we are seeing state after state's numbers coming down. >> the number one question is why is rubio in florida when nearly a dozen students were voting. >> we are here in florida a -- because this is the launch. we have 15 days and numerous debates. >> rubio's campaign amidst they plan to hit the front runner hard and the gap between him and the billionaire is not far. >> he's done it before. marco rubio in 2009 and he was the underdog and he won that race. >> is a common theme tuesday night -- that was a common theme on tuesday night.
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them. >> republicans saying the next two weeks could define the republican party. >> it will be affected. i will never support trump. i would support hillary or trunk. >> with 14 days to go and two debates rubio is eager to prove the tide is changing. >> the pundits were underdogs i will accept that. we have all been underdogs. this is a community of the underdogs. this is a country of underdogs. we will win. >> reporter: the homecoming was short and he headed to michigan for rally tomorrow. he heads for debate in michigan on thursday. we will see him and all of the other candidates in florida over the next two weeks. there will be a republican debate at the university of
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-- 10th. as we were watching the returns earlier, for short time it seemed like rubio had at least a chance at pulling off a win and virginia. -- in virginia. are winner take all primary on the 15th he has a chance. -- our winner take all primary on the 15th he has a chance. >> that's one poll. we will win florida. after tonight i am sure of it. we narrowed donald trump's lead. he will not win florida and he will not be the republican nominee. >> marco rubio on cbs. we take you to hang tester. >> he spent the night with
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stroke -- >> reporter: her horse -- heard voices horse but she wowed this crowd a well-managed clinton cloud. -- crowd. >> what a super tuesday. i am so delighted to be here with you in florida. >> not only because hillary clinton racked up some big wins and grabbed a chunk of delegates, she also has her eyes set on florida. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. it works. instead of building walls, we will break down barriers. >> her speech tonight was a stripped-down version of her standard speech. she did not take on bernie
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-- donald trump. >> the stakes in this election have never been higher and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong and we are not going to let it happen >> clinton speech went down well with a carefully managed clinton crowd. >> i think the speech was awesome. >> the theme she was coming back to about breaking down barriers was irrelevant. >> i am so excited that i finally get to exercise my right to vote. >> reporter: hilary clinton will be back in town march 9 and -- for the debate with bernie sanders. that's the latest. tonight bernie sanders is
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his home state of vermont and oklahoma. >> this campaign is not just about electing the president is about -- it is about transforming america. it is about making our great country the nation that we know it has the potential to be. >> the next contest between the democrats takes place on saturday. ted cruz with his wins believes that he and not marco rubio is the only viable republican alternative. >> the texas senator is projected to win not only his home state but one more to. >> ted cruz was expected to do well in his home state of texas and those predictions turned out to be correct.
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texas he also came out with a victory tonight in his neighboring state of oklahoma. during the speech he called for republican rivals to drop out though he did not mention marco rubio or john kasich by name. he made it clear that he felt they should drop out so republicans can consolidate around him. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump >> to the nomination remains more likely -- past -- path to the nomination remains more likely. >> thank you. we bring in jim for an analysis. let's talk about the republican side. marco rubio looks like he might
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>> it would be good for him to get that. you don't want to go to the first 16 contessa when nothing. of until minnesota the news had all been bad. -- up until minnesota of the news had all been bad. he was on track to have a miserable night tonight. minnesota could save it form. >> donald trump says he wants to be united it -- and bring the party together. >> will a rally around him. >> i think it's hard to envision some of the statements, we are used to hearing candidates going after each other and their supporters? reach other but some of the stopping said about donald trump in terms of people saying hard things about him.
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seeing and new republican party emerge. i think that's where we have to look at. this is not the republican party of the establishment, this is the one born of donald trump. we have to recognize what that looks like. hilary clinton looking a lot like her party's nominee. >> she is pivoted and has moved on to focusing entirely on donald trump. she is keeping it right there in terms of the general election. bernie sanders is the winner in colorado, but until he can prove he can win some big states, he can't lay claim to the democratic nomination. he has to do this challenge there. the math is not looking good for him. >> let's look to the florida primary winner tonight's results, how has these
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>> i think the storyline remains the same. this is donald trump's party right now. everyone else is trying to figure out their position to be donald trump. ted cruz could do it in oklahoma and john kasich is doing well in vermont. everyone is comparing themselves to donald trump. at the end of the day marched 15th will be the date. florida and ohio get to decide. is marco rubio cannot win in florida, this race is over on march 15. even if they do when, as favorites some candidates like marco rubio winning his state, you are still looking at a campaign that is going to be hard to dislodge trump from getting the most number of delegates.
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coverage of campaign 2016. you can also find a link to a running number of delegates by logging onto our website. the scandal involving that fiu women basketball team that head coaches suspended pending an investigation. the captain accuses him of sexually harassing her. carry to is a slide -- joins us live. the senior captain of the basketball team told our news partner that the miami herald that the basketball coach propositioned her and touched her inappropriately. he also sent her text messages. >> florida international university basketball captain told us that head coach was explicit in his attraction to her and desire for her. >> miami herald sportswriter
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he said she told him in detail the types of things jim said to her. >> he said do she said he told her he had sexual fantasies. >> she also told him about several text messages he center. >> she -- he sent to her. >> he would call her in the morning and say can you come up to my room. >> fagan told him that she made a comment that was sexual in front of coaches. according to the herald fagan said he had touched her inappropriately before game. >> the hunter and she said he kind of groped her behind. >> it's been a challenging season winning only four games. she claims she was recently suspended because of her allegations. the herald reports that fagan
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university as well as the ncaa. fiu is conducting an investigation into allegations made against the coach. a storm allegations the university has suspended the coach pending the outcome of the investigation. because this is an ongoing investigation university will not provide additional comments. >> reporter: lots of things to follow. the fiu investigation as well as what is coach future? new details tonight on the father accused of deserting his 16-year-old son in the streets of plantation. his attorney says he will not face any charges. he vanished after he kicked them out of his car two months ago during a fight. jorgenson says he didn't immediately go to the police because the boy had run away before. his son is still missing. we are hearing exclusively
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to crack down on crime in the most violent parts of the county. the plan will use federal agencies to conduct sweeps and confiscate drugs and weapons on the streets. officers will also attend local meetings to directly get in touch with the community and to earn their trust. >> staying in touch with the community so we can fight crime together. >> people don't even trust their own friends. they won't trust the police. >> the police director is also having major from around the county's to come up with strategies to fight crime. coming up, the associated press is projecting florida senator marco rubio as the winner of republican caucuses
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he picked up 30 percent of the vote and this is his first win statewide in this primary. ted cruz coming in second and donald trump third. minnesota has 30 delegates. disorder in a brown courtroom when three teens connected to a car chase faced a judge. >> family members were upset when a judge ordered a 15-year- old tuesday in juvenile detention. police say he and three other stole a car in several neighborhoods before they were taken into custody. the judge called the disruptors up to the bench where the mother of one of the suspects tried to reason with one of them. >> i don't want to do that. apologize for what you did. >> one of the suspects has still not been caught.
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killer at that -- accused of beating her up and leaving her in a coma was in court. he pushed for his attorney -- attempted murder charge to be released on bond. the judge upped it to first- degree premeditated murder. he claims it was in self- defense. his mother said his -- her mother said his claim is absurd. >> you don't took someone to the point that they don't wake up from a coma and 17 days. >> the attack left danielle needing a blood transfusion and 300 stitches. today the teenager accused of shooting and killing another teen inside a miami gardens home appeared in court the judge ordered the 14-year-old suspect to be placed under house arrest or police say the teen was showing off his gun to his friends when it went off
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he is now facing several charges . the victim's mother spoke against letting the suspect out of jail. >> police are still trying to figure out where the team got a hold of the gun. caught on camera a masked man robbing a gadget store. five different cameras catching the crooks smashing through the front door of drone nerds. disease taking $30,000 worth of equipment. a similar robbery happened last year. are meteorologist joining us now. -- our meteorologist joining us now.
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we are showing a beautiful evening with temperatures comfortable in the low 70s. 70 percent humidity. plenty of sun and a little bit warmer tomorrow in the low 80s and on thursday a weak front breaks over the area so still low 80s. warms up more for friday. a weak front comes through that cools off a little bit over the weekend. here's our forecast for tonight. a little bit cooler inland areas overnight lows will be in the upper 50s to the mid-60s along the coast. plenty of sun nice and warm high temperature around 83 degrees tomorrow. smith conditions on the bed. the weekend in the 80s. the rolling stones are set
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band plans the rolling stones will be performing in cuba take the stones announced they will play a free concert in havana march 25. it will be the biggest act to play cuba since the 1959 revolution.
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in many special places but this show in havana is going to be a landmark event for us and we hope for all of our friends in cuba. the rolling stones concert will come just three days after president obama visits the havana -- havana. the president will attend the tampa bay's rakes again there. -- they raised game there. , camera a two-year-old child -- caught on camera at two-year-old driver -- child falling out of a van into the street. it happened in china. the car behind them pulled over and picked up the boy. the scene was captured by camera on the car. the van was rear-ended a few years it -- days ago.
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the joe johnson invest the hits tonight are on fire. they stampede the bulls. 41 game they were on fire. joe johnson 24 points. when they exhale. him the bulls.
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calm the bulls come the bulls. they won 129-111. >> it's a learning experience. we got to johnson. -- joe johnson. >> the mile -- meanwhile they are to be towing into the booth in winnipeg. raleigh smith second goal of the night and the game is tied at two. couple minutes later he comes with the shot they went on the road 3-2. the dolphins swept with a one-year offer of 12.7 million.
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if another team offers more and they fail to match. >> the annual spring game it's a thrill for the college kids. looked take a pay word -- look at jake up heyward. marlins win 5-1 --. >> he is the first player punished in the baseball policy against domestic abuse. he was investigated but not charged. he did not harm her he says.
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said city is news projecting hilary clinton the big winner.


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