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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now we're waking up to a nice dry start. i some of the broker backward because the past few days this has been until. but i don't hear anyone complaining. this is what you want. you don't want to do with a wet mess. it's also comfortable in terms of temperatures. we will take 67 in fort lauderdale. 60 in kendall 70 in marathon. we see the return of the 70s in spots. we see a weak front with a dry frontal path minute we don't see big changes today. is another warm afternoon with highs climb into the low 80s with sunshine. an isolated shower at best this evening. the full forecast coming up. let's check traffic. instruction on the palmetto eastbound and westbound.
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directions and there. it's all cleared now. we do have a couple of accidents that could slow down your drive. 595 eastbound through the turnpike a crash on the exit ramp through the morning. and also us 27 n. w. 79th avenue. a hit-and-run crash that will take some time to clear. that intersection is partially blocked on okeechobee. police are investigating a break-in at a target store in hialeah. >> happy fleischman is live on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. hialeah police tell us they are looking for four people in connection with this burglary. investigators believe the crux pried open -- receives pried open the doors. they were wide open. this is on 1750. they were wide
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this is on 1750 w. 37th st. n. of okeechobee road. dusting for fingerprints working to collect evidence. electronic section stealing play stations and iphones. the manager is doing a complete inventory to figure out how much merchandise was stolen. they are working to pull some surveillance video. they are pulling the cameras from the store trying to get some surveillance video to figure out who these guys are. cops say they are looking for three men who they believe were involved in this heist. they are looking also for a fourth person who might be the getaway driver who involved in this burglary. if you have any information you're asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. an 18-year-old previously accused of posing as a doctor and setting up his own practice is facing new charges. officer said he stole tens of
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year-old woman he treated. carey codd reports. >> reporter: malachi love- robinson walked out of the palm beach county jail wednesday accused of stealing $34,000 from an elderly woman he treated while posing as a doctor they say use the money to pay off a car and credit card he did not speak with reporters. we went to his home wednesday looking for answers. >> we're looking for malachi. >> he's not available. >> he's a brilliant individual. >> reporter: his attorney says -- spoke a bit about the team he found that writing coast-to- coast after being arrested for impersonating a doctor at this west palm beach office building. >> he still a young man and very tender in the way he's been raised. >> reporter: in the eyes of the law he is an adult and facing a world of trouble. >> this not the first time i've
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>> reporter: the teenager address the charges. he was caught roaming the halls of the hospital wearing a white lab coat and warned prior to his arrest about pretending to be a doctor. at a court hearing the judge ordered him to undergo mental health evaluation. his attorney told reporters he plans to plead not guilty and that recent news conference he appeared to be asking for help >> stop worrying about bashing some of the start lifting them up >> i spoke with the 80-year-old victim by phone and she told me she was impressed why his skills as a doctor and cannot believe all this happened. she said she has learned one lesson that you cannot be too careful when choosing a physician. the attack on donald trump are ramping up in south florida as heavy hitter republican donors shell out big bucks to derail the cleaner front runner. tv ads produced by hour -- our
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saturate the airwaves fire to the florida primary on march 15. they will put to speak in a debate tonight in detroit. one candidate will not be there is ben carson. he's skipping the debate after saying he does not see a path forward for him to win. scott kelly is back in texas. he arrived at ellington field in houston overnight after spending through the 40 days -- 340 days at the iss. deteriorates ferments to see the effects of long trips in space. several airlines asking permission for daily flights from south florida to cuba. jetblue american airlines and delta submitted applications yesterday with department of transportation. the packed with the government gives us airlines access 210 daily flights to the island but only 20 of those will be allowed to go to havana. the final routes are expected to be released this summer. a jury in miami will
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criminal prosecutors say raped a woman one month after he left prison. terrence jefferson took the stand in his own defense. he gotten out of prison when police say he went on a brutal crime spree. he says he did not try to kidnap and rape young woman at gunpoint in december 2013. instead he gave the woman money for sex and she started acting strangely. >> don't do that and she started making and people across the street. and don't do that because i just got out of jail. i'm not supposed to be outside. prosecutors say the victim had simply asked the defendant for a ride when he attack happened. both sides gave closing arguments yesterday. a thief breaks into a car in southwest miami-dade surveillance cameras capture the man casually approaching the kia in ransacking it. the crook known as the car proper tried unlocking dozens
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items. anyone with information on who he might be is asked to call police. deputies investigating a disturbing discovery for a man found human remains in the field be as a response to the scene in the area of northwest 20 avenue and 26 street. the remains are those of the white male. they've been taken to a lab to determine if there's anything suspicious. the top golfers in the world will tee off at the wtc cadillac championship the question is the tournament staying or leaving? the row is in danger of losing the tournament because of donald trump's name. the pga says it is exploring options because of things the republican candidate has said specifically about immigrants. city leaders say this in the tournament would be a huge financial blow and the pga owes the city after 54 tournaments. trump's views are not his own.
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and we will be keep being inclusive because we think the pga tour should stay. year of sponsoring the tournament. the may be concerned about could be resistant to working with trump. the official groundbreaking ceremony for the miami world morning. developer say the huge project will reinvent downtown miami. only we can show you a 3-d view of the $1.7 billion project will look like. >> this enormous 1.1 million dark square foot space takes up six full city blocks. when the miami world center is completed will be america's second-largest urban develop much. the developer say it will offer up a ton of new jobs. >> cigar construction jobs was created by our tower and miami world center will always have some are in the thousands of construction jobs. >> reporter: megaproject will
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500 residential units. the main tower will boast some of the worlds best amenities. inside private elevators will open up into your own flair outside >> soccer fields have gotten the most attention. we have this world says soccer field >> tennis courts and resort style simmons will -- swimming pool. florida's new high-speed rail bright line connecting orlando to south florida will have a train station built on block away. in the near future you'll see six buildings on six blocks going up at the same time. the entire world miami center project will be completed by the end of 2018. the structures being coupled with residential and office buildings including 1800 room marquee mariott marquis hotel. it will have the downtown both metrorail and that from over transit systems to make it easy
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a new report is shedding light on how doctors might be able to catch ovarian cancer earlier report from the national academy so says ovarian cancer is not just one disease rather different types of cancers that start in the uterus or fallopian tubes. researchers say understanding these cancers is critical for early detection and treatment. >> the built-up deal with the growing issue of the hiv aids epidemic in florida is heading to the governor's desk. the bill which is sponsored by senator oscar bringing of miami gardens we established a needle exchange pilot program the right rehab beginning in miami- dade pick the plan is for the program to be funded solely through grants and donations from private sources and designed to avoid expensive hospitalization saving taxpayer money. if signed by governor scott it
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do you want to have been us military? department puts out a call to test its cyber security. >> big financial problems for sports authority. how this could affect you. entity midnight kevin frazier takes into the south florida set of baywatch. here what dwayne johnson and zac efron say about the characters. talk about an unwanted visitor. more of this wild video coming up. i thought they rock was going -- let's talk about the beach. miami beach waking up to 70 degrees. we see the mid-to upper 60s in
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. good morning and welcome back. we are seeing it's nice and dry. we're waking up to comfortable upper 60s and not as cool as
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enjoying 66 in pompano beach. 67 fort lauderdale. even see the return of 70s in some spots. milder in marathon. 69 in key west the winds blowing light from 3-8 miles per hour out of the northwest and northeast down to the case. we have a weak front that is moving through it's a dry frontal passage for us meaning not going to bring us drastic changes to the weather pattern. another warm afternoon in store. we see clouds streaming in from the gulf. across the us it's active on the west coast for northern california. and also look at the central us we see plenty of rain and wintry precipitation moving into the midwest and tennessee and i were valleys. that is the front that is going
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degrees into the weekend. we see 20s in boston and new york city. 30s in dc and cincinnati. 40s for atlanta. 60s through texas and 57 in new orleans. tomorrow lots of sunshine warm and we're going to see the secondary front pushing through. that means this weekend will be pleasant but not as warm. temperatures drop a few degrees. today it's all about the 80s again this afternoon. 82 degrees is the high. year. boaters light chop on the bay and for tonight lows fall to the upper 60s. the next few days we see highs climbing to the mid-80s. very warm before we see the temperatures dropped 64 saturday morning. highs will be closer to average 79 in the weekend is looking great. 78 degrees sunday and more of
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let's check traffic. 95 at sterling road in northbound and southbound drive. there is the southbound lanes the tail lights. broward you have no accidents or construction. let's talk about miami-dade. i anyone crash on okeechobee us 27 and 79th avenue. talking the intersection. a new accident on the palmetto southbound to the exit ramp. it's on the exit ramp but you'll be able to drive around it. also on the palmetto construction northbound at 72nd st. northbound entrance ramp to a 26 is shut down you can always jump on kendall drive imagine seeing this in your pool. liquid family found online foot- long alligator in their swimming pool. it will 70 yards from a nearby pond through a screen and into the pool.
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took it away. the wtc cadillac championship gets ready to tee off plus the hurricaneswill at notre dame. -- role at notre dame the basketball hurricanes likely. peaking at the right time they go to notre dame and take down the irish. jim lehrer again the team is making it look easy especially his backcourt after some slick ballhandling takes a strong to the ramp he leaves with 19 points. canes build an early lead and sheldon mcclellan says we are not going to let up any. he finishes with a nice reverse layup as the canes win going away 68-50. the l championship ready to tee off today. dustin johnson ready to defend his title at the trump doral resort jordan spieth said i might have something to say about that and
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mcilroy who was adept and sidestepping questions about the controversial owner --. >> i'm not american. i'm not he's -- he's not going to be leader of my country so it doesn't bother me too much. >> he was quick on his feet. it's time for talking with joe. joe is live from the trump national doral is the first round as the championship gets ready to tee off. you are down the street. so close yet so far. >> yes. forget about the donald trump stuff. we have the best golfers in the world. 48 of the 50 top golfers in the world playing for $9 million. everyone makes the cut and everyone will make some money. it should be a great event. it's been around for a long
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best players in the world including jordan spieth, jason day and rory mcilroy. number one through three in the world and how about this one. they will be playing together today which makes it even more special. you get a chance to -- this doesn't happen all the time. they will play together in the same group it should be a nice start to looks like beautiful weather. >> let's talk about dustin johnson can you repeat as champions? i happen to like him. you guys always come back and ask me who i like. and later in the week when i am wrong you let me have it on monday. dustin johnson he won it last year. he's playing great i'm going to go with him again. i'm one of the greatest front runners in south florida. i like to jump on a good bandwagon. he's the guy i think -- that
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great success. i'm going to go dustin johnson was one of the top 10 players in the world now. i think is game is has come around. >> i know it's a big event for south florida. i'm sure we will get some traffic later as we try to leave work but for you you go to this quite often. there's a possibility this might leave. how bummed would you be if they took this event away from drought? >> i've talked to the mayor about it and i've talked to many different people. this is always miami open and key biscayne for tennis these are of our biggest events. this would be a terrible want to lose because we got the greatest golfers to the years. tiger woods and fill mickelson and jack nicholas have had great success here. along with the young guys. it's a big golf community it would be awful for us to lose this event. i hope we are able
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the political stuff so we can keep this event. i'm selfish in the name of having the best golfers, with great weather and a great place to be. i'd love to come out on the weekend and it's not just watch great golf. it's a party out here for a few days. i like a party more that i like the sports anyway. >> that's what bothers you year after year talk to you soon. coming up the first boeing 727 ever made takes its final flight. >> banning e-cigarettes. kevin frazier takes us to the set of baywatch filming
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welcome back. tough times for sports authority
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pentagon wants to talk to. jill wagner joins us live on the new york stock exchange with details. the pentagon is looking for a few good hackers to try to break into the military network as part of a program to test the system security for possible weakness. participants need to pass a background check first. sports authority filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy with plans to close or sell 140 stores and egyptian centers. the stores remain open during the chapter 11 process it needs fewer stores as more customers shop online. electronic cigarettes has something else in common with the conventional cousins. they are now banned on airplanes. government will include foreign and domestic flights. i cannot wait to hear about this next story. a bit of american aviation history happened yesterday.
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for the world's first 727. after a preflight earline hill go to museum in washington state united but the plane in 1964 and it flew for 27 years. >> i that many people are happy it's going to the museum. >> it probably is has more legroom than what we're used to. make a movie star dwayne johnson and zac efron are in south florida filming the movie version of baywatch. kevin frazier caught up with a pair on the beach. >> reporter: is there a better movie to be on then baywatch? >> no. to be clear there's not a better movie right now. especially with this dude.
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shape this guy came in. >> he motivates me to work out. he's an animal. >> your plane the character that david hasselhoff played. you talk to david? >> yes and david hasselhoff has been amazing. from day one he's been supportive. if there's one guy who could play me then yes it's the rock. >> tell me that your character. >> i play matt brady. he's the brash young recruit. he is not see eye to eye with mitch. >> i think is a [ bleep ]. >> you have red white and blue all-american bathing suit. >> i would flash you but -- >> no. >> i think zac efron fits his character. i've got to see the rock as david hasselhoff's character. >> many people will be watching. >> the news at six starts now.
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the local push to help make sure donald trump does not become president. fast and furious a mom of robbers storm a gun store and it's caught on camera. new this morning astronaut scott kelly is back in the us. what he is saying about his mission in the space program. thank you for being with us on this thursday morning. first let's check the forecast. good morning and happy thursday. we're looking live from our cbs 4 camera waiting for the sun to rise. officially at 6:40 3 am. mother nature has been putting on quite a show so i'm hoping today will be similar.
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we can see the return of 70s from marathon and upper 60s down to key west. is pleasant and not as cool. but comfortable. the breeze is light and variable 5-8 miles per hour. we have a weak front pushing through with plenty of clouds highs want to the low 80s. this evening 78 and we have another front that will be sweeping through for the weekend. first notes check traffic. everyone is getting an early start look at 826. the palmetto southbound and northbound at us 27. here are the southbound lanes. plenty heading northbound approaching the curve. if you are grabbing the keys with a couple of accidents to watch out for. one on the palmetto southbound and nw. 25th st. a crash on the exit ramp. a hit-and-run crash on us 27 so okeechobee road and nw.


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