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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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daughter made it clear because of past conflict she preferred the baby's father or paternal grandmother have custody. >> city -- she's got to tie was not her and she was in the right place at the right time >> anyone with a heart would do something to help the child. i was happy that i was able to help the baby. >> reporter: bond was set at $16,000 if she gets out she will be allowed supervised visits with her child but the judge said it's pretty right now is to get the child out of foster care into a home and they are doing surveys of the homes does this evening. we're following a developing story now out of my any where jeep slammed into a bus bench. check out the surveillance video of the moment of impact the jeep is going eastbound when the driver lost control
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fire rescue tells us there is a post at the bus stop but that is meant to keep cars from jumping the curb and it did not work tonight. the crash through a woman in a wheelchair to the ground and she's expected to be okay. a stiff warning. >> if we republicans to donald trump the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished >> reporter: hours before the gop debate mitt romney warns donald trump is not fit to run the country. >> mitt romney is hoping to have a say in who the next republican president will be. rummy says if donald trump wins the nomination that hillary clinton will become president >> reporter: new shots fired in the gop civil war. you get the feeling that rummy does not like donald trump he calls him a fraud and trump
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>> bitmoji speech in utah had one goal. stopping donald trump from winning the republican nomination. >> donald trump is a phony and a fraud. he his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> reporter: he said a trump nomination would be disastrous for the country and for the republican party. >> if we republicans to donald trump as our nominee the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. >> reporter: mitch is tough. he's smart. >> reporter: trump endorsed romney in 2012 but now says he regrets it. you can see how well he is he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said mid-dropped to her knees and he would have done it. >> reporter: there is a growing consensus that trump is looking more and more what the gop presumptive nominee. but florida senator marco rubio is pursuing the strategy of
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spread out the delegates to keep trump from getting the number needed to clinch. >> people are saying i was pleased that everyone gets together so we can keep this for order from winning and destroying the republican party >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz once rubio and ohio governor john kasich the dropout so he can take on trump head-to- head >> if we're going to be donald trump, the field cannot remain fractured >> reporter: all of this setting the stage for what should be another lively and loud gop bait tonight. >> mitt romney tweeted this afternoon that he would have never accepted trump this endorsement for years ago if trump had said been the same things he's said this campaign about the [ null ] , muslims, accidents and disabled rick scott announced on the facebook page that he will not endorsing a candidate for the republican primary. it came after a news partners of the miami herald recommended for senator marco rubio.
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potential for leadership and also true leadership we saw it when he was house speaker here in florida. and also in the senate. the u.s. senate. we were impressed when he reached across the aisle to become a member of the gang of eight to bring some sanity to immigration policy. >> posted facing south florida joins us and jim what does the recommendation me? >> it's a nice thing to have your hometown recommendation. whether or not it sways voters marco needs it all. he got good news in the rick scott is not endorsing anyone he stays neutral because he's probably going to endorse donald trump and gets his hometown paper and tries to move forward as best he can. >> the debate tonight in detroit. how aggressive do think marco rubio will be? >> marco rubio and ted cruz will be tagteam partners. it's going to be wwe in detroit will be all over donald trump
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to be the guy talking about policy as much as possible. the entire strategy for this campaign comes down to the night donald trump 1237 votes. did i have the number he needs to get the ballot -- on the first ballot. if marco rubio can win florida, if john kasich can mid-ohio, it does make it more difficult for trump to win on the first ballot. after that? candidate? is it mitt romney? do draft him and bring him back? or do have some sort of marriage between ted cruz marco rubio? this is a crazy time. donald trump is on his way to being the nominee but they will do everything they can to stop them >> reporter: what about megyn kelly? will see join in the tagteam? >> everyone loved the megyn kelly donald trump reunion after these years -- this time since their last debate i expect
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professional and deal with it. and donald trump will not be chris yetta attacker. he has his hands full dealing with rubio and ted cruz. it'll be interesting thing to watch but i don't expect much. donald trump is now embroiled in a dispute over yet another wall of green at the golf resort. he's filed a lawsuit against half dozen homeowners who lied portions of his golf resort claiming they destroyed trees and foliage he installed as a buffer. in velocity says the property owners have trespassed by entering the course and destroying plans the homeowners have died destroying plants and claim that trump has ruined the view they once enjoyed from their backyard trump says the issue involves more than just plants. >> there are safety concerns you have golf balls and large lower devices and it's important to protect our neighbors and the best way to protect our neighbors from
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these buffers. >> not surprising marco rubio is weighing in on the lawsuit calling it's another case of donald trump sticking it to hard-working floridians and conning people out of their money. and a warning tonight about a fix the flag scampered lease say they've arrested two men in a scheme to targets women and elderly people with financial institutions. peter dench is live in west miami day. we spoke to one of the victims? >> reporter: yes. she told me she did not realize that whatever tigers was punctured while she was at a bank and had no idea the criminals were following her for nearly 4 miles with the intention of pulling over asking if they could fix the flat and then taking her money. it happened while she was driving this vehicle is now in her driveway. she credits the detective who followed the suspects and stopped them. >> it's a shock.
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family is also surprised. >> she don't want to show her face. but she says she cannot believe she was a victim of a fix a flat scampered >> i'm very nervous. i more cautious i've already was cautious to begin with but i more cautious. >> reporter: cesar castillo vargas were busted for trying to scam her into believing she needed them to fix her deflated tire seen in the photo. it started late last friday when they were saw her entering the bank of america. >> that's when one of the guys attempted to puncture the tire >> that way it's a slow leak. >> reporter: the plan was to follow her home and was noticed the deflated tire they hoped she would stop in this case it didn't happen. i guess delete not -- not making enough air >> reporter: a detective notice the vehicle following the victim and driving erratically. the suspects even drove onto a sidewalk to keep up.
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police pulled up to the victim >> one of the police officers that was following me made me aware of what happened at the bank. i didn't know they had done something to my car. >> reporter: the suspects were detained and police say they found a number of items in the car including a makeshift sharp object will. >> that's only learned these individuals were responsible for another crime like this. >> reporter: the victim and 1100 like this. >> reporter: the victim and $1100 in cash from the bank and hopes others will be careful. just be aware of your surroundings. even though i was aware, when i go to the bank and the mall and always aware but you never know. >> reporter: she is grateful for what the police did. charges against the suspects include criminal mischief and possession of burglary tools and fake identification. the suspects have been arrested for similar crimes before and they are -- urge anyone who thinks they might been
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come forward. a bill that expands the use of medical marijuana for patients with terminal conditions has passed florida house. the right to try act allows near-death patients to use non- smokable marijuana of all strings and doses. it also adds regulations for dispensing organizations patients and physicians. teenagers robbing teenagers. and not just a few. an update on the zika virus. the number of cases in miami- dade county rises again. a familiar face joins the cast of a watch being filmed here in florida. plenty of clouds today after a somewhat sunny start
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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to teenagers are locked up charged in a frenzied armed robbery. the pair were targeting other kids. gary nelson is live at the police headquarters with a story. >> reporter: when we say spree we're not talking weeks or days or even hours. police say this barrage of robberies came down in it
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leaving lots of terrorized young victims. >> your charged with armed robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon in all five cases. truck she said five cases and police say 19-year-old the one the:and 70 gerald juvenile accomplice were on a hellbent spree monday afternoon on miami dade north side committing five jump out armed robberies. in the space of scarcely one hour. the victims? >> sole from children after school >> reporter: other teenagers hit his body and maybe others are still on the loose raised around a 20 block area not far from his school be star academy in a strip shopping center jumping out of a silver suv and robbing students walking home. most of the victims from miami
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95th st. all picked him from a photo lineup it's not clear how police were led to him. the victims at gunpoint surrendered cell phones, headsets, wallets purses and jewelry >> this accused gunmen going nowhere with no bail on multiple counts in an alleged frenzied robbery spree. he has a prior arrest for car theft aggravated battery of a pregnant woman and it's not clear where those cases went. his alleged accomplice in the robbery spree is 17-year-old nathan lampley is in juvenile lockup. breaking news. secretary of state john kerry will not be going to cuba.
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island two weeks before sbo goes to cuba on march 21 but the la times reports diplomatic from both countries have been haggling over which cuban discipline -- present the pleasant will be like to meet with during the trip some officials say arrangements for the trip could not be finalized. there are three cases of the zika virus in miami-dade county. only for patients are still exhibiting symptoms all of the cases are travel related and health officials want pregnant women who travel to countries where the zika virus is to get tested there are 22 cases in miami-dade and six in broward the new baywatch movie being filmed here in south florida has a new star. >> i don't know if the world is ready for both of us. >> he was born ready. there ain't no way without the half. >> reporter: the show's original stars david hasselhoff will make an appearance in the
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dwayne johnson and zac efron is set to hit theaters next month. it's great to see the film industry back in south florida. and were two in the original cast of baywatch? >> i was not but i'm hoping to have a movie called everglades watch. the winds are light and the canals are almost mirrorlike and the clouds are state. month of the clouds were producing any precipitation. 76 in miami 73 key west. 60% humidity with the south southwest breeze. mid-80s tomorrow. winds are light across the area. high temperatures in the low 80s today is by the clouds 79 is normal.
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the past week. you can see low 70s last week admit to the normal on monday and now back in the 80s of a few degrees for the weekend. there's a weak cold front of the southeast that will move over us. tomorrow clouds will continue but once again high clouds so rain chances are low maybe a shower late in the day. fairly warmer temperatures in the mid-80s for highs saturday morning the front comes through and not as warm. astray showers possible blowing from the water same story for sunday. a few showers blowing off the water and next week the breeze picks up. ocean breeze keeps temperatures in the upper 70s. southeast it's pretty chilly 40s atlanta 39 dc. 35 new york city. once again the west remains warm. temperatures 62 in denver 70 in dallas and 85 in houston.
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temperatures in the upper 60s tomorrow. plenty of clouds once again with son trying to come through. warm despite the clouds at high temperature in the mid-80s. winds out of the west 2015 with offshore flow a light chop on the bay through the weekend into next week warm day tomorrow despite the clouds. astray shower possible this weekend in the breeze comes in next week typical for this time of year. we're busy working on 11:00 news. rudabeh shahbazi is standing by with a look at what is in the works. >> reporter: tonight we have the fireworks from the gop debate and a live report from detroit. elliott told you about david hasselhoff joining the baywatch movie but at 11 entertainer tonight will give us a special report from south florida set of the make it move. and the story also includes zac efron getting drinks after work in town last night and taking a
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jim berry is live with trump national doral with of the return of the l championship. i drove by their today and saw a lot of cars >> reporter: yes. they saw a lot of great golf. the fans are still pouring out there were this we might lose the tournament which is why they are here because they want to see great golf. that's what they got today. so far on day one score one for the old guys. let's go to the video. they are playing for this beautiful trophy and a nice paycheck on the line for this impressive field. defending champion dustin johnson off coupon be start he's an even par but we see did not have trouble. is what i call this the blue
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he simply could not get out of the water. jordan spieth always finds a way to contact. he's three under par so he's in good shape after the first 18. a. 37-year-old speedway. scott here's the along with mark fraser and they're both at -6. the date elbow surgery a few years ago and here is leading after round one. >> the scores are not extremely low so the more wind comes it tomorrow will be similar day today. but if we get anything this weekend the scores will level out quickly i think. >> reporter: on to other sports lebron james back in cleveland says he does not care what folks think about him getting to miami to work out this body dwayne wade excuse me. in the meantime the heat back on home-court tonight as a take on the phoenix suns. joe johnson going against his
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fitting nicely with the heat he's already a big fan of hassan whiteside. >> he's unique he can dominate the game. definitely defensively but i had no idea hit 26 points. it is go to show you he dominates the game in every facet >> reporter: they continued their long road trip in colorado taking on the avalanche. this team in a mighty good mood and who can blame them? they've cleaned to first place in the atlantic division but they are two points ahead of tampa bay now and of the lightning is nipping at their skates. >> we know where we are. we know the teams behind you but at the same time we are trying to focus on every game. tampa is right there and every game is a playoff game now with
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>> reporter: marlins star basement facing some bigley competition in the grapefruit league. first inning number two spot and don mattingly gusting to do more of this when the game -- the first someone. of course the cardinals one of those teams expected to be in the thick of it there is stephen biscotti knocking a run on a groundout and the cards when 4-3. tiger was is that part of the teaching -- pga tour yet but he's hoping to back up playing with the big
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i'm going to hang out avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf.
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client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert,
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that's our news for now. have a great night. >> pelley: the grand old party establishment fights back. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. watch, by the way, how he
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>> pelley: we did. >> mitt is a failed candidate. >> pelley: also tonight, our correspondents give us a rare look inside syria's civil war. >> reporter: so this was an american air strike. >> pelley: major donors cut off the largest veterans' charity after we exposed how the money is being spent spp and a soccer star pledges to donate her brain to study concussions. >> the more we know, the more we can help protect the next generation and the generation after that. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the man who carried the baton for the republicans four years ago is not passing it to donald trump. he's hitting him over the head with it. today, mitt romney became the party establishment's unofficial spokesman for the "dump trump" movement. then, the 2008 nominee, john mccain, double teamed, saying


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