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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: the belgian prime minister says what we should has happened. president obama called him from cuba this morning. >> the thoughts and prayers of the united states are with the people in belgium. >> reporter: the attacks come days after the arrest of salah abdeslam, the prime suspect in the paris attacks last year. they were probably concerned he was going to talk to authorities and move to this up. >> reporter: the entire transport system has been shut down, diverting all trains and planes away from the belgian capital and authorities are urging people to stay home. tina krause, cbs news, london. >> and more than 200 flights to brussels have been diverted or canceled. the airport is struck down and airport security has been tightened across europe. our coverage continues with gaby fleischman at miami international airport with what is being done. >> reporter: aviation officials here at the airport say there is no direct threat but as a precaution, they have increased security. we have been here a couple hours and we have seen an
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there ramping up -- police coverage. they are ramping up checks at baggage. heightened security at miami international, armed officers and increased k-9 patrols, fanned out at every terminal following the deadly coordinated attacks in brussels . >> it's very concerning. a little scary. >> reporter: explosions rock brussels international airport and a metro station in the capital, killing dozens. the airport shutdown, all flights in and out diverted or canceled. leaving many travelers stranded. bran meerten didn't want to show his face on camera but says he is trying to get home after a cruise. he checked in with his family the moment he learned what happened and said they are safe . >> you just here attend at the end of your whole day, it's horrible for the people and the families. >> reporter: he was booked on a flight from miami to brussels, originally scheduled to depart at 5:00 today but that flight
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>> i don't really have solid information. we don't know anything. we have to wait. >> reporter: the flight from brussels to miami took off safely before the blast in major airlines are issuing refunds or rebooking for passengers scheduled to travel to brussels today or tomorrow. at fort lauderdale hollywood international, security officials are also on high alert. >> what the public feel confident to come here. they are going to be safe in looking for anything unsafe. >> it keeps you on your toes. you look around and make sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing. >> reporter: people say they appreciate the amped up security measures and understand extra delays are possible. >> we don't mind waiting in line for that. >> reporter: airport security has briefed employees. they are asking all passengers as well to stay vigilant. if you see something suspicious, say something and report it to police they also
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plans to travel today or tomorrow, to give yourself a little extra time because there may be extra delays going through security. we are live from miami international airport. >> authorities are also stepping up security measures at transit hubs across the united states in light of the terror attacks in belgium. officers are patrolling airports and subway systems in new york and washington, as well as train stations. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: k-9 units sniffed the luggage of amtrak passengers as they waited to board trains in washington's union station. >> you get a little comfort knowing security has tightened because of what's going on but it's also scary. >> reporter: the feeling is the same in new york. a major transportation hub, where commuter rails meet the subway station. >> we in new york city stand in every way. >> reporter: the heightened
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brussels style terror attack which targeted travelers for maximum impact. >> airports and in some ways is the perfect place for them to conduct an attack because it creates the most fear. >>reporter: officials say they are trained for situations like this. >> the attacks in brussels are washington metro region studies, prepares for, drills for, -- >> reporter: dee snyder helps coordinate emergency preparedness. he says passengers have a role to play in keeping everyone safe. >> if they see an abandoned suitcase or someone acting unusually, it's critical that they contact the authorities. that is a message we need to repeat day in and day out, but particularly today. >> reporter: authorities say the increased security is not due to an specific threat -- a specific threat, but just a precaution. >> stay with cbs news and
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we will have much more online. president barack obama's historic trip to cuba wraps up today. he addressed the cuban people in havana today and said he hopes to bury the decades of isolation between the united states and cuba. now, the president meets with cuban dissidents. >> ellie rodriguez has more on his final day of the visit. >> reporter: president barack obama told a packed house here in the cuban capital that the future of this island is in the hands of the cuban people and the cuban government should not feel threatened by the united states. the president received a standing ovation as he took the stage at the national theater in havana for a speech that was televised by cuban tv. president obama first addressed the terror attack in belgium saying all nations seem to work together to fight terror around the world and then he got a round of applause when he caused
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isolating cuba for reconciliation and the lifting of the u.s. trade embargo. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. i want to be clear. the differences between our governments over these many years are real and important. i'm sure president castro would say the same thing. i know, because i have heard him address those differences at length. but before i discuss those issues, we also need to recognize how much we share. in many ways, the united states and cuba are like two brothers who who has been estranged --
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years. >> reporter: also on the president's agenda, a meeting between mr. obama and cuban dissidents of the white house. the opponents of the cuban government including the ladies in white claim political oppression on the island has increased since cuba and the united states announced the normalization of relations. they say the simple fact that more americans visiting cuba makes the government nervous those visitors will come in contact with government opponents. >> cuba is a country is suffering from police oppression. president obama said he would come to cuba one human rights conditions improved. they have not improved. they have gotten worse. this is an important visit by president obama and we are hopeful change will come but the biggest obstacle to that change is the castro family. they have no desire to allow
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>> reporter: after the president meets with those dissidents, he is scheduled to attend a baseball game here in havana. the first time in 17 years in major league baseball team is an exhibition game against the cuban national team. i was here in 1999 when the baltimore orioles did it. today, it will be the tampa bay rays. at the game, we will have the commissioner of baseball, the widow of jackie robinson, singer jimmy buffett and derek jeter, who is seen here last night. i'm eliott rodriguez, now back to you in miami. >> yesterday, president obama attended a meeting of cuban entrepreneurs well he spoke about capitalism in a country dominated by socialist regime. president obama vowed to lift the trade embargo on the island to help spread the message and the president brought an entourage of ceos from 11 different companies including marriott. >> i think we are making
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steps of engagement between these historic adversaries. there are profoundly different cultures and profoundly different economic environments, so the change will take some time but i think there is an eagerness on both sides to see whether or not that change can evolve in a way that works for both countries. >> roughly half 1 million cubans are small business owners. first lady michelle obama held her own meetings with high school aged cuban girls. the meetings were part of her let girls learn initiative. the initiative seeks to open the doors to education for millions of girls around the globe >> president obama attended a state dinner last night at the palace of the revolution. the dinner was less formal than the state dinners we are used to seeing in the united states. there were also no planned speeches or toasts. our cbs 4 news crews will
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look for live updates later today. a house goes up in flames. fire crews were called to the scene on northwest 135th street and miami avenue around 3 am. police say no one was in the home at a time. the house was up for sale and was in the process of being remodeled. officials say it is a total loss and investigators are working to determine what sparked the fire. a suspected drug dealer who was arrested at the -- music festival appeared in court. he faces more than 230 counts of drug possession and trafficking. investigators say he was stopped with pills leaving ultra. he says he is concerned that bettencourt was dealing drugs
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lost and found from the festival will be open at the ultra security trailer as well. camping 2016 -- campaign 2016 hits the west as several states could lay the landscape. and the surprise twist in the battle between the fbi and apple. plus, a florida neighborhood overtaken more more than 80,000 bees. it's nice out there now but it was shocking this morning. 570 in miami, 550 in fort
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the former mayor of toronto, rob ford has died. his career was highlighted by a drug driven obscenity laced debacle. he died after fighting cancer. he was repeatedly videotaped and photograph while intoxicated in public. ford was 46 years old. voters in idaho, arizona and utah head to the polls today to figure out who should be there presidential nominee. >> hillary clinton looks to extend her league while donald trump's rivals are hoping to slow him down. don champion reports. >> reporter: fighting in the -- voting in the west today could further delay the landscape for the republican presidential race back the big prize is the winner take all state arizona. donald trump focused on foreign policy in washington where he
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should rethink its involvement income nato, an update he repeated on cnn last night. >> paying disproportionately. it's too much and it's frankly a different world than it was when we originally conceived of the idea and everybody got together. >> reporter: rivals ted cruz and john kasich quickly responded. >> this is a dangerous world. if america withdrawals, we get the kind of chaos obama has produced. >> you want to be very careful. >> reporter: while washington, trump tried rallying support from party leaders. he also spoke before aipac. >> when i become president, the days of treating israel like a second-class citizen will end. >>reporter: hillary clinton used her speech before the pro- israel group to target trump. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday. >> reporter: bernie sanders skipped the conference and
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needs to pull off a win that >> israel must continue to exist as an independent free state but if we're going to have lasting peace, we have also got to work with the palestinians. >> reporter: more than 200 delegates are up for grabs today. >> stay with cbs 4 and for more coverage of campaign 2016. the fbi says it may be able to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters without apple's 'help. he scheduled court battle for today was postponed. prosecutors were expected to ask a judge that apple be forced to help them unlock the phone. apple says helping hack the phone would set a dangerous precedent on user privacy. we look up to chilly temperatures. >> bone chilling cold. the funny thing is a lot of
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is it going to warm up? how long are we going to be stuck with these cool temperatures? by the end of the week, you're going to ask when it will cool off again. this is a one-shot deal. this is just to keep the fans of cool weather happy. the complaint department is closed today. holiday park looking west. getting ready for a couple looks like the weather is pretty nice. breezy but not windy. the wind is shifting northeast though. first of all, we woke up to clear skies but now the clouds are rolling in off the ocean. also, so my older ocean air. nomura chilly temperatures. tonight about 100 warmer than last night.
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now clocking in between 12 and 17 miles per hour. the rip current risk will get increasingly higher this afternoon through tomorrow. serve temperatures in the mid- 70s. the layer of mid-level clouds out there and 720. still in the upper 60s in key west. at lunchtime, temperatures mostly above 70. some in the keys are only in the upper 60s. statewide, it was in the 30s and 40s last night in north and central florida. you get into late march and these cool snaps don't last all that long. high pressure has been delivering some of that chilly weather on the fringes of that northwesterly flow but it's really moving quickly.
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over jacksonville and the winds will switch to the other direction and our weather will go in a different direction. temperatures around the country, 650 in denver but only 33 in salt lake. 40 in boston. the snow they had yesterday's already gone. but to 70 right now in atlanta. watch the moisture move out. the reds and yellows, that is the drier air. thursday and friday, notice the green and blue. that's moisture increasing. saturday and sunday, the moisture is here. turning milder through the afternoon, temperatures around 750. tonight, mostly cloudy and milder than last night. still bumpy for the boaters. here is your outlook through the week into the weekend. warmer temperatures well into the 80s with a slight chance of showers.
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or glass of wine with dinner may not really be all that healthy with you -- for you. the new research is calling previous studies into question. plus, someone stumbles on a nest of more than 80,000
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on the healthwatch, the occasional beer or glass of wine with dinner may not be so good for us after all. have been plenty of studies touting the health benefits of moderate drinking but now we -- research is calling that into question. canadian researchers say results linking healthy life with moderate alcohol consumption may be highlighting benefits where there may be none at all. moderate drinkers do not live a longer life nor do they have a lower risk of heart disease. a big move by starbucks. the company said it will into contribute 100% of its leftover food to the organization feeding america, which runs a national bank of food banks.
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behind the counters. the company plans to get 5 million meals this year alone. apple is showing off its new tech toys. the tech giant released a smaller, more powerful ipad pro and a smaller iphone. apple also dropped the price of its apple watch by $50 and updated its -- updated its operating system to remove the blue light making it easier for users to fall asleep. honeybees made a tree their home, causing a bit of a commotion. the bees started building more than a decade ago. a local beekeeper was called in to remove the bees by slowly walking them into a box and
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>> they don't get killed. we carry them off and let them live the way they are supposed to. >> we have to have these. they pollinate all kinds of things. >> the bees will be taken to a new home where it's safe for them and people. here are
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street. that will do it for cbs 4 news at noon. >> join us later at 5:00 and 6:00.
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>> phyllis: here' s to broken chairs and this wonderful blanket -- the only things keeping us warm. >> billy: now, don' t forget the red wine, of course. >> phyllis: oh, yes, the red wine. and to day one of your new life, billy abbott. >> billy: day one. does it matter if it' s night? >> phyllis: here' s a hint -- take a fresh start when you can get it. >> billy: i will take that hint, and thank you for your amazing pep talk about moving into the place. >> phyllis: well, you' d be a moron if you said no to moving into katherine' s house. >> billy: well, i' m a moron
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from myself. >> phyllis: she was such a gutsy lady. she really lived a good life. it' d be a crime to let this home turn into a museum. it needs excitement, snark, and fun. >> billy: okay. i' ll handle the excitement, you got the snark. >> phyllis: [ laughs ] >> billy: johnny and katie will yeah, it' s gonna be cool -- have a place to raise the kids in, start a new life, a.v. -- after victoria. don' t try to convince me that we' re gonna get back together because i just don' t think that it' s gonna happen, and, you know, what are you gonna do? i don' t think she wants me anymore, so.. to be honest, this is the best i' ve felt in a while. >> phyllis: yeah, it' s pretty crazy. as far as miserable storms go, this is a pretty good one.


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