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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a store owner knows he's about to be robbed. >> and he's ready to act, big-time. >> how going all mcgyver helps him fire up a flame-34 thrower. >> dudes bet her get down that on his tail. >> it's not just one avalanche, it's a double avalanche. >> see if he can speed-fly his way out of this one. distress. >> it's so small, too. >> how some quick thinking sent it back to where it belongs. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini and a serious question.
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>> see if piggy-back is the way to a woman's heart. >> he's quite literally picking up girls. dan wrigley, the guy inside this store may be a special forces soldier. because his instincts are he knows he's in trouble and he's ready to act. big-time. >> oh oh oh, boom! >> oh yes! >> look what he drops one of the two rifles these guys to rob this guy with and eventually he's staring down the barrel of one of those rifles, he has to back down. >> i wanted it to work. i wanted them to run away with their eyebrows on fire. >> but dan's not done yet. as these two guys decide to take the long way back. dan's like really? bingo. boom, leg it is to go and get help. the second video comes to us from the uk. and what you're watching right here, is jacqueline reyes, she goes back into the cash till. instead of it going back into the till. it's going underneath into her bag.
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agents blind over three days. now -- over many years, the guys that run it had noticed that the numbers weren't adding up. they were losing a lot of money. >> they were counting and said someone is stealing from you. they didn't believe it until one day they saw all of this on cctv. now jacqueline was convicted for stealing about $18,000 u.s. dollars and as such got a 15-month suspendeds? 130 hours of community service. but the guys that own it claim over the years she may have stolen as much as $300,000 u.s. dollars. and they thought that wasn't fair. so you're this footage that you're watching placed from morning until evening. in the middle of their stall with information as to why sheer showing it. >> she'll never live this down for the rest of her life. >> at some point how long do you think they should do this we believe people pay for their crime when they they get out of jail. they pay for their crime. this is going to affect her for
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i'm wondering how long these people want to really do this. >> for a long time she stole a lot of money. been affecting them. >> she is getting what she deserves. the guy in this video is will burkes, he's skiing in idaho. ear not holding poles. this guy is a ski flyer. he's about to go speed flying. where you have a set of skis on the top of the mountain. you can fly. which is a good thing. >> that is a steep-looking hill. >> absolutely steep-looking and scary. because seconds before he takes >> whoa! lift, lift, go, go! >> you can see an avalanche forming, not just one avalanche, it's a double avalanche. two avalanches have formed on this mountain. you see one right there. know how this turns around. can you see over there on that
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notice down there at the bottom of the hill, there's a river and there's some homes just beyond. >> is anyone thinking this is what skiers should have on them. three years ago last month he says he was in an avalanche, but he didn't have the wing and he said he was unlucky enough to be happened. this times he seems it from above. you see how close it is getting to that river. it blocks that river for some time. but it didn't affect any of the homes which is a good thing. because the avalanche center said that it's probably because of weak snow. but they believe that he triggered this. >> dude, did you see that? i'm about to blow your mind. with these videos. >> i'm so excited. >> this video gone completely viral. it has almost as many views as lambs in it. this is a stampede in new
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that the posters have called a lamb-pede. you're about to see why. >> oh, wait a minute. look how many of them there are. >> look how far they go. oh, all the wi down the road. >> so much for the silence of the lambs. >> that's what they say about new zealand, there's four million people that live there person there. there you go. >> the video says that she was completely stunned by the beauty of this moment. completely unexpected. >> i expect like 20 to 30 to 40. but there are hundreds. >> oh yeah. >> now this, i this is the equivalent of a cute cat video, but it's all dogs, at least it's just as captivating, 35 great dans out on a walk. >> that's a -- who has to pick up after all of those dogs. >> this is the best place for a great dane, just outside in a huge field. every time you see them inside,
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>> like how do you know whose coat is who. >> saddles. >> the great dane video is about a year old, but just now getting a lot of attention. >> how much food would you go through a day, with that many dogs? >> adorable. >> super cute. >> dogs, come! it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need tuesday's bus word. be at least 18 years old. >> the rtm buzz word coming up in just a little bit. >> stay tuned for the rtm ipad give away. as technology continues to evolve and they become part of our daily lives, we see what uses drones could have. this is proof of a concept using a droeb.
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there's a contraption installed under the drone designed to carry that rope built by a company called skies a mere. the drone takes off, flies out. there's a diver who is simulated being stranded in the ice. the drone quickly deploys a safety line that it carried from shore. >> well cool. >> watch as the drone spins around, affecting a swift and >> done. >> obvious. >> i know, right? quick. with that kind of temperature, every minute is essential, three or four minutes in that kind of temperature could kill somebody. >> this could be a perfect way to act quickly. >> as we know, sometimes drones find their way into places where we don't want them. the question has become recently, how to get rid of drones when they're flying in restricted air space. we've seen the net gun. we've heard about people shooting drones down. but why not go in the opposite
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watch this. >> yeah. your drone is out of the air. >> local police here have teamed up with some raptor trainers, they're still unsure how this is going to work. in this case, the drone propellers weren't hard enough to hurt the eagles leg. they're not sure if this is going to completely work. they're talking about maybe putting some sort of leg armor on this. complicated. this is somebody's grandmother who is basically having the app described to her. >> when grandma gets ahold of snapchat. >> and here is a great little quick and easy way to celebrate groundhog day. >> a delicious recipe put together by yo-yo max 12.
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>> announcer: closed captioning provided by -- people are talking about income inequality because elections are coming up. how do you really understand it? >> i just looked up a list of the 20 richest people in the u.s. >> these guys put together a little sort of info graphic. but they drew it in the sand. >> koch brothers together combined are worth about $80 billion. >> that little pinch of sand represents $50,000, the median income in america. >> it would take 20 little bits of sand like this to fill up this hole. this hole is worth $1 million. >> he draws the line, that's $10 million.
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>> that's 100 million. >> to represent a billion, he has to draw ten of those. >> one billion. >> he keeps drawing ten on there. and basically creating a square 10 x 10. >> that would be ten billion. so the koch brothers for instance, as a couple of the richest people in the country would be worth eight of these huge squares. all filled in with dots. >> and don't forget, that that pinch in your hand is the median income for the rest of us. anyone else feeling bad now? >> it's kind of rendered us all speechless. >> but are you happy? >> is the real question, you know. because money and having all this money doesn't necessarily mean that you're happy. >> very good point. but, continuing down this road to this widening gap cannot be
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>> people like to make fun of teenagers and say they don't care, they don't do anything. but not zachary, ryan and michael. they live in western australia. they were out on this lake and they noticed this young dolphin. this dolphin got into an area of this lake that was too shallow. needed to get to a deeper area and noticed this -- >> ooh. >> he's injured. >> says he thinks it was hit bay boat or something. they've got to get it to deeper water. they start pushing it so it could swim off on its own. it's not so injured that it can't get away. >> it's so small, too. >> and it's really awesome that these guys are helping a dolphin get back to a healthier state. >> once it gets to a deeper area the doflen is like -- laters! >> now in the next rescue video, this kitten in that tree for three days. 35 feet up. look at that face. >> well of course the los
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that's the specialized mobile animal rescue team. they have the mechanical advantage. this is s.m.a.r.t.'s aerial lift. they say they can't always use it, but this time they were able to. >> there's tammy, tapping her hand on the branch. if this is a kitten, it's going to come. >> meow! meow! >> and as you can see, tammy quickly grabs the kitten. and there you can see her holding the kitten in her arms. and all's well that ends well. i've never in my life wanted to celebrate groundhog day like i do right this minute. because yo-yo max 12 on youtube put together a delicious recipe of groundhog day pudding cups. >> i love pudding cups. honestly i used to eat these things like they were potato
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they're used crushed-up oreos to mimic the dirt on top of the pudding. >> another favorite. milanos and oreos together, at last! >> and those milano cookies are what you're going to use for the groundhog. icing for the eyeballs, chips for the cheeks, for the teeth you just cut up some almonds. and then you put it all together -- and voila! little groundhog coming out to look at the sun. >> my mouth is honestly watering. >> one of the best action sports commentators is back. claudio, and this time around he's going to partake in downhill ice skating. >> we speculate what the ice looks like, what it must be feeling like. he's confirming all of those assumptions for us. plus the tuesday buzz word for you shot to win an ipad mini is coming up next. y clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador.
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reduces bumps 72 percent. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. snapchat, an app so millennial none of us have got it. they've got all of these augmented reality options. all kinds of weird things happen. try explaining it to mee-maw. your grandma. we've had her on the show before with this video, jack smash. this time around they're trying to explain snapchat to grandma and all kinds of things start happening. >> yeah. >> this is funny, though. >> am i a cook? >> yes. >> my favorite part. grandma is not impressed.
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>> she has seen some things in her life. >> not exactly the moon landing. >> she has a bit of fun there when they put the old-person filter on her. >> make it an old lady. >> you don't have to use that, just take a regular picture. >> she's a comedian. >> but she doesn't have a bit of a connection when she gets to become a doggie. >> ooh. >> oh, that's cute. >> i do have the app, i never use it and now that i know you can do these things, i might. >> let's see if you look this shocked. >> i've been wanting to do that for years. >> go for it, pee-paw. >> i don't know how to. >> stop that. >> open your mouth. >> part of our job on the show is what we like to call play by play. telling people what we're seeing in the video. one of the best in the business is claudio flores, he's one of the action sports' best commentators.
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you may remember a video like this. >> okay, landing on the park and then into this skinny bit here, oh, this is so scary! whoa, i made it! >> claudio has got such a natural ability to not only compete in extreme sports, but to tell whaus it feels like in such a raw emotional way. this time, though, in finland for what they call crashed ice. >> downhill, ice skating. >> just to make sure i wouldn't take it too easy, they put former world champion arto pikalainen on track. the longest track we've ever had as red bull crushed ice. >> if not for all the padded armor they're wearing. this is a preview of finland's red bull crashed ice event. >> we speculate about what the ice looks like, what it must be
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he's confirming all of those assumptions for us. on the spot. >> it is actually natural ice. and we have to be really careful. okay. now it's, what is he doing? to me he sounds a little like gonzo on the muppets. i just picture that, he's fun to watch, fun to listen to. every time he puts out a video like this gets lots of hits and i love it. >> yes, wow! >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both and you can enter on each every day. word. it is, legal. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter
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l-e-g-a-l. >> and one day late they are week we'll be having a bonus give away and we'll be giving away a flat-screen tv. good luck to all of you. the guys at angry picnic know how to be smooth. >> these are all going to be jealous. that they even think of this back in college. >> i'm intrigued.
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happened to you? >> that's it, brilliant. >> dog, not a fan of chatter munk. >>. [ dog barking ] these are all going to be jealous that you didn't think of this when you were back in college. >> i'm intrigued. i have a ver yus y serious question.
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>> because i want to connect to you in the most intimate way possible in the shortest amount of time. >> he's making them laugh, he's strong, kind of cute. >> you probably are -- >> i'm probably likely being videoed here. >> come on, come on. >> which way are you going? >> straight ahead. >> so what's your name? >> emily. >> emily. >> this video put together by the guys at angry picnic. they go up to a bunch of girls on the campus, they convince him to take a piggy-back ride. >> i don't like piggy-back rides. >> that's why they like giving them the piggy-back rides. >> i want to give you a piggy-back ride from here to that brick wall. >> no. >> i'll just carry you. we're going to make an epic moment. >> i love that these girls just do it, anyway.
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>> you know, you can be luke skywalker, yoda, the whole thing. >> it's kind of funny. >> it looks like the dudes are picking on the cute girls. blonds. >> probably most random thing after ever been through? >> yeah. >> well, i'm glad to be in your memory somehow. >> many more piggy-back rides for you to watch if you want to at, click on tv show or you can see it on our mobile app.
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