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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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as it has been last couple of days. don't let that fool you. we've had wind gusts above 30 much of the morning: we are in the mid 40s in citrus county, crystal river walking out the 44 with the wind gusts it feels like it is in the 30s there. it is a little more comfortable but still quite noticeable in hillsboro with a high of 48 in tampa. brandon at 45. look at that. it warmed up a degree in brandon. lucky you. as you head through the door though, the winds will stay with us. you will want the extra layer probably all day long because 61 will be the high exam with the wind gusts not calming down until the evening commute, it could also be a little touch and go over the bridges. what are you seeing. >> reporter: very windy. i heard it. it woke me up last night. very windy. be careful when you cross especially the sunshine sky way bridge. that's where corey is now.
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if you are in a high profile vehicle, use caution, both hands on the wheel. corey says he doesn't -- he cause feel some wind throughout. it took us nine minutes to get from bridge to bridge. no rashes or break down, it is taking six minutes to get across the howard franklin. no issues to tell you about there. checking the drive times from the howard franklin taking just five minutes from you heading out the door, six minutes in the opposite direction. >> a quick check of more of your driver times, still all in gear, 17 minutes from 54 to 275. a minute after 6:00 and the fight to contain the zika rye -- zika virus is growing more urgent as number of cases is growing. five counties included in that health emergency declared by governor rick scott. they're santa rosa right here
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south in lee county and down in south florida, miami-dade and just added to the list is nearby broward county. there are 12 confirmed cases all across florida the county here in hillsboro has three confirmed cases. and today, yesterday, governor scott laid out exactly what he will do to combat this mosquito born illness which is link today birth defects. he's requesting a thousand new antibody test kids from the cdc. it would help figure out if any person who traveled recently has virus and is orderalling the health department to buy 4,000 kits to test for active zika case. >> right now florida senator bill nelson say it is need fight zika is so urgent he's takes his concerns straight too the stop. he's having president obama to apoint a zika cesar who would manage the response to this virus. the president created a similar
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two years ago, scientists now create so-called mutant mosquitoes to stop spread of malaria. they are injecting them into mosquitoes, they're reporting a 99% rate on the trade to mosquito larva. they think the result can be replicated to fight the zika virus. >> these are things that come from other places. if we have an opportunity to rid our environment of them, we are actually correcting them. >> the doctor and team are looking for grants and funding for $30 million to release those mutant mosquitoes into the mild. 6:03. two police officers shot in new york city late last night. we have just learned the officers are a man and a woman in their 20s and one is in serious condition right now. they were patrolling the housing project when they found two suspects, one pulled a gun
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investigators later found that shooter dead of a self inflicted gunshot wounds. both are expected to recover. the female officers needed surgery overnight. she was shot in the torso below her vest. we want to go to the update on the two teens who escaped from a juvenile detention facility almost a week ago. anthony -- and anthony cook are still missing. they're they're concerned they may try to steal a car and go to georgia. they crawled out of a whole cut into the fence at the detention facility. a crime stopper tip could earn you a $3,000 reward. covering the county this morning, we are uncovering disturbing new developments in a former teacher, police are telling us the teacher got a 16 usual student pregnant. while investigators arrested robert celeste last year, newly released nna proves
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we are told his relationship started two yearing 50s when was a teacher. she has loaded not guilty and didn't have anything to say when our crews crew showed up at his house. could have one more adoption to them all -- determinantly illishes to use can the. it is now heading to the state senate floor. this came a week after we learn flood mr. will get a chance to vote on a broader amenment to legalize medical marijuana. sanders and clinton took the stage for the final debate for tuesday's primary in new hampshire. >> that's right, the vermont senator is leading by more than 30 points and that might be a major reason why they appeared to just take off the gloves at the debate. at one point clinton took a clear swipe at sanders to give all americans health care
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>> the republicans want to repeal the affordable act. i want to improve it, get the costs down, get description drug costs down. san december wants us to start all over again. >> i am on the committee, that committee ropeed it affordable care act the idea which a i would dismantle health care in america while we are waiting to pass a medicare for all is not correct. >> we will fact check the statements they made to see if they stretched the truth. you may have noticed we are both wearing red today on this first friday of february. >> it is national wear red day to raise awareness about heart disease the number one killer of women. we will show you a live look now, just about a 9 minutes from now you will see a huge crowd of people coming together for one mile walk to honor those with heart disease.
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will giver out red balloons and stickers to raise awareness and special red hats for survivor. >> >> it kills more women than oulakansers combine. >> two and a half hour it is air force will launch an atlas five carrying the next generation. -- next generation. there are thick clouds that should clear in about an hour the main concern for launch at 8:47 is whether gusty winds will calm down in time. 7 minutes after 6:00. an unbelievable and also heartbreaking site, an eight- year-old with a gun is about to rob that store right there the mistake that his mother made at that led to the gun falling
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welcome back. 6:10. here is a live look at new york city after a small drone crashed into the 40th floor of the empire state building and fell on the a landing a few stories below. new york police arrested him after he tweeted about what happened. filming with drone, now it is stuck on the empire state billing. officers say they don't think he crashed it drone on purpose. this might make you think twice about who you invite into
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florida woman has to give her exboyfriend part of her lottery winnings because he gave her the money to buy the ticket. a central florida judge decided howard deserves almost 300,000 dollars out of a million dollar jackpot his exgirlfriend won. he claims back in 2007 they agreed to split any lottery ticket winnings evenly. brown as good not done yet. his lawyer thinks he should get even more cash for interesting over the years. now you know why they broke up; right? >> as you get the kids ready for school this morning, you are going to notice a big difference as you get them off to class, chilly winds and temperatures are in the 40s, even in tampa right now. when the bell ring this is afternoon, it is still going be breezy and dry but cool with 6 . no shorts this morning, put pants on the kids or legging under the dress on the girls:
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afternoon, the long cleaves will be handedment i will have the 7-day and let you know how long the cool snoop is going to list. thank you very much. >> we are following breaking news, a hunt for a modern day been knee and collide coming to a dramatic end, what they did moments before this shoot out with police right here in florida. we are monitoring a special announcement at the vatican, we will let you know as soon as we get more details about what's
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. good friday morning to you. it is 15 minutes after 6:00 right now, if you are heading out to the florida state fair today expect to see lots of kids and teens out there. that's because for most kids today is student day. kids can get in free with a school id. admission is still free tonight but after 6:00, it students adult. we will check in now. head to the fair. it is cool right now. >> it is a chilly start but as long as kids and you have an extra layer it is going to be enjoyable because it is going to be dry. fair. you don't want it too hot when you are at the fairgrounds. >> you want the breeze blowing. >> blowing your hair. >> the winds blowing in our
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are going to get today. it is breezy. in fact we've had wind gusts up to 25 or 30 miles per hour. so hey it is not out of the question that if you are on the ferris wheel, you might be a little nervous because to have gusty winds. in fact i wouldn't be overly surprised with some of the rides that they may need to keep those down until the wind speeds decrease. we are look at highs near 6 definitely off to a much colder start to the day. temperatures in the low 40s right now, in inverness, brooksville at 44. tampa at 48. st. pete one of milest spots at 52 degrees, now this is just slightly below average for this time of year: it is sump a strong contrast to lately, and that's why we are make such a big deal out of it. it is so noticeable. winds are come prosecuting the north. it will support the cooler air through the day and you can see the boundary well too the south, the rain, to the south along with it.
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and more sunshine through the day, as those clouds press south: but the chilly winds stay with us, keeping us feeling really cool. so again, this weekend, phone tuning the timing of that rain, it is not looking bad at all. in fact what we are going to see is just a slight chance for a few showers through the afternoon and into the evening on saturday. i think most of the daytime hours on saturday will be dry, and did rain is going be light and it will not be too widespread. so just something to keep in mind, as you plan your day for saturday. as you understand is going to be dry but breezy again, and with the high of 60 after starting off in the mid 40s, boy oh boy it will be cool and this kind of weather is sticking around tall way into the end of next week. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. of course the question is, are the winds causing any problems for your morning commute? what else going on out there? >> you might want to be careful
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way bridge. we are heading toward st. pete. there's a high wind advisory issued. so use both hands on the wheel especially from you driving one of those proere high profile vehicles. still taking just nine minutes from toll booth to toll booth, not slowing cars at all. on i-4 around the parkway, if you are in lakeland heading into tampa you should have a clear shot all the way in to downtown. let's take a look at the drive times. it is taking 21 minutes from county line road to get to town town, 14 minutes to 75 and 7 minutes from 75 down to 27 aand checking the drive times ton major streets in our area, 11 minute this is is u.s. 19 southbound from tampa road to east bay. 18 minutes ton veterans starting to slow a little bit there from 54 down to 275 and five minutes on fletcher down to waters. dan. 6:18. we are just two day 50s way now from the big game, super bowl 50 and this morning we are
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numbers surrounding the big game. first of all, you might want to stay home and watch this one on tv. the average price for a super bowl ticket is over 60,000. 30 second commercial ada, those companys are laying out big bucks for those commercials, they cost $5 million for a 30 second spot. 1.3billion chicken wing also be consumed. you will see a lot of adas for food and in addition to thetic wings people will consume that party favorite gab moe lee, 8 million gangbang guacamole, 8 billion pounds and after that a lot of people are going to get sick. 1. amillion people will call in sick on monday morning. after the game of course we will be right here to show you the biggest moments from the game on monday morning, we will be here, right we're not going to call in sick. >> we will go over the best and worst commercial this is year. >> you better not call in sick.
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you have of those -- a couple of those commercial. >> i will not call in sick. >> we will be here. >> it doesn't matter. >> we will show you a live look at new port ritchey where people are waiting in line right now to go to the dentist. we will tell you the three thing you need to know if you would like to join them to get a free check. >> first a major upgrade is coming for apple music users. report apple music announces a major update for android devices. >> so range of motion drives can use the downloaded music cattle to an external -- >> the twitter has started -- it give instant access to a sere owe of popular reactions to smooth every emotion. some interesting results from a massive survey of
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dating site so ordering sushi on the first date nearly doubles chance of a second day. cocktails are nearly as good. most internet buzz words work good too but not the term -- that lowers your chances. >> you are cooler than me.
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it is coming up on 6:25. she chicago police are trying to find out what happened to six people including a child who were found dead inside a home on the city's south west side. officers are not ruling out murder-suicide. but just to be safe. there are extra police patrols in gauge park neighborhood this morning. they found those bodies after someone called 9-1-1 concerned about a coworker who liver there had who hadn't been to work for two days. at the think the victims are four men, a woman and a child as young as ten years old. >> we are taking our life, going through the residence so as to collect as much evidence as possible. >> a relative say it is victims were all part of the same family including a man who works at a janitor at o'hare the morning we are still waiting on the official ids. new development this is
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tainted water supply in flint, michigan. internal e-mails now show that michigan's governors administration knew that lean their was potentially linked to the water supply in march of last year: he learned about problem just a month ago, he says. he seeking an economic diastaser for his city. the water supply became contaminateed in 2014 when it started using water from the flint river to save money. >> put away the flip flops and dust off your boots. we have ray cool start today. it is tickling around for a while, if cool air, that is. we are in the 40s across the area this morning, we are heading to a high of 61. although the sunshine warms us up or well it kind of should warm us up, the chilly winds will keep it feeling even colder than the thermometer. so keep that extra layer this
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forecast for you in just a little bit. i see the boy, it is going -- give me the money. >> yeah, a child with a gun, we will tell you how this eight- year-old manage today get his mother's gun and what his mom is now promising to do. we told you at the top of the show about a big announce transmit the vatican. we just found out what it is -- announcement from the vatican. pope francis and the leader will have a historic first meeting a week from today in cuba. it is a huge step forward in the catholic church relationship with the russian orgeat cox church which has been icey of late.
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a hail of gun fire a deadly shoot out down police in the panhandle and a criminal couple with a chain of event that is sparked this caught on camera. this is live from new port i guess it is safe to -- nobody really likes going to see the dentist but hundredsover people lined up this morning and they were so happy to hop into a chair, we will tell you what you need to know if you would like to get in to get dental work for free. >> so it is a cool cool morning for the national wear red day. >> if you do go out there, make sure you take thickest hoodie
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so let's play, it is citrus. >> citrus. >> there you go. it was that you hit it, touch the touch screen. >> it is touchy touch screen. >> check out how cool this is. could you remember yesterday morning we were in the upper 60s nearly 70 in citrus county. talk about a change. it is noticeable, okay. >> i don't even have a coat. as you head out the door you want the coat. temperatures are on the chilly side. the river gate showing you clear skies out there. so, yeah, the sunshine is going to kind of warm us up to about 60, but this morning we are definitely on the coolcold side, even in hillsboro, 48 in tampa. down to the south if you are thinking oh it those be warmer for me, not by much. 53 in bradenton, parish at 48. so as i said, we aren't warming up that much today. we will top out near 60 all across the area and have i mentioned it winds yet? that's a factor in your comfort
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miles per hour. i have seen quite a few near 30 this morning, certainly a factor in your comfort. it could also, those winds could also be a factor on your drive. so what's going on now with the winds and the bridges. >> we industrial a high wind advisory for the sunshine sky way. if you are heading there use some caution. corey has been driverring around. he was on the skyway and did feel the winds right now he's on 27 a, right around park and no crashes or break downs ton interstates. i have also checked other areas and we are crash-free. nothing is causing any delays in the county. we do have a crash however in state road 54 just east of i- 75. fhp isn't reporting any road block here but the traffic indicators are showing up red. leave yourself extra time if your morning drive takes you through this area: let's check your drive times, all in green. we are expecting a light travel day because a lot of kids are
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this is what it looks like, 18 minutes from 54 down to 275, six minutes down there at the bottom from waters to 275. now anything does happen out there on the roads to slow you down we will let you know about it right here and of course on twitter at tampa bay traffic. let's check in with action air one. how are thing where is you are? >> >> reporter: actually they're very good. i will tell you what i wish i was at the fair for fair day. that tear i can't key chicken would be a good day to start in the morning. it is coming flu fletcher, to bush boulevard right there near center of your picture. they're getting busy. there's a lot of volume getting out there. you know that after you get on but as you head south, no real probes head of you, all the way through hillsboro and mlk, check westbound i-4, that's a real occurrence but no real break down: that's good news, now back to desk. thank you. 6:33. breaking news from the florida
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wanted for a four-state crime spree was shot during a fire fight with authorities early this morning. a reporter from our abc station in pensacola shared some video on social media of the overnight shootist. take a look. >> -- shootout. take a look. >> and we are told blake fits jell dieed and his girlfriend, brittney harper was wounded. after leading police on a chase frommest cam bee i can't county to santa rosa. that's extreme -- from escambia county. they were on the run since is under: they were behind a series of kidnappings and robbings in florida, alabama and georgia. the miami gardens police officer caught on dash cam fatally shooting a mentally ill man last year will not face any charges. the may mae-dade state attorney now say it is offerser was justified in killing 25-year- old hall. they say hall left another officer bleeding producely with
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they responded to the scene after hall's mom called 9-1-1. it is 6:31. if you are not near your tv, do me a favor, come on over and take a look at this video right here. this disturbing video might safe the life of a child you know or something else you know. that's no ordinary robber right there. that's an eight-year-old by who held up a clerk at gun point in west palm beach after finding and stealing his mother's gun the child grabed it gun another of her purse and biked to grocery store, pointed it gun at the cashier and said quote giver me the expletive money, that cashier and another employee worked together to grab the little boy and get the gun away from him. the whole time his mom was at home, she had no idea what was going on until it was too late. >> i grabbed my purse, it was too light. i knew i was missing something. i said where's my gun.
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jay den don't have any my gun. >> he did. nobody was hurt but his mom is promising to keep her gun in a safe place out of reach of any children from now on. no charges so far have been filed in this case. 6:36. we are still working to get in touch with a clearwater doctor accused of taking advantage of a patient after her most vulnerable. we dot document that is show a female patient is claim leg seek yulely battered her -- claiming the doctor sexually assaulted her: he admitted what he did was quote not for medical purposes. he no longer work there is. >> >> happening that morning this is a favorite event. a bay area dentist is giving back again in a major way. today only people who can't afford dental care can get it for free: doors open in just 30 minutes. lindsay is there right now with details and some people so
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been in line since yesterday. >> -- they have been in line since yesterday. >> this woman has been out here since 7:30 yesterday morning. in of the people in the line here right now spent the night in the parking lot here at the backside of the building, that is where there is a row of tents and sleeping bags and chairs. in people brought food. if you stepped outside this morning you know how cold it is and in people camped out here because they had no other option. sleeping outside for one night means free dental care. >> that's very honorable what he does for us. he comes in in the middle of the night to help us guys, you know, that can't afford to go and have it done. head out here, they will only be doing cleanings, extractions and fillings today. old. the doctor and his team will see patients until 5:00, and i
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he says they expect to see 600 people today. the event dentistry from the heart is today only, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. rats his oversoon little road in new port -- 5:00 at his office on little road in new port ritchey. >> she had a scarf, a big thick jacket on. if you are going to be outside for a length of time you are going to want it. it is not just because at that temperatures are 20 to 25 cooler this morning, we have wind speeds in the 25 to 30 miles per hour range this morning, keeping it feeling even colder, and this afternoon, we top out at 61. no rain in sight though. back to you. still ahead this morning on the edge of danger, we will tell you the way crews finally tracked down a man alone in the wilderness for three very,
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6:41, rescuing a homeless man from the side of a cliff in washington state. he was stuck there for three days and two nights until he was hoisted to safety. the man was on the verge of falling into a river below.
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trying to take shelter underneath a platform but slid down to the edge of the cliff. on tuesday, crews working on a nearby dam thought they heard someone yelling for hem but they searched and conditioned find anything. they heard those again yesterday. that's when they called for help. the worker had heard the cry for help again, at that point we assessed and said we need call 9-1-1. >> yeah, very happy ending. >> this guy is very fortunate, we're happy that it ended this way for him. >> a shoot out stuck in cold, wet weather, and he was take on the a hospital and this morning he's listed in satisfactory condition. >> an uber driver has -- it
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this morning you may hear september plus reasons and all in tribute to white, the front man for group earth wind and fire. we got word late yesterday he died earlier this week at his home. he was 74. i posted an old earth wind exam fire video on facebook. go there and let they know your favorite song. . good morning everybody.
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we are driving around on 275, around dell mabry. run into some traffic there, pretty typical for this time of year, especially in the northbound lanes from the howard franklin bridge, we definitely see it congested and a lot of kids are out of school for fair day. looking behind me, this is what it looks like on the tampa side of the howard franklin. traffic starting to pick up but you are still look at less than ten minutes to get across all three bridges if you are heading out door right now. all right. we do have a stalled car that's causing a back up on i-75. this is in passco council, just after state road 52 backed up all the way to 52. consider getting off here and taking curly road around this. we are seeing a mile and a half back up here. you can also follow me on twitter and checking the drive
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little bit. 25 minutes to downtown, 15 minutes from county line to 7 aand 10 minutes to 275. all right. let's check in with action air one. how are thing where is you are? >> we have a beautiful shot here. this is on i-4. that's florida state fair, right down the middle those satellite, westbound i-4. i can see them out as they come this way and they're coming that way. i don't see a break in the stream so it is headed on toward the city in conjunction with i-27 a. so far, so good. southbound 275 as it comes through and then on toward the exits there at i-4, it is typically busy this time of morning no different today for our friday. we will keep an eye on it for you. here is your forecast. >> if you are like captain al and thinking about papulaing a
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gusty this morning, 25 miles per hour gust sos certainly, it could have an impact, showing what a gorgeous start today. you can't tell if you are still inside, temperatures are mainly in the 40s by 8:00, we will be back to 50. by noon, 56, and topping out at 61. but those wind stay with us, at least through the mid afternoon hours so you will see a difference in winds but up until then it is going to be pretty brick out there. things are looking descent. removers telling you we have been uncertain about the timing to have rain but it is looking clear now that not only is it light wind. it won't be high coverage and it is mainly through afternoon and evening -z the front and area of low pressure work across the area.
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clearwater beach, near 60 and most likely you won't see rain out there. you will just notice the breezy conditions with cool temperatures in the 60s until next week. lover it or hate it. >> that's all right. i don't mind. it is 6:49. democracy 2016, there's no big winner from the first one on one democratic debate. both clinton and sanders excelled at what they know best. clinton showed she has a firm grasp on foreign policy and sanders won on reforming wall street. what may matter most is which concerns new hampshire most. abc action news is the only station here in tampa, teaming up with mitt fact to hold the candidates accountable. first is sander who is defeated an attack made in a campaign adament we wanted to see if what he said was in fact true. >> there was no word that said those news paper had endorsed us.
6:37 am
the experts say that is false. they say sanders glosses over the first version of the campaign ada mentioned there, originally it contained on- screen tests saying sanders was enforced by the -- endorsed by the valley news, it became clear the news paper did not make the endorsement. rating. >> next comes from a jab hillary clinton took at sanders concerning our foreign policy and national security. >> national security experts and military experts issued a very concern statement about sanders on foreign policy, and pointing out some of the comments into syria to the conflict there. >> she seemed to land a punch
6:38 am
it is mostly true: it lacks some details though. sanders suggest that had iran troops fight on the ground in syria. sanders did advance that idea on two occasions his comments were in the context of a national fighting force including nations largely friendly toward israel the contest and it is mostly true rating. >> >> our team worked late into the night for both candidates and we posted all of the truth ratings on the abc action news app. meanwhile on the republican side, trump continues to enjoy trouble for the billion their. according to a new cnn poll, and florida senator rubio is gaining ground fast after his strong third place in iowa. rubio is now just 11 points behind trump at 18% and ohio
6:39 am
tomorrow night the republicans will debate in new hampshire but fioriana, and governor -- and christy. >> they watch the debate live here. new this morning, -- may be close to become a free man again, a unhuman rights panel. is being arbitrarily detained by france and sweden in london. one of the lawyers called for sweden to follow rules that exist in the un human rights charter and let him go free. he's wanted in sweden for questioning over rape allegations from a couple of years ago. he sought refuge in the embassy more than two years ago. >> a number of viewers are earning extra money driving on the side with uber or lift. it can be a tough job with not much glamor.
6:40 am
might meet somebody famous. he picked up four black men who needed a ride. another driver refused to give them a ride. well that decision paid off big time for dale. those four men are members of the popular rap group naughty by nature and they were in town for the concert. latino already had tickets to the show and when they saw him at the concert, they called him up on stage and thanked him in front of the crowd. >> we pulled him on stage and gave him a hoodie and beer. >> he said he almost shed a tear y'all. enjoy yourself, man. >> that's right. >> get involved man. >> let's have some fun. >> big shot out to our homeie man. >> that's so cool. he said he had the time of his life. he say it is group is inspiring him to pursue his love of music. it is 6:53. your morning sprint counting you down to good morning america. >> we have all the news,
6:41 am
and there are new case of the zika virus across florida. the total now up to 12 including three in hillsboro county. the governor is requesting a thousand new antibody tests, from the cdc to help the state figure out if a person who has traveled recently has the virus. a man is facing charges for allegedly throwing a at off of a second story balcony. robert lewis' roommate says he did it because the cat scratched his furniture. >> we are live again in new port ritchey where the doors will open at a dentist office welcoming hundreds of people in need. every year the doctor gives back to the bay area community by offering free dental care for adults. he's expected to see between 5 to 600 patients today. in of them continue have dental insurance, who can't afford a cleaning. >> >> we are live right now on bay shore boulevard. if you are running down this stretch you will have company. in half an hour, the national
6:42 am
underway to raise awareness about heart disease being number one killer of women, hundreds are expected to take part in this big walk. good morning everybody. we have one of the busiest areas, traffic not as bad as i have seen it in past. it is taking eight minutes to get from here: we industrial a stalled car on i-75 just past state road 52 causing a back you can up. consider getting off at 52 and taking the road around this. hopefully they get the vehicle off the road and traffic back up to speed right now down to 10 miles per hour. ere leading top the stalled car. the veterans express way slowing down from 54 to 275.
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>> we have a -- semitractor trailer just above that. clipped a power line and brought it down, so northbound 56 is closed, southbound they're making the left hand turn and look back around. a little problem here. we will keep an eye on it. >> it is a beautiful looking start to the day, but a big difference in temperatures, anywhere from 41 in crystal river to 46 in tampa, 51 in st. pete. through the day, we are going to see a good amount of sunshine, but we only warm up to 61, and when you consider the gusty winds out there, it feels a lot cooler than that and these kinds of temperatures are sticking around. check out this video, two alligators rolling around fighting in clearwater. it is going viral. it happened off starky road. it starts with one gator biting the tail of the other one. he turns around and bite it is first gator on the back and they end none water. you can see the entire individual yes on our facebook page or mine. i shared it as well.
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it is so dramatic. >> good morning america is next. >> keep up with us today on air, on facebook and twitter.
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