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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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take a good look at the surveillance photo, do you recognize this man? police say he attacked a six- year-old girl in a mall bathroom. missionary baptist church celebrating a new home after a fire destroyed its old house of worship. today marks a new beginning. student the gop contenders for president on the debate stage for the new hampshire primaries. i am in manchester. coming up. you had a good night and a bad one. interesting to see the results.
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thanks for joining us this morning. first the most accurate forecast than yesterday? clearing. we have rain on the radar that will get out of here by 10 am. was going to happen after that, it's going to be chilly. right now, here's a look, you can see the clouds on the horizon and we see some rain in our future for today. take a look at live doppler radar and you will see there are showers offshore. fort myers and southern parts of sarasota county and you can see rain moving in from inglewood to venice to charlotte , a look of rain coming into arcadia and showers through
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parts of dallas county all the way up to the east lake. we're seeing the showers and a few more off to the north on the coast of spring hill. all of this the back edge of low pressure you can see it's pulling that last look of moisture and so we have a chance of showers along for the morning hours but we will clear off into the afternoon. 48 in tampa and we have 46. we have been warmer along the coast with 51 sarasota and 50 foreign longboat key and as a gift of the day we will watch those temperatures go from the 40s to the upper 50s. we will be struggling to hit 60 in any area.
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will call it a hard shell. more on that coming up with our exclusive seven day forecast. >>the search is on for a man accused of attacking a six-year- old girl inside a mall bathroom. this man that you see right here forced open a bathroom stall door, pushed her to the ground and tried to cover her mouth. the victim's father heard her screaming and ran to the bathroom. police are looking for two women who may be connection to the suspect. a suspect is behind bars on tampa this morning. they arrested johnny mathis yesterday. he first pushed it will and got into a fight in the man she was with that argument escalated
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of not-mouse one-time the future is a washboard off of that life. he is waiting for the judge on charge of second-degree murder. to overshot the gentleman's club in tampa killed one man, and several others were wounded. martha lancaster visitors still recovery in the 20s with the youngest the 17 years old. it is not clear if she was inside or outside at the time. police are reviewing video on the go fire started. crimestoppers is offering a $3000 reward for information. the possibly lose interest. a deadly shootout in florida . yesterday a bond of the million dollars, she is facing
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her boyfriend died. she tried to use her friend as a human shield and was shot in the hands and ankle. ago. we will hold talks about arming south korea. north korea claims a successfully put a satellite into orbit with the-is going to be called for us atty.'s council meeting a month after north korea claim to successfully tested hydrogen bomb. 72 days away from the new hampshire primary gop contenders as they made their final pitch in a primetime debate last night. we are live in manchester for last push for the republicans and democrats. 48 hours away from the
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gov.'s feeling good after their performances on the stage. the final gop debate before the primaries and it was a good night for the governors in a bad one for marco rubio picked student under chris christie's leadership they had been downgraded nine times in their credit rating. a drive-by shot was correct information on the memorized 25 second speech. >> jeb bush hit donald trump on his support of eminent domain. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on a stupid atlantic city. that is downright wrong. >>and ted cruz was an apology mode, accused of stealing
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week. >> washington ethics says if it is legal. you can do what you need to do. >> republicans debated. democratic rival bernie sanders live. during this skit.>>today, sanders, will be back in the state and clinton will be in michigan for a community meeting on the water crisis. all candidates are hosting rallies insuperable watch parties. 6:07 am and a historic church. the paradigm last year will rise again from the ashes today. a celebration for the new sailor missionary baptist
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a dedication ceremony was held on saturday. time. one year. >> thanks to volunteers and community sort-community support to rebuild. the services will be at 9 am at the old church site and a motorcade to the new church. scammers trying to get their hands on your money in the irs is warning about what to look out for. people pretending to be irs officials are calling victims and threatening arrests. they don't pay thousands in back taxes. they lost more than $26 million to these scams. you can protect yourself by nine that the irs will contact you with a letter. they will never demand immediate payment or threatened to arrest you.
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the new law requires irs to have collection agencies and they make all taxpayers. if a woman is trying to get pregnant amazing birth control they are trying to get them to not drink. and women are going warnings about not drinking during pregnancy at half of the pregnancies are unplanned putting an unborn child at risk. a game being played on the west coast. super bowl. >> it's a big matchup between denver and carolina. all fun and games. a behind-the-scenes look at super bowl security. only one former buccaneer is heading to the hall of fame.
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sports. and also the super bowl weather. 67 in san francisco. the nfl called it) in the second will be a nice day to play outdoors at levi stadium. the will take a look at that forecast and what we can expect through here.
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jame us. once inside all sorts of records with the buccaneers this off-season, but the question on the minds of many fans. this weekend was good enough to win rookie of the year award? the fans outside of tampa bay thought so. they voted him the pepsi rookie of the europe friday but last
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san francisco. they voted for the postseason nfl awards last night and jame us winston did not win. instead the winner resides in los angeles. the rams running back one nfl offensive rookie of the year by 10 votes. he had an impressive 766 rushing yards and eight touchdowns in a seven game stressed. titans quarterback did not receive one vote. no surprise here. carolina's panthers can make it one mvp and he got at the panthers to the super bowl today. today 1501 season record. some of winston is not the only member of the buccaneer family tried to get a word tony dundee and john lynch will spend the weekend in august was members of the pro football hall of fame class.
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of these guys will dominate gold jacket in august, tony dundee. he will be the 44th cups to be enshrined. he sped six years as a buccaneers coach before moving on to the colts were he got them to super bowl victory. john lynch did not earn enough sponsorship. and a former 49 owner-former 49ers owner is a joining dodgy and all expected to be elected, ken stabler elected, kevin green and-will halt this-round class. super bowl sunday, broncos and panthers. broncos are going to wear orange jerseys but they switched to white jerseys because no team has ever won orange. how about that? kickoff at 6:30 pm. gators win against the
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the only highlights right here gators trailed at the break. kentucky wins easily yesterday. the wildcats yesterday made 12 threes. the seminoles look for their fourth straight win at lake forest. later, definite booker--knowles pulling away at this point, leading at nine and they go on to win easily over the final 91- 71. usf later today versus smu. complete highlights coming up tonight at 6 pm. until then, that your morning sports report, enjoy your sunday. i guess the super bowl's a big game and everyone is excited about that.
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i would love to see the broncos win so that their quarterback can go out as a winter. but i will be upset if the panthers went. i do so for a good game. >> i want a good game and good commercials. neither one of them are my team so i don't care. >> it's going to be one of those days when you want to huddle around the tv. everyone has a flat screen. a shout out this morning where waves are starting to pick up with brisk breezes coming in out of the north that will bring some cooler weather
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yesterday before the rains came at the fairgrounds, one of our viewers got a great picture of the midway with all of those clouds out there. the rains came in and the skies will be clearing today. thus the good news. the bad news is the breezes are going to pick up and with those of breezes we're going to get a blustery feeling today. we will be talking about when chills in the 40s and it will be clear and cold look at the satellite radar composite you can see a few clouds and showers onshore after a low pressure area jets off to the northeast, but you have clouds of showers around right now. 48 in tampa, clearwater with 5051 with rain coming down in downtown st. petersburg and wins out of the northwest between 10 and 17 mph so it's definitely going to be a brisk day today.
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pensacola 40 for daytona beach and chilly across the southeast, but not bitterly cold. 38 in kansas city 28 in nashville at birmingham as cold air seeps in. 37 in charlotte. here's an area of low pressure that brought us rain yesterday and spinning up off the carolina coast but the backside of that bringing rain onshore. was take a look at the future cast of you will see we did have showers but by 9:30 am or 10 am we will have them clearing out and breezes will come in and it will be chilly. highs today won't reach 60, 56 for palm hard to hire for and st. petersburg tampa, 580. we may see 58. but 55 for spring hill 50 for crystal river and 60 for arcadia lake placid. 56 for brighton 10.
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for the super bowl. i placed the times here in the pacific standard time. kickoff is 330 their time and 630 330 their time and 6:30 pm our time. it should be a nice day for football. it should be a decent day to get out as long as you are bundled up. we will see a high of 580. water temperatures dropped to 57 and we have a small craft advisory in effect for this evening with winds from the north at 25 kn. low tide comes half an hour after the sun sets sun is up at sun is up at 7:15 am. here's the most accurate seven- day forecast rate windy, blustery through the middle of the workweek. we will see a chance of showers today, tomorrow and tuesday is that moisture gets out of there. we will try to warm up towards 70 by the weekend. hopefully.
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matchup tonight. right now it's not only game time but security working all around the stadium. smith shows us the workers keeping everyone safe. >>reporter: super bowl frenzy in full effect. just 20 for hours before the super bowl. the fans are fired up. a clash of football titus. all-time great peyton manning and can reach a. >> you don't go 17 and one with that being awesome. >> peyton manning will always be all-time great. >>reporter: bruno mars confirming he will be part of the super bowl halftime show joining coldplay out the okay. security is not taking a backseat. we are standing here in a security operation center.
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can back each other up. they're looking on the streets, the stadium 70 airspace to make sure super bowl sunday is a safe one.>> safety is paramount for players and fans alike hoping the super bowl's one for the ages. some of that was ryan smith reported. millions of americans good to their tvs today for the super bowl. student how many of the other game.
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take a look at super bowl blessing. you will see these at the game for the special footballs were created for the 50th anniversary. each piece is being auctioned online from now until valentine's day. proceeds will go to the nfl estimate.
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cost for super bowl tickets. something a majority of americans cannot afford. the first super bowl the 1967, 12 the 1967, $12 is all cost for super bowl for the first super bowl the next one in 1976. they went up and in the 90s super bowl xxv. $150 to see buffalo versus the giants and today. tickets are $5000. >> a lot of money. and of course we are hours away from a big super bowl and being honest follows sport. there are some things about the game they are expecting from you. tweeting about it. a tort according to wallace hubbard fans will spend 28-said 20 million tweets and when they are done with that they will be
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1.3 billion chicken wings will be among those and after all the eating and celebrated are a complete indifference about the game. 1.5 million of you are expected to call in sick tomorrow. and of course if you're watching the beginning. keep your eyes open for the denver broncos. number 12. >> he graduated from tampa jefferson high school in 2002. he moved from wide receiver to quarterback leading the dragons to state championship. he went on to play with florida now he is what the broncos for his legacy paves the way for one of the best football programs in the state since he graduated 168 athletes have signs college scholarships. >> looking at tampa, we know the traffic onto 75 is bad but a local groups and adding more lanes will not solve that
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similar coming up, what supporters plan to protest,
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welcome back. at 6:30 am. the search is on for this man suspected of attacking a six- year-old girl inside a countryside mall on friday night. they believe he forced up in the bathroom door pushed her to the floor and tried to cover up her mouth. you're looking at a picture. the suspect. the victim's father hurt his daughter screaming rant the bathroom to the suspect ran off . police are also looking for two women that are connected to the suspect. the hunt is intensified for whoever shot up a gentleman's club in tampa, killing one man and injuring seven others. we know the victim, ms. 21-year- other victim still recovering. youngest is 17. is not clear. she was inside or outside of the time. police are reviewing video recorded by witnesses with a gun fire started. 630 on the dot is going to be chilly.
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outside. smith, that would be a great thing to do. a big pot of chili for your super bowl festivities. we are seeing some rain right now. we will see cooler temperatures as the n. wind whips ctr., brings us that colder air. rivergate tower cam looking in through south tampa and tampa bay. you can see those clouds out there right now and we may see a few scattered showers but right now, most of them off to the south we will zoom in on these from fort myers through venice over towards port charlotte arcadia placid lake seeing some showers and longboat key into hillsboro county widely scattered stuff. this is going to move through. very quickly a tail end of that
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from the low-pressure area that from the low-pressure area that skidding up along the carolina coast it will be a messy day for folks, including some pretty heavy rains on the coastal communities. 48 in tampa wins out of the north northwest. it's an all-star. i just walked outside a moment ago. the flag is just ripping across with northwest. 51 in st. petersburg with northwest is it 2015. we are not going to see much wants today. blustery by this afternoon as we had a high of 58. we hold onto cool weather into the workweek as well. the seven-day forecast is just about 12 minutes away. crews are still working to remove a huge crane the fellow lower manhattan.
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killing a man on friday. through the people were hurt. computer the records its movements and that will determine how the accident happened. all cranes have been ordered to stop work and cranes similar must be inspected immediately. so my five people were killed in an avalanche on austria. wide. they came down shortly afternoon. crews rescued 70 people who were trapped in the snow. this is one of 19. avalanches reported on saturday. the race continues to rescue people and animals. after an earthquake. teams were to try to find more than 100 people still missing. there is a sign of good news. this incredible video showing the moment a toddler was pulled from a destroyed building. the-is blame for 20 deaths so far. carnaval is underway
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despite concerns about the virus outbreak. ministry officials are handing out leaflets and educating locals and tourists about zika and we will be testing the skid tomorrow. workers placed 20 for stations in strategic locations where mosquitoes are known to breathe. seven counties in florida half reported finding zika and positive cases. this may not make you feel safe. the airport is on track to become third in the nation for gun seizures. tsa said 10 firearms had turned up and security lines.
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luggage last year. permit holders can have guns, but it must be in a locked case and the traveler must notify the airline. 150 neighbors turned out this weekend to protest the tampa bay express project. it aims to ease congestion by adding toll lanes. but stop supporters told us a multibillion-dollar expansion will devastate historic communities without solving transportation problems. >> we know we want to improve funding. we've had to see streets be redesigned and say, for pedestrians and cyclists. the future of the city is not about more cars and highways. some of the project for the past neighborhoods lake seminole heights and tampa heights. members plan to hold marches every month of may impact of the neighborhoods.
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next public meeting in june. a first for medical marijuana. nurseries have requested permits to cultivate and distribute additional pot. they are not in the bay area. given the greenlight each nursery has 210 dairies to start dispensing low thc cannabis as charlotte's web. students at the university of tampa are stepping up to help the people of flint, michigan. the weather did not stop people from gathering water and loaded it onto a check. if you want to help looking for information on our website. a warning before you start filing taxes, there are several
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--what to watch out for see don't waste your money. this year? file as soon as possible and not wait. we have the scams a contractor this year. the start of tax filing season sister reference data campuses. so there. scheme. someone else father to her social security number. so back there is spokesperson jennifer jenkins tells me the file early this
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the irs or appears to says click here for the latest a check for the great it's a phishing scam. to he gave me a name of stated he was from the u.s. treasury. some of the irs would not be threatening immediate arrest. snack. if you get the call, hang up. you should file as soon as possible have all of your forms before you do see don't waste your money. broncos, and panthers ready to square off in california.
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the countdown is on, we're hours away from the super bowl. millions of people are getting ready to watch the game. we're in santa clara to cover everything from security to the halftime show to the commercials. >>reporter: super bowl sunday is here we are starting our town it earlier but after a worker for us and request both
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building for the ultimate football showdown between the 39. peyton manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time for the super bowl champ uncertain at tonight's game will be his last. i catch myself being more emotional. spirit planning and the defense newton. snack austin feels all eyes are on the massive security presence on the ground and in the air. so this guy is unaware of any specific credible threats targeting the super bowl. >> 189 million americans expecting to shoot him. the fate of super bowl ads competing for attention. along with coldplay and special
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headlining the halftime show. the biggest honor and privilege. so the budget on. not like to start them off with everybody else said if you can see him here use children the head start this one last chick- fil-a the night yesterday. student have a hooters. cheese shoot take after barbs.
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area of low pressure stuck around and we're seeing the end is they are so busy a major of the stadium floor. it was not after the rain yesterday. follow social media. this is a late great treat for harmony with the sinners. suit tape. as he is doing his newton impersonation. spirit who are rooting for. third three at the score
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often than on the primer.. they are in tallahassee a. they did. tomorrow they will make it up to 67 with plenty of sunshine set a good day for super bowl levi stadium. good thing is not here. people would be complaining about the rain and cold. you can see things are nice and sunny through the the the. we have five pressure this draped across much of the us. clouds moving into who this area of low pressure surehanded the past waiting for billions of rain from the carolinas.
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move out center will become breezy through tomorrow. we have another 10% chance of some scattered showers moving through the reinforcing cold front and tuesday. maybe it is more rain into the picture. these are not going to be long- term the bring in arcadia. blue skies along the midway. but you're going to want to take a sweater or jacket or bundle up with a blanket and 58. again, the high for today with more sunshine later offered is
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day the small craft advisory with funds themselves us cool. to. rough of the inland waterway success that earlier was the sun will set of 6:15 am at bf been 23 minutes from now. here's a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast showing tomorrow morning you will kick back the covers and we will be up near 63. a little bit cooler but hopefully will wise up to 70 by the end. some of the largest companies are how are you to to produce videos to put them on the map. some of the bay area has a youtube digital space helping
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competitors. patricia 16 carbons children's songs meet on youtube. his producer can tell you he's not performing in a studio. sarah keys a talent and i should out of our warehouse the spaces maybe 500 ft.2. it's helping to increase popularity by using this space to do it. >> i have heard about youtube spaces and i thought if we could have something here. this is. >>clearwater, fl commissioner said his office teamed up with blue water media to create this space filmmakers can access to a studio guidance with have to go. i said-we will teach you how to optimize your channel and greater channel.
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compete on a global scale. smith they are putting out contents same numbers of these have watched time. which can help our area since are not offering tax breaks for filled members. more people were taking cock oxycontin online. for getting caught. we will see our quality of our products and proof is links. so to apply our website. pretty good news about the superstar singer, beyonci. over my sheep drop dated dog. a new hours. people are responding online. the first here's what's coming
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convention center, and then tampa the renaissance best has a chocolate theme on valentines weekend and a new venue back with laura harris at the
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of music doesn't wake you up. >> i saw that two or three times. >> we're going to check that out after this salt after the show. students move over, beyonci. overnight. >>her daughter blue i visited and they spend a lot of time shielding her from cameras. so concept both online. it invokes hurricane katrina and fears back-black pride steps about her strong work
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she's joining coldplay tonight during the super bowl halftime game in santa clara. taking a look at what people are saying on twitter. you know you have made the world's stop all over again. earlier that night. beyonci, i cannot keep are watching the video, have to move on with my life. >> i can't watch it one more time. >> we will be back in a moment.
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coming up in a few minutes before 7 am. let's see what we are watching for hard digital day planner. 58. later on. is going to be blustery. and warmer tomorrow, and extended bundle on tuesday, killing the bold move. to use save chile, this is the law-cold-weather. keep your sweaters and jackets in hand. sudafed smith for now.
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