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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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a defenseless dog kidnapped and thrown out of a car. here from the witness who rescued this dog. the supreme court justice laid to rest today. we have the latest on his funeral coming up. get out and enjoy the beautiful weather today. we will run down some big weekend events. one of them is happening right now. good saturday morning everyone, i am lindsay logue. >> thank you for waking up with us this morning. those runners are on their way. and the weather will be perfect for it. i can't go very far because all of my graphics are here. this is anna maria island.
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as we began what is shaping up as a spectacular day. there are a few clouds out in the gulf. nothing that is going to get in activities. 40s. to the 50s. 57 in tampa. 55 for largo. we have 52 in sarasota, platte city, kathleen. 53 in apollo beach. but we do have a little bit of fog out there. not right around the runners through downtown tampa but certainly, for apollo beach down to about 3 miles of visibility there. 2 miles visibility in kathleen and about a mile for myakka city. so be careful as you head out. that fog should burn off by 10:00.
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working for temperatures in the 70s. i will show you that with the exclusive seven day forecast which is about 12 minutes away. making news right now overnight. a man is dead in a suspected shooter is in custody. this happened at the apartments off of memorial highway off of kelly road. the person killed was visiting somebody at the complexes last night. deputies interview the suspect but have not released a motive. a highlands county teacher in jail this morning accused of pursuing a young student for sacks. investigators believe there may be more victims. stacy texted nude photos of herself to a 14-year-old and also travel to meet the boy for sacks. officials tell me the relationship started last may and ended a few days ago when the boy's mom call detectives.
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out of a pickup truck yesterday off of north florida avenue. a couple eating at a restaurant saw the whole thing happened. they ran across the street to help the dog. eckley, that dog is okay. the dog was very lovable and honestly, i hope tempe pd gets this guy because he deserves to be punished. detectives are looking for a blue pickup truck. they say there is a chance the driver stole a dog from a backyard. the docks family is set to pick up their pet and animal services. a report on part of the highway you drive every day. he goes over 22nd street and the railroad track. it is the only bridge in the bay area named in the report lending 59,000 bridges have significant structural flaws
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more than 44,000 people cross that part of the salmon every day. events across the bay area are expected to tie traffic this weekend. we're talking about the gasparilla happening right now . and the clearwater music festival is happening at the same time the railroad crews have a major street through downtown closed. martinez has details. we have a lot going on this weekend. the tip of the weekend, pack some patients. we're going to start off in clearwater where they are doing some work. these are the major roads in and out of clearwater beach. so expect some delays and this is going to affect people trying to get to the festival.
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park. there will be police out there directing traffic. race. the gasparella road race. closed from gandy to downtown. road closures begin at 3 am and on sunday, expect closures around davis island because of through there. some other roads being closed, parts of franklin street, florida avenue and channelside drive. as quickly, some road work going on at the veteran. closed all weekend long so you will want to use gun to avoid that. make sure you follow me for traffic updates on facebook at abc action traffic. as many as 4000 people are expected to attend a funeral mass today for the late supreme court justice, antonin scalia. vice president biden and his
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the other justices and the large family including nine children and 36 grandchildren. >> reporter: this morning, thousands will fill the church, the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. it is another chance to say farewell after thousands more stretched for blocks. >> he has been a figure in my whole lifetime. >> he has set an example for americans that you cannot stand up on principle. >> reporter: the other eight justices waiting in the hall where his body lay in repose on the same platform that once held the casket of abraham lincoln. his son, paul, a priest,
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the president and first lady bowed in silence after meeting privately with the family. also there to pay respects, the judges believed to be on the list of potential nominees to the supreme court. even though the republican leaders have said again on friday in the washington post, they don't plan to come from the next justice until after the presidential election. the president is not waiting to act. that binder he carried as he left the oval office is filled with notes he is reviewing this weekend about possible nominees. >> justice scalia passed away a month shy of his 80th birthday. after the his -- after his funeral, his family and friends will attend a private burial. it is a big day in the race for the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off at the caucuses.
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comfortable lead. call. in her first run for president taking new hampshire. for sanders. for the republicans, south carolina is seen as a big make or break. the polls showed trump with the lead but the billionaire is battling right now. this just one day after saying it was disgraceful to suggest the pope was a christian. meanwhile, ted cruz is facing ballot issues. marco rubio's campaign on friday. jeff bush is trailing badly in that state despite campaigning with his mother and brother. coming up, loyalty to just one credit card could actually be costing you.>> switch up your go to card and you could earn
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we will run down the cards recommended that you sign up for. travel by bus through a counties for just one price. the one thing you will need to make your commute across the bay a lot cheaper. let's go ahead and commute across the bay. looking for a high of 72. it is beautiful and bright in st. petersburg. 76 and a few clouds around. winds out of the east at five. what does the rest of the weekend hold? good stuff. i have your details right
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taking action for your money this morning.
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americans. >> a new study reveals 25 million americans have not changed their go to card in at least a decade work another 20 million have never changed it. some say using the same car could have you -- card could have missing out on some deals. offering up to 50,000 reward points but keep in mind, there are limitations to those cards.>> it could have an adverse affect your credit history if you're opening too many cards. also, it could have an adverse effect if you close cards with the longest history. before opening any cards, compare fees and restrictions from and credit, . you will not find ice inside the arena today. instead, more than 3000 pounds of dirt. >> motorcycle riders will be
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amateur racing is tomorrow afternoon. shay ryan with a look inside and what the weather will be like.>> reporter: we have lots going on behind me. you can see there are setting up for the arena cross. both today and tomorrow, the weather is looking great. if you're heading out to the arena to see all of this motorcycle madness, the weather is not going to get in your way. way of sunshine. no rain in sight. highs in the mid 70s and lows are going to be in the 50s. >> there is a really cool time lapse video. all of the dirt they had moved out. it is an amazing feat to see them turn into these --
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outdoor landscapes very quickly. we want to let you know that while it is still beautiful out here right now, we are just as 100 days for the start of hurricane season which is june 1. the tampa office of emergency management is giving away three weather radios in the city. 70 were donated in total and storms like the ones we saw in south florida tuesday showed just how quickly weather can turn dangerous. and it can turn dangerous as we take a look at the beautiful sky today. we're not going to have to worry about any of those problems for your saturday or your sunday. this is a lookout from clearwater beach.
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folks heading out to the boat and i tell you what, just a great day for music out there as well with the blues festival coming up later on today. the satellite and radar composite, clear across the state of florida and right into the bay area. we will take a look at those current temperatures. everyone else in the mid to upper 50s. 57 in tampa. 56 in longbow. 52 in plant city and 53 in apollo beach but we visibility. down to 3 miles an hour and myakka city over wauchula and down to the spine of the state, a little bit of fog and haze to deal with but that will burn off at about 930 -- 9:30 or 10 o'clock. for right now, we are starting off on the cool side. especially the northern
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the 40s that stretch all the way up into the carolinas but you can see back to the for -- back to the west, temperatures for mississippi, alabama, they are pretty much like we are looking at here. new orleans at 62 as they get a comp of moisture in ahead of the pump -- ahead of the front. this front will not be able to push far enough south because we have a blocking ridge of pressure. by tomorrow, the winds turned southeast and we get even more warmth so once again, we are looking for readings into the 70s. palm harbor will top out at 69. 74 for seminole. most everyone else will be seen those temperatures push toward the middle and mid to upper 70s. a great day to get ready for baseball as you are waking up here 60 pleasant degrees.
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noontime and into the mid-70s later on. east and northwest winds today at 5 to 10 kn. wanted to put seats. a light chop on the inland waterways -- wanted to -- 1-2 foot seas. the sun has been up since 7:03. a great-looking weekend and if you have monday off, a bonus day for your weekend. even better up to 78 degrees. we have that front further to the west right now that will come rolling through late tuesday and wednesday bringing rain and dropping temperatures for the end of the were quick. the government is trying to better help those in need by giving them more access to wholesome food. a new proposal would require ebt food stamps for healthy varieties.
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repeals -- retailers may not be a big impact but the small mom and pop businesses can take a hit by making room for more varieties of food. >> we have 1100 ft.2 of retail space so additional items that have a shorter shelf life does make it more difficult for us to cycle that in. the owners of the mobil mart in tampa tell us they are surprised to learn just how many people rely on government aid to eat. financial relief is coming to the bay area bus ride. right now, if you have to pay separate bus rides. some writers say the commute could cost them up to $12. that i found out about a new plan using your smart phone. it will save you money when you write your bus. >> reporter: for commuters who ride the bus, each swipe adds up and anthony weaver says when her job was in clearwater,
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was costly. >> a lot of people get on the bus and they are unaware. -- they are unaware that they have to buy a new ticket. so when i found out about this, i would just pay the one fear ticket for the all-day pass and once i got on the bus, they said you can't use it so that was a waste of money. 's today, the heads of the regional transit authorities met to talk about a smart card with one fair rate. that would be in place within two years and it should not cost you more.>> we are still in the process of developing what that should be. transit reps are hoping even people who do not depend on the bus will use it more. this could help solve financial
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>> i feel like i should only pay once to go to one place. >> if they make it one fair, everybody would be extremely happy. >> you can use a smart phone for that e price this summer. still ahead, save big on the spring break work five shortcuts guaranteed to leave
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clearwater beach has been named the number one beach in the country from trip advisor. since we're coming up on summer vacation season, how we can save on spring break. we are heading to mexico. i am super excited. and he says his spring break came easy.
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budget. >> reporter: brian has a few smart ways you can save more. first of, set a daily budget. >> if you have 300 bucs extra that day, take 30 bucs and put that in your pocket because a lot of people will take a credit card and end up spending $600 on a 300 budget day. and when you take a family out, if you might spend 40 or $50 per day just on breakfast. >> reporter: another big-money dream could be transportation. take time to research public transportation or use of her left for an alternative. always check your purchases.
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deals closer to your vacation. >> porter: usually, you will have the opportunity to cancel. >> that was candace reporting. police are warning of a vacation . the target is beach house bargain hunters. bay area homeowners are looking for that rental. we will run it down. next, a website using brawls
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. welcome back. 7:29. i am ashley yore. deputies are looking for a possible victim of a collin county middle school teacher. accused of texting nude photos of herself to a 14-year-old student. officials tell us the relationship started last may and ended a few days ago. america says goodbye to justice scalia.
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at 11 o'clock this morning. his son would leave the service. thousands a respect friday at a public viewing. the president and first lady were there. thousands of runners hitting the pavement right now for the gasparilla distance classic. streets closed overnight. runners stepped off the starting line at 6:40 this morning for the 15 k. tomorrow's half marathon in ak. -- hk -- eight -- 8k. no excuse not to get outside and enjoy what is the nicest weather in the country right now. we are lucky. folks on the other side of the road, not doing so good right now. this is tropical cycle and
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-- tropical cyclone winston. stormtracker's save -- say wind gusts of two 220 miles an hour are expected. right now, 900,000 people live on fiji. all of them getting ready to batten down the hatches. they have weathered many storms before. nothing like this. the weather gets wicked across the area and brings us that swell bottle -- of water. what a gorgeous shot this morning as people get ready for what is going to be a great voting day. -- boating day. as we fire up both coasts with of radar imagery. just because we've got a lot going on in daytona this weekend.
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daytona 500 tomorrow. the races that are going on here on the road but the weather is in tampa. a few clouds off to the north with high pressure in. it is looking great. 57 and partly cloudy. winds are calm and the humidity is at 70%. humidity at 94% and winds are calm. you can see those two points and temperatures come together in some locations. none in st. petersburg right now. once out of the east at seven. 61 degrees there. highs today pushing into the mid-70s. just a little bit cooler along the coast. that is because the gulf water temperature is at about 60 or 61 degrees. gasparilla classic. the details for you. 6:40, they got started with a wheelchair.
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is going to be 9:15. be on the lookout for them but they are going to have a great day to run. light winds out of the east at three and temperatures once again in the mid-60s and up to 70s by later on. tampa police are asking for your help to find this woman. 23-year-old aaron questa disappeared wednesday. last seen on north boulevard near the woodland sarah terry -- cemetery. in orlando, the search begins for a teenager accused of running over a deputy. when he saw the deputy, he started to drive away and hit her with his car.
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east orlando. the suit says the wrong sized containers were ordered and leftover was used on the next patient. this can lead to infection and one patient may have died as a result of this practice. the hospital says it has contacted all affected patients. and instagram account full of schoolyard fights prompting an investigation right now. police are trying to track down the kids brawling on this instagram account. it is called lange middle school fights. police have arrested at least one of the kids and investigators tell us or arrests are expected. a warning for parents about fake websites and social media accounts promising to pay for college. bottom line. is the only way to get financial aid. today, st. petersburg college
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students through the process. >> we want to make sure that every student and parent does not have to deal with the stress of completing this application for financial aid. >> today's event runs from 10 o'clock until 2 o'clock. today, people wanted for nonviolent crime can catch a break sheriff's office is hosting operation safe surrender to help people resolve misdemeanor charges. it starts at 9 o'clock this morning at the city council in clearwater. no weapons or children are allowed to the last surrender event helped 150 people resolve their case without arrest. with concerns over the zika virus growing, you may not think of this but water collects in old tires. they may be sitting around your house or backyard and the skittles love that. so there is free tire disposal
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the drop off is located just off westlake drive near reddick until 3 o'clock today. a great running event -- learning event for drivers. there will be children's bike rodeo, airbag and semi-truck simulators. sheriff's deputies will also be holding it. a pascoe county man is living with a serious issue. he is waking up with a big smile on his face. that is because the pascoe sheriff's office up him check off another item on his bucket list. >> reporter: by the look and sound of the nine-year-old, he
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full of energy and life. something he has known as a bucket list. >> i guess i turned purple. >> reporter: he suffers from congenital heart disease. anywhere he goes, his oxygen tank is anto. -- in -- with him. >> reporter: he has been checking off his list. thursday, he got another surprise and another check mark.>> hey, buddy. how are you doing? i am chris. it is a pleasure to meet you!>> reporter: the sheriff showed up at his home bringing members of the k-9 unit. and of course, after hearing of eric's love for the police cars,
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that, as well. doctor say his chances of survival are not good. >> should we not get that miracle, this will give us something to hold onto down the road. >> reporter: i am cameron pole, abc action news . >> how exciting. a warning about sharing intimate images coming from the ex-girlfriend of george zimmerman took she -- jordan zimmermann. she is speaking for the first time about the man acquitted in
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happy weekend in downtown armadale.
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benefiting the relay for life. your time is 7:42. we have a warning for vacation bargain hunters. clearwater police say they are seeing a spike in rental scams offering bogus beach properties. clifton french is taking action with the signs you need to pay close attention to your >> reporter: scammers targeting beach house bargain hunters. >> people have showed up twice at our door thinking they have rented the place.>> reporter: this man has been on the background of these deals several times.
7:43 am
on craigslist. >> the old pictures and the old ads word for word posted on craigslist as a vacation rental and they make the price so low that it is almost impossible to believe. >> reporter: in the past few months, they have seen nearly 20 cases. so what are some clear warning flags? always look at the price. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam. >> i would say 99% of the cases are through craigslist. >> the detective says almost all of the scammers are located out of the country. just recently, his department has seen a new twist. combining scams. the criminals find victims on dating sites and sweettalk the person into unknowingly placing deposits on rental properties
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he says they can accidents and bad grammar should raise red flags. the best thing, do your research. call a real estate company and when booking online, don't rely on craigslist. in clearwater, clifton french, abc action news. how terrible would that be if you get to your vacation and all of a sudden, if you show up with a carload and you have kids with you and you think you are coming down for a week or something -- >> that would be terrible. >> i'm not going to go there. always be aware of that grammar. i will try to do my best to speak eloquently of our wonderful weekend weather. taking the a live look right now outside's tampa bay into downtown tampa where the waters are pounding the pavement down along they sure. a great-looking morning and loads of applies for what is shaping up as a wonderful
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talking about the sea blues fest, this is a picture of last year as folks enjoyed all of that free music and it's going to be a great weather weekend this weekend for the folks at coachman park or anywhere in the bay. a little bit warmer than normal with temperatures pushing up into the mid-70s. we will have plenty of sunshine both today and tomorrow. the reason being, we have dry air all across the state of florida. nowhere to we expect rain. maybe aced break -- maybe a stray raindrop. nothing to worry about. 57 in tampa. that is our warm reading. i take that back. 61 in st. petersburg. looking further inland, it gets a little bit cooler for lakeland and zephyrhills. 50 -- 52 in brandon. 48 in brooksville. we are seeing reduced visibility further inland down
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easing -- even as the sun is up, give yourself a little bit of extra time and you will finally get that fog burning off. 43 in tallahassee but look at this. 67 in dallas as warm moist air makes its way up just to the south of a front that is pulling through. it's going to be cloudy with showers over toward atlanta. mostly pleasant skies of toward new england and to the northeast. there will be some clouds in miami. it's going to be nice and warm with a high of 270 -- 73. -- up to 73. the front will be here by late tuesday and into wednesday. until then, the only thing we have to worry about is the easterly breeze bringing a stray raindrop or two along the east coast. but not so much on our side of the state. warming up to about 66 by 10:00.
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great day as temperatures top out at about six -- 76 in tampa. along the beaches, it will be cooler. the gulf temperature at 61 degrees so we will look for a high of 74 clearwater beach with northeast breezes and mostly sunny conditions. maybe you are planning on grilling out, it should be nice with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. by the time you're ready to eat, 63 or 64. here's a look at florida's most accurate seven day forecast. look at the warmth through the weekend into monday. severs come through tuesday and wednesday and would cool off by the end of the week but once again, your weekend looks fantastic. mostly sunny and beautiful today. pretty much the same thing tomorrow. this is florida's most accurate seven day forecast. you could check it out anytime online you could check it out anytime embarrassing moments used to fade away but now, photos
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forever. someone trying to recover her damaged reputation, the ex- girlfriend of george zimmerman. >> he was acquitted in the 2012 death of trayvon martin it was after that that he shared intimate photos of his acts online without her permission. she is speaking for the first time to ashley walters. >> i just never thought he would do that to me. >> reporter: the word revealing can be understood to ways. heather knows both. one can be experienced in front of the whole world.>> i might as well have been naked in front of the whole world. >> reporter: they met last may. heather says her workplace shut down to work on his car. he is being very charismatic. just to meet him, he is so soft- spoken. and so quiet.
7:49 am
but it's not what you thought. >> reporter: she introduced him to one of her teenage sons but kept the relationship mostly secret even though he was often recognized in public. >> every relationship is different here so did you feel like it was a good relationship? >> in the beginning, it was very normal until things do not go his way. >> the two broke up for good and heather started dating someone new. but one day, her phone was led up. zimmerman had treated -- tweeted about her. zimmerman shared her name and private cell phone number plus accusations and to bury bear photos we have chosen not to air . >> reporter: did you know the pictures had been taken in the first place? >> yes.
7:50 am
i just never dreamed he would broadcast it.>> reporter: twitter suspended zimmerman's account but it was too late. information had been copied and shared worldwide. strangers as far away as australia contacted her with kindness and cruelty. >> changer number now. jordan zimmermann put it all over twitter. >> reporter: david is a senior network engineer. he says photos can be manipulated and copied to and less websites. >> you have to talk to each website individually >> reporter: the process of taking pictures down as expenses it -- expensive and time-consuming. but the best place to start is the search engines. >> that is where everyone goes and if you can bracket from there, most people give up. >> reporter: in one year, google got about 1 million of
7:51 am
half. >> what about a child molester or photographer. >> reporter: the issue is so complex that new legislation is being considered in most states. a florida law last year banned the posting of new images -- nude images. while heather's case does not put those laws, he thinks twitter suspension of zimmerman could help her argument europe heather moretz, nobody is immune to all of this. >> i never thought he would ever post all of this out there . >> reporter: perhaps most surprising, heather has the phone number posted in those tweets. rebilling or not, it is hers and she is keeping it. >> i think twitter suspending his account is probably the best punishment for him because
7:52 am
he would sit for hours and just post stuff and see what people would write about him. so that took away a big part of his life. >> that was ashley walters reporting. a big discount at one of tampa's top attractions is still to come to expect also straight ahead, what the students did that brought the
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a missing woman and she is 23 years old and been reported missing by her family. she is safe and back home she is 23 years old and been reported missing by her family. she is safe and back home. stack this should wake you up with a smile this morning. a students at a texas high english teacher with a classroom birthday party after he learned the boy had not gotten a birthday cake in almost 10 years. take a look at that teachers reaction. so moved, he was brought to tears. he also finally got that cake with balloons and gifts. it is time for a quick check of what is happening today. high-octane fun in the arena. >> we are talking about the
7:56 am
the best motocross riders. 10 bucs gets you into the race track party. starting at 9 o'clock tonight. doors open at six and tickets start at $20. stack it is us app day at the arena. anyone wearing bowls gear will get $10 off at the arena. they will swim with the sharks. cockle is that? the mascot, rocky the bull and us spirit squad without -- will be out there. >> there's a huge chocolate festival. it is free to go and pets are welcome starting today at noon. >> but don't give your pets the chocolate. stack cerasoli -- sarasota offering a 22 million-dollar facelift. picnic shelters and an approved concession area opening at 9
7:57 am
the beach was just named the third best beach in the united states by trip advisor. the clearwater sea breeze festival. we will be back at 9 o'clock with all of the performances you can expect. saving money on your taxes. we will talk to the experts at nine. the five deductions people missed most. good saturday morning. coming up on good morning america, it is a crucial and busy day for presidential hopefuls as many -- millions of americans at the polls. trump looks for another victory as the race in south carolina heats up and in nevada, hillary fights to keep her lead over bernie sanders searching population -- popularity. stack also new this morning, this man is happy to call himself a free man. walking out of prison after 40 solitary confinement. we will tell you why he has out
7:58 am
hoverboards are the hottest get this holiday season but the federal government is cracking down declaring them unsafe. we will have all of the details coming up on gma this saturday. we will see you saying. >> we had to wait for the federal government to say they are unsafe. not a bad day at all today. you are safe to go outside and do just about anything. a little warmer than normal for this time of year with temperatures pushing into the upper 70s for both today and tomorrow. there will be some clouds but no rain right through the middle of the work week. so enjoy your weekend. >> would love to see that. it looks beautiful. >> we will see you right back
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good morning, america. happening right now -- saturday showdowns. the big battles for both parties. a pivotal republican primary in south carolina. the candidates confident. >> we have something very special. >> it's in god's hands and the voters' hands. >> however, will it spell the end for some? meanwhile, the crucial democrat caucuses in nevada. the late-night campaigning ahead of the big vote. >> bernie sanders hoping he'll be singing a victory tune. hoverboard warning.


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