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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 8AM  ABC  February 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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we come on the air at 8:00. two people shot at a party in st. petersburg. >> to have someone drive around randomly gunning people down for no reason, it attacks the psyche of the community. terrifying moments for a small town in michigan. six people killed and now the
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it is beautiful. when you win it is beautiful. >> a huge when for donald trump. he swept the primary. hillary clinton one in nevada. last night jeb bush made a big announcement. we will have a look at what is next on the road to the white house.>> i am lindsay logue. the news of the day plus weather in a minute. we start off with breaking alert always up i 75 in sarasota county of shutdown. a gas tanker flipped into the area and a fuel tank is leaking. this will take hours if not the better part of the day to clean up.
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that is a means -- main north- south route. if it stays like that we could be talking about millions of dollars of lost commerce. priceless look outside right now from the south kim looking into downtown on what is shaping up as another gorgeous day. we're clear now on doppler radar. there are clausen charmers further to the north and you will see that moving in proportions of the deep south. we have high pressure parked right about there. it is going to be leaving us with temperatures that will warm up. let's take a look at hillsboro county. right now 55 in fish hawk and brandon. pascoe county readings are in the 50s. 53 shady hills. 54 dade city. 55 wesley chapel. forecast for today, pretty good, like yesterday you will love it.
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if tampa -- in tampa at 77. breaking news, a shooting at a birthday party in st. pete at a holiday inn express on 53rd on 53rd avenue, north. jake peterson is at the scene. had deputies made an arrest? >> reporter: good morning. they have not. they are still out here now processing the crime scene. they are focusing on the fourth floor of the holiday inn express that is where the birthday party is happening. investigators telling us that a man or teenager octavius brown was shot in the upper body and taken to the hospital with serious critical ones that he is in stable condition. a 17-year-old demetrius crawford was shot in the hand. a lot of chaos last night as this was going on on the fourth floor of this holiday inn
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no arrest at this hour. we're talking to investigators and will bring you more online and on air. jake peterson. an update now on breaking news we have been following out of michigan. authorities just named jason brian dalton as the man. that is the suspect who killed six people in kalamazoo. police reported seven people died but we got an update, it shows six people dead and 2 her. the people were shot at different locations around town. a father and son gunned down at a car dealership. five people shot at a cracker barrel. 14-year-old seriously injured. another woman who was shot four times is in the hospital. >> the most awful thing i can
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have to stand here and talk about these kinds of crimes is terrible. >> jason dalton, 45 years old, arrested and named as a suspect. new details on the weapons he may have used. count on us to bring you the latest throughout the morning. the search is still on for a gunman who opened fire on a crowd at a north. lounge. one man died at the smokin bull hookah bar. three others are still in the hospital now and investigators say the lounge was closing at 4 am yesterday when a fight broke out by the door the suspect grabbed it and started shooting. there is crime stoppers reward for information. a deadly shooting from town n' country.
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robbery attempt at the captiva club apartments. roche forced a woman in an apartment at gunpoint but there was a man inside confronted roche. the men fought. approach was shot and died at the scene. a bizarre case of an old bull -- animal abuse. a dog was forced to fight a caged raccoon and the posted it on facebook. they are facing felony charges. the video was shot at a home in largo and they don't know what happened to either animal but they did seize 10 pit bulls of at home. big news of the race for the white house. donald trump swept south carolina. hillary clinton one in nevada. jeb bush drop out of the race. here is dianne gallagher. >> nothing easy about running sometimes.
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it is beautiful. when you win it is beautiful. >> it is hard to run for president, donald trump saw a payoff saturday night. victory in the south. his win so commanding he may have clenched every single delegate. on the democratic side, lock for the lady. clinton thinking about a for her victory. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. we are all in this together. we all have to do our part. >> bernie sanders may have conceded nevada and possibly next week's primary in south carolina. don't count him out. >> it is clear to me and most observers that the wind is at our backs. we had the momentum.
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jeb bush who in an emotional goodbye suspended his campaign after he failed to pick up enough support in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. the fight continuing for trump who went back to back with marco rubio and us senator ted cruz. it is a long way to the nomination. >> let's have a big win in nevada and a big win in the secretary. let's put this thing away. new in the case around el faro. we are hearing that mayday call as the ship went down.>> the clock is ticking. can i please speak with someone. i have a marine emergency and i would like to speak to a queue i. we had a whole breach and a shuttle blew open. >> that audio played in jacksonville this weekend during a coast guard hearing. family members of the crew broke down. el faro sank near
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crewmembers died. at the time the coast guard didn't see a need for an emergency rescue not believing the ship was in danger. now the ship's owner faces lawsuits for negligence and the coast guard is looking into that. ehrlich road is closed for the rest of the weekend. expect traffic tieups as we headed to the workday monday. closure comes as crews work on expanding the bridge and it won't reopen until sometime monday at the earliest. keep that in mind. still ahead, a lifelong nascar fan when the daytona 500 contest that gave the tickets back to us. how cool is that. >> a little something up our sleeves. it brought him to tears. the new feeling of freedom
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8:13 am. he went from being an army paratrooper to a quadriplegic. carson chambers to that shows us how this wounded warrior is getting a big boost.>> reporter: i remember the sound of a quick breaking. >> if you think your weaknesses make you we, sue ali alfano is proof that they don't. >> a taliban ambush in afghanistan left the sergeant. first class counting the four lindsay can't use.
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>> i remember thinking thank god . his military -- as military wives we all know a knock at the door is a different message. >> his wife and three children motivated him to recover since 2007 to compete as a wheelchair athlete. >> for me it is something that i can afford to do. >> traveling to practices and tournaments was dependent on someone else's schedule. he was always torn between his recovery and his family. >> there is almost always a choice between that your equipment in or we can fit the family. which one is it going to be. nonprofits help military heroes and raise the money to buy a wheelchair accessible van. he can load into it and drive on his own. >> there are no words for it.
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and also for his family.>> it has been too long. >> carson chambers. really cool. those campeche. a lot of money and nations. >> good story. i love that we can highlight good news.>> i get to do that for sure. >> check outside right now. we have a gorgeous start to saturday. anna maria island, looks very inviting. show that to 100 people and 101 will want to come out and enjoy that. the other person, that is the person showing the picture. gorgeous place and the perfect weather to stay here. right now we are looking at showers and big storms moving
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ohio into west virginia. and back into the mississippi valley where we have a flood lining up. it is not going to get here. we have high pressure and will start off mild. temperatures in the mid-50s right now. 55 is a popular number. tampa and largo have 58. 57 palm harbor. visibility down in some of our southern neighborhoods. wauchula and sebring. keep your headlights on until 9:00. 62 now in pensacola. 60 birmingham. nashville has 62 degrees. a warm swath of moist air across the southeast but there is the front coming through and that is bringing showers. high-pressure over us will keep
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east and the highs pushing into the mid-70s. we are looking for a high of 76 in tampa. closer to the water, color there, 67 degrees. st. petersburg will top out at 74. perfect for the blues with clearwater at 70 degrees. 73 for hernando. 75 dade city. lake placid 75. i mentioned clearwater, you have the seafood and blues festival going on now in coach would park. by the time we get started you look at temperatures in the mid- 70s and it will be a gorgeous day. thinking about doing some boating? it is a good time. winds out of the east today. turning northwest later on. sees will average 1 to 2 feet. the gulf water temperature at
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high tide at high tide at 2:30 pm. sun will set at 6:25 pm. another gorgeous sunset after we had a lovely sunrise today. another gorgeous sunrise on monday as you start your workweek. things will change into tuesday and wednesday as we get a front. it is way out west. looking for a 50% chance of showers wednesday and into thursday when it will still be breezy. as you can see drop in temperatures by 15 degrees. we will keep it cool through next weekend. a roller coaster so enjoy the taste of spring because winter will be back. right there you see it in the picture. it is race day for the daytona 500. our friends at the now tampa bay giveaway a lifelong ticket to a fan.
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and laura hera knew he needed a special meal. -- pick me up. >> this is where ron spring said is supposed to be this weekend. instead he has to stay home. >> remembering the days when he used to drag race himself. >> you have your forward and your chrysler. >> a time he and his wife said was easier. things have been tough recently so we tried his luck at our daytona 500 giveaway. >> my older brother is a nascar fan. i called him because i spoke to him earlier about this crap and they said you want to know how my luck is running? and i told him in a he said you have to be kidding me.>> the crap is lung cancer. inoperable. >> the bronchial tube is
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so i am trying to breathe. >> diagnosed months after he quit smoking and a few days before he found out he one the race tickets. and with radiation starting soon for this 50 year nascar fan's dream of seeing team penske hit the track was a possible. he gave the tickets back and we found out why. we had to do something. >> we appreciate you being a fan so in the meantime go kick some cancer asked. >> that's really nice. >> that is brad keselowski, one of iran's favorites. >> you wanted you to know that they appreciate you. and they are sorry that you couldn't be there. >> anyway i can get a copy of that>> of course.
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if you are headed out the door this morning, all lanes of i 75 shutdown in north port. you can see a gas tanker flipped on 75 and fuel is spilling across all lanes. this affects south elm lanes of i 75 and it will take hours to clean up. switching gears, music fans selectman memorabilia from their favorite bands. one beatles diehard is showing up for something connected to john lennon.
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time for a sunday morning, time on the show. american bulldog rescue. you brought along a dog named rico. >> rico is a lover. i don't think he's getting a
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he is only three years old and about 105 pounds and a lover. >> you said when you got him he was skin and bone. >> he is all head and feet. >> he has grown in and what a great time. good family dog.>> don't happen with other dogs at this time. he is by himself. no pets and. a little bit big for children.>> he has been trained and he is impeccably trained.>> a good guard dog as well.>> more of a lover. he will sit on you if you sit on the ground. he will give you hugs.>> a lot of big dogs like this get in their mind they are still little dots. they will try to get in your lap and try to do everything a little talk with do. but they are bigger.>> you will
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every time you are on the floor lap. and just sit on your lap and he and cattle. he is a lover. that is why we named him rico. >> predisposition. if someone is looking at this and saying how can i get him at my house. >> apply online, we are a national rescue. based out of pennsylvania. we have been around 18 years. we want to make sure our dogs go to the best of homes. they are not cocker spaniels. they are big boys. >> you have to have more patience and understanding that they will get their way. >> they are stubborn but they will please you. they love their people. >> if you would love to get rico to your house, american
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welcome back to abc action news.
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a hotel shooting in st. petersburg. jake peterson is live at the holiday inn express on 58th avenue, north. >> reporter: fortunately for those gas, it was nearly sold out last night but many startled around 1230 a and when shots rang out on the fourth floor. nobody was evacuated except for the one room for a the party was happening. a bunch of teenagers were inside and some other teams came up to the party who were uninvited and they were shot. two of them, a 19-year-old octavius brown was shot in the upper body and taken to the hospital. this morning he is in stable condition. another teenager, demetrius crawford, was shot in the hand. he's doing fine right now.
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there are no arrests in this case. there is surveillance video that they are checking. no arrests and they are working on leads. for hotel guests that were checking out it was a startling moment and some of them not knowing what the sound was. we will bring you the latest. jake peterson. i actually got to go out and enjoy the day yesterday. i went to the sea blues festival. it was perfect. >> music going through 9:00 out there. coachwood park. we're looking at devastation on the other side of the world. dg super cyclone named winston.
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the death toll is at 5. 30 day state of emergency in effect for the entire island nation of fiji. officials are worried about a health crisis breaking out with no water available. we are keeping an eye on it. sending our thoughts and prayers to the folks in fiji. it is going to be tough over the next several weeks to recover. no storms around here. blue skies, sunshine. absolutely beautiful. 58 now in tampa. clearwater 57. 62 st. petersburg. by this afternoon st. peter will be cooler, high of 73. 76 as we get a repeat performance of sunshine in tampa. if you think about doing some barbecuing it should be great out by the grill. by 5:00 around 67, taking
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perfect for dining alfresco. we do have changes ahead in the workweek. i will let you know about those in less than 15 minutes. donald trump south carolina. -- takes south carolina. not in the contest anymore, jeb bush. he suspended his campaign after the last results came in. hillary clinton got a much- needed victory in nevada. she is a favorite to when south carolina where the primary will be held next week and. don't count out bernie sanders yet. experts say he still carries serious momentum. police are looking for the gunman opened fire in a south carolina mall last night. look at this video.
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stores and people in columbia say shots were fired after a fist fight last night and the men fired shots into the air before taking off and no one was hurt. shootings of new york city police officers investigated by the fbi terrorism experts. officers were on duty when a gun was pointed at them. there was a car chase. both offices were hit. police fire back killing the man. both offices are expected to recover. agents say eunice imputed to islam a radicals in prison. the nation saying goodbye to scalia. his son let the mass remembering his father's shop with. >> he found himself in my conditional -- confessional
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as he put it later like heck if i am confessing to you. >> more than 3000 people packed into the venue yesterday. justin thomas was there. political battle to replace him underway. president obama walking with research. he will spend the rest of this we can prepare to choose his nominee. republicans vow to block his pick. if scalia seat is not filled until the next president takes office will be the longest vacancy in 40 years. pinellas county. some morning. people could turn themselves and in exchange deputies help them resolve their nonviolent misdemeanor charges. 43 people got their warrants
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missing chordates. today is the last chance to check out the clearwater see -- the blue festival. a great lineup of musicians and coachwood park. thousands of people turned out since friday for the free the area restaurants are on hand showing off popular dishes and the sea blues festival starts at 10 am. break for a cup of coffee if you had alcohol this weekend. a little coffee can counteract the effects of alcohol on the liver. drinking 2 cups of coffee a day lower the risk of developing liver disease by 44%. it appeared to go down with each additional cup. doctors say it is not clear how coffee might lead to a healthier
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are needed. a lock of hair from fetal john lennon just old for $35,000. heritage auctions in dallas described it as the largest block of john lennon's here ever . i hope no one is eating breakfast right now.>> a hairdresser on the set of how i wonder war click -- clipped the beatles here for that part in that movie. that was in 1967. the person who bought the hair is from the uk and collects entertainment mementos and hair. we will go for it. google is changing the game when it comes to playing games. >> they are embarking on a
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decision-making. how you can make your guide dogs more
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bbq benefiting the relay for life. clearwater, two days of free concerts at coachman park. seats available. members of the military receive complimentary tickets. jeopardy and computers have human opponents. >> one game computer people >> the average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. from what to wear and what to drink and who to call and went go. for those looking to make even more decisions --
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>> the board game known as -- >> the rules are simple. surround a larger area of the board with your stones that the opponent. and that is where the simplicity ends. >> i am racking my being -- brain all of the time. >> this makes chess look like checkers. >> another way to go is that the number of possible configurations is more than the number of atoms in the universe. >> when developers at google's intelligence lab designed a computer that played they needed more than sheer number of strength. it had to mimic human decision- making. >> the go is a intuitive game. >> finally beat one of the european champions. it posed
8:43 am
>> we will find out if we are finally being taken over by computers. >> i am not a robot but i think it is emerging. >> have some faith in yourself's. could a robot play a board game while answering questions about that game back >>? >> it is hard to talk and play the game at the same time. >> maybe we are destined to fall in algorithmic anarchy or just maybe. >> by working together humans and machines can go to greater heights.>> their big moves to be had. >> that sounds like a decisive win for everyone. i am and each way. google hopes its alpha go program will help make decisions in the medical field sunday. for now it will play against a
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what we we would do with $1 million, while. >> maybe they would ask for a better day ahead. we've got those, free of charge. check outside right now. blue skies, bluewater, white sand, everything you could ask for. in february. this is why so many people are here. the roads are jammed. that is the reason why. 76 degrees by later today. we have another great winter day on the way. the winter visitors are here. more sent for sunday the changes coming as we work into the work week. looking outside, 58 degrees, partly cloudy skies in tampa
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southeast winds at 3. 61 right now in clearwater. 62 st. petersburg. a gorgeous start. temperatures throughout the state very warm, 50s and 60s to tallahassee and all the way up to the southeast. atlanta 86. as you work into the northern plains it is not bitter cold. 26 minneapolis. 31 billings. chicago 37. weak cold front pushes in with arctic air we begin to see a change into the weather patterns by later in the week. this front right here will come swinging through and actually change our weather by wednesday into thursday. it will help usher in cooler air after the rain comes through. for today we get southeasterly
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a random shower by tomorrow. right through the mid to late part of the afternoon. the front starts to get here on tuesday and really comes in with a vengeance on wednesday. by the time it is done our temperatures are going to drop like a stone, 14 to 15 degrees lower from wednesday to thursday. and i start to today, temperatures around 60. the sunshine may be a few clouds roll in. great day for racing at daytona. they will get a high of 75 today. if you are thinking of doing some boating today, great day for that. 61 is the gulf water temperature. 63 in the bag. sees offshore running 2 to 3 feet. low tide happens at 7:05 pm
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the sun will set at 25. 70s through the beginning of the week. 78 on wednesday down to 72 as a high on thursday. by the weekend overnight lows back into the 30s. enjoyed this little sprinkling. more information is available, action news taking ownership of a guide dog is a life-changing event for people with impaired vision . it is not cheap. they cost about $60,000 to raise and train. there is something that you can do that will help bring that cost down. before we get to that live in studio we have victoria martin and heather holland from
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a very special guest. >> this is london. >> london is 15 months old next saturday and i have been raising her said she was 12 weeks. she will go into the campus for training and be placed with a visually impaired or with a patriots program member. >> she is very well behaved and very quiet sitting here. it is so sweet. tell me about how tough it is to raise a guide dog.>> it takes a lot of time. the key to raising a good dog whether a guide dog or a service animal is consistency with your training. we are given guidelines and we have 40 basic commands we teach the dogs and how to behave in public and at home. >> let's see if we can turn london around. hi sweetheart. tell me about fund raising and
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these guide dogs where they need to be. >> there are a lot of options. this time of year it is the walkathon season. we have nine walkathon's. this is an exciting year for us because we're celebrating our 30th year during the walkathon. we have a goal of $1 million for all nine of the walks. we have the biggest out of our mind this weekend in st. petersburg. full of 215,000. the walk is going to be held in hanoi park at 8:30 pm. you don't have to pay. you can come out. you don't need to register in advance. we encourage folks to fund raise leading up to it. go to our website. guide dogs you have nine to choose from. one in tampa april 22. whichever one is the most
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find raise. a nice incentive, a few raise $5000 you can name one of the puppies which is how london got her name. >> she is very focused on your. thank you guys for being here. you can find more of that information on our website.>> still ahead, disneyland celebrating 60 years with abc. tonight a sneak peek at the special. here is what is coming up
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richard branson with galactic spaceship 2, a pioneer of commercial space travel. the spaceship crashed in 2014 killing one pilot and severely injuring another. hundreds welcome the new craft friday. stephen hawkins spoke about its namesake. cooperate between nations in space and the way we can only be on earth. >>'s craft is designed to take six ordinary people into space. fly. 700 people have dropped $250,000 for a seat. witness the magic of disney tonight here on abc action news. the celebration called the wonderful world of disney, it
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will see performances by elton john and men sell and fall out boy. it will serve as master of their money. you can participate in the show on twitter. the show airs tonight at 8:00. a final look at your forecast coming up after the
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all lanes of i 75 southbound shutdown in north fork. overturned tanker. gasoline all over the world. you are getting off that toledo blade.
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the main routes it down to spring training. for port charlotte for florida spring training. in sarasota looking good. looking good for the distance runners. some got underway at 6:00. a few more starting in half an hour. temperatures are rising up into the lower 60s. we will be into the 70s by later today. things change and we get chilly for now.
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump takes control. the brash billionaire dominates in conservative south carolina. >> when you win, it's beautiful. >> his second straight win. >> let's put this thing away. >> now, no doubt, the outsider is the republican front-runner. can anyone stop him? >> south carolina has given us another remarkable result. >> the son of bar tender and maid from cuba tonight stands one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america. >> trump, rubio, cruz.


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