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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> arrests made after a birthday party shooting at a st. petersburg hotel where authorities had to go to find their suspects. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. >> we're going to get to traffic and weather in a minute. first we want to head to breaking news, our corey dierdorff is in tampa now where a fire broke out at a home on citga street. >> is it out yet? >> reporter: yes. good morning. the fire is under control but firefighters still hard at work behind me in the 1,300 block of east citga street. it was just before 4:00 a.m., it was 50% involved. they took a defensive attack. that means the fire was so severe no one entered the home. a firefighter came across three possible victims in front of a fire truck and started to give aid. one was rushed to tampa general hospital with serious burn injuries. their condition right now is unknown. we were able to find out there are three people and two dogs inside the home when the fire broke out.
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the home before firefighters arrived. including the two dogs. firefighters now in the process of removing smoke in the -- inside the home and mopping up hot spots. under control firefighters searched the home for additional victims, there were none found. we'll stay on top of this breaking story and bring updates on air and on-line at at the top of the 6:00 hour we'll let you listen to someone who is praying in a home next door and helped get people out. corey dierdorff, abc action news. i think the commute will be dry. temperatures now in the middle 60s. quite a mild start with an east wind. by the time we get to the afternoon things are going to really warm up. i think we're talking mid to upper 70s by later on, quiet now on titan doppler radar. this is not rain here. we're going to continue to stay dry through the morning hours. then by the afternoon i do think a few showers are going to be underway. then of course we're going to be watching the storm system across texas.
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and it could certainly be severe here as we've been talking about. 66 this morning. mid-70s by lunchtime. again today, 20% to 30% coverage as far as a few showers. in fact we may still have the showers on the roads as we take you back into the evening commute. certainly nothing widespread or heavy. i don't think it will be a big deal for the evening commute but just a heads up. the roads are pretty much dry and traffic pretty light. so no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. this is what it looks like at i- 4 around the polk parkway so if you're heading out the door maybe in the lakeland area trying to get into downtown tampa you should have no issues getting to where you need to be. heading into tampa, 23 minutes from county line road to downtown. 15 minutes from county line road to 75. just 7 minutes from 75 to 275. there are a couple of crashes but again nothing blocking any lanes. make sure you're following me on twitter @tampabaytraffic.
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a man in a stolen car couldn't hide from tampa police. officers tailing that driver and then taking him into custody overnight. police say an unmarked tpd unit tracked the stolen car to this walgreen's at armenia and mlk. once the suspect realized he was being followed he tried to run but we're told a tpd helicopter spotted him enabling officers to catch him. officers say they think the suspect and stolen car are from another county. brand new this morning -- we found out that two teens were arrested at their high school for shooting over the weekend that happened during a birthday party at a bay area hotel. hillsborough deputies showed up at armwood high school and took both students into custody. they say 16-year-old charles jones and 18-year-old shawn turner mcgee were at a holiday inn express at st. pete sunday morning when a gun went off at a party there hitting two other teens. one of them is in critical condition. jones is facing attempted murder charges, as for turner- mcgee, he faces lesser charges and bonded out of jail overnight. this morning new
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how serious that sexting scandal is at a bay area middle school. in highlands county at least 20 girls september pornographic images to their classmates. the lake placid principal called a special meeting last night to talk to parents about the dangers of sexting. the investigation reveals girls ages 12 to 14 sent nude pictures, in one case a pornographic video to boys. those text messages then shared on social media. the principal says parents have to start taking a more active role in their kids' lives. >> if we don't start educating parents and educating kids we're going to have kids that are eventually going to get tried and convicted of child pornography, eventually. >> the principal believes a number of students involved could actually increase. coming up at 5:30 -- abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is going to share what charges these kids could face, depending on how this investigation turns out. then we're taking action for you with some tips on how to
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with your kids about sexting. detectives in pinellas county still need your help to find a group of thieves. watch as one of the five people accused of stealing top shelf vodka from a publix in largo caught on camera. there were three thefts over two days a few weeks ago. this is surveillance footage from the store, you can see five people taking a total of 10 bottles of grey goose and other items without paying. the woman stuffs the bottle in her purse. the four men put it in their pants and then leave. call crime stoppers if you can help. a trampa woman has a tragic accident on on the trip to colombia. skyler arakawa is back in florida. doctors are evaluating her, a boulder crushed her while on a post-grad fellowship trip. we'll keep you posted and have a link on our web site to a go fund me page, if you would like to help to go our web site and search boulder.
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developing story -- follow a developing story from michigan. uber says the driver charged with six counts of murder after a shooting rampage in kalamazoo did pass a background check. >> the ride-sharing company says jason dalton only had been driving a month and received good reviews up until the night of the shootings. a prosecutor dismissed the idea particular person when he shot the first victim. officials have also not released a motive for the killings. more of his uber passengers from that night are speaking out about the frightening experience in the car with dalton. >> i said hey, this is not the hhr, you're not the guy, are you? he kind of said no. >> two people ran hospitalized from the shootings including a 14-year-old girl. uber says they are cooperating with investigators and are heartbroken. 5:06. this tampa man facing felony charges after a 6-year-old fired a gun in a crowded south tampa park. this man's name is ricardo
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officers say marquez left a pistol unattended in his girlfriend's diaper bag sunday at the park. that child found it, fired one shot and luckily no one was hurt. in st. petersburg, we have an update on shots fired at a school bus stop. 23-year-old deveron brown is in jail now on charges that police say he confronted two kids at a child's park bus stop pulling a gun and firing into the air. the detectives say the teens had been feuding with brown's little sister on facebook. guns were the center of the first ever student-run protest at the new florida polytechnic university. a group of students rallied for a bill that would let concealed weapon permit holders bring their weapons on campus and classrooms. organizers say if students could carry they could easily eliminate threats like an active shooter and save lives. right now guns are banned at state university campuses. lawmakers tried to lift it last year but the bill stalled in the senate. >> we're trying to inform and
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students who are left defenseless. >> florida polytech says it would rather focus on public safety. the school has 36 emergency call buttons around campus and the police there say their response time on average is about three minutes. their home may be destroyed in a fire but one hillsborough county family hopes they won't lose the two cats that were rescued in the flames. they are recovering at vet care harris animal hospital in tampa after they were rescued from the fire a week ago. firefighters saved as many animals as possible including dogs but four cats did not survive. the two that are at the animal hospital have internal injuries, faces severely burned. >> i think the hardest part though, is just knowing -- i'm sorry. it's just knowing my babies, which is my cats, what they had to go through.
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wasn't here to protect them and help them. >> it could be weeks or months before those two cats get better. luckily no people were home at the time. firefighters did rule this fire an accident. they say it started at an electrical box. a mild start to your tuesday. mid-60s in fact for the bus stop. i think we'll be in pretty good shape. by the afternoon 20% to 30% coverage. no lightning, nothing severe but a few showers. upper 70s by later today. stronger storms on the way for tomorrow. i'll time those coming up. still ahead -- apple could soon face a lawsuit after vowing not to comply with an fbi order but it's not the feds taking the tech giant to court. overhaul. what is going to have to change with the tech toys to cut down
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5:13. tuesday morning. this is a live look at somebody's morning commute. this is i-275 at 22nd avenue. no problems now. janelle is watching the traffic cameras and will show you the other bay area roads, coming up. new developments in the fight to get apple to hack an i- phone that belonged to the shooter in the san bernardino massacre. the families of victims now plan on filing court papers urging apple to cooperate with the investigation. the father of one victim says that phone could reveal other terror plots or other people involved in the december attack
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law enforcement wants apple to write a program to break into the phone but some experts fear that program would fall into the wrong hands. the fbi ordered apple to unlock the phone but apple denied the court order. now they have until friday to respond to the court order. federal officials are now calling hoverboards unsafe and a new letter to retailers, importers and distributors the consumer product safety commission calls for new heightened safety standards for the futuristic devices. it cites $2 million in profit damage caused by -- property damage caused by fires in the last two months. at least one local hoverboard retailer we spoke with believe certification is the right thing to do it >> i think it's going to get better, a lot better. >> if you're wondering whether or not to use that hoverboard you bought officials with the
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the risk. let's check in on this forecast situation we have going today. i think we're going to get showers today. tomorrow. then we clear out. we're going to get much colder weekend. we'll have to get ready for that. titan doppler radar quiet now. just ground clutter, that is not rainfall but later on this afternoon i do think about 20% to 30% coverage as far as showers. but the stronger storms, the wubdz that could potentially cause damaging -- well, cause damage tomorrow, they are still towards texas but they will be moving towards the east. by the time we get to tomorrow we'll be with you throughout the day to track these. again, just to let you know we have the potential for winds in the afternoon. you don't need the rotating winds to cause damage. showers for the interior counties, especially today as we head through the afternoon, then we're going to get this band moving in.
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of it thunderstorms roll through anywhere from 8:00 to noon. that will be the time frame. if you hear thunder outside stay indoors, there's potential for strong wind to come in. by the way we stay windy, not severe but by thursday it will be windy and cold at that point here. this is the storm prediction center outlook for today across the northern gulf coast. keep in mind they only have five levels here. they go from 1 through 5, a 5 is wedge tornadoes, situation that really sometimes you only get one or two of those a year. they are at a 4. this is going to be a big deal. very dangerous stuff from essentially new orleans to baton rouge, biloxi, mobile, even parts of pensacola. by the time the front gets to us the worst of the weather, i still think will be well up to the north but where you see the yellow, that is the higher threat for damaging wind gusts. less so tornadoes, only about a 5% chance of seeing isolated
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mainly strong storms moving in. stormsheild app can give you posted. temperatures now in the mid- 60s. we'll look at some clouds this afternoon. bubbling up. showers again today. no severe weather, just showers through the afternoon and tomorrow we'll watch that line of storms roll in from northwest to southeast. there's your forecast as we stay breezy behind the front. thursday, much cooler, highs in the 60s. we're going to do that with strong winds on thursday. so it will feel even colder. that will set the stage for a very chilly overnight on thursday and into friday morning. then that is it, 62 is all we can muster friday. staying cool but dry and sunny through the weekend. good morning. the only crash we have reported now with road block is i-75 up near planton road in pasco county. one lane blocked there but traffic so light we have no delays from it. this is pinellas county, i-275 at gandy, up to speed now in
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from bridge-to-bridge. let's check the average speeds. in the wesley chapel area, trying to decide between 75 and 275? both of them in the green. look how fast, 75 is moving now, 74 the average speed. slow down, you tonight want to get a ticket out there. a quick check of the bridges, looking great across the bay. all three under 10 minutes. 5:18. sad update to this helicopter crash caught on camera in hawaii last week. a 16-year-old passenger died from his injuries. arrangements are being made to donate his organs. that teen amd three family members were visiting from canada taking a helicopter tour of pearl harbor when it crashed into the water near the uss arizona memorial last thursday. their names haven't been released but two family members are still in the hospital in stable condition. the other was treated and released. federal agencies are still investigating this crash. a crash landing takes over a street in los angeles. the plane in this case clipped
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the middle of the road. the pilot of that small plane walked away without injury despite the very scary landing yesterday. luckily no one on the street was hurt either. that plane landed just outside a nearby airport. you can see emergency crews there checking out the scene. they say the right wing of that plane broke off after smashing roofs and windshields of two parked cars. the pilot says he was approaching his landing when a gust of wind blew him off course. still ahead -- if your morning routine involves a stop at starbucks you're going to have to make your grande a venti to get rewards points. selfies are not just for fun, they are apparently for safety too. who can make them a common practice to protect your personal information? >> first at 5:19 -- new government safety warnings that could impact millions of consumers. plus less reason to worry at taxtime if your not a millionaire.
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money," shares of lumber liquidators could be under pressure again today after new warnings. >> the cdc says the cancer risk from certain types of laminate flooring is actually three times later than original estimates. the company believes the cdc is overstating potential health risks. there may be another 70 million to 90 million recalls of takata airbags, reuters say that would quadruple the number in the u.s. >> it could explode and send schlep shrapnel to people in the car. last year the u.s. audited 10% of people making more than $1 million. a significant increase from the year before. also 10 times more than the average for all returns. >> i'll take my chances.
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5:24. if you're a starbucks rewards member get ready to pay a little more for freebies. the coffee chain is now overhauling its rewards program. beginning in april starbucks will award stars based on the amount of money you spend. under the old program members got one star per visit and it didn't matter how much money you spent. starbucks executives say the change will speed up service at checkout. under the old program customers
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transactions to earn even more stars but starbucks says it has more than 11 million active rewards members and just wants to keep the process moving. mastercard will soon start accepting selfies and fingerprints instead of passwords when shopping on- line. >> the company has been testing this selfie software in the u.s. and netherlands. they say selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than typed passwords. but you have to download a app and you have to take a new selfie every time you buy something on-line. mastercard says it will be rolled out by big banks over the next few months. live to the scene of breaking news from tampa. a house fire that injured at least one person. abc action news reporter corey dierdorff is on the scene now. he's been trying to find out how investigators think this fire started. we'll check with him live coming up at 5:30. good morning. i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center. you're looking live now at i-
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very light. just six minutes from here to downtown. we have daytime construction going on this week. i'll tell you where and why you
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breaking news. an early morning house fire in tampa breaks out with four people and a dog inside. the latest from the scene coming up in a live report. >> also that sexting scandal at a bay area middle school goes from bad to worse. now involved. we're taking action for you this morning with tips on how to talk to your kids about the very real consequences that they likely don't even know they could face. >> breaking overnight -- president obama will be in florida in just a few days. what he hopes to accomplish here in the sunshine state. good morning, thank you for joining us. it's tuesday. >> let's go to the breaking news we've been covering since we first came on the air at 4:30. one person is injured after a fire broke out at a house in tampa. >> abc action news reporter corey dierdorff talks to us live . good morning. >> reporter: the 1300 block of east sitka drive in tampa still blocked as firefighters are still hard at work.


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