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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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overpass, struck one of the support pillars, burst in
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quickly to try to save the person but the person died. they are not sure how many people may have been in the car due to how severe the crash was. more crew is coming to the scene. we'll be on top of this breaking story. janelle, right now westbound brian dairy road closed just in front of the calvary catholic cemetery. they are making people turn around and head back towards 275. do you have the best workarounds for people headed here this morning? we'll get to that in a minute. first, other construction people need to know about if you're going out now. 275, the southbound exit from 54th avenue south is closed until 6:00 a.m. the same construction project is happening through wednesday. so this is affecting the overnight hours so you'll definitely want to make sure you use this detour. the detour is to get off before you get to 54th. right here at 22nd avenue south. take u.s. 19 to 54th. remember you want to make this
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detour if you pass it without getting off at 22nd street. keep in mind the same construction is happening through wednesday morning. elsewhere on the interstates we're in pretty good shape. what it looks like through downtown on 275, just a six- minute drive from here to the howard frankland bridge. doesn't look too bad at least there as we wake up this morning, in pretty good shape here. i think we'll have a little more cloud cover today than we had over the weekend but all in all a decent day, temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60. the wind are calm, a few clouds streaming in from the gulf, that will keep us partly cloudy at times, even mostly cloudy skies, where we stay dry. look at the temperatures now dipping into the 40s across the north. otherwise the rest of us between 55 and 60 degrees. titan doppler radar picking up on a couple of showers across the gulf, those will fall apart as we get clouds streaming in before today again. so not as sunny as we had over the weekend but staying dry here for us. that is the key.
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we have a cold front and i'll let you know who it will impact in a few minutes. testing season is underway again in florida. >> the state is looking to avoid a repeat of last year's problems. you remember problems with the computer-based test kicked many students offline but an independent review team backed up the exam. >> ahead, what is different this year that could make the experience a lot better for your kids. new this morning, more money poured into florida school system. house and senate budget writers increase for schools. so the big change, lawmakers will only use state tax dollars to pay for the increase. even if your -- even if you don't have children we learned this could mean more money back in your pocket. since property taxes are not being used the property tax rates charged by school districts will go down slightly this fall. we now know the name of the man who was killed when his
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hillsborough county over the weekend. investigators say 21-year-old jose perez bravo was boating on a small pond in plant city creek road. he tried to swim ashore when make it. the other man in the boat, antonio lopez wasn't injured. pasco county, multiple families starting over after their homes were destroyed. a fire ripped through a mobile home park in odessa last night spreading from one home to two others. the flames destroying two of the homes and danieling the third -- damaging the third. this is a picture showing you the mobile homes from last night. they say it appears two dogs died in this fire. take a look at these pictures. what people on board a cruise ship saw in the middle of the gulf of mexico. more than a dozen cuban migrants on a small boat. the u.s. coast guard says the carnival sensation, hosting a special legends of pittsburgh
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they were heading from miami to key west, eventually to mexico. the cruise was heading from miami to key west, eventually to mexico. the coast guard says this doesn't happen very often. tow truck drivers paying respects to roger perez, a tow truck driver who was killed earlier this month while helping a stranded driver. police say allison huffman struck him and drove off. the tow truck drivers passed life. the sister says the show of solidarity warms her heart. >> it's very overwhelming but i thing. just to see so much love and support and how everybody has embraced us. it's very nice to have. >> there is a gofundme page set up now for roger's family. we have details posted on our web site,
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ride reminds people about the move over law. requiring drivers to move over a lane for emergency vehicles are a at least slow to 20 miles per hour below the speed limit. changes coming to popular parks in the westchase area of tampa. a major facelift will require closing two parks and construction on a third brand new park. your kids will enjoy a new splash pad and enclosed tooler playground in west park village. glen cliff will have new basketball courts and soccer field regraded. play areas at both parks will be closed while construction goes on. it will be worth it for some people we talked to. >> you can tell her that it's dated and needs to be rehabbedded a little bit. but there's so many parks within the area that you're not really bound to just one park. if it's shut down for a couple
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>> fees from residents pay for upgrades. signs will be posted at park entrances about the closures. it should be completed by mid- summer. looking pretty good, temperatures by lunchtime will climb into the 70s. that's where we should be for this time of year. a few more clouds than we had over the weekend. i'm tracking the next cold front that arrives wednesday. i'll let you know what to expect with that in a few minutes. >> surprising and concerning. >> cameras rolling as fists go up in a school locker room. who organized this fight club that even parents and coaches were clued in on before the school shut it down? >> and hollywood's biggest night turns into a coronation for one. what "the revenant" didn't take
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good morning. breaking news, a fatal crash in pinellas park. one car hit the overpass when it was going under u.s. 19 and burst into flames. at least one person killed there. right now westbound brian dairy is closed. i'll have more on how to get around this in a few minutes. and the oscar goes to -- "spotlight." [ cheering and applause ] >> the film taking home the biggest prize last night was not "the revenant." it was "spotlight." a film detailing "the boston globe"'s pulitzer prize winning investigation into child sex
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it won best original screenplay award. looking at the other big winners, a great night for leonardo di caprio though. he won for best actor for "the revenant." brie larson won for best actress in "room." best supporting actor, this one was a bit of an upset. it went to -- let's click it here -- went to mark rylance for "bridge of spies." >> and alicia vikander won best supporting actress for "the danish girl." "inside out" for best animated film." and best director for "the revenant" won. >> and sam smith won for "writings on the wall" from "specter." he gave a touching acceptance speech. >> i want to dedicate this to the lgbt community, all around the world. [ cheering and applause ] -- >> i stand here -- i stand
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and i hope we can all stand together as equals one day. thank you so much. >> as smith spoke guests at elton john's viewing party in west hollywood jumped out of their seats and gave smith a standing ovation. smith had performed his winning song live earlier in the evening. the biggest oscar party in the bay area didn't disappoint. about 500 people filled the tampa theatre for the annual oscar night event. those attending felt like celebrities including our very own sarina fazan. there she is in the gorgeous gown you chose for her to wear. this was donated by the dress store landing luxury and won by a landslide. the real winner however, is the charity that is getting this gown. this get year -- to get a wrap-up, including photos, full
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moments it's here on you can also find it on our free mobile app. good morning. we have some breaking news. a fatal crash at u.s. 19, the westbound lanes are blocked. avoid this area if you can. i'll tell you how to work around it, coming up. >> there's a arrive live look at the crash. take belcher or 66um to olmerton road, 66 up to old meren to road. a lot of activity out there. the car burst into flames. at least one person was killed in this. we don't know if anyone else was in the car, crews are out there now working on this. i'll let you know as soon as it
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how's the weather out there? >> weather is not bad, in fact we had a beautiful weekend. a little cool for a lot of us through the morning hours. then we warm up. today the difference will be -- and it will have a few more clouds because we have a pretty active jet on top of us, but all in all not going to be a bad-looking day. just -- at times even mostly cloudy. looking good now in the gulf. as we widen out the shot, you will see the high clouds rolling in. we'll have filtered sunshine at times. and we'll build our own clouds throughout today. nothing to rain on us here. futurecast will show dry conditions next couple of days but we're not tracking a front. watch what happens as we roll the clock. by tuesday afternoon, it's this boundary that i'm going to be watching. of course this time of year we've had severe weather with the systems here. thunderstorms. this is going to be a benign front that moves through. you can see it breaking apart. 20% coverage as far as showers. wednesday.
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much with the air mass behind it not that cold but it will dry us out once again. that is drop our humidity and that will allow for overnight temperatures to get a little cooler here. so we'll start with cooler mornings but won't affect afternoon temperatures. we're going to continue with mild temperatures 9 next few days. mid and upper 70s. if you watch closely here that's a sea breeze kicking in, keeping you a little cooler. low 60s. so any time you get a wind off the water with that temperature you're going to get that natural air conditioning. mid-hand upper 50s as we head through tonight. patchy fog will develop, we'll have dew points in the mid and upper 50s as well. we'll watch that for tomorrow. boating conditions look great. easterly winds light, then turning to the northwest as the sea breeze kicks. in there are the high tides, sunrise and sunset. 7-day forecast, we'll take you through the middle part of the week, coverage 20%, that's that first front, about 76. then watch what happens, the overnight temperatures will
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early part of thursday, behind that boundary. still nice though with plenty of sun, 70s. then tracking another one with another chance, also very weak, 20% coverage. that will set us up for a great weekend with highs in the 70 and plenty of sunshine. 5:17. shocking new video from california. students slinging violent punches at each other in a high school locker room >> you can see it here. the fight there is brutal, also violent. one person we watched being punched straight in the face. there's no head gear. >> school officials say at least three cell phone videos shot by students were posted on social media. they say the fight appears to involve the high school basketball team. it happened in an old -- a baseball team, not basketball. it happened where fighters were on parts of drywall and
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>> parents and coaches, we're told did know about it before the school did. >> a parent contacted me very concerned she had found a video that appeared to be students fighting on school premises. >> school officials say they are conducting an investigation and the superintendent says appropriate action will be taken including suspensions or worse. 5:18. still ahead -- the price you pay will depend on the day you go. laying out the new ticket pricing structure the next time you head to disney. starbucks. they are putting their drinks to the ultimate test. details in this morning's york. >> reporter: good morning, topping "america's money" -- starbucks in italy. >> gutsy move. opening its first cafe in a country with some of the most particular coffee drinkers in the world. >> the ceo says starbucks owes its success to italy.
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starbucks when visiting milan in 1983. a major flop at the weekend box office. it cost $140 million to make, took in just $14 million. >> and "kung fu panda 3" was third with $9 million. if you're celebrating a birthday today there are deals for you. get a free dessert sampler at the olive garden. >> and pizza hut is offering a free personal pan pizza. a special deal at krispy kreme.
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5:23. a third try, third fail for spacex. it called off another launch of
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good morning. we are following some breaking news in pinellas park. we'll have a live report on the fatal crash coming up. and here you're looking at construction on i-275 near westshore. all this coming up in a few
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following a cyberattack and a number of other issues with last year's fsa testing the state department of education has put a number of measures in place to ensure the same problems do not happen this year. coming up in a live report, why some parents say it's simply not enough. >> we don't need to make america great again. america never stopped being
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[ cheering and applause ] >> fresh attacks on donald trump as candidates duke it out ahead of super tuesday but it was marco rubio who had everyone roaring when he knocked the gop frontrunner. >> i've been away from my two daughters at a very important time in their life. >> shakedown at the oscars. a lot of you are still talking about this hilarious moment when chris rock got hollywood a- listers to open their wallets and purses and hand over money to his children. a lot of folks are praising him for his performance this morning. thank you for joining us. >> breaking traffic news janelle has been monitoring. look at these live pictures here. our crew on scene, this is bryan dairy road at u.s. 19 in pinellas park. at least one person is dead after this crash. authorities believe the driver in the car was speeding, ran into one of the support pillars on that overpass. causing that vehicle to catch fire. it's not clear yet if anyone else was in the car. so janelle, we want to know what this means for people
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>> westbound bryan dairy or 118th is closed now while crews are out there working. they are also making sure that support beam on u.s. 19 is secure but while they are doing that u.s. 19 is open. so u.s. 19 is open, westbound bryan dairy its closed, so take 49th street street and take old meren to, you can take 66th back down to bryan dairy or go further to belcher. either way leave time to make that detour. this is a fatal, with a lot of debris, so this could be like this for a while. make sure you plan for this for the next few hours or so. i'll keep an eye on it and let you know as soon as it clears. there's construction on 275 northbound around the westshore area, that's the flashing lights you see here. not causing delays because it's still early in the morning. still just six minutes to get from the howard frankland to downtown. so so far it's been a pretty busy morning with the traffic but the good news, the weather looks very nice.


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