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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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local woman carjacked at gunpoint and caught on camera. >> next the victim's mistake made her an easy target.
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abc action news. he had it in his right hand, a gun. and that's when he was pointing it at me. >> carjacked in a pharmacy parking lot. >> and new at 11:00. >> and three highlands county teachers under nevadaing. tonight a highlands county newspaper reporting new child porn charges for middle schoolteacher stacy lynne hooks. last night she was arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old student and tonight the highland
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teacher at sebring high school has resigned. the sheriff saying roser kennedy under investigation for making porn with an 18-year-old student. the sheriff also confirming tonight an unnamed avon park high school teacher is under investigation for child porn. and a top story a quick trip to a store after work turned into a nightmare who had a gun pointed at her face and purse stolen. >> and looking for the second suspect. marisela tells you what she was doing just minutes before she was carjacked. >> reporter: many of us do the same thing she does. we park our car. trying to get our things together and sending a quick text message and this victim says that is where he made the mistake. >> sometime tuesday she printed into the store to call the
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>> before she ran into walgreens she sat in her car texting. >> i noticed there was a guy leaning against the building. i didn't pay no attention. >> she regrets doing that. >> i went to put my phone in my purse to get out and my door was opened. >> that is when he was pointing it me and waving it around. >> you see her get up and down on the graundu ground. >> that's when he hopped in the car and left and i immediately got up and wept into the store. >> he crashed it four hours later in st. augustine. troopers say they were flying on the highway going 80 miles an hour. >> i'm blaming myself right now for not paying attention. >> john chris was arrested. detectives are still looking for 18-year-old william summer land who got away.
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a young girl it was on probation in a separate case. she was going to steal a car, drive to jacksonville and do a robbery. >> i just hope they find him. >> and remember, this is who authorities are looking for, 18-year-old william summer land of bartow. if you know where he is, call crimestoppers. >> thank you. we are getting a new video showing an orlando police officer driving a homeless man's head into the pavement. his body cam stopped recording during this arrest, but witnesses captured this arrest on their own cellphones. an internal affairs investigation cleared wilson of charges. he received only a verbal reprimand. >> and a person charged with imperson nating a doctor is now
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this is his brand-new mug shot, in palm beach. he defrauded her after visits to her home to treat her for stomach pain. and a high school student facing felony charges for teacher. it started when a student refused to dissect a sea clam. the reports say the student first cursed at the teacher and then began shoving the teacher, knocking off her eye protectors and finally twisting back her thumb when the teacher tried to escort the student out of the room. other students rushing to help the teacher and a second fight broke out. people are telling us felony charges aren't enough. bigger things. and i hope not and i hope this is a lesson to the person. >> we contacted several school
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at teachers is fairly common. hillsborough county telling us there have been 30 reports of a battery on a school board employee just this year. and new at 11:00, orange county giving an elsement rig schoolteacher her job back. she was pulled from the classroom after she complained on her facebook page about standardized test. she posted on her own page after hours and should have a right to free speech. good evening everybody, temperatures right now, we have already cooled into the upper 40s across our northern county. citrus and hernando, it is going to be a cool start to your morning. everybody else in the 50s and 60s across the viewing area. there will be a little bit of cloud cover streaming in. not bringing any issues in terms of rain, but the cloudiness, be able to see the moon veiled through that cloud cover. you will be waking up to
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50s to low 60s and then another front brings us a chance of some showers by first thing friday morning. we will talk about that in a couple minutes. >> all right. we will check back. a mom and pop company hit by thieves and you won't believe what they stole. live in bartow with more on a heist that should draw a lot of attention. michael? >> reporter: wendy, absolutely, this business has a lot of security around it. it has a barbed-wire fence and huge locks on this wrought iron gate and they got in and stole two large semis. >> randy is a family man. his son, daughter, wife, and close friends are the heart and soul of central construction and heavy hauling. >> makes me sick.
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>> thieves cut the fence and had a free for all. >> they came and took the newest trucks and my newest trailers and hooked back up. >> these are pictures of the trucks and trailers spivey hopes someone will find and bring back. he worked his life building this business piece by piece. >> the thiefs tried to steal more than two semis. they tried to take this one too, but it wouldn't stop. >> he believes they are heading to miami where that i will strip them down and take off the vin numbers. he warns over companies to protect their products. >> for now he is working to fill the orders with the
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admits it won't be easy. >> they put a hurt on me. >> and he says he is offering a handsome reward for anyone who comes forward with information on where his semis and trailers could be. >> thank you, michael. and beating and running out the back of the door at the bistro. he left on a bike. he didn't steal anything. >> all of our food. we have wonderful food, so i'm surprised he wouldn't want that. >> the sheriff telling us deputies were nearby and got to the restaurant in minutes but the suspect was already gone. tonight still looking for the cause of a lakeland mobile
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around 1:00 this morning the driver saw flames. they found the bodice of shane and his girlfriend. tonight a new scandal of the trial, accuseded of watching her nude video in public. and powerball abuse posted on facebook and outrage on this man is going viral, what photos. >> and gang of thieves clean seconds.
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en tonight a bombshell development in the aaron anderson lawsuit. the dancing with the stars host suing the marriott and the man who secretly recorded her getting out of the shower. a tweet in a restaurant says he
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watching the nude video in public. allegedly saying, quote, if he was going to pay millions, he was going to what the video and show it to everyone. he says andrews doesn't deserve the money. admitting it, but his friends were watching and asked them to stop. he is apologizing. and 50 weapons in a smash and grab robbery. police tell us as many as 10 people raided the store. and they had a pickup with a chain hooked to the door. they are facing federal charges. and this is going viral. you can see a picture of a man holding dogs by the tail and ears.
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creature in a cruel manner. police say they received tons of calls outrageded other these picture us -- outraged over these pictures. they also talked of dog fighting but they found no evidence of that in his home. and in the middle obviously tough circumstances, lost thousands of dollars to thieves who repeatedly broke into their concession stand. after we shared the story, the community stepped up to help. >> when people steal from us, they are stealing from the kids. there is no other way to put it. joel rodriguez is upset and he should be. just last week vandals broke into the randall football league. >> this section of fence right here. >> reporter: slicing their way through the chain-link fence , busting out the window and destroying a cash register. it was just the latest of a series of incidents to hit the team hard.
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the park undetected, you can pretty much do anything back here because there is no lighting. >> reporter: they had an ice machine stolen , 7 cars broken into, but that's about to be a thing of the past. >> we have one here now. we have one on the back of the field house. >> thanks to the county security lighting is in place. they also had no working security camera. one parent stepped up for that. >> we will have one camera here and one over there. >> while this is simple upgrades, they give peace of mind so the kids can focus on other things. >> things like this takes us off mission, which is the kids with football and cheerleading. >> action news.
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pregnant women not to travel. she says 9 years ago she contracted zika in the dominican republic. super lice found in florida now. officials say it does not respond to over-the-counter medications. parents are getting creative using alternative methods, but there is medication you can get from the doctor to kill the eggs. the cdc says to wash and dry all hats, pillows, bedding and also vacuum the carpet. check the hair with a nit comb and anyone who comes in contact with the person who had it. and shocking developments in the water crisis, newly
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state of michigan blocked flint from switching to a better water source. they reconnected to the detroit system, but the city manager said no. flint switched water sources back in 2014 in an attempt to save money, but the water was not properly treated and caused lead to leak into the city's water supply, exmroezing an unknown number of residents. and the anthem of the seas docking in new jersey today two days early. cruise line officials say they were trying to avoid a storm, adding to this trip, 116 passengers coming down with the virus symptoms. and in bermuda, the two time america cup team practicing in bermuda when their catamaran capsizes. no one was injured but there was some damage to the boat. officials say they should be back training tomorrow.
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this weekend. >> now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> well, the water is perfect. >> that's a big event. >> another reason to be outside. >> a lot of spring training games going on. and maybe if you are lucky, you will watch a sunset like this. >> wow, beautiful. >> that's from cyprus beach, caught an amazing picture. and the clouds offshore can make it more impressive and that's what's going on. we have clouds offshore, cloudy tomorrow morning, pretty decent day. nothing on tie tan doppler radar now, temperatures as we mentioned earlier in the 40s across the area. chilly thursday, warm up beautifully, but still 40s and 50s across the area.
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jacket or have the kids in a sweatshirt. probably leave it at school because it will be in the mid 70s. we hit 81 in lakeland , bartow, tampa, 76 degrees and that's what we topped out in a couple of places in hillsborough and pinellas county. now down to 50s, tampa 59, clearwater and st. pete 60. skies are clear. this time of the year we should be in the mid 50s. so a little above normal last night. tonight we should be right in the exact range we should be, maybe low to mid 50s and that cloud cover is already beginning to roll in from the gulf, just cirrus clouds and sunshine and it will probably do it again tomorrow, but not any rain. that's going to arrive overnight tomorrow night before sunrise on friday. so probably luck out with this.
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thursday, another great day whether you are going to training games or the fall festival. and look what happens in terms of the timing of the rain, 4:00 in the morning it comes in. if you are early riser, pick up a few showers, it's not going to be a big deal. there is no threat of severe weather, no threat of thunderstorms, just kind of a nuisance shower friday morning and then it's gone and the rest of the day be will be sunny and the rest of the weekend will be sunny too. in terns of overall -- terms of overall rainfall, say north of i-4, wes of i-75, otherwise -- west of i-75. now it's colder up north, but remember, when we start to see a big area of red and orange building and by tuesday you can
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watch what happens wednesday and thursday. that is some warm weather. we are going to see temperatures in the mid 80s, maybe warmer than that in highlands county and polk thursday and friday. this area of high pressure is probably going to block it from coming in. so i think we stay dry and warm pretty much all of necks week. some great -- next week. some great winter for spring trainer. seas only a couple feet, light chop out of the bay. temperature 65 degrees, so it's on its way up, your coming tides, sunrise 6:53, sunset at 6:32. your most accurate 7-day forecast. 76 tomorrow and a little cloud cover early on in the day. showers will move in after midnight tomorrow night and then out of here by 8 a.m. on friday morning. so that will be okay. and saturday and sunday, that
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77 on sunday and all of a sudden look what happens necks week. tampa -- next week. tampa 80s and lows in the 60s. so go from below normal to well above normal by next week. >> all right. thank you, dennis. the women's soccer team is in town. they have a date with england at raymond james.
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hello, folks. four of the world's best soccer teams are in town and that includes the u.s. nationals who retired. u.s. team joined by england, france, and jeremy training tomorrow at 7:30 at raymond james.
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and this is the inaugural year for the she believes cup. it brings in this caliber of talent. >> this is a huge game in terms of not having just opponents on our shore, but bringing in the top teams in the world. >> to get four out of the top five or six teams in the world to play in a tournament together here domestically is huge for us. >> now it's really just focusing on improvement and getting better and no better way to do that against this comp mission. >> all right. as expected lightning ben bishop was named to the world cup team. johnson may be added later. that makes 10 lightning playerers named to their respective teams.
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joining the team and john cooper updated us on shoousers injury, his injury is not long term. we will see him when they return home saturday to play carolina. bulls stored 16 points in the first half. carolina took advantage and built a 10 point at the break and beat the bulls. this might have been the worst shooting night in bulls history. rays manager kevin cash happy to see desmond jennings get to a fast start to open the season today against washington. jennings doubles and rays won 2-1 and held, young blake snell and braet the rays 6-2 -- beat the rays 6-2.
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break a couple national division records. comprised of swimmer from dubai and jeremy parker from tampa plant high school. >> it will be a challenge. it's not going to be easy, but i like where we are sitting right now and i think they could establish records in those two events that will stand for a number of years. >> we are all ranked like top 15 in the 50 free. we can do a lot of damage next week. >> we wish them luck and one last note. the university of florida said they will begin serving beer and wine. it will be in premium sitting for football games and men's
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hour by hour forecast, first thing in the morning temperatures in the mid 50s, decent amount of clouds mixed in with that sunshine, but still a warm day in the mid 70s and showers tomorrow night. >> all right.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- morgan freeman -- from "the real o'neals", martha plimpton -- and music from charles kelley -- with cleto and the cletones --


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