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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, down and dirty in detroit. marco rubio and ted cruz team up to attack donald trump. who opened the latest republican slugfest by boasting about his anatomy. >> something else must be small, i guarantee you there's no problem. >> that moment getting lots of reaction overnight and as the party looks past the primaries, new talk of a brokered convention after mitt romney's blistering assault on trump. we're covering it all live in washington. future plans. 9 current president putting lots of speculation to rest revealing where he'll live after the white house. important health alert. new evidence of aspirin's ability to fight cancer.
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morning routine? and if you can afford this boat, hopefully you can afford to fix it. well, good friday morning. we begin with the republicans who want to be president slinging nasty insults and hitting below the belt. >> noor rowed down field of four took to the stage in detroit last night for the latest republican debate. hours after mitt romney blasted donald trump, the front-runner was the number one target facing an all-out assault and dishing it right back. it's "your voice, your vote." abc's megan hughes has the highlights. >> reporter: fresh from his commanding seven victories on super tuesday, donald trump got no respect. >> if you're our nominee -- >> hold on. >> reporter: trump's rivals teaming up against him. >> because he doesn't have answers and he's asking us to make them him the president of the united states of america. >> ted cruz in second place is
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>> donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton not once, not twice, not three times, ten times. >> reporter: marco rubio again assailed trump's character. >> he has spent a career of convincing americans he's something he's not. >> reporter: all the taunting got a rise out of trump. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> here we go. >> he has lied. he referred to my hands if they're small something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> reporter: the billionaire back. fraud. >> reporter: against a scalding attack from the 2012 gop standard-bearer, mitt romney. >> he was a failed candidate. he should have beaten president obama very easy. he failed miserably. >> reporter: this debate was also a rematch between donald trump and his nemesis, fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> hi. >> hello. >> how are you doing. >> nice to be with you, megyn. you're looking well. >> as are you. >> reporter: this weekend the
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four states and puerto rico. >> with the detroit debate over michigan is still a political hot spot. democrats debate in flint on sunday. on tuesday, the state hosts an important primary for both parties. megan hughes, abc news, washington. >> quite a debate indeed. all three candidates pledge to support trump if he is the nominee. but mitt romney blistering attack on trump may be teetering on a gop fight at the convention. sources say he's urging republican voters to pick other candidates in an attempt to keep trump from securing the nomination outright. earlier we asked a member of abc's political team how that would work. so, what happens is that means that no candidate will get that magic number. 1,237 delegates and so then it could go to the floor of the convention in july in cleveland and this is how it would work. the delegates become unbound on
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for other candidates or they could vote for somebody else and that's what there's a lot of talk on thursday riding in on his ride horse to save the party. >> well, a source close to romney says romney is definitely not running for president but he just wants to make a difference by making the case against trump. well, also at last night's debate marco rubio slammed democrats for politicizing the water crisis in flint, michigan. >> rubio backed michigan's republican governor rick snyder who hired lawyers at state expense to assist with civil representation in the case. the residents of flint got some help from the federal government yesterday through expanded medicaid coverage but a $200 million aid package is stuck in the senate because of procedural issues. and hillary clinton was keeping a close eye on the debate and having fun at the expense of the republicans. clinton fired off a string of tweets including this gift of herself asking how many more of these do we have to sit through?
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candidates she wrote un unintelligible yelling. >> clinton is delivering a speech on the economy in detroit today as her husband campaigns on her behalf. hundreds of miles away. former president bill clinton met with supporters in jackson, mississippi, telling them his wife is the best change agent he's ever seen. and bernie sanders campaigned in kansas ahead of tomorrow's caucuses there. sanders had overflow crowds in lawrence, a college town full of younger voters and talked about his free college tuition plan, sanders and clinton are both making stops in michigan today. okay, so the mexican government has given its first official response to donald trump's pledge to build a border wall and make mexico pay for it. the mexican treasury secretary saying emphatically and categorically under no circumstances would his country pay for such a wall. new developments in the escalating tensions with north korea overnight. leader kim jong-un has ordered his military to be on standby
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the threats are part of a campaign of propaganda following tough new u.n. sanctions. yesterday north korea launched short-range missiles into the sea. well, breaking news overnight from southern california where a suspect is in custody for deliberately driving into a federal building in orange county. fbi is investigating the incident as a vehicle assault. sources tell the "l.a. times" that the 45-year-old driver was motivated by hatred toward the government. a federal employee believed to be an investigator says -- he was hit by the driver. well, winter shows no signs of easing up today with another blast from the mid-atlantic north into new england. that means at least a good dusting of snow along with plenty of rain and it will be good with wind chilleds sending temperatures into the teens and single digits. the obamas won't be going far when they leave the white house in january. president obama revealing that his family will be staying put in washington so that daughter sasha will be able to finish high school without transferring
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the president's older daughter malia starts college this fall. well, still ahead, could tom brady still face suspension over deflategate. an emotional week for erin andrews. a new phase in the trial getting under way today. and no germs here. the airplane bathroom that
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well, nice day for a ride in tacoma, washington. watch the right side. there's a blue mini cooper speeds past, the driver hits an suv that spins on to its roof while sliding down the highway. look at that. the man who posted the video
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also from washington state police say that driver likely fell asleep at the wheel before plowing into a gas pump and sparking a fire. he remained inside the truck for nearly a minute before escaping. two pumps were destroyed but there were no serious injuries. closing arguments begin today in erin andrews' lawsuit against her stalker and a hotel in nashville. defense attorneys called their final witness yesterday. andrews is seeking $75 million claiming the marriott show tell there didn't do enough to protect her from a stalker who booked a room right next door to hers and recorded video of her naked. well, could be weeks are 0 even months before we know if tom brady's deflategate suspension is being reinstated. the nfl asked for the four-game ban to be put back in place. it had been thrown out a week before last season started. one judge yesterday called the evidence a of ball tampering
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six weeks left till filing tax returns. encouraging numbers coming, the irs reports more than 58 million returns have been filed so far. that, by the way, that's more than a third of what they're expecting. and for those receiving refunds they're getting an average of $3,053, an increase of $5 over last year. and good news for m&m fans. the candy is now available in three new flavors. coconut and honey nut and chilli i nut. they're asking us to vote which should become a permanent selection. >> the honey nut looks good. we'll see. when we come back, the important health alert about aspirin. and then the mistake at the dock. a megayacht takes a bit of a tumble.
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friday night owls and saturday early birds... for the new sonoma goods for life collection... save 50 to 60% on everyday apparel for him and for her... and 40% for the kids. save on sonoma for your home too. plus get kohl's cash. kohl's. make delicious recipes that are lighter in calories and added sugar when you use splenda no calorie sweetener. think sugar, use splenda you're looking at a live picture down pennsylvania avenue there, washington, d.c., where it'll be cold and snowy all day today. a winter storm is expected to bring that snow along with rain and frigid temperatures from the mid-atlantic north into southern new england. and those conditions will make this morning's east coast commute very treacherous, especially between the carolinas
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of massachusetts, also watch out for snowy or wet roads around west coast. if you're flying airport delays are possible in washington, philadelphia, new york, boston and san francisco. well, experts are applauding legend brandi chastain that she will donate her brain to concussion research and the degenerative brain disease cte. >> they say it's especially important since so few female athletes have been studied for concussion risk. here's now abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: the soccer star known for that celebration at the world cup, coming forward about the dangers of the sport. 47-year-old brandi chastain announcing she will donate her brain to research on cte, the degenerative brain disease linked to concussions. >> brandi is such an iconic figure for a big chunk of our country that hasn't really been focused on the concussion issue. >> reporter: as a college player
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concussions, now a mom and a soccer coach, she's concerned about the damage all those headers may have caused. >> she is having no symptoms and she's living a normal life, but she is so well aware of what could be awaiting her. >> reporter: chastain telling "usa today" "but as you grow older, you sometimes say, gosh, am i losing my memory or did i used to forget when i went into a room what i went in there for?" adding she hopes the research will protect younger players. cte can only be diagnosed after death, and has been found in numerous nfl hall-of-famers and male soccer players but so far never in a female athlete. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> new research links aspirin to a reduced risk of certain cancers. doctors found that people who take low dose aspirin every day had a 19% lower chance of developing colon cancer. they also found a 3% lower risk of cancer overall for those taking low dose aspirin at least
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aspirin is not a subty tut for colon cancer screening. in california they're now considering once again raising the smoking age to 21. the state senate expected to take up the bill now that the assembly has passed it. republican opponents say teens who are old enough to join the military and get married should be able to smoke if they want to. san francisco has already raised the age to 21. and a silicon valley jail was on lockdown for hours after a brawl broke out involving dozens of maximum security inmates. it was all caught on newly installed security cameras. they were bought and paid for by santa clara county sheriff lori smith earlier this week. smith put the nearly $800 tab on her personal credit card after being told it would take two years and up to $20 million going through normal budgetary channels. >> she showed them, huh? >> yeah, she did. a shocking discovery by u.s. customs and border protection agents in california.
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smuggled into this country inside the partially modified gas tank of an suv. an image system first detected something that was unusual in the toyota sequoia and further inspection revealed he was hiding in the cramped compartment. the driver was arrested. police in south carolina are looking for this man who they walmart. then he took off. but it's what happened outside the store that's getting a lot of attention. you have he that there, while he was making his getaway, he stumbled and smacked right into the suv. he hit the ground but managed to recover quickly and got away with about $40 worth of meat. wonder if it was worth it. oh. >> maybe had a barbecue he had to get to. the drain. this luxury yacht was being lifted but the harness on the massive crane suddenly snapped as you see, the shiny new yacht
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crews watched helpfullily as it slowly sank into the murky river. >> oh, boy. >> hopefully it's insured. after that failure let's see who had success on the hardwood last night. >> good one there. nba western conference highlights from our guys at espn. >> kevin connors, john anderson and after some discussion, i guess i will relent in the spurs do not have to be the first thing we talk about even though they're 59-9. >> the other team is 55-5. they did it again. they've still yet to lose at home this season. golden state beating oklahoma city for the second time in less than a week. look at steph curry on a string behind his back over kevin durant and serge ibaka. steph was only 5 of 15 from deep in this game. we're going to show you some of the ones he made, 11 of his 33 came in the fourth quarter. the golden state bench was outstanding and the warriors do
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55-5. let that wash over you, 121-10 of the final. he'd get some votes. >> might be the best choice at this point. spurs and pelicans. leonard and duncan, 52-9 bunch. go on a run in the fourth. kawhi leonard, lamarcus aldridge doing the work. the jumper there. leonard, his team down two, so smooth. and then five-point lead. let's make it eight and let's just finish this thing right here, spurs win it 94-86. they're now 29-0 at home this season. 29-0. that actually is better than the golden state warriors. >> who are still pretty good themselves at home. un undefeated as well. >> that's it for us. you watch either of those you're having a good morning. >> thanks, guys. up next in "the pulse," the new airplane bathroom that cleans itself. plus, i ain't afraid of no ghosts. but we're learning from the new "ghostbusters" teaser. be sooo constipated it
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welcome back. time for "the pulse." a potential solution for germ-filled toilets. >> boeing is working on a completely touchless bathroom with the wave of a hand or touch of a foot pedal. a germophobe's delight. >> ultraviolet light kills nearly 100% of all germs. no word on when this system could debut in boeing planes. >> apparently you're not in the laboratory when the light goes on. >> that would be kind of weird. made famous for "ghostbusters" is among the things that will be back when the reboot hits the big screen. >> until now not much was known about "ghostbusters" other than all female cast led by melissa
4:24 am
now the film's first trailer is offering a sneak peek. >> we have dedicated our whole lives to studying the paranormal. now there are sightings all over the city. there are people out there that need our help. >> you're a brilliant engineer. erin, no one is better at quantum physics than you. we can provide a real service. that's hot. >> the new "ghostbusters" is set to hit theaters on july 15th. >> my proton pack is ready. after a week of cranky politicians could you use a little love? well, check this out. the social butterfly spreading joy at her local supermarket. her name is joy. >> instead of focusing on the food she roams around the aisles and gets personally greeted with the other shoppers. yeah. >> and a hug. >> got to hug. good going for you joy.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: wrong! >> it's now dividing [ all talking at once ] >> i want to finish my statement here. >> candidates clash. the attempts by republicans to ostracize donald trump. >> none of us were there to tell him good-bye, to hold his hand. >> 11 years without any answers. this family's renewed plea for help as deputies search for a killer. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we begin with more fireworks between donald trump and marco rubio. >> republican brass joining the florida senator going all out


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