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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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multiple deputies hit, and a local man behind bars. why police aren't surprised at
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abc action news begins tonight after a suspect was arrested after a violent chase. deputies tried to stop a man in
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the driver was headed south. deputies tried to get christopher to pull over, but he refused. conty led them on a chase. when he got to east lake road, he rammed two patrol cars and then tried to hit two others. >> the supervisors were able to get out of the way of trucks. we utilized stop sticks, and finally, the vehicle mechanic mechanically failed. >> he faces multiple felonies. he has an extensive criminal
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a make or break day tomorrow for the white house. >> florida voters getting a chance to weigh in. florida is the biggest prize, as we know. 99 delegates up for grabs. campaigns going on all across the state. people wanting you to vote. a polling place in tampa to tell us about that final push in tampa bay. michael? >> reporter: some of these volunteers were going around to dozens of polling locations putting in signs in front saying trump. this is the man they want people to vote for. >> reporter: buddy brown has 300 signs in the back of his
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voting for donald trump instead of rubio. >> i won in a landslide. >> reporter: campaign volunteers had a campaigning day. >> he had the ability and the guts to let everybody know, and nothing's holding him back. >> reporter: a cuban jewish american isn't your typical supporter. at first, she supported rubio, but not anymore. >> i feel like he's young, and he's derailed a little bit from some of the things that attracted me to him. >> reporter: he will create jobs, protect america from terrorists, and protect the borders. >> they don't blame the voice
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>> we needed somebody to just go there and say, hey, wake up. >> reporter: a handful of volunteers out here tonight and tomorrow morning. they say they will be making phone calls and standing on street corners and holding signs. we're live in tampa tonight. abc action news. >> in the meantime, donald trump holding a rally under tight security. >> reporter: keeping a close eye on protestors outside of the center. the billionaire showing a softer response. >> that's okay. don't hurt her. you know every once and a while we'll have a disrupter. i don't call them protestors.
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arrested. nothing like those violent protests across the country. sarah palin speaking despite her husband being hospitalized from a snowmobile accident. marco rubio pressing for support right across his home state here. rubio still hoping for a home advantage. >> it's just a friendly reminder. >> reporter: for these volunteers, every call is worth it. >> right now is the key time to get out to vote. >> reporter: more than 2 million of them have either voted early or absentee. senator marco rubio wants to
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these are some of the faces trying to guarantee a win for the man they believe should be our next commander in chief. >> i feel like it's important to fight to the very last minute for whoever i believe in. >> reporter: they spent the day campaigning on the eve of the primary campaign. rubio doesn't shy away for taking jabs at opponent donald trump. >> the rhetoric he uses is irresponsible and over the top. it doesn't reflect well on our country. >> reporter: he's hoping his own state will back him tomorrow. >> tomorrow is the last time they can voice their opinion
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>> reporter: again, also, according to florida vote, volunteers calling voters all day up until a few hours ago. more delegates across the country. that doesn't stop them from trying to reach people tomorrow. reach as many people as we can. meanwhile, bernie sanders turning his sights to vermont and ohio. he's turning to charlotte. he still says he's confident he'll pull off an upset. covering the florida primary are crews tracking all of the candidates. at 7:00, join us for a special
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we'll be live when the polls close and tracking polls for you online. good evening, everybody. temperatures right now in the low to mid-70s today. we didn't break any records. the issue overnight and throughout the morning is going to be visibility. it's rather low along the beach. we'll start to see patchy, dense fog. a few folks could have advisories in the morning. set the alarm a few minutes early. more changes later in the day and later in the week. we'll pin point those details coming up. new video tonight going viral showing a police officer getting physical with a woman. she was arguing with her boyfriend when this happens.
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>> stop. knock it off. >> uncalled for, sir. >> a witness posting that. she's covered in scratches and bruises. tonight, that officer on administrative leave. they're asking people not to pass judgment until an investigation is complete. underway, an investigation for a young girl. shortly after they found her father's burned body in a rural area. the girl may have been with him just before he was killed. authorities aren't releasing details about any potential
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case. she was last seen two days before her daughter's death. a man saw kids passing by last night as he was sitting on his porch. he pulled out a handgun and pointed it right in their direction after he told them to keep walking. a deputy killed in a wrong- way crash. deputy john may have saved lives in his final moments. she and her boyfriend were driving on the expressway when they saw the wrong-way driver. the deputy saw him, taking the impact instead of her.
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chance to thank him. >> he sacrificed himself for me. >> a funeral will be at st. timothy's catholic church with public visitation starting at 11:00. a group of bikers getting an unwanted surprise from a police officer. what they did to prompt an investigation. our dirty dining report reveals what was found on the shake machine in burger king and throughout the kitchen. did i make some bad choices? yeah. that's part of life. and a beloved bachelor winner. her advice for anyone looking
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a police officer apparently pepper spraying bikers. dozens of motorcycles pass by. the video was taken along a highway in fort worth, texas. the police department is now investigating and trying to find witnesses. have it your way is their slogan when it comes to burger king. coaches had their way in burger king last month. they reportedly shut it down in tampa after finding roaches on
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they say we have reinforced the cleanliness procedures. you can see the rest on our website. if you have a tip on a dirty restaurant, go to my facebook page. back in 2004, a florida fisherman proposed to a woman on the bachelor. she introduces us to the man who finally made her dreams come true. >> she looks much the same as we saw her in 2004. >> i wish people wouldn't
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>> i was falling into a depression. it's no joke. >> reporter: she recalls when the bay area embraced her after pro fisherman byron proposed to her. she was charged with battery against byron and d.u.i. >> i was trying to make myself happy. i think there was also pressure to have a successful relationship for the sake of the show. >> reporter: she refuses to say anything bad about her former fiance. >> talk to your loved ones. seek advice. don't hold it in. >> reporter: she opened up to
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story with someone else. a man named james. >> really, everything i saw was so contradictory to everything that was out there. >> reporter: it helped build back mary's confidence. >> i told her, you've gone into this shell, and you can't let that define you. >> reporter: now, this couple is building something else. on december 31st, mary and james tied the knot in cuba. >> i would like to introduce mr. and mrs. portominas. >> here we are. married now. three months, and i can't wait to sit here with you and say, we've been married for 30 years.
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road. >> learn from those mistakes. >> reporter: mary knows fairy tales do come true. million times in order to find him. abc action weather. well, that was a really sweet story. >> it's nice she found love the second time. >> reporter: sometimes it takes a little time. that's all. >> we're going to see some fog first thing. early, alarm clocks set. maybe to hit the polls before you go to work, you will run into some fog out there. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, there is going to be some patchy fog across the
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today, we hit the 80s. you put all that together. that leaves the fog in march, april, and into may. 82 in lakeland, tampa. winds coming in off the gulf. that will eventually bring in some of the moisture from the gulf of mexico in form of sea fog. i think there's enough mixing out there to mix it up. i do believe you can run into some pretty thick fog, and half an hour later, nothing. it's just the way it seems to play out in florida. the record, in the upper 80s. the satellite shows a tranquil day.
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got an inch of rain. when you get one of our afternoon showers associated with a front, you can see quite a bit of rain. something else is going on here. this is not rain. i'm telling you. it will be some patchy fog. instead of rain coming right through like january and february and march, they kind of fizzle out on top of us. instead of a front clearing us and bringing drier and cooler air, it hangs out on top. the warm temperatures stick around, and as you can see by tomorrow night into wednesday morning, fog begins to roll in. until we actually get a front through, i don't think we see much of a change. we will see that late this weekend into next week. now, rain chances, the timing,
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to see rain, not tomorrow so much, not even wednesday or thursday, but friday, saturday, and into sunday, there it comes. there's a very good chance of that rain. while i'm not ready to say it's a washout, i'm going to see other showers. cooler air, and by early next week, a refreshing change. pollen, still an issue. not quite as bad as we had yesterday. for election day, we go 82. 83 for the rest of the week. rain off and on through early monday. turning cooler by then. it's off to the west coast for the lady bulls to start the
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usf women making their tournament appearance. through the bridge port region.
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don't you? the opening round, opponent, colorado state on saturday night. usf going into the tournament. that game will tip off at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the bulls go west to open up this year's ncaa tournament. all right. one kevin might have enough of the race. decker in today's home of the braves. the braves still lost to atlanta. final 5-nothing. grimes was a salary-kept
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average 30 yeerl. all you have to do is look at the tape. the tape does not lie. >> there they were like bookends flanking their most recent quarterback. >> despite being a little older than the average. he just continues to make plays. he jumps off the field every time. >> they're successful guys playing at different ages. i can either play, or he can't. >> he has a little more insight. he adds even more familiarity to the equation. >> i can't help but be excited.
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the right direction. >> with ride receivers getting taller and taller, you might think he can't compete for the ball. that couldn't be further from the truth. >> i feel like that's my strong suit. i go get the ball. that's what wins games in the league. >> the buccaneers have also signed josh robinson, formally, with with minnesota. robinson played with ucf. they have created a free agency. it clears the deck and the draft. >> it's going to be best player. moving up or moving back. it's going to be the best player. especially the quality of the player. it does help us give us more options.
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minute. closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland toyota.
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we have continuing coverage on our website. thank you for joining us. >> have a great night,
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! top night, bachelor ben and fiance lauren b. maria menounos. and music from sia in austin, texas. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel!


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