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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 17, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's " jimmy kimmel live" ! tonight -- henry cavill. empire," gabourey sidibe. snapchatting with dj khaled. and music from flogging molly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, good luck, here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. happy st. patrick's day to all of you. i see a lot of green shirts in the audience. here in l.a. we celebrate a little differently than the rest of the places. we don't have pots of gold, we have pots of pot here. we call them medical marijuana dispensaries. st. patrick's day in america is the best day to be irish and the worst day to be an uber driver. legend has it, i looked this up, st. patrick used the image of a shamrock, the three-leafed clover, to teach the doctrine of the holy trinity, the father, the son, and the holy ghost. then he got everyone totally smashed, really super drunk, and they told holy ghost stories the
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st. patrick trove the snakes out of ireland he went to mexico and drove the worms into the tequila bottles? you're right. >> jimmy: how much have you had >> guillermo: two shots. >> jimmy: two shots of what? course. >> jimmy: yes, the traditional st. patrick's day drink. we have a tradition here on our show. st. patrick's day tradition. this is my number one favorite of all the traditions we have. ten years ago this week, in 2006, this news story hit the air in mobile, alabama. a leprechaun sighting that caused quite a stir and resulted in what might very well be the greatest local news report of all-time. >> curiosity leads to large crowds in mobile's crichton community. many brought binoculars, camcorders. >> looks like a leprechaun to me. who else saw the leprechaun, say
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>> jimmy: if that doesn't make you believe in leprechauns, nothing will. but wait, there's more. >> eyewitnesses say the leprechaun only comes out at night if you shine a light in its direction it suddenly disappears. this amateur sketch resembles what many of you say the leprechaun looks like. >> jimmy: how can that be an amateur sketch? you think you'd see that hanging in a museum. of course not everyone thought it was a leprechaun. some people were more practical. one lady in the neighborhood had an entirely different hypothesis. >> others find it hard to believe and have come up with their own theories for the image. >> got to be a crackhead. it told him to get up in the tree and play a leprechaun. >> jimmy: and that's the story of st. patrick's day. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, mobile, alabama. st. patrick's day celebrations
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cousin sal is at rocking riley's irish pub, let's go there now. cause sin sal? >> sal: jimmy, what's happening? >> jimmy: oh, look. what is the mood like at rocking riley's right now? >> sal: it's pretty mellow. we've just been discussing our taxes and stuff like that. >> jimmy: introduce us to some of the people there with you. >> sal: to my left here is dano. >> what's up? >> sal: kelly. and john is dressed for the occasion. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: jon, dano, kelly. we have something tonight, we're going to compete to see who can pour the perfect pint of guinness. okay? so let's go to our bartender jimmy who has got -- there's an art to this, right? >> there's an art. how are you? >> jimmy: doing well. >> the first thing is going to make sure it's 45 degrees. then you've got to hit the hump
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>> jimmy: okay. >> once it gets over the hump in the back, you pull it up right here and you put it right there and wait till it sets. >> how long do you have to wait until it settles? >> you're supposed to wait 118 seconds. that's the hard els part of the perfect pour, not being able to drink it. >> jimmy: 1 ache 18 seconds? >> two minutes. >> jimmy: take a spot on the right, get in the middle -- the at that. right next to dano's head, how about that. the amateur sketch. give it a shot. there you go. 45-degree angle. >> go for it, guys. >> 45-degree angle, hit the harp, and there they go. >> [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: pull it, kelly. kelly? dano looks like he knows what he's doing there. kelly? dano.
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stop! you'd think somebody named kelly would be better at something like that. all right. well -- >> put them down, guys. >> jimmy: but them down. kelly went over a little bit. john, how did yours come out? john went under. i think we're going to have to give this -- >> john's short. >> jimmy: are we going to have to give this to dano? >> you won. >> sal: you won some corned beef, congratulations! [ cheers and applause ] >> sal: the guinness is on me! >> jimmy: thank you, cousin sal. thanks, guys. thank you. we couldn't hear anything cousin sal said. i think he bought drinks for everyone at the bar, right? okay, all right. as if there wasn't enough drunken madness on st. pat ddy's day, ncaa, basketball fans and i engage in the cherished annual tradition of scrolling through
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to find something called trutv. which turned out to be like channel 108. between the games and st. patrick's day this is the least productive work day of the year in the united states of america. we have a very good show tonight. from "bad man versus superman: dawn of steel" henry cavill is here. [ cheers and applause ] it's sad. there aren't any phone booths for superman to change into anymore. he has to change in the bathroom at starbucks now. also with us from "empire," gabourey sidibe and st. patrick patrick's day music from flogging molly. before all that it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of this week whether they need it or not, it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> i got to tell you i've never been in a room with this many [ bleep ]s in my entire life.
11:43 pm
that's when things really get [ bleep ]ed up. >> you should get home to that incredible husband. i want to [ bleep ] sarah. i want to [ bleep ] pam. i want to [ bleep ] pam's mother most importantly. >> nice to have you here for once where nobody's [ bleep ]ing. >> we can pass a federal law to end [ bleep ]ing but we sure can try to regulate it. >> before long, some republican is going to start [ bleep ]ing hillary clinton. >> my father was [ bleep ] all his life. he was. >> sir, one difference between this and a donald trump rally is i'm not asking anyone to [ bleep ] you in the [ bleep ]. >> this is the last big [ bleep ] before those elections on tuesday. [ bleep ] at stake. >> [ bleep ]ing your dog can take a lot work. how about [ bleep ]ing a turtle? >> brook has turned me on to what i call the diesel which is just black [ bleep ]. call it a day. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break.
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you're going to like this. if you're on snapchat you're familiar with dj khaled. if you're not, a hip-hop artist and a mogul. he's become famous all over the world for his life-affirming messages like this. >> life is like the sky. some days going to be a lot of clouds with a lot of turbulence. some days going to be clear blue skies. give thanks for the sky. >> jimmy: did you give thanks for the sky today? all right. well, that's a good reminder. when we come back, dj khaled teaches me to snapchat. we have major key alerts ahead so stick around!
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>> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back. henry cavill, gabourey sidibe, music from flogging molly is on the way. "time" magazine releases their list of the most influential people on the internet. when they announce the nominees of the nobel prize? this is like the opposite of that. the list includes donald trump, caitlyn jenner, kanye west, and a bunch of other people who should never be president the united states. but also on the list -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: outside on the list was dj khaled, very popular on snapchat. millions follow his every move. and i have to admit i don't know the first thing about snapchat so i asked dj ka head to take me under his wing and into his limo and later to his hotel room. and the result was this. >> jimmy kimmel, dj khaled, we the best. >> jimmy: we both have beards, what's your snapchat? you got snapchat?
11:50 pm
snapchat. >> jimmy: when did you discover snapchat? >> i would think around october. >> jimmy: of last year? >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow, it was that fast. >> yeah. jimmy, i'm going to show you how to snapchat. the key is to be yourself. a major key to snapchat is spread positive energy. also jimmy, this was a big key when i got lost at sea with my jet ski. >> jimmy: right. >> the key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark. the snapchat alerted all my fans to make sure i made it back safe. >> jimmy: they saved your life. >> yes, that's the key. don't fall for the trap. and the key is to secure the bag. that's the key. >> jimmy: how many keys are there? >> you can never run out of keys. >> jimmy: that's a lot of keys. >> yes, a lot of keys. >> like a high school janitor's key chain. >> is that a lot of keys, man. right now it's about connecting. you see my fans, they run on the
11:51 pm
>> jimmy: this man's been running like a mile and a half. should we stop and see why he's running? >> can you roll the window down? fan, what's up? >> the studio, man -- >> i respect that, we'll buy the whole thing. jimmy, that's fan love. that's what i mean about the connection. >> jimmy: oh, all right. >> no one has that. >> jimmy: you have to give the fans money? >> no, no. he's hustling and i respect that. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> know what i'm saying? matter of fact, i ain't got no money, anybody got some? i'll pay you back, jimmy. >> jimmy: here's $100. >> $100 from jimmy kimmel. >> you're trying to stay in shape -- >> give me those candies! >> i respect the young hustlers, they could be selling something else. >> jimmy: you're right. >> and they selling candy or tennis shoes, another key, i know not to play myself. >> jimmy: what does that mean, play yourself? >> you've got to know when to do certain things and when not to do certain things, know what i mean?
11:52 pm
to hold them, know when to fold them, you know got to know when to walk away -- >> another key is never fold. >> jimmy: never fold? >> never fold. >> jimmy: what did you have an 8 and a 2? stay in? >> see, i deal with real-life i can't play the game. that's a game. never fold. you know? >> jimmy: okay. >> jimmy, we're about to have bungalow talk. >> jimmy: oh, good, i'm looking forward to bungalow talk. >> life. so this the bungalow. i got some of my team in here. >> jimmy: here for some bungalow talk. how are you? >> we come to the pun ga low, you see bungalow mogul, mogul stuff. on the cover of "bloomberg." khaled on the cover of "hot living." >> jimmy: is this your hand? >> that's not my hand. >> jimmy: look at this. >> i love fruit snacks. >> jimmy: yeah. >> they found out and they sent me a bunch of fruit snacks.
11:53 pm
made for me? >> jimmy: you have special listerine? >> listerine is a major key to success. i love listerine -- >> jimmy: they sent to it you. >> snapchat with jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: enjoying listerine. >> the best breath. don't ever play yourself. that's what's cope dope about snapchat. we're just having fun but we captured it. we ain't talk about it, we ain't act it, we aunt doing none of that, we catching the vibe. >> jimmy: we the best. >> here's my signature candles. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, they put cinnamon toast crunch in the wax. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is this bungalow talk right now? >> yeah, have a seat. let me ask you a question. >> jimmy: yeah? >> did you ever encounter yourself with hate, somebody said you'd never have a jimmy kimmel show? >> jimmy: sure, lots of these, absolutely.
11:54 pm
that inspired me to work hard. >> what it is, we're filtering out, we're exposed they now. i said, they don't want me on jimmy kimmel. guess what? quarterback jimmy kimmel made sure i'm on john mccain. >> jimmy: they want people to call me jimmy kimmel. you call me body. the "b" is for both. >> i'm being honest with you. give thanks that we're saying your name in a great way. >> jimmy: right, right. >> that's all that matters. >> i do, i'm grateful. . >> what you're going to do is hold this button. right? then you're going to be like, sneaker talk! reveal it! when they reveal it, major keeler! you got to know how to angle it. you got to swag it out. know how to angle it like this. >> jimmy: that's going to be hard for me. >> dwell, like it's a vibe.
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: yeah. all right. what do i say at the dipping? >> sneaker talk! >> jimmy: sneaker talk! major key alert! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i of although the internet. >> well, i love your style, man. now you put your caption. >> jimmy: right. >> on yours. i want to put major key alert, know what i'm saying, because i doing this. boom. and it's sent. >> jimmy: sneaker talk! major key alert! it's cocoa butter. i never put cocoa butter on. >> let me put some on. not too much. all right, cool. this is the key, though. the glow. >> jimmy: it does smell good. >> it really does. i got to be honest with you too. cocoa butter everything.
11:56 pm
oh, everything. wow. you know, i have to say, between -- i came here to learn about snapchat. but you taught me -- you've taught me a lot about life, you taught me about cocoa butter. >> yeah. >> jimmy: candles, even. and i thank you for that. >> man, so in love, brother. >> jimmy: should we shave? i want you -- not only do i want to shake, i want you to feel how moist my skin is. smooth. >> live life smooth. why live rough? >> jimmy: jimmy kimmel and dj khaled. we're cocoa buttering up and we want you to have cocoa butter too. >> live life smooth. enjoy. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, dj khaled. tonight on the show music from flogging molly, gabourey sidibe is here, be right back with superman henry cavill! >> dicky: portions of " jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by the brewers of guinness, who
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>> jimmy: we've got a lot going on. tonight, from " empire," gabourey sidibe is here. gabourey and my wife pulled a pretty great prank on me on our
12:02 am
we will share that story later. then, to celebrate st. patrick's day properly a band from here in los angeles. their single is called " the hand of john l. sullivan." flogging molly from the samsung outdoor stage. next week, we have many excellent guests, starting off with harrison ford, kristen bell, terrence howard, elizabeth olsen, tom hiddleston, jon bernthal, peter krause. we will have music from cam, granger smith, locash, and fifth harmony. and hillary clinton will be here. i think she's running for president. our first guest is that rare breed of actor who can play both the man from uncle and the man of steel. starting one week from tomorrow, you can see him alongside ben affleck in " batman v. superman: dawn of justice." please say hello to henry cavill!
12:03 am
>> jimmy: did you tip thish one? this is a bad pour? >> no, i just thought i might warm one up for you. >> jimmy: by the way, for those who are alarmed, yes, he's from another country. you are from england. do they celebrate st. patrick's day in england? >> yeah, it is -- it's a little bit bigger here, though. >> jimmy: it is bigger out here? interesting. >> it's bigger out here than it is anywhere else in the world, including ireland. >> jimmy: including ireland, that seems foolgish to you, right? >> no! >> jimmy: i think cinco de mayo is bigger here than in mexico. i think we have a drinking problem is what it is. >> no, no. it's not a problem. >> jimmy: not at all, no. by the way, you're such a muscular guy. i was thinking about this. >> stop, stop.
12:04 am
superman, in order to become right? because he would have to like or something. >> yeah. >> jimmy: in order to have the resistance to build superman's muscles he'd have to be bench pressing the world. >> yeah. >> jimmy: the real superman would look more like me. he would be -- his muscles would be atrophied and fat. >> yeah, yeah, i can get that, yeah. >> jimmy: can superman get drunk? >> it would take a lot. >> jimmy: it would take a lot, it would. why? >> probably take special paddy day shots. little green ones. good. superman's got to be terrified on st. patrick's day. >> horrified. >> jimmy: he doesn't know where the kryptonite is coming from. your instagram account, i want to -- before we show this, tell me why you did this. >> there's been so much doubt about the validity of superman's disguise. which is the glasses. >> jimmy: yes. rnlt i think it was a perfectly reasonable disguise.
12:05 am
>> jimmy: so you went out on the street, to times square in new york. >> yes. >> jimmy: and -- let's show the video and we can talk through this. here we go. there you are. hanging around at times square. underneath the posters. the actual posters that have your own head on it. >> the only person who stopped us was someone who was asking for directions to central station. >> jimmy: really? >> yep. there was one other person who said, hey, you can't take photos here. >> jimmy: that was it? nobody recognized you as superman? >> no one. >> jimmy: so what did you prove with this? you weren't even wearing the glasses. maybe if you had the glasses -- >> even more unrecognizable. >> jimmy: yeah. >> he hides in plain sight. >> jimmy: that's superman for you. it as funny thing that we accepted that the glasses are okay. >> yeah. >> jimmy: as an excuse. in fact, in the movie -- i don't want to ruin any of the movie.
12:06 am
and you are a good superman. >> thank you. >> jimmy: are you shooting the justice league movies now? >> we br to start, yes. >> jimmy: you're about to start the justice league movie. and that's where everybody gets together? >> pretty much, yeah. >> jimmy: superman has to be the leader of that group, is he? >> there's a -- pretty much an argument between him and batman. >> jimmy: they're always fighting, these two, can't let long. >> jimmy: i think there's sexual tension between the two two of them. >> yes, ben's a beautiful man. >> jimmy: ben is a beautiful man. >> whoo! >> jimmy: wow, that would be the greatest porno ever. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] maybe have a little drink. when was your first time in los angeles? >> first time in l.a. was for the premiere of "the count of monte cristo." >> jimmy: how old were you at that time? >> i was 18. 17, 18. >> jimmy: oh, wow. so you flew out here. you came by yourself?
12:07 am
friends of mine. if i remember correctly, it was about a week before the premiere. my mom turned to me and said, oh, so when's the premiere? i said, i don't know, haven't heard. the studio said, oh, next week. hold on a second, next week? who are we supposed to get there? they said, it's not in your contract to get tickets. so -- yeah. we're like, oh. we argued and then we got tickets. flew myself out there with trends. >> jimmy: like this? or in the plane? >> oh, yeah, like this. still working on that one. yeah, then came out to l.a. >> jimmy: did you -- what did you think of it when you got here? >> the thing which got me the most was that the drinking age is different. >> jimmy: yes. >> i mean, i was 18. in uk you can drink at 18. >> jimmy: what is the drinking age? >> 18 years old. >> jimmy: i didn't know if it was 17 -- >> are you listening to anything i say? [ laughter ]
12:08 am
hearing. i didn't know if it was younger than that or whatever. >> it's 18, yes. >> jimmy: and so -- yeah, you couldn't -- all of a sudden >> yeah. it felt very odd. walking into a bar and getting like yeah. he's like, you can't come in. >> jimmy: that's why a lot of english stars turn to drugs when they come to our country. >> yes, that's exactly why. do? you can't wet get a beer. >> can't drink? i'll go to the hotel and do a bunch of coke. >> jimmy: we are going to take a break. we'll see a clip from "batman vs. superman." henry cavill is here with us! [ cheers and applause ] st and values to warp. mr. tyler, your skittles portrait. that is e to the z oh twiddly dee-sgusting! you haven't heard me sing diddly-ding yet. dream on! higher. dream on! i think a little higher!
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next time they shine your light in the sky? don't go to it. the bat is dead.
12:15 am
consider this mercy. >> you will. >> jimmy: that's henry cavill and ben affleck, "batman v. superman." it opens one week from tomorrow. did you and penn know each other before this movie? >> we met once. >> jimmy: met once in an official meeting? >> not actual -- a night before party at the oscars one year. which i wasn't going to but they make you go to the parties anyway. >> jimmy: at that time you knew he would be playing batman opposite you? >> i did not. >> jimmy: no? >> just met him, nice guy, normal, down to effort guy. >> jimmy: did you have any of that kind of actor thing where you can't talk to each other on the set because you're supposed to dislike each other? >> no, i just didn't like him. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it was genuine? >> just genuine dislike. yeah, that happens. >> jimmy: does it happen? >> then you become lovers and make videos. >> jimmy: it's like sam and diane in a way. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so -- okay, this is
12:16 am
a lot of people are drunk right now. watching television. and the show is on in bars. you can't really hear what's going on in the bar. >> right. >> jimmy: so if you would double me, what i would like you to do is punch me in slow motion. i'm going to go flying back that way. does it have to be in slow motion? >> jimmy: yes, it has to be in slow motion. >> okay. >> jimmy: please do not actually hit me. punch me in slow motion. i'm going to slide backwards. and then maybe guillermo, you come over and you punch henry. to punish him because you're my security man. >> guillermo: okay. >> jimmy: okay? >> guillermo: whatever you may. >> jimmy: then that way, we'll play it back in fast motion and it will look like you punched me and we'll hopefully freak everybody out. >> okay. >> jimmy: all right? so you go ahead and maybe we'll look like we got in an argument, i'll be pointing at you like this.
12:17 am
and this and this and this. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: okay, good, all right. now let's play it back and see how it looks. we'll play it at super speed. that was very good, guillermo. >> guillermo: thanks, jimmy. you too. >> jimmy: look, our whole thing is smashed. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "batman v. superman: dawn of justice" one week from tomorrow. henry cavill, everybody. be right back with gabourey! to those who don't run from
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>> jimmy: hi, there.
12:23 am
flogging molly. our next guest earned an oscar nomination for her very first movie role and now stars on one of the most popular shows on tv. " empire" returns to fox on march 30th. please say hello to gabourey sidibe. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm good, hi. >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: i haven't seen you in a long time. >> i've been busy. >> jimmy: was the last time i saw you at my wedding? >> when i married you? >> jimmy: yes, yes, yes. >> yes. >> jimmy: this is something that we haven't discussed publicly. >> it's time. >> jimmy: maybe it's a better story for you to tell. this is something i had no idea what was going on. i do want to say, this is going to sound crazy, but i -- i was
12:24 am
did a thing where we had a character named black hitler. >> oh. >> jimmy: on the show. yeah. >> my favorite role to date. >> jimmy: that's how everyone reacted. >> hitler. >> jimmy: we asked all these famous actors to play black hitler and everyone was too scared. they were like, that's funny but i'm not playing black hitler. then i thought, does black hill letter have to be a man? we asked you and you said? >> i said yeah. the thing is i'm really brave. and i just am like the best person ever. >> jimmy: you really are. >> and you're welcome. >> jimmy: thank you, because -- >> i thought it was really funny. who said no? >> jimmy: everyone said no. imagine every black man in hollywood, and he said no. >> dang. denzel? >> jimmy: we didn't both tore ask denzel. >> that was probably right, yeah. >> jimmy: maybe he would have said yes, i don't know. i still think we made the right choice.
12:25 am
became friendly and exchanged e-mails from time to time. >> we're friends. >> jimmy: and you and my wife -- tell the story. >> okay, so i get a call from jimmy's then-fiancee molly. she's like, this is super secret, don't tell anyone, we're getting married here, we're getting married there, at this time, and i think it would be funny if you walked down the aisle before me. and i made him promise and swear no pranks, no pranks, no pranks so he's not going to expect this. and i want everyone to relax. and i heard that you were afraid that you were going to cry at your own wedding? >> jimmy: yeah, i was. >> what kind of psychopath are you that you are afraid to have an emotion? at your wedding? >> jimmy: it is embarrassing to me. i find it embarrassing. >> okay. >> jimmy: yes. i respect that. you know. >> jimmy: the idea is "here comes the bride" would play, instead of molly you would show up. >> in a full wedding gown. >> jimmy: which i happen to have a picture.
12:26 am
there is gabby at my wedding. [ cheers and applause ] >> i am a beautiful bride, somebody really should marry me, right? >> jimmy: i already did. already you're cheating on me, this is embarrassing. >> it's an open relationship. >> jimmy: so this was a secret. like nobody in molly's family knew. >> no one knew. so like i get there. and like i have a friend come with me. she has no idea what we're doing either. and they get me in the wedding dress, it's right before the wedding, put me in an suv, sneak up to -- molly and her family were in a bun de low right outside. >> jimmy: changing in a >> so i get there. i get out of the car. i'm knocking on the window of the door. because it's locked. her family's like, go around! get out of here! like they don't even know. they don't know. they think i'm just some jerk at the wrong door. >> jimmy: could i add a detail maybe you don't know?
12:27 am
to molly and he says, it's going to be okay. but apparently they double-booked the wedding. and there's another bride here. we're going to make it work. and molly said, no, no, that's just -- that's beautiful. i was banging on the window trying to get her attention. her, her! so finally i get let in and i have to go down the aisle and nobody really understands what's happening. and the aisle is like a u-shaped aisle or something. >> jimmy: i have a photograph of this. the music starts to play. >> here i come. >> jimmy: here comes gabourey. none of our guests knew you were doing this. they're like, this is gabourey sidibe? >> you should like -- their faces going from panic to like -- i thought someone was going to jump me. i was so afraid. somebody was going to tackle me. not molly's day! but like i made it. they would go from panic to
12:28 am
this is hilarious. >> jimmy: so then you got up to the front. you said a few words. and i was crying but i was crying from laughing so good. >> which is good, you had an emotion, you lived. >> jimmy: i finally had an emotion. and it really was a spectacular moment. i have to say thank you for doing that. then you were really like definitely -- you were if not the mvp, right up there, mvp dancing-wise. you had everybody going the whole night. >> like they were playing the jams and stuff. i like a party. >> jimmy: did you have fun at the wedding? >> i did, i got to see your really goofy cool it now dance. >> jimmy: that's a secret, that's a secret that i keep. >> is it? it's no secret between us, we're married. >> jimmy: not anymore, yeah. >> baby, it's me. >> jimmy: yeah, that is a dance -- i made up a dance to now." everybody does it at all of our family functions. >> it's hilarious.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: it goes like this -- stop you're going to lose control >> i know the dance. they played it three times at your wedding over and over again. >> jimmy: it's very long, it just seems like they played it three times in a row. thank you so much for doing that. by the way, congratulations on "empire." it's not just a hit, it's like a cultural phenomenon now. >> apparently, they tell me so, yeah. >> jimmy: do you have a sense of that? do people talk about it all the time? >> all day long. all day long. and it's like a really fun show to be on. so it's cool. but like people -- we did not know it would be as big as it is. >> nobody knew anything would be as big as it is. >> apparently people name their babies cookie now. that's a thing. >> jimmy: i know a guy, he's almost 60 years old. he has a whole bunch of cookie jars in his apartment. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: a whole collection of them. in fact, i even drew a picture
12:30 am
break. he's the new cookie monster. yeah, yeah. well, you'll get to know all of my family and friends, good, good. >> jimmy: as our relationship continues. well, it's great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: began more ray sidibe. " empire" returns march 30th at 9pm to fox. be right become with flogging molly! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. what does fresh epcot mean? maybe it's sampling seasonal dishes... ...enjoying hand-picked music or seeing locally grown topiaries. whatever you pick here, the epcot international flower and
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i want to thank henry cavill, gabby sidibe, dj khaled, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, here with the song " the hand of john l. sullivan" flogging molly. [ cheers and applause ] i am the man with the plan to shake the hand of john l. sullivan a fighter ' til the end legend he will be and if any man should ask if any man could carry i'm the man with the plan to shake the hand
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this is "nightline." >> tonight, why this video of hulk hogan rided a wrecking ball, doing his measures immedication, was played in a court of law today. the sensational case of the wrestler versus gawker. will he win his $100 million lawsuit against the website for posting his sex tape? plus welcome to mariah's world. why the diva has just announced she's invite ing cameras on her upcoming tour. what makes her show different from celebrity reality shows of years past. and stiletto self-defense. the woman who teaches stars like


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