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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> i'm ashley glass. it is 4:00. we're following breaking news on the now tampa bay. at least 30 people dead, more than 230 injured after two attacks in belgium. it's happening in the capital, brussels, during rush hour at the metro station and the airport. this gives you a good idea as it zooms in. isis is claiming responsibility. and countries are on alert. karen kafa has the latest developments. >> reporter: in belgium, the worst fears realized. >> we were fearing terrorist attacks and now that happened.
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the subway station and the airport. >> there was an explosion. one. >> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility. it started with two explosions in the departures hall of the airport. outside of check points at around 8:00 brussels time. about an hour later, an explosion at the subway station, close to a number of european union offices. both attacks at peak morning hours. >> it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> reporter: belgium's federal prosecutor says the two men in black seen here were responsible for a suicide attack at the airport. officials are looking for the man in white as a suspect. the terror just four days after the arrest of abdeslam, the last suspect sought in the paris attacks. while noting it is early, belgium security sources say they assume that the network that carried out the brussels
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carried out the attacks in paris. president obama addressed the situation while in havana. >> we will do whatever is next to support our friend and ally belgium and bring to justice those responsible. >> reporter: here in the u.s. no threatens but height especially -- heightened security at airports and train stations. people from brussels living here in florida are facing terrifying circumstances. some are desperately trying to contact loved ones overseas to make sure they're safe. one man from orlando had to put his parents back on a plane to belgium today. lauren rozyla has his story. lauren. >> reporter: ashley, this is where collin had to say good- bye to his parents. imagine having to say good-bye as a huge police presence is at
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he lives in orlando. they were visiting him on vacation from belgium. he says the people who he talked to in belgium today are scared and devastated. >> very sad. i think everybody is very sad. if you talk to people there, if you see people, even on facebook, all my friends, everybody is very sad. couldn't believe it. >> reporter: and there were so many more law enforcement officers out here today. and we did see a flight arrive from brussels. so police and law enforcement immediately arrived on the tarmac. that plane never even made it to the gate, immediately searching the plane. back out here live, we have people who are still coming through from that belgium flight. they have been waiting in some cases more than three hours to be able to get their bags. we talked with some of them today and they say many of them had absolutely no idea what had even happened until after they arrived. and we were talking with some of the family members that were
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so still a lot of questions ashley. you. the man's parents were planning the attack happened. they boarded the flight but the airport was closed. how are they getting home? >> reporter: yeah. interesting. we were asking the same thing. apparently his parents had been rerouted to another airport about an hour and a half outside of brussels. so we were saying, hey, are you scared to go home after all of this? and they say no. they are not scared. and they don't want terrorists to win. ashley. >> thank you, lauren. right now we are hearing from usf president whose two staff members are currently in brussels as part of the global engagement office. she says usf sarasota manatee regional chancellor stone and
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engagement mallkick are both safe. they are not harmed. they are trying to get them home safely. right now major league baseball is holding its first game in cuba in nearly 30 years. you see them during the moment of silence for the victims in brussels. laura harris is in cuba where in light of the attacks, security is top of mind. >> reporter: it has been experience since we got to the ballpark this morning. we were able to get through security. but other people had to go through an x-ray machine. their bags were put through an x-ray machine. they were patted down and allowed to come in here. this stadium holds 55,000 people. you can imagine they're trying to make sure that everything is safe. we talked to the commissioner of baseball today. he told us, listen, all of the security we had in place was for the president to be here and be safe. they didn't add anything. they hope that will be sufficient.
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we actually spoke with a woman who lives in cuba. she has family in america. she says even though the attacks in brussels happened, she does not want to live her life scared or her family to live scared. she says what president obama and what cuban president castro is doing right now is something that hopefully will restore peace between these two countries and others will start to notice. >> i like this like everyone in this world. but i face the struggles. and of course i'm against the war. i'm against all of the troubles. why not? why suffer. >> reporter: right after the game, the tampa bay rays are headed right to the airport. we haven't heard of any delays at the havana airport to get people in and out. laura harris, back to you. >> laura, thank you. right now air force one preparing to leave havana, cuba
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country. you're looking at video from moments ago as the first lady and the president prepare to board the plane. president obama becoming the first u.s. president in nearly 90 years to step foot on cuban soil. you also heard him speak briefly about the attack in brussels on his last day in cuba. he also spoke positively with cubans about the embar go. >> it's a burden on the american that's want to invest or do business here in cuba. it's time to lift the embargo. >> the president called out the cuban president who was in the audience saying that i believe citizens should be free to speak their minds without fear. after the speech, president obama met with a group of cubans. he says they have showed
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castro denies knowing about political prisoners. i want to go to shay ryan. we're nearing the game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. how is the weather? >> it's been fabulous. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s throughout the game. that's where they will remain as they finish it off. a few clouds out there. winds out of the east/northeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour. that would be the biggest issue, the breezier conditions. but rain is unlikely. i have been watching showers develop to the southeast of havana but nothing in the immediate area that would cause any problems. check abysm it is in our neck of the woods. what a beautiful day to be hanging out at the beach. you can see a lot of spring breakers in town and enjoying the beach hours. and i'll show you better beach hours in the days ahead coming up in a little bit. let's take a look at tonight though. we are looking at gorgeous barbecue weather. temperatures around 5:00 at 72. and then as we get a little
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the temperature. if you're planning to hang out in the backyard, barbecuing, no rain in sight for tonight. and the temperatures are going overnight tonight. i'll show you just how much warmer they will be when you wake up tomorrow morning coming up in a bit. >> thank you, shay. next on the now tampa bay, one couple's disaster over a wedding ring. >> this ring means a lot to me. i want it back on my hand. >> i kept repeating over and the stone. >> a couple makes a call for action to our jackie callaway after a national jeweler can't find a diamond for their special piece. you will find out why. multiple explosions killed at least 30 people in brussels. we still have a lot more to cover, including what the presidential candidates are saying and what they're doing after this tragedy.
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>> they're saying the #prayforbelgium today. isis has claimed responsibility. and a lot of the posts have this image attached as well, showing the colors of the flag. this is in support and solidarity for belgium and the victims and their families. president obama had this to say today, saying we will do
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support belgium and bring the people behind the attacks to justice. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against terrorism. >> the attacks bring fear of terrorism to the top of mind for people. this may sway voters. i spoke a lot of time talking to month our political analyst, susan mcmanis. she says fear is a big drive of voter behavior. this is the time when we need, we want to hear how a candidate would deal with this if they were president. here is the latest that we're hearing from the candidates today. donald trump tweeting do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was? not anymore.
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he would close up our borders. ted cruz posted on his facebook page, quote, we need to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods in the u.s. before they become radicalizes. democrats also responding. hillary clinton saying we could be strong and smart without advocating torture or bigotry. and meanwhile people are voting are in three states right now. we want to show you the lines in phoenix right now. democrats and republicans voting in arizona and utah. this is happening today. just the democrats are voting in idaho today. here are the big things to really watch out for. ted cruz will be trying to stop donald trump's lead in utah. if you get half of the vote there, you get all of the delegates. bernie sanders is looking to beat hillary clinton in utah and idaho. at the same time here a new
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hillary clinton continue to be the top choices. 47% of republicans say they would most like to see trump win the party's nomination. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is favored over sanders 51% to 44%. also right now the controversial former mayor of toronto has lost his battle with cancer. rob ford died today at the age of 46. ford was the extremely popular mayor of toronto from 2010 through 2014. you will remember here he came under international scrutiny when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. that was followed by an incident where he was caught on camera drunk and involved in a number of public scuffles and comments. he had to suspend his re- election campaign we had was diagnosed with bladder cancer after entering rehab. his family did release a statement today saying he was a dedicated man of the people who spent his life serving the
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when a couple married 40 years ago were tight. but when things were looking up, upgraded the diamond band. it came with a warranty but the couple had to turn to jackie callaway after waiting months for the jeweler to live up to the end of the deal here. >> this was unexpected on their part. people typically buy the warranties because they cover things like missing stones. in this case, the couple waited for four months for the jeweler to repair and return their actual piece of jewelry. what surprised us, the reason the company gave for the delay. >> that was the christmas. >> reporter: a dozen years ago, gary surprised his wife cheri with a diamond wedding band. >> we have our hands like we did when we were first married. >> the flawless ring, up upgrade from what the young
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>> driving home, i happened to look down on the steering wheel and noticed that the stone was missing on the last -- the last stone was missing on the ring. >> reporter: gary left the ring alternate jared's on october 22nd. >> i called and said where is the ring. i was told they're working on it. >> reporter: february marked four months. gary and cheri grew frustrated. >> what did they say when you asked where is my ring? >> they kept repeating over and over they couldn't find that stone. >> reporter: that stone was a flawless fifth of a karat. >> this ring means a lot to me. i want it back on my hand. >> reporter: i contacted the headquarters. >> i started getting calls from the headquarters. >> reporter: it took a couple weeks but they finally found a flawless stone to fit the ring. >> they finally got it right. i'm so happy.
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>> we're thrilled to have been able to help out. jared won't go into detail about what caused the delay but they take guest concerns very seriously. if you have a consumer issue, whether it has to do with i'll respond. great story. and great weather today as well, shay. a little cold this morning, but it turned into gorgeous comfortable day out there. >> right. we're finally kicking into the warm-up. after that chilly start to the day, it certainly was welcome, i think, for most of us. camera. look how gorgeous the beach looks right now. the moment. wind speeds have been anywhere from calm to about 10 miles per hour. closer to the coastline. so tampa, 70 degrees right now. clearwater at 73. st. pete at 72.
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and the winds are starting to shift a little bit. we're still primarily going to have a northern flow tonight. you can notice a difference in the temperatures tomorrow morning when you wake up to 57 degrees instead of the mid to upper 40s like we saw this morning. spring hill at 52 tomorrow. lakeland at 55. a cool but comfortably cool night tonight. then we will see the winds starting to shift. and boy things start to change over the next couple of days. so our next frontal system approaches on friday. and the rain is going to linger for days. this is where it's at right now, just setting up across the rockies. it's going to work our way in our direction over the next few days and eventually bringing our temperatures up. our temperatures go up ahead of it but it also brings our rain chances up. that will continue right into easter sunday unfortunately. so we will have rain chances off and on for several days. it doesn't look like any of the days will be a complete washout at this point.
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touch and go through the easter weekend. but temperatures remain on the mild side. we start around 70 and end the day around 82. it's not just the heat and the rain chances going up. it's also the humidity. i will tell you more about this and where we may see some of the nasty hair days just ahead. ashley. >> thank you, shay. next, the president's trip to cuba is inspiring others to visit. how you can get around the band to get there -- ban to get there.
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>> carnival getting approval from cuba to begin cultural exchange trips beginning in may. carnival is the world's largest cruise line.
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eight hours ago involved with a cultural experience. travel restrictions still exist for cuba. it's not as simple as booking a trip. three and a half million americans have gone there since restrictions have relaxed. president obama's trip to cuba is encouraging people to go there. 60% of americans are interested in booking a trip to cuba. what would it take to make the trip. trips as authorrist are technically banned. only congress can change that. but the obama administration is getting around the rule by saying that you can go to cuba for educational reasons on your own without going with a tour. you will have to explain why you're going and keep detailed record below zero what you did in cuba in case the government asks to see them. more than 160,000 people visited cuba from the u.s. last year according to cuba's government.
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this year because travel will be much easier soon. more than 100 commercial flights a day are expected to start between the u.s. and cuba later this year. right now you can only take a charter flight to get there. a lockdown and raids leading up to this attack in belgium. we asked a terrorism expert why this and why now. before we go, we want to let you know that governor rick scott in florida has ordered flags at half-staff here. we're looking at this image on social media after the attacks in brussels. eu flags also flying half- staff. this is from the abc twitter feed. we will be back with much more
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>> we are tracking breaking updates on the brussels terror attacks. police are searching informer this man who they believe is responsible. the full surveillance picture that shows all the suspects, you're looking at it here, police believe the two on the left committed the attacks. belgium's prosecutor says it's too early to link the attacks to the paris attacks. at least 30 people are dead in brussels. more than 200 hurt. three americans are seriously hurt. the prosecutor also says raids are happening across the country right now. and we are learning so far police have found chemical products, a new explosive device with nails, and an isis flag. the now's anne mcnamara is taking a look at the raids leading up to today's attacks. she asked a terrorism expert
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may come as a surprise to many. but the intelligence community has feared impending abeing at thats in belgium since it was linked to the killings in paris back in november. >> even though isis has been pushed back, i think that's the time when it becomes even more dangerous. because they want to signal to all of their supporters around the world that they're alive and well. >> reporter: a former u.s. apastor to more countries. it is not clear if friday's arrest of this suspect in the paris attacks sparked today's violence. >> usually the attacks are ones that have a considerable amount of planning, casing of the -- of the places where they're going to -- where they're going to hit. so i suspect that this has been going on long before the recent arrest of the last known paris attacker. >> reporter: belgium police have been following terror cells there for months. right after paris, brussels was
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days later, police raided a small town south of the city looking for accomplices. on new year's eve there were no fireworks because of a terror alert. the 100,000 people who usually fill these streets stayed home. >> well, to understand brussels is to understand that is not just the capital of the kingdom of belgium but the capital of europe. it really is an international city. >> reporter: and clearly a target for terrorism. for the now, i'm anne mcnamara. >> and so far police in belgium and france have arrested nearly 30 people that they believe were involved in the paris attacks that killed 130 people. we want to take a brief break from the attacks on belgium and check in with our meteorologist shay ryan on the local forecast. gorgeous day but changes are coming. >> yeah. bad hair days coming. and not comfortable as today. things outside right now are beautiful.
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you can see here and now we're looking at the river gate tampa camera. we are nice and dry. if you have to run out to the grocery store or have errands or things to do tonight, you don't have to worry about the weather getting in your way. it will be gorgeous and comfortably cool overnight with the low of 57 in tampa. temperatures similar from north to southeast across tampa bay and the suburbs. most of florida looking good with the winds shifting to the east and the southeast. the dew points is a maze measure of -- measure of moisture. today they are very low. what happens over the next 24 hours or so. our dew points come up into the 50s. still reasonable for tomorrow. but by thursday, as they get into the 60s and we're talking upper 60s, that's where it's going to start feeling a bit more summer like with highs near 80. so, yeah, there are changes to come as far as the comfort factor goes.
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i will have that coming up in the 4-day forecast at 4:00. >> thank you, shay. we want to take you live to hillary clinton's campaign talking about jobs and the labor force. later today, she is heading to seattle to talk at a high school there. people are voting as we told you in this -- people are voting today in arizona, utah and idaho. clinton is focusing at this rally on jobs and the labor force. she has been very responsive on twitter today about the belgium attacks saying the terrorists seem to undermine the democratic values. they will never succeed. clinton is favored over sanders for the nomination 51% to 44%. well, here is a question. would you rather spend a night in jail or do your taxes? apparently a lot of people would choose jail time. can you believe that? coming up, more bizarre or annoying things that people would rather do than file taxes. some people are showing
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for brussels. you may have seen this all over social media throughout the day. our partners at newsy show us another cartoon showing solidarity with brussels. >> reporter: 1010 is weeping for brussels. following the terror attacks, the belgium cartoon was widely shared on social media. 1010's official twitter account what weighed in. in belgium, 1010 is a national icon. brussels is his hometown. one of the more widely shared images was this one from an artist showing him comforting his side kick with the caption me too captain, i sometimes think about moving to the moon. there e was another unlikely
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>> you have less than a month to get your tacks filed. you would be surprised to hear the lengths that people say they would go to stop paying taxes. 30% of us would get an irs tattoo. what? 16 people would move to a different country. toilets. that cracks me up. this is from wallet hub. and we would rather do a lot of things over preparing our taxes. number one, laundry. half of us would rather cook thanksgiving dinner four our in- laws. 13% say they would rather spend the night in jail. our biggest tax day fear, math mistakes. people are more afraid of that than identity theft.
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opinions on the irs, it might surprise you that 86% say that the agency is necessary but needs a lot of work. as you have been compiling your tax documents and getting ready for the tax deadline, do you paperwork. head to the free shredding event next week. this is a free event. donations to the crisis center of tampa bay greatly appreciated. we are following the latest developments out of brussels international airport. >> reporter: that's right. coming up, we will tell you about extra security here at tia. and what you need to know if you're planning on catching a flight from here. and before we go, look at this. this is a powerful image right here. the eiffel tower lit up in the colors of the belgium flag
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much more on the tragedy.
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>> we are not missing a beat covering the terror attacks in brussels. just coming in, president obama has ordered flags at half-staff
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until march 26th, to honor the victims. look at this image. like many senior fas -- many surfacing on twitter. this is of the memorial. again, to honor the victims of the deadly attacks. we are learning two, possibly even three devices have been found at raids. this is happening in more than one location at brussels. earlier reports said that officials found an iud in a brussels neighborhood. not clear where they found the latest explosives. we want to show you the scene of the subway station that was attacked. people filing in and out of the station. people being helped by paramedics and firefighters. a chaotic scene. brussels is known as the capital of europe. it's the center for international government and business.
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headquarters of nate owe and other important european institutions, including the european parliament. brussel hassa mobile and international population. more than 60% of the population in brussels weren't born there. according to a recent report from the international organization for migration, that is second only to dubai. they're are also a growing number of muslims in brussels. muslims make up about 6% of the total population in belgium. brussels is believed to be the most islamic city in europe. as you might imagine, security is increased at airport and other places here in the u.s. this afternoon. police officers at the dallas- fort worth airport are heavily armed, some carrying semi automatic weapons. today the airlines dispelling rumors that one of the explosives in brussels happened near the check-in counter. there are similar scenes across the country right now.
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you're looking at here. in new york city, they have increased security at all mass transit systems, bridges and tunnels. the mayor of new york said terrorists try to use death as their tool. their aim is to spread death and we answer them with life. >> we refuse to be afraid. we refuse to change who we are. we are going to respond to their efforts to create chaos by showing them order, by showing our society functioning, our city functioning. >> and he also said there's no known credible threat of terror itch right now. increased security out of an abundance of caution. the department of homeland security is monitoring brussels and says there is no significance of significant threats against the u.s. we contacted our local fbi office in tampa. they are closely monitoring the situation in brussels and they remain in contact with their counter parts there. the now's anything ole grigg is
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airport where security is heightened there. nicole. >> reporter: ashley, that is correct. like you just mentioned, it was a ticket counter like this where the explosion happened. now, we can tell you that officials here at tia, there are extra security on each level here. right now we haven't seen much activity right this second. but we have seen police dogs and extra agents all over. right now, at tampa international airport, you will see more officers than usual, extra police dogs and tsa walking all over. >> it's a scary feeling. >> reporter: tamara myers is going back home to pittsburgh. she sees that extra security. >> we just in fact just thanked a police officer for his service. i saw him just -- he was checking in some merchandise in the stores. >> reporter: all flights to brussels has been suspended across the country and here at tia a united airlines flight
4:49 pm
connecting flight in new jersey before taking off to belgium. >> it's a somber feeling just knowing that this is going on around the world. >> we ask the passengers to look for any suspicious packages. they should report that to somebody who works at the airport right away. >> reporter: no extra law enforcement agencies have been asked to help with security here. i'm told that the airport is in constant contact with federal authorities and will add more security if needed soon. and ashley, keeping an extra eye out for bags left alone like this, just anywhere. this is nothing new. it's been going on since 9/11. this is just a way that you can help officials just being extra vigilant if you're coming to the airport any time soon. for now we're reporting live for the now. i'm nicole grigg. as people are worried about their friends or family in brussels, facebook has
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you can make sure that your loved ones are safe. we first reported about this back in april after a deadly earthquake in nepal. go to my facebook page. i have the link posted right here. you will immediately be alerted. here is what i got. none of your friends appear to be in the affected area. you can mark them safe if you know they're okay. this is a simple, easy way to check on your friends or your family in or even near brussels. and today easterror attack is a frightening reminder about the world we live in. hard to believe that 15 years ago america forever changed after planes crashed into the world trade center and the pentagon. >> since 9/11 the attacks have focused on targets in europe. today the most large scale attack was the paris attacks
4:51 pm
active right now with another suspect arrested just this past friday. 130 people were killed in paris. nearly 400 injured and much like today it involved a series of attacks essentially the same time, targeting cafes, restaurants and a concert hall. all victims at random. people merely living their lives on a friday night. paris just ten months before endured the collarly hebdo shooting -- charlie hebdo shootings. you will also recall last year a train attack stopped by three americans, a brit and a french man who worked together to stop the suspect on the train headed towards paris. unfortunately this train bombing in madrid, spain, killed nearly 200 people back in march of 2004. a year later, more than 50 people died in london, when
4:52 pm
trains and a bus. we have tracked at least six significant terrorist attacks tied to isis or al-qaeda in europe in the past three years alone. compared to three attacks in the ten years following 9/11. reporting for the now, i'm andy choi. >> in addition to attacks in europe, there are attacks in the middle east and other parts of the world. i want to get a quick check with meteorologist shay ryan. a little chilly this morning. we have been talking about it. but the warm-up has already started. how warm are we going to get. >> we're going to start seeing the 80s over the next couple of days. the warmth is definitely starting to build in. lots of sunshine out there right now. check this out. what a beautiful beach day. even with temperatures topping out in the low 70s. the beaches are looking pretty crowded. the main sail beach in, that's the most folks i have seen out there for a while. of course spring break is in full force right now. not only our area but across the country. it makes sense that we would
4:53 pm
beaches. i will get to the beach forecast in a minute. tomorrow we're looking at a high of 806789 here is where the changes kick in. we're predominantly with the northern flow. this is futurecast. not showing rain. a little more cloud cover builds over the east part of the state over the next 24 hours. the big change is when the winds shift southeasterly. we will see the humidity build in. we remain on the dry side. but the warmer, more humid air kicks in tomorrow. then on thursday, slight chances for rain. i emphasize the slight. because if you're thinking tomorrow, thursday, i would love to go to the beach, it's looking great for it. we're going to still make it to a high on thursday of 81 degrees. it's an afternoon rain chance. so you will have a lot of good dry hours to head out to the beaches tomorrow and thursday. and then the changes really start to kick into gear on friday. that's where the frontal system starts to approach and really brings our rain chances a bit higher.
4:54 pm
frontal system just stalls on top of the state. it will kind of linger back and forth north and south across the state into the weekend. that's where the rain chances just continue and the cloud cover sticks around. that's when the beach forecast starts to get a little murky as we head from friday into the weekend. the temperatures remain in the low 80s all the way through to saturday. i will have the 7-day forecast coming up at 5:00. i'm in for denis tonight. back to you. >> thank you, ashley. two people recovering after colliding midair while skydiving. this happened in zephyrhills today. luckily both divers were able to deploy their chutes after crashing into each other. one landing four miles away from the planned drop zone. he is in stable condition but in the hospital. the other man was in critical condition at last check. right now nasa is getting ready to test a new experiment, setting an aircraft on fire in space.
4:55 pm
tonight they plan to launch the space craft. it will refuel the international space station. when it's done, instead of moving back to earth, they will move it as far away from the iss and ignite it. this is part of an expirement on large scale fires in a 0 gravity environment. a wanted fugitive suspected of smuggling drugs. this is what security found when they picked her up at lax. 66 pounds of suspected cocaine. they say the flight attendant ran away before they could search her bag. she hasn't been identified. we don't know what airline she worked for. the union for lax police officers are calling for all employees to be screened calling the airport the top west coast target and it could stop a lone wolf attack. there will be no showdown in federal court between apple and the fbi.
4:56 pm
the judge to delay the hearing because it may have found a way to unlock the iphone before -- belonging, excuse me, to one of the san bernardino shooters. investigators have been pushing apple to unlock the phone, saying it may have information about the attack or other possible plots. but apple refused saying this could compromise the security of millions of iphones. for now the court case has been continued. we will keep you posted on this one. a new monthly event kicks off this friday. fourth friday will celebrate tampa's art and social scene. this is what you have heard of, what they do in saint pete for first friday. but tampa's event focuses on the art scene. a lot of live music. museums offer free admission and tours. and bars and restaurants along the river walk host extended happy hours. in true tampa style, you can hop on a pirate water taxi to get between venues. there is an all-out effort underway to fight cancer that is years in the making.
4:57 pm
take a generation. if it works, it could be the key to treatment and prevention. the now's tanya rogers found this long-term research involved thousands of people across the country. >> reporter: dr. michael casper, radiation oncologist, knows the importance of eating well and exercising. >> i notice that i have more energy and i'm not as sluggish when i'm not having that cookie after lunch or having that extra piece of cake. >> reporter: dr. casper is used to checking up on patients. but now a national study is checking up on him. >> cps3 is now examining environmental fact fors, genetic factors and lifestyle factors so we will know about supplements, for instance, and we will know about obesity and the effects on cancer. >> reporter: the american cancer society is the doing the research. following 300,000 participants for the next 20 to 30 years.
4:58 pm
participants ages 30 to 65 from all walks of life who don't have cancer. the study wants to know what they're eating, ifor exercising and their living environment. >> does diet make a difference if you change your diet at a different point in your life? maybe you haven't always eaten healthy but you do now. maybe you haven't always exercised but you're starting to now. maybe you didn't protect your skin when you were younger but you wear sunscreen now. >> reporter: researchers are hoping that it will yield answers in the cause and prevention of cancer. >> i'm a volunteer with the american cancer society. volunteers are doing this because we want to help. we have lost family members. >> we have decreased the death rate of cancer by about 20%. so we are moving the ball forward and we are winning the fight. >> reporter: for the now, i'm tanya rogers. >> and one quick update. the rays versus the cuban
4:59 pm
4-0. that's it for the now tampa bay. abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. >> we can and we will defeat those that threaten the safety and see -- security around the world. >> security beefed up after coordinated explosions kill more than two dozen in belgium. president obama speaking out about the attacks today during his historic trip to cuba. escaping terror in florida. passengers from one of the last flights to leave for the brussels airport land in orlando. >> i think if you're scared, then they have won. >> and tonight we're learning those passengers departed brussels less than ten minutes before the deadly explosions. good evening.
5:00 pm
>> we will have much more from the passengers in just a moment. first, this picture shows three men authorities are now calling possible suspects in the airport bombings. >> the surveillance video taken from the airport. the two men seen on the left are believed to have blown themselves up in that attack. >> tonight raids are being carried out throughout belgium to find the third man seen right here on your screen. far. >> that's right. at least 34 people were dead. two explosions killed 14 at the airport in brussels. more than an hour later, 20 killed in a separate explosion at a subway station. four americans were hurt in the attacks. >> this dramatic video captures the chaos inside the airport. passengers actually dropping everything after the deadly explosions. >> and airport officials saying a third bomb was found and neutralized right after the bombings.


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