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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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evacuations and road dangers. we're finding flooded streets and downed trees from mass coe county to -- pasco county to pinellas county and everywhere in between. first, we want to show you where the outer bands are impacting us right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >> ivan, this storm is bumped back down even though it's hundreds of miles away but still impacting us. >> exactly. we have the feeder band. the worst of the we found a lot of times with the tropical systems, a feeder bands is what's happening this morning. that is a tropical storm now. look at the center right across southern georgia here. weather improving in tallahassee. the problem is it's lost its fuel in the ocean. the forecast takes us over to the carolinas in the next 24 to 48 hours making landfall, the
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1:30 a.m. winds down to 70. for us, look at that plume of moisture that's been causing problems for us. this is fresh water, a flooding threat, right? additional rainfall in the last 24 hours, several inches of accumulation. we have more on the way today. there you see the moisture has been streaming in, and that will continue because the band is not moving that much no of course, the other issue we've had are the winds embedded into the tropical storms. in that feeder band, we have tropical storm force winds. that's why we have the warning that is still up. wind gusts in the last hours, and the farther inland you go, 20s and 30s. once you get into the
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throughout the morning, we'll have on and off rain coming in. everything continues moving over the same area. what heim hoping is this band shifts to the south. if it doesn't, we'll add several inches oac throughout theayhave to watch t band closely to see where it decides to go. it's difficult to forecast where they set upr as the plume of right now. early coastal flooding has nothing to do with the rainfall there. that is just the water that is coming in from the gulf. we had it again overnight. we'll get to the live reports in a second here. gusts of 40 throughout the remainder of the day and higher along the coast m what we're talking about here. i'll tell you what, janelle, this will be an issue for morning commuters if they have to be out.
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have schools closed so a little less cars and buses on the road. if you are taking the sky way, the sunshine sky way remains closed. if was closed yesterday about noon. no word on when it will reopen. we're also watching the crash that we've been watching for a couple of hours now. we have an 18 wheeler carrying some mail. it jacked knife there. looks like we might have two also fear of fuel leaking there that up. e to work to clear i would avoid 279 southbound. we do have some flooded areas. reports stl closed between bay to bay and platt. we have a closure dell mabry and san miguel. also closures in the st. pete area. a couple othem around gulf boulevard. i have a complete list on twitter at tampa bay traffic so
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dan? janelle, worse than hurricane hermine landing in the bay area. >> michael paluska is in tallahassee north of where the storm made landfall. what kind of damage are you seeing out there? from driving through the streets. there are a lot of trees found and structure trees down. down. it was terrifying throughout the night knowing that when the power went out and we were standing in the street even though we were protected by awe wall, we had no idea what was coming our way. the mayor of tallahassee just tweeted that the first responders have been released. they were in hey holding pattern -- they were this a holding pattern because it was too dangerous for them to be out. we've seen law enforcement getting an assessment of what
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are huge limbs in the middle of the road. 06% of tool la -- 60% of taahassee is under water. we know there was a strong storm surge. we're not sure prolific the damage was in st. mark. in 2005, it damaged a significant portion of that amazing historical town. the eye of the storm as has been mentioning made landfall about 30 miles off st. mark. when the sun comes up, of course it will keep you posted as we get more information on damage and debris. michael paluska, abc action news. deputies are telling anybody who needs help to call the number that's on the screen right now, 727-847-2411. also, authorities are
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we want to head out live to marisela burgos. she has been following along with first responders. good morning, marisela. >> reporter: i am standing along carneely and aurora in pasco county. we're under an awning at somebody's house because we did see lightning so we're trying to be safe as we report what's happening to you guys. there was a rescue a couple of houses down about 30 minutes ago. we do have som humvee taking at least five people. there were some children in that humvee. they had to be rescued out of their home. aurora, at least, i can tell you. i apologize you can't see from our vantage point, but it is flooded. i'll show you how high it got up to my boots. the water is probably up to just the top part of the boot.
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people were rescued earlier this morning from the green key and hudson beach areas and at one point, rescuers were on stand by because the weather was so dangerous. they contacted the people in the areas and a dispatcher contacted them every 15 mines because at that point for emergency personnel it was too dangerous for them to go rescue those people. at least i can tell you that the ten people that needed to be rescued, wanted to be rescued, were in an okay position and that's why they were on stand by. at least here, they were able to get out here and rescue at least five people. some of which were children. reporting live, marisela
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because of the storm. >> school is closed once again today in the majority of bay area school districts. hillsborough county, pasco, pinellas, manatee and citrus counties, they are all closed. the exile is in session today in sarasota and polk county. also this morning, the city of tampa is once again offering free day care services for parents that have to go in today. you can drop your kids off from 8:00 until 6:00. leave a little extra you are opping the kids off to fill out paperwork. we're staying on top of power outages in the bay area. duke energy is still reporting thousands of people without power in the bay area. we have the southern part of pinellas county up to 12,000 people without power and peco energy reporting up to 17,500 people without power there. >> of coursewe continue to
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pasco county getting slammed here with torrential downpours. the issue is of course it's been raining all night and through the early morning hours here. so this will be an area we'll watch closely and the rest of us, too, with more rain on the way. more rain through pasco county. we'll continue to monitor the radar and have more rain in the forecast coming up. we'll talk about that and let you know where hermine is headed in a few minutes. we leave you here with these dry county. citrus county reporting a lot of floong along u.s. 19 and also known as u.s. 98 up toward crystal river. flooding had been a big problem along that road. part of the highway is closed right now.
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coverage on what is now tropical storm making landfall for ten years. this is a heavy rain associated with the feeder bands streaming moisture across the area. in particular, pasco is getting torrential downpours. it has frequent lightning and along with that, what you don't see here is the wind. we've been seeing wind gusts along 40 and 50 miles per hour. the winds are nevertheless, we'll continue with the tropical storm warning. we have reporters all overhe place. in tallahassee, it's rainfall. we'll go there live and we'll continue after the break.
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we have you hermine's outer band in the counties. >> we're hearing from officials saying a couple of people were hurt in the storm. authorities say, for the most part folks headed the warnings and stayed safe. mout of leevy county. waves and storm surge taking out this dock as hurricane hermine struck. >> it's not supposed to be moving like that. you see it bobbing and twisting there and the winds and rain
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it eventually knocked a camera over right there into the water. we watched this happen overnight in cedar key. it reported an all-time record high storm surge. i want to show you a live look at the tide levels right now. a different camera now streaming and giving us a look at the cameras. people talk about hearing popping, thinking maybe it is a transformer that blew out there. ivan, are we still seeing dangerous water conditions this morning? >> we're conditions period, throughout the midday hour. by the way, just high tides are going out and we'll get into low tide for the next few hours. tropical storm hermine, if you are just joining us here, downgraded from a hurricane to 70 mile-per-hour winds. you would expect that over land. the center circulation over georgia. in st. mark, it's a little gusty with the winds with the
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north. the feeder band is bringing us torrential downpours and very strong winds. tropical storm warnings continue for most of our county except inland, manatee and across inland areas. there will be downpours and frequent lightning. pockets of heavy rain out there. here's what i don't want to you do. there will be heavy downpours, frequent lightning and then there will be a lull. it's not over after the lull. we have from. so we'll widen out the shot so you can see what i'm talking about. rain, a break, then more rain. this is not just showers coming in. these are downpours with lightning and along with that, the potential for gusts, 40, 50 mile-per-hour gusts. we've already seen that this morning across the north. we continue, in fact, with very heavy rainfall throughout pasco here. this particular area, this county is under a flood warning. the rest of us are under a flood watch.
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rain concentrated and picked up several inches. you can see the problem continuing as a downpour at this hour. again, the stream of moisture headed in. this just keeps coming and coming. there's no end to it here. the issue is that it is not moving that band. we'll continue to see the rain falling over saturated ground and over the same areas here. that flood watch will continue throughout the day today. winds head anywhere from 25 to 35 and gusts around 50. that the coast. for the rest of us going around today and heading into a holiday weekend for a lot of kids, the five-day weekend. >> the bonus time on the weekend picking up as we go through the day today. yesterday a lot of the kids were upset because we've got the day off but there's no big rain. today we'll get the big rain.
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on this morning. it's not going to be a day that we have lunch outside but we'll continue with these bands through 8:00 and 9:00 tonight. so heavy rains, flood threats, windy conditions. early coastal flooding, which we're getting now and the gusts to 40 miles per hour higher along the coast. once again, you can see this moving off to the north. it will continue to move away from us, but it's going to leave a load of water in its wake already upwards of 10 inches in some areas of pinellas county, already seeing the gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. they will back down a little bit as we work through the day. we're still going to see that this storm tracks on up the east coast and finally gets out of our way by the weekend. so we'll see some rain, some heavy winds up into the northeast as it leaves us and leaves us today with a high of about 84 degrees. rain's heavy at times, but
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the evening hours. now for a look at your commute off to work this morning, oh, i'm sorry, we're going to go out to ashley right now who is in pinellas county, where they are dealing with some of the wet roadways and wet everything else. good morning, ashley. [no audio ] >> reporter: good morning, bill. i am in the shore acres neighborhood. you know this is a flood-prone community. so i want to show you what i am looking at right now. look here you can see someone trying to bring a bike through the heavy waters. the major problem is when people are trying to drive through this. the water is up to about 3 feet in some places, going up to people's doors. so that's what they are facing out here. if you are moving through it, which you really shouldn't be, you want to go slow. also, a lot of the power is out back here. so that's another problem people are facing. we'll continue to update you on
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the shore acres neighborhood throughout the morning both on air and on social media. for now, reporting live at shore acres, i'm ashley yore, abc action news. i finally have good news to report. the crash you've been following all morning on 275 near bush has cleared. they have moved that semi out of the way. traffic is flowing nicely on 275. you do have a tree down on northbound 275. this is in northern hillsborough county just before you get to blocking the northbound lanes. traffic is light and cars are able to get around in the shoulder there. heads-up for that. we have flooding in south tampa, of course, bristol at howard and dell mabry and bay shore closed at pratt. the sunshine sky way remain closed. you'll have to take the long way around. leave yourself a lot of extra time.
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take a look at this right now. this is a live look at citrus county. we've been seeing straight flooding there. you can see some areas is bad. looks like cars are moving through right now. if you are seeing this and you see this in the bay area as well, again, if you see any kind of water ponding on the road, turn around. you don't know how deep that water is. it's better to just turn around and not go thugh it. stay with us. we'll have more coverage of hermine and its effects all
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welcome back. here on our tropical storm hermine and as indicated through the history of the storm, we got affected well before and now we're going to be affected well after it's gone. right now over georgia, over 70 mile-per-hour winds. for us, still a tropical storm warning because major feeder bands is right on top of us. we're looking at pockets of very heavy rainfall coming down in a short amount of time and looking at the pockets here. anna marie island, not just heavy rain but frequent lightning. ed tropical storm wind gusts are coming through. right now, it does not show any signs of moving farther south.
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development towards manatee county and sarasota as well. we'll have more on the accumulations and when this finally lets us go in a few minutes. this morning, we're getting a look at the damage and power of hermine from the photos and damage you have been sharing with us. we've put together a photo gallery. this is from hernando beach. take a look at this. see that water out there? that is from the canals. this is in the big bend area. it's hard to see. lynndie snapped this photo from around 9:00 last night. ivan says the rainfall there has not been that significant. the issue is storm surge and wind. we're seeing one more picture right now. this picture right here, take a look at this. look at the roads covered in
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the pasco county sheriff's office tweeted that wind damage taken in hudson beach. we want to thank everybody showing the pictures with us. if you see flooding and storm damage, we want to see your pictures and video. you can share your feet veries with us on our action news facebook page. heading back out to tallahassee. downed trees and power lines are the biggest problem there. here's a live look at the trees blocking the roads downtown. now that the storm has passed, crews are able to get out and help remove the debris.
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our coverage continues
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tropical storm hermine. >> the storm has been downgraded and no longer a hurricane. >> remember, this never matters whether it would become a hurricane or not for us. it was always going to be the rain. yes, we did have a hurricane make landfall in florida and that has not happened in ten years. had we gotten to october, it would have been 11. still clocking uthern georgia in portions of the panhandle out of the center of the storm here. we anire nng and the winds are beginning to relax a bit there, but for us, it's this band right here. it is still on top of us here. look at this, tropical storm warnings continue from our
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i'll show you the radar as we continue with the pockets of very heavy rainfall embedded with those frequent lightning and along with that, gusts that have been 40 to 50 miles per hour. we have a flood warning in pasco county that's fallen in the last several hours. this continues if you to manatee. notice here everything moving southwest to northeast. the other thing you notice is not much southernly movement here. that will be a problem for us so long as that stream of moisture continues, and it will for the next several hours. we'll put down 2 to 5 inches through this evening if not higher amounts depending on how fast that band moves in. right now, it's not moving all that much. winds right now, look at crystal river there. it's not raining in crystal river. the big issue along the coast
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of the storm surge. that now is beginning to subside because we're getting towards lower tides through later this morning. so windy, certainly flooding potential right through the end of the day. frequent lightning and there you see i'm talking about flashes of light. we'll continue with this thunder. if you haven't woken up, you likely will. this is a mess but thankfully without the volume school buses without the problem. >> that helps a little bit. we still have wet roads out there and flooded streets. a lot of people asking about the bridges. we now have a high wind advisory for the ho frankland bridge. use caution as you cross. the sun sky way remains clos. this is what it looksik alonpinailless county. up to speed really in both
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bridge to bridge. we have flooding in areas of pinellas and downed power lines. st. pete police asking drivers to be careful about that. we have flooding out here, gulf boulevard 180th avenue to 170th avenue. of course e shore acres area. that area impassable. we've been talking about that all morning. i have a list of other closures throughout the bay area on twitter so make sure you check that out at tampa bay traffic. dan? at 6:35, this is all new video this mornin cane you had mine made landfall south of tool doctor hermine made landfall south of tallahassee. >> the worst of it was past tallahassee now. folks will get a better look at the damage after 7:00. >> michael paluska has been monitoring it all morning. joining us live in tallahassee with a look at the impact there. michael? >> reporter: indeed. you know the limbs are falling right in the middle of what would have been a busy street.
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five hours after it made landfall. we'll show you video of what i've -- of what i saw what it looked like. there were winds in this area and a few gusts over hurricane speed, over 74 miles per hour. pretty intense when it made landfall around 1:30 in the morning. that kept up for more than an hour. we're hearing reports that there were some people along the coastline that had to be rescued because of surge waters. what we're going to do is follow the reports to figure out exactly where some of the issues have been in this area. for now, we are in the middle of the street and we'll have more reports later. michael paluska, abc action news. i've team coverage turns now to pinellas county where
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two neighborhoods for safety reasons. >> and crews are working to clear downed trees in that area. we head out to ashley yore good morning, ashley. >> good morning. i want to show you what we're dealing with. take a look at how high the water is already. about 3 you can see people driving through. they are going slowly. that is the major issue with what is happening. as people are driving through, and now you see a truck driving through, that is creating waves and pushing some of that water into people's homes. right now, i'm with the assistant police chief. what are people dealing with? >> the water right now is
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some of the homes, the water is right up to the front doors. what we're doing is cutting off access to cut down on the vehicle traffic. the only vehicles you see are going to nursing homes in need of staffing or refly. people are dealing with it up to their housespch. >> reporter: just before us, a fire hydrant back there is completely covered. that's how high the water is this morning. of course we'll continue to keep you updated throughout the morning. i'm ashley yore, abc action news. >> unfortunately, they will continue with the heavy rain as the bands set up over the same
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> we're back with a tropical storm and what is still for us a big issue with torrential downpours. look at this, sarasota and palmetto getting in on the rai i want to take you farther north not raining. at times of high tide, we've had dramatic pictures coming out of crystal river where find lindsay logue. the tide is continuing to go out. i'm hoping to see continuing showers. >> we alreadare along u.s. 19. i can tell that you the damage has already been done. cars are under water and where we are, the waterfront homes, i'm told it's even worse. a live report from crystal river is coming up after the
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6:45. more coverage this morning in the after-math of hermine. >> lindsey logue is giving us a new look right now outside of businesses and cars under water. good morning, lindsay. >> reporter: deiah, dan, good g rn you from crystal river. you know the tide is starting to lower, and that's good news. when we first got here it was 2 feet deep and farther up to erour live truck is parked. now things are obviously looking much better, but the
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many businesses here are flooded. that car that was behind me a couple of minutes ago, the driver came out, revved it up and drove right out of here as if nothing had happened. that is not going to be the case for some car owners who are just about a hundred yards north of us. those cars, the water is up well over the roof. things are really bad there at that main intersection of town at 44 and u.s. 19. u.s. 19 right now still shut down at crys haven't been able to get anywhere west of u.s. 19 where i'm told it is even worse in those waterfront homes. live in crystal river, lindsay logue, abc action news. >> all right, lindsay. i'll tell you what, incredible as the storm surge has a drop of water coming from the skies. tropical storm hermine now over georgia. see that arm there? that is a feeder band set up over top of us here. so we are not done with hermine in that we'll continue to see
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of lightning and frequent lightning with a lot of the cells. st. pete, you've gotten a break. now we're back into it. don't let lulls fool you into thinking it's all done. we're going to get lulls and then back into quickly calm winds to 40, 50 mile-per-hour winds, especially along the coast with the heavy downpours. a closer shot as you can see the bridges being impacted as well as everything to hillsborough. look at this batch coming in now from the gulf impacting bay shore gardens, sarasota heading into bradenton anpalmetto. blinding rain, the kind you don't want to be on the roads with. look at this plume of moisture continuing to set up here. that will continue to be the problem over the next several hour this is really not going to g. look at this. it extends all tay to
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mexico, this moisture band here. so long as that is set up, we're going to continue to see problee ms wflooding. this is maybe conservative in some areas, 2 to 5 inches of additional rainfall. the lighter green is a flood warning where flooding has been a big problem this morning. that expires at 7:15. the rest of us here are not done. we're going to continue to see very heavy rain ongoing. as i mentioned, along with that, these are current wind gusts, 35. we've seen 50s here, 39 is tropical storm force. tropical storm warning in effect. sarasota, the latest wind gust, 33 miles per hour. you don't want to be out with heavy rain, frequent lightning and wind gusts. that will be the case throughout the morning and midday hours. there after, some improvements certainly by the weekend and into early next week. we'll talk to bill logan about that. >> we do get a little bit of clearing, and it's not going to come any o soon.
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these bands moving onshower throughout the day and more showers and storms moving through the central hillsborough and even through the evening commute, very heavy rain. that's what we're goto be expecting today. by 6:30, 7:00, we'll begin to see just a little bit of cl, but still going rain, the flood reats d y cond we go through the day. gusty winds at will be with us throughout the afternoon before we start to see things once again, here is the storm lifting out of the picture but still with those feeder bands very much in the picture across our region dumping tons of rain on top already saturated ground. this is through yesterday. 10 inches in st. peters. 8 1/2 down toward the sunshine sky way. almost 8 inches in palmetto and over 5 up in holiday. so with all of that in already with all the wind
6:50 am
of the gusty winds that will begin to die down as we go in through the day and into tomorrow, once this moves out, it's going to head up to the northeast. very quickly and bring some wind and rain along the carolina coastline and then toward the delmarva peninsula and even affecting new york city by early monday morning. so here's what we're looking at for our forecast for the rest of the day. still cloudy, still rain much from where they are right now, looking for a high of 84 degrees. then we begin to a break. here's the look at the seven- day forecast. for the weekend, still lingering rains around on saturday. we'll clear things out more on sunday. it'll be back to almost a typical florida summertime day with those afternoon storms at about 40%. that is florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. don't forget, you can always check that out 24/7 at
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are those roadways. it is a mess, janelle. >> reporter: we still have wet roads out there. we're starting off at pinellas county 275 through st. pete. i just got a report from st. pete police. they say within the past hour, 62 trees have been reported to have fallen over. so be careful out there. especially on the side streets and watch out for downed power lines as well. we have some flooding as usual in the south tampa area. these are just a few of the spots i have a complete list on twitter at tampa bay traffic. bay shore remains closed so you'll want to use the selmon expressway. we have a crash in hillsborough right at u.s. 301 with road blocks reported there. also, a crash in sarasota northbound i-75 right at university parkway seeing a slight delay here.
6:52 am
yourself a few extra minutes if you are heading that way. deiah? >> thanks, janelle. nine minutes until 7:00 right now. pasco county is monitoring several communities under siege by water from her cane hermine -- hurricane hermine. >> we witnessed first responders rescuing several families just hours ago. marisela? >> reporter: i did, and it's incredible. at that timeit was still a hurricane. herme they came out and rescued as many people that needed to be rescued. i want to show what you it looks out here. this is aurora in pasco county. just to put it into perspective, if you want to look at my boot. i'm standing in a fairly okay spot, and you can see it's almost to the top of my boot. walking a little bit closer this way just to put it into more perspective, that chair is almost to the arm -- the water is almost to the arm of that chair.
6:53 am
have video of a humvee leaving the area. five people were this that humvee, including children. that wasn't the only rescue. there were other scues that happened in the green bay area, including hudson beach area as at least 25 peop there were rescued. i did speak wisomeone who voluntarily evacuated. he told me that he just saw water rushing in and decided to get out. >> it came so ft. we walked down the road to see how bad it was, maybe 100 feet from us, and our driveway was about dry with no water on it at that point. when we came back, we were already a few feet deep. >> reporter: keep in mind, lecanto primary school is open. that's the shelter that they've been using. i apologize, ways in citrus
6:54 am
that is another county but we know here at least if you do need help, they have several hot lines that are open for people to call. reporting live, marisela burgos, abc action news. >> thanks, marisela. 6: 6 before 7:00 right now. >> michael paluska, communities are waking up to downed trees, power lines and also flooding. >> reporter: hurricane hermine limbs have broken off of trees, and it has been intense for the panhandle. we're told there are people being rescued, reports of trees into houses and thousands of people without power. this storm was intense. it was powerful, and it has caused a lot of problems in the area due to flooding and people without power. now the cleanup will begin. we've been in tallahassee all day today. michael pa laos cha, abc action
6:55 am
news. school is once again canceled today for the majority of the bay area school districts. >> school is in seion today in sarasota and polk county. again, today, the city of tampa is offering free day care service at all rec centers for parents who have to go to work. utility crews have their work cut out for them with major power outages across the state. this is the duke outage map. hardest hit, pinellas county with 18,000 customers without power there. up in citrus county, another almost 6,000. more people are coming online and reporting 10,000 customers without power. >> we may continue to see more as the winds are still very gusty with frequent lightning as well. there's tropical storm hermine over georgia. the last feeder bands are not letting us go so we'll continue
6:56 am
again with 40, 50 mile-per-hour winds embedded with a lot of lightning and rainfall as it thins heading off to the south and west with pockets that this is the kind of rain you can see out ahead of you there. we'lcontinue to track this for you expecting several more inches. we are still under the gun as far as tropical storm hermine. guys? >> ivan and janelle will stay with you all morning long. "good morning america" is up next. >> you can always p to date with us on our mobile april, facebook and twitter.
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good morning, america. state of emergency. hurricane hermine slams florida overnight. the first to hit the state in more than a decade. ginger zee on the scene when it hits. the storm pounds the panhandle with winds topping 80 miles per hour. evacuations and rescues overnight. millions on alert along coast as the dangerous storm heads north. a weekend washout and travel nightmare for the holiday. breaking right now, global recall. samsung the world's biggest smartphone maker sending a major alert after reports dozens of devices burst into flames. quarterback colin kaepernick once again refuses to stand during the national anthem overnight. this time as service members are honored in front of him on military night. now outrage growing over h protests as more athletes join


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