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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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area for areas to new port richey. we got a report around 5:00 in new port richey there were water rescues of cars stuck because of the fast rising water. that heavy rain is moving off to the east. that is a pretty decent thunderstorm that continues to pop. citrus county, northern citrus over to crystal river also picking up rain. most of their issues was coastal related last night and this morning due to high tide. if you look at futurecast this evening, there will still be a large area out in the gulf of mexico. now, i think overnight, this lingers. and by tomorrow morning, we start to see some of this rain coming in. it won't be nearly as heavy as it was the last couple of days. but we will begin to see some rain first thing in the morning. and i think that will be an impact on the first half of your weekend. the second half, changes. i'll talk about them coming up. >> that rain that he was just talking about caused flash
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clifton french is live in the middle of it all. clifton, how does it look out there. >> reporter: we got caught up in the flash flooding. we were covering the story about the tree that fell this trailer and then this street, this is teak street in new port richey near the intersection of canton. this street was overcome by the water. i want to show what you we had to do to our vehicles over here. we were parked further down on this driveway. we had to get to high gr us -- how quickly this water can come in and the flash flooding comes in. and it's like this on several streets across new port richey. so when you're driving around here, you see streets like this. stop and turn around. we can't tell you enough. don't be one of the people being rescued on us-19 when there's high water. get out of the way. turn around. find high ground. and wait it out if you have to. i'm reporting live in new port richey, clifton french, abc
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>> clifton, thank you. there is fear of water rising even higher has high tide rolls in. we want to start with line ingles where there is waist-deep water there. jacqueline. >> reporter: well, jamison, in just the past few hours, emergency crs rescuing just about 40 people from their homes. and here is why. the only way to get out is to wait out or swim. the water unrelenting. >> it's ty sad. >> reporter: forcing families from their coastal homes. >> whenever we left at 2:00 in the morning, we had -- we had moved everything up on to tables. >> reporter: a total of 19 people taking cover at an emergency shelr in le canto,
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winds. i don't know what to expect. >> reporter: heine destroying the peer and boat ramp. some of it shut down for a good part of the morning. >> when there's a hurricane coming, get out. >> reporter: and still tonight, there are at least 6,000 people without power and working phone lines. >> it's a big pain in the butt. because we don't have power, won't have power for i know how long. >> reporter: and if the people here in citrus countydon't have enough to deal with, the sheriff's office coming with a warning tonight. there are already unlicensed contractors in this area preying on these flood victims, trying todo repair work. we're live tonight, i'm jacqueline ingles. >> jacqueline, thank you. in citrus county, authorities closing fort island beach over the weekend.
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that's were sent to us. the storm knocked wn the ramp and pier there. the county is asking residents to please stay away from the beach until further notice. the water also rising tonight in port richie where dozens of homes are still under water. ryan smith is live with the rapidly changing conditions. ryan. >> reporter: yeah, jamison. unfortunately tonight for the people in this port richie neighborions not take a look behind me. this pasco county fire just arrived on scene seconds ago. i asked a fire official and he says they are venturing into the flood waters for a rescue. you can see why it is so dangerous out here. to the left of the firetr you have a d vehicle. again, officials putting out multiple barriers and barricades at each end of the flooded streets. we have seen dozens of drivers in suvs and trucks just
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intersection of fox bloom and glover road, it's above waist deep. so a lot going on out here. and as i mentioned, these heavy rains, the conditions are not improving. that's the latest live in pasco county. ryan smith, abc action news. >> thank you, ryan. pasco county has set up a number for anyone who needs help. call the number on your screen. it's right there at the bottom of your screen. you can find it in the closing as we speak, the intersection of st. cloud after and durant road in valrico shut down in all directions. crews working to repair downed power lines and a broken pole. it should be back open soon though. but the hillsborough county sheriff's office is asking drivers to avoid the area. a new look at the toll that hermine is taking on bay area roads. check that out. the pasco county sheriff's office tweeting out these pictures of park lake boulevard. you can see flood water washed
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underneath the road. hermine also turning deadly overnight. a tree fell on a homeless lan in ocala. that is the only death attributed to the storm so far. chief meteorologist denis phillips continuing to track the storm coming up in just a little bit. the clean-up wi in tallahassee. thousands of trees torn down by hurricane hermine's winds. power lost for thousands. that includes all of the students at florida st university. that's where eric waxler is live for us tonight. eric. >> reporter: jamison, we have updated numbers from tallahassee. listen to this. 240 different streets in tallahassee have a fallen tree or downed power lines. and 80% of the residents are still without power. it could be several days before full power is restored to the city. here at fsu, we have trees down like this gigant the student union. and the power still remains out
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are just too hot to stay in. >> mine went off at 2:00 a.m. >> reporter: classes canceled. it is even hard to study. >> i couldn't get on my math site to get the homework. >> reporter: the home for 40,000 students was roughed up as hurricane hermine came through. >> it took a beating to say the least. >> the fountains are off. limbs and trees on the ground. there's not a lot of lights on. everywhere we go the buildings are closed and locked and we can't fi we're all starving because the fringes are out. everything is spoiled. >> reporter: then there's this big oak tree near the student union, knocked over after standing tall for decades. it has turned into a campus attraction. >> i didn't expect that much dama. luckily no cars got hit. >> reporter: overall the assessment for the campus isn't that bad, despite what it might look like with this tree. the best news for students, no
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live in tallahassee, eric waxler, abc action news. >> thank you, eric. pinellas county seeing scenes like one over my shoulder for three days straight. some neighborhoods still partially under water there. people are forced to drive through dangerous flood waters just to get home. lauren, how are things looking in st. petersburg? >> reporter: you can see those people driving through these flood waters right now. th fast. and what we're seeing is that there were still roads blocked off this morning. about four to six inches of water in some of the more shallow parts. even deeper on the residential streets. especially here in the shore acres and snell isle neighborhood. this woman's neighborhood and home were left vulnerable. >> last night it was scary in the middle of the night. the wind was blowing bad. >> we have lost a lot of trees
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homes are threatened by flood waters and our infrastructure is clearly stressed right now. >> reporter: the mayor saying this is one of the worst storms he has seen. and he is warning people to stay out of this water. now, back out here live, he actually said in some areas, he believes it could be contaminated or full of snakes or even alligators. right now we have about 6800 people here in pinellas county who are still without power. they're working to right now. reporting live in st. petersburg, i'm lauren rozyla, abc action news. >> thank you, lauren. the wind from her mere doing a number in tampa overnight. look at the sign from the terrace restaurant on dale mabry. to be safe, the staff taped the area off. they're waiting for a sign company to come out and repair that. right now they don't know when the restaurant will be able to reopen. and those aren't the only closings still in effect tonight. you can find all of that information, plus the high school football games being
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still to come, putting a price tag on hermine's damage. new video giving us our first look as crews detail every inch of water and wind damage in sarasota county. and hermine no match for a 96-year-old woman. the surprising thing she was doing in the dark just as a tree came crashing down in her yard. and we continue our live coverage of a flash flood warning in western pasco. literally stuck on some in this area after four inches of rain in the last two hours. as you see, it is still coming down. we will extend the forecast through the holiday weekend
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>> standing water still a problem tonight in manatee county. a lot of streets flooded out on anna maria island and holmes beach. some roads are closed to traffic. one laundromat lost its roof.
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roots you can toppled on to property next door. that happens to belong to a 96- year-old woman. she says the storm didn't even scare her. >> i wasn't scared in the slightest bit. >> she was writing poetry in the dark with a flashlight. >> didn't phase her. >> not a bit. >> she has probably been through a few. the roof and tree were the bulk of the damage. now they're just waiting for the flood waters to recede. assessing how bad hermine's damage is, especially in the coastal region. jake peterson has the latest as they try to put a price tag on this store. >> reporter: this is just the initial assessment. crews like this one are doing everything from checking to see if debris is blocking drainage systems it see if water went into people's homes. >> i was surprised we didn't have a whole lot of damage.
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flooding, wind damage and debris. they document everything from knocked over mailboxes to street floods. >> most of the houses were not affected. minor damage from wind. >> reporter: brian brown is on the county's damage assessment team. they will compile the damage county-wise and give it to the state for possible relief funds. most people here dodged a bullet. >> as soon as the storm rolled in and we got th >> reporter: but for him and most of his neighbors, hermine's water stayed outside. a flooded yard or road they can deal with, he says. >> and certainly there is some water lying in low-lying areas that don't drain well. but, you know, for the move to strike part, we're very fortunate. >> reporter: there is still flooding in some areas. venice river park, snook river park, and blackburn park are still closed because of high
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teams can assess the total devastation. if you have not heard from the county, contact them. we have the information on our website, reporting in sarasota, jake peterson, abc action news. >> sarasota county telling us in the last 45 minutes preliminary damage estimates of properties there at $691,000. th may be the forgotten part of hurricane hermine, the displaced wildlife. take a look what we stumbled upon two adorable baby raccoons. they fell out of the tree as it came crashing down. the homeowner says they look to be healthy about the mom is nowhere to be found. they plan to keep a close eye on them. >> i feel like they're stranded and wet and cold and they're babies. they don't know nothing. this is all they know. >> good news, a rescue in plant city took in the baby raccoons late this afternoon. >> i can't stop looking at that video. >> oh, man. >> just crawling around.
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>> no. i'm good. >> are you all right? >> i can't handle a cat or dog. it's just me. >> we're still looking at pictures. this is ridiculous. there it is. we continue to see a flash flood warning in western pasco county. this was just a small area of rain that unfortunately decided to pick pasco county to go right through. they have already had about four inches of rain in the last two hours. expecting another inch or two by 8:00. then things will wind down. but the thing is we that same moisture plume -- granted, it's not like last night or yesterday afternoon but it still cuts through the state and heads up to what is left of hermine. that brings a westerly flow. you see the moisture coming in from the gulf. that will change unchanged until wednesday. we start making our plans for the holiday weekend. you unfortunately get morning rain. so planning tonight for tomorrow morning, i think you will see some more rain coming
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pasco or citrus or pinellas, you know, it all depends. but the bottom line is if you're planning to go to the beach tomorrow, probably not a great day. i think sunday a little bit better. monday a lot better for labor day. but there in the green area right there, there's your flash flood warning. it remains in effect until 7:00. and unfortunately as you can see, there's more rain that is rolling in. now, if this were just a given typical summer day, we wouldn't think twice lightning. but since there's no place for the water to go, it is adding more insult to injury. water on top of area that's have seen monumental rainfall totals the winds still gusty out there. closer to the coast about 20, 23 miles per hour. the gusts last in tampa. 21 miles per hour in clearwater. outside, the airport, it's raining. 81 degrees. raining in clearwater. a lot of clouds in st. pete.
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the entire area. in the last 24 hours, it just reminds us that even though sometimes people think just a tropical storm, nowhere near a hurricane, it often will drop more rain with a tropical storm than a hurricane does. many times hurricanes come and they're gone. for this particular system, we had the moisture field that just kept on coming. until it got better organized, it brought a little moisture away from us yesterday afternoon. we had the break last night and then the last band in the overnight hours. this really isn't a band but it is attached indirectly to what is left of that tropical storm. and as it pulls away, it will take some of this moisture along with it. we're still in the westerly flow. tomorrow morning, whatever you have planned, you have to take the possibility and likelihood that there will be rain showers out there. it will be continue in the morning to the afternoon hours. everything pushes east later on
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on sunday, we begin to see changes. while the westerly flow continues, there's even less moisture. by monday, we return with an easterly flow. labor day will be the best of the three days. whether it's a barbecue or going to the beach, whatever you have planned on monday, the weather will cooperate much more than tomorrow and probably even on sunday as well. heaviest rain will be off to the north. on sunday, scattered heavy areas. hopefully folks anterior away from some rainfall totals. here is what is left of tropical storm hermine. we think it will no longer be a story. that is not the case. this will probably be a bigger story this weekend than it has been for florida the last 24 hours because this is going to stall and become either a strong tropical storm or minimal hurricane right along the jersey shore up to the jersey shore and into new england over the next three or
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with beach erosion also. tomorrow not the best of days for us. and labor day much better as we're back to 90 degrees. and next week, we're back to normal. highs in the low 90s and rain chances at 20 to 30%. still ahead, there are a few surprises on the bucs unofficial 53-man roster.
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>> hello, folks. so much for keeping secrets. between buccaneer players announcing they made the reports and media reports, we have a good idea what the roster will look like before they release the official cut list tomorrow. one of those cuts coming in the
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kenny bell was released. he made that known by thanking the buccaneers today on twitter. running back peyton barber was released. he could end up on the buccaneer practice squad. and tight end vinny also a casualty. he could be headed to the practice squad if somebody does not claim him. those are three of the more well known names that unofficially are looking for a job. the others that made it, it's a >> at this point some people you went through a lot with are not on the team anymore. it's so abrupt and it's not a good time. it is a good time but not because of the cuts. it's also a good time because the season is about to start and things like that. it's a rough time right now. >> okay. here is the unofficial breakdown. the number of players by position broken down by greg
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evan spencer making the team as the fifth wide receiver. john sabol will have his story tonight at 11:00. alan cross making the team. and the bucs will only carry five linebackers. but this is unofficial. jason will make other moves. tonight at the trop, alex cobb back in business. >> that's od of the top stories on >> and we will see you back
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tonight, we're following the path of destruction. hermine now on the move, hitting florida as a deadly hurricane. winds up to 80 miles an hour. homes badly damaged. hundreds of thousands without power. millions bracing for a possible labor day washout. and tonight, watches and warnings up and down the east coast. our team in the storm zone. secret notes. inside the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. what she told agents, and how many times the phrase "do not recall" came up. out of jail. the case that triggered national outrage. former college athlete brock turner, pushing through the cameras. the new deadline he now faces. school bus dangers. drivers ignoring those flashing red lights at the bus stop.


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