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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today after making a very rude comment about president obama. what he said during a news conference and also what he is saying now. >> heiness crime in south florida, three bodies found in a home. when we could learn more about the crime that shocked even police. >> pasco county schools are back in session but not everybody can get to class. as this road remains under water this morning. good morning and thank for joining us on this tuesday. >> full slate on this early tuesday morning. let's start with traffic and weather together. >> we're following a serious crash state road 70 closed in both directions in myaca city. >> it's amazing to see the flooding still ongoing when it's been pretty quiet the last couple of days. we're rain-free. we'll talk about pasco in a second. we wake up to mid and upper 70s. with mostly clear skies, clouds with a east northeast flow
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the dew point is about 64 so that's theoretically how far we could fall, right? mid-60s. how about that. that is something else for this time of year. what is going on, we have dry air on top of us. that will not just shut off our rain chances the next couple of days but also lower our humidity as well. as that happens the temperatures can go a little lower so we're not talking about a front that moved through our anything like that but we'll take what we can get this time of year. so mostly sunny, we'll stay dry for the morning commute for the bus stop or pickup. everything looks good and then rain chances come back as we head through wednesday. here's the anclote river at elfers, falling below flood stage. that is critical today and we're going to see that dropping in fact through tomorrow. you saw some issues still there obviously. hour by hour forecast high around 90 today but with lower humidity it will feel rather comfortable through the afternoon. it will feel like about the actual temperature as opposed to mid and upper 90s.
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in the drive, for most of us looking pretty good. starting i-75, the selmon expressway looking over i-75, up to speed in all directions if you're hopping on the selmon it will be just seven minutes to get to downtown tampa. checking the drive times on the veterans expressway, still in great shape, all in the green. we have the serious crash we're watching in manatee county in myaca city, state road 70 still blocked in both directions betts road. your alternates, i just checked and fhp is asking drivers to avoid state road 70 so you want to take county road 675 up to state road 64 down to wouchala, and you can use that in the reverse as well. i'll let you as soon as it clears here and @tampabaytraffic. all pasco county schools will reopen this morning but still many families are dealing with flooding days after hurricane hermine.
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tully is live in one of the areas swamp in floodwaters now next to the anclote river. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning. just as ivan mentioned the river receded below a major flood stage but its waters are still flowing through neighborhoods and on to the parkway behind me as you can see. it's still underwater this morning. pasco emergency management still assessing the county situation but the latest numbers tell us there's 825 homes nearly 300 of them sustaining major damage. of course many of the homes on elfers parkway. while conditions improved overnight and from yesterday morning we were here over the weekend, it was a much different story. these images giving you an idea of how bad things were. florida fish and wildlife giving us a lift through the areas most affected. pasco county schools tweeted last evening that all schools will be back in session but if students can't get out of their
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this morning and let them know about it. the river reached a major flood stage cresting north of 25 feet and given the severity of the situation officials say it could be several more days before people who evacuated here can return home safely. live in pasco county, james tully, abc action news. hermine hit one pasco county business extremely hard. the wood piles you see used to be the floor at the spin nation skating rink in port richey. a foot of water flooded that business leaving wood floors waterlogged and destroyed. employees worked around the clock to rip out the wood, remove carpet and start drying out. the owner bought the rink nearly 20 years ago. since then he's been flooded 10 times. most recently in august of last year. >> i'm not angry but really disappointed in the county. i mean when it happens one time
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looking. now it happened a third time. there's something definitely wrong. >> he says development in the area caused drainage issues that the county has done nothing to fix. he plans to reopen in less than two months. pasco county released this preliminary damage report from hurricane hermine. inspectors saying the storm destroyed nine homes, nearly 300 others have major damage. nearly 200 homes have minor damage. new video from armed security forces are patrolling the streets searching for attackers after a bombing in a residential neighborhood. the neighborhood is popular with foreigners. soon after the bombing gunmen entered the international aid organization care international. at least one civilian and three gunmen were killed. the day before two bombs killed 24 people near the defense ministry. isis is claiming responsibility for suicide bombing in baghdad. at least 12 people were killed last night. the attacker targeted a shiite
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near a hospital. it is coming up on 5:36. hillary clinton returns to tampa to campaign today. she will be speaking at usf this afternoon. she's expected to talk about national security and attack donald trump's temperament. her husband, former president bill clinton will be in orlando tomorrow. details on his event have not been announced. the president of the philippines is apologizing for an obscenity laden rant against president obama. the defensive remarks prompted the white house to cancel talks between the two leaders. president obama wanted to talk to philippine president rodrigo duterte about his war on drugs where suspected drug dealers are executed without due process. duterte ranted about u.s. interference in filipino affairs. >> i am a president of a sovereign state.
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colony! i do not have any mass muster with the filipino people. >> the meeting cancelled and president obama did meet with the president of laos this morning. mr. obama promised $90 million to clear unexploded bombs dropped on laos during the vietnam war. three people found murdered in a lauder hill home. police were called to the house yesterday afternoon. they are describing the scene as "heiness" but ages or genders of the three people killed. visibly distraught family and friends were seen gathering at the scene yesterday. a man who lived in that home described as a kind man who kept to himself. loved ones hoping he's not one of the victims. >> you never hear nothing about that boy before. nothing, nothing. nothing ever. ever! i'm just praying he's ok. >> investigators stated on scene most of the night. expecting to release more
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today. a neighbor admits to shooting two therapy dogs that belonged to a marine corps veteran and his family in south florida. that neighbor was arrested and is facing animal cruelty charges. he told police the dogs came to his yard but they were not aggressive. he says he shot them hoping to scare them but didn't mean to kill them. one of the dogs was a comfort dog for the mom who survived cancer, the other was a service dog for the dad, retired u.s. marine. depressed or whatnot she'll come. lick me. >> ( indiscernible ) - >> her dog escaped without being shot. the family says that dog is helping them now get through their loss. the tampa bay business journal reports insurance rates are about to go up for anyone covered under the affordable care act. also known as obama care. the cost of the average plan
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here are the estimates for a family of four with an income of $53,000. after subsidies, the hillsborough public transportation committee could drive uber away today. the ptc meeting starts 2:00 this afternoon. they want uber and lyft to agree to fingerprint background checks. immediate vehicle checks for new drivers and higher fees. uber threatened to leave the county if the rules go into effect. uber has been fighting with the ptc for years officer those regulations. we're waiting to find out if a pasco county hospital will reopen after fire forced a
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hoping to get back to normal today after the fire wednesday. crews had to move all 209 patients to other hospitals because the backup generator didn't work. now the hospital is waiting for the all-clear from the agency for health care administration before it can reopen. investigators say lightning likely sparked the fire. pretty good start. unlike most days here, this time of year, we're not going to end with to around 90. with mostly sunny skies. as we speak we have a hurricane, almost a category 2 making landfall right now at baja, california. more on that and the impacts we expect across the u.s., next. 5:40. also coming up, a million dollars' worth of pot found at a day care. what tipped police off about the growhouse ahead. >> an historic comeback for fsu. the red shirt freshman wants to
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look at this fire. that is a $1 million home on the ocean in rhode island that caught fire last night. high winds made it difficult to get the fire under control. the firefighters from several surrounding towns fought the fire. tax records showed it belonged to the estate of the late owner
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rough ride on a cruise ship, royal caribbean's anthem of the seas, set sail from port cape liberty in new jersey saturday and soon encountered massive waves from hermine. that ship was heading to bermuda when it hit the post- tropical cyclone winds. a passenger saying the winds caused swells 40 to 50 feet high. there were reports of sea sickness but no injuries and no reports of damage. i checked by the way and that ship is in they are much happier i'm assuming there. in fact hermine is still going. it's a post tropical system now. like a nor'easter. 65 mile-per-hour winds at its center, still producing tropical storm-force wind gusts, improvement by tomorrow but it is just terrible with light mist and gusty winds and temperatures very cool across the northeast. not the best labor day weekend for them. hurricane newton, making
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circulation on tip of the baja peninsula with 90 mile-per-hour winds. this will continue to pump in a lot of water, pushing the water across to the gulf here. we'll continue to see some problems here. for the u.s. this is going to be involved. the fact we're going to get some tropical moisture here streaming from south-to-north so by tuesday and into wednesday we're raining pretty good here. once you talk about tropical moisture heading into the southwestern u.s. that is not a good combination because we're likely going to issues out of arizona. we'll keep you posted on that the next 24 to 48 hours. on the back side of hermine in a way connected. dry air has moved in all the way down to the south and look at this, just continuing down towards fort myers. for us that means limited rain chances the next couple of days. along with that dry air, lower temperatures, more comfortable humidity. we'll take that with temperatures the next few days around 89, 90. but it won't be as oppressive
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activity back here by wednesday heading into thursday, latter part of the week but the rain chances won't be that highway. 90 today, 90 clearwater. morning lows tomorrow like this morning upper 60s. we'll keep it at 90 degrees pretty much through the rest of the period here and heading into the weekend. the difference is rain chances coming back, 30, not bad thursday. in fact same deal friday. then for the weekend back to more thunderstorms here despite the fact meteorologically we started fall september 1st. if you're heading out the door now most of you won't have trouble getting to where you need to be but we have some construction that could affect your drive into downtown tampa this morning. starting today part of cypress between willow and oregon will be closed. that is a longterm closure so prepare for some detours here. you're going to want to take cass to willow avenue if you're
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tampa. of course we're still watching that serious crash in manatee county, in myakka city, state road 70 still blocked in both directions at betts road. use 64 to work around that. quick check outside, what your bridges look like, the tampa side of the courtney campbell causeway. not a bad drive out there at all. less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges and your drive on i-75, go the north, 21 minutes from state road 52 to i-4. caught on camera stealing dozens of guns. a gun shop owner in minnesota says three men broke into his business and stole more than 60 firearms in less than two minutes. the shop owner and family actually live on property. they heard the thieves breaking in. by the time they reached the store the men were gone. authorities now looking for the thieves and the guns. authorities in connecticut found a million dollars in marijuana plants growing in the
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inspectors doing a retune check when the owner wouldn't let them inspect her entire property. police are conducting a criminal investigation now after shutting the day care down. neighbors say they also got suspicious after the day care owner built a tall fence. jameis winston led florida state to a national championship as a red shirt freshman. last n orlando deandre francois helped the fourth ranked seminoles overcome a 22-point deficit. francois through for 419 yards, two touchdowns in his first college game. florida state's 45-34 victory over ole miss ended up being the largest comeback victory ever in the school's history. to a story that is truly holly-weird. you probably heard dog walkers. >> have you ever heard of people-walkers?
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actor in los angeles. originally thought of becoming a dog walker but didn't want to clean up after dogs so he decided instead to advertise his services as people walker. he charges $7 a mile and says his phone has been ringing off the hook. you may wonder why in the world people would pay for something that is already free? he says it's really not about the walking, it's about the conversations. >> i try to do more listening than talking. it's something that people need. they nee get off their phones. >> now he's become a sort of a local celebrity. plenty of people recognize him in the park, even stop and ask for selfies. coming up -- eagle scout doesn't just get the badges he needs, he gets all the badges. >> which of the 141 boy scout merit badges he says was the toughest to earn. >> a puppy too small to be nursed with other dogs turns to a cat.
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temperature in the 70s this morning. by the afternoon unlike the last several days we get a break that shuts off rain chances. that means upper 80s to around 90 with full sunshine. rain chances return by
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the next hour. 5:53. in orange county a puppy smaller than a mouse is getting a second chance thanks to a mama cat. someone dropped it off at a shelter last week. the puppy only weighed 2.6 ounces. they tried to get another dog to nurse her but the other puppies too big and the tiny puppy was in danger. then a volunteer suggested putting the puppy with a mama cat and her kittens. it worked. precious the cat now treats the pup just like one of a california teen celebrating a impressive and rare achievement for the boy scouts of america. >> 17-year-old michael hatrainem has earned all 141 merit badges on his way to becoming an eagle scout. that is pretty rare. he's now only one of 300 eagle scouts in the organization's history who have earned every merit badge possible. his parents even took him to texas and north carolina to earn some of the badges. michael says his last badge was the toughest.
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over 10 days and had to set up his own camp each night. >> i had to hike at least seven, eight miles at a time usually. then you would have to only take like 5-minute breaks. >> now encouraging other scouts who may want to follow in his footsteps. michael says don't give up, take it one step at a time. one little boy's baptism video is going viral. his dad posted that videwi life to jesus today." clearly his son couldn't wait to do it. >> i now baptize you in the name of the father - of the son. >> i'll do it! >> the 6-year-old decided he waited long enough and decided to dunk himself. the pastor was still finishing the blessing. jordan's dad recorded the special moment and posted it on
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end up going viral. he got 3 million views already. still ahead -- breaking news -- a tampa house in ruins after an overnight fire. the reason firefighters say there was only so much they could do. >> plus, hillary clinton is back in tampa today. the big focus she's putting on keeping you and your family
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things finally starting to get back to normal in pasco county after major river flooding. two updates, good news for people living there. >> breaking news overnight -- a massive fire destroys a home in ybor city. the flames are intense, so much so that firefighters couldn't
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we found out the house is 100 years old. crews got to the scene on east 12th avenue shortly after 12:30. no one was hurt. the fire marshal will now try to figure out what started this fire. also breaking this morning. another fire, this one in st. pete. the firefighters are battling flames at a house on 13th street south, authorities have not released much information about it, we don't know anything about the business but are making phone calls and we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. let's look at >> many of you heading back to work. janelle is checking the roads. >> most of the roads are fine. we have one issue in manatee county. we'll get to that in a moment. >> back to work and school. the weather looks fantastic. nice change of pace here as we talk about some dry air moving its way across our area. that will limit rain chances the next couple days. in pretty good shape with slightly lower humidity. the daytime highs won't feel as
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mostly sunny, comfy humidity the next 48 hours and rain chances return by wednesday, even so by wednesday still relatively low around 30%. temperatures in the upper 60s across the nature coast. hour by hour forecast will take us into the afternoon with 80s and plenty of sunshine. we'll add clouds out there and i think we'll stay rain-free. something to look forward to for the evening commute. today a nice bonus to get back into the it's a four-day week. your drive across the bridges looks great. this is the tampa side of the howard frankland bridge. all clear in both directions. less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges this morning. checking your drive on i-4 looking great as well, what it looks like around mlk, up to speed in both directions, no crashes or breakdowns. just about 22 minutes to get from lakeland into downtown tampa. we have been watching this serious crash all morning in


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