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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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mostly sunny, comfy humidity the next 48 hours and rain chances return by wednesday, even so by wednesday still relatively low around 30%. temperatures in the upper 60s across the nature coast. hour by hour forecast will take us into the afternoon with 80s and plenty of sunshine. we'll add clouds out there and i think we'll stay rain-free. something to look forward to for the evening commute. today a nice bonus to get back into the it's a four-day week. your drive across the bridges looks great. this is the tampa side of the howard frankland bridge. all clear in both directions. less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges this morning. checking your drive on i-4 looking great as well, what it looks like around mlk, up to speed in both directions, no crashes or breakdowns. just about 22 minutes to get from lakeland into downtown tampa. we have been watching this serious crash all morning in
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road 70 closed now in both directions at betts road so you want to use county road 675 and with a chula road to work around it and state road 64, fhp asking drivers to avoid 70 now. democracy 2016, hillary clinton will be back in tampa today campaigning on usf campus. >> expected to talk about national safety. rert near the usf student center where clinton will be holding a rally in a few hours. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's quiet here now but won't stay that way long. hillary clinton is expected here in just a few hours. we're expecting her to talk about security in in in the united states but her campaign
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trump. we know she's already taken jabs at trump most recently in ohio yesterday during a coughing spell. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> trump had his own response to clinton's coughing saying that she's allergic to the media after finally spending time with them yesterday. clinton is blaming the coughing on seasonal allergies shutting down conspiracy theories about doing later on today for ourselves. she's expected to speak this afternoon. i've tweeted a link if you want to come out and see hillary clinton speak for yourself. if you can't make it out then we're going to be live streaming this for you on our web site, live in tampa, ashley yore, abc action news. donald trump spent labor day in ohio attempting to win over voters in that very important swing state.
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candidate has ever lost ohio and been elected president. trump also spoke to reporters on board his plane explaining why it's important to build a wall on the mexican border. >> we're going to stop the drugs. we're going to get rid of the bad ones. we're going to build a wall. you need the wall to stop the drugs. to become a citizen you're going to have to go out and come back in. >> trump will campaign today in virginia and north carolina. he'll be back in florida friday for a rally in back open this morning even as the area recovers from all this flooding. >> school officials are telling parents if your child cannot get out safely because of the floodwater call your school, let officials there know. meanwhile we're hearing about three men who selflessly rescued people from flooding in new port richey. eric, joe and rich weren't affected by the flooding but couldn't stand by and watch others who were. so they grabbed a boat and
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them to her parents and three brothers and sisters stranded in their elfers home. this morning families are praising the three men. >> we consider them unsung heroes. they took us out of our home that we didn't know where we were going, we didn't know what to do. those are angels that saved us. >> pasco county officials say they expect the water to recede below flood level by this afternoon. right now the hillsborough river is closed to after all the rain we've gotten. live look at the river, crews activated that tampa bypass kabul system, they are directing water to the lower hillsborough flood detention area instead. we're also finding out about the massive efforts in the salvation army feed storm victims. they say since the flooding the
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volunteers handed out more than 6600 meals in the past two days. some families in the tallahassee area are getting frustrated because they still don't have power after the storm. many are taking their anger outs on social media blaming the government for a sluggish response. as of last night more than 5,000 people still had no electricity in leon county even though it's restoferred to the rest of the state. -- restored to the rest of the state. governor rick scott brought in private contractors to help. because of hurricane reve washington, dc where he was supposed to fight for money to fight the zika virus. into family, friends and colleagues will honor a veteran tampa police officer killed in a scuba diving accident. fred arnold iii will be laid to rest today. he died in an excursion in nevada august 27th. a 27-year veteran of the force. family, friends and colleagues are remembering him for his
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point church on hunters lake drive, starts 11:00. we're expecting to find out funeral plans today for the unarmed tampa man killed by a deputy in his bedroom. family members plan to release funeral arrangements for lavonia riggins. protesters took to the streets for the second time demanding answers in his death. the police officers killed him while in his home drugs. the police officers say he was reaching for his waistband. benefits of better transportation -- a downside, tbx would require demolition of homes and businesses along i- 275 in some historic tampa neighborhoods. today fdot kicks off a series of informational meetings where you can learn how tbx will impact your neighborhood or commute. tonight's meeting is at 5:30 at the brandon library. a heads up for people
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differently starting today. the county will be doing routine maintenance, that means the water treatment method is temporarily being changed. county officials say the water will still be safe to drink, that switch will last until september 25th. 26th. still to come -- a crazy chase, man pulls out all the stops to try to escape police but the one way they were able to finally catch him. >> we've been waiting on day a long time. >> the little boy who took matters into his own hands at
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caught on camera, look at this here. look at that guy. wild police chase in los angeles. that man is running into the brush in the western hills. trying to escape officers but cannot escape their chopper. >> even takes off his make himself less visible but that didn't stop a police dog from catching up to him. at one point that suspect tries to push the dog away but the dog does pull him back down the hill, officers were finally able to corner the suspect at the bottom and arrest him on charges of prowling in the neighborhood. one little boy's baptism video is going viral. >> his dad posted it with the caption "my son gave his life to jesus today." clearly the son couldn't wait to do it.
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name of the father - of the son. >> i'll do it! >> i love this kid. that 6-year-old jordan warrick, decided i waited long enough and decided to dunk instead. the pastor still finishing the blessing. jordan was done. his dad recorded the special moment. he said he had no idea it would go viral. it has 15 million views so it's on my facebook page. >> just want to get into the pool. let's check the bus stop forecast as we take you outside. in the mid-70s. it will be a nice day today. sunshine, for 3:00. dry air is on top of us. that will limit rain chancees so no rain gear required today or even tomorrow. a few bonus days with temperatures at 90 degrees but
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humidity. that deserves an "a." we'll be back with the extended forecast. 6:12. also coming up -- super lice spreading. the one thing that actually works against the infection when medications fail. >> singer bret michaels returns to his dressing room after a concert to find something
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students on edge at a south carolina school after someone threatened to carry out an attack there today. >> police have extra officers on campus to keep students safe as they head back to class. they are investigating after someone threatened to kill jewish and muslim students at one of the largest high schools in the state. the threats posted on-line show a person in a gas mask holding a knife with a swastika on the handle. it was a student who informed authorities after seeing the scary message on police haven't yet made any arrests in the case. with kids heading back to school parents worry what types of infections they might pick up from other students. for example, lice, not just any lice, super lice. now we're learning that problem is spreading. you can kill normal lice with a special shampoo but not these super lice. the bugs built up a tolerance to the medications so you can't get rid of them with chemicals anymore. they've been spotted in all 50 states. a mom in memorial says her
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>> i would comb for hours sometimes. >> hours? >> yeah. for hours. >> there is one way to treat super lice. with heat. it dries out the eggs and bugs so they don't come back. most school districts will not allow students with head lice to return to class until the problem has been treated. the creepy clown incidents that started in south carolina are now spreading across state lines. we told you about someone dressed as a entice children in south carolina. now someone with a clown costume was reported in north carolina trying to lure kids into the woods. two kids saw the clown, one adult heard it. the clown tried to lure kids into the woods by offering treats. a second sighting a few blocks away a few hours later. police are stepping up patrols in the neighborhood and asking everyone to keep an eye out for the clown and talk to your kids about stranger danger. two kids in washington state had to see grandma but
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to hop into her car to drive themselves. the kids are only 5 and 3 years old. officials say they didn't make it far before crashing at an intersection. luckily a neighbor was there to help and get them back home safely. thankfully no injuries. right now strong category 1 hurricane newton making landfall on one of mexico's most popular resort areas. cabo san lucas on the southern tip of baja, california. we have a picture from two hours ago. we tried to get a live streaming video but the cameras appear now to be offline. hurricane newton packing maximum sustained winds of 9 omiles per hour, could bring up to 15 inches of rain as it moves across mexico. 90. they are seeing the worst of it now over cabo but we're going to transition here eventually into a big rain situation. i think that will be life threatening for portions of mexico. eventually as the track takes it north and curves east that
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going to be trouble. yes, 8 to 12 inches perhaps locally, higher amounts here. 15 inches not out of the question because of the mountains but once you get to the southwest 1 to 3 inches. that would be enough to cause a flash flooding in arizona. we'll keep you posted on that if you're traveling through that area. keep it in mind, that is the next 48 hours. for us a whole different matter. look at the clear sky on top of us here. in fact if you x-ray the atmosphere a little bit, go a few thousand feet up, you dry air. in fact that is going to limit our rain chances the next couple of days. it's going to be nice. full sun today, tomorrow and even lower humidity. you feel that in the afternoon. the difference there. a sign of things to come in the next couple of months. for now we're of course still in the wet season, will be back with rain chances coming up by thursday and heading into the weekend. so we'll take this dry and lower humidity deal here with high temperatures around 90. in the upper 60s.
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morning. a nice bonus there with mostly sunny skies. we'll be 90 and it will feel like 90 as opposed to 100 with the higher humidity that is certainly prevalent this time of year. we'll come back to normal by friday and into the weekend. rain chances going back up to 40%. that's just afternoon summer thunderstorms here. we'll go back and forth with the cooler and drier times and -- until we lock it in. for now not yet. if you're heading out the door most of you are going to have a you. looking at downtown tampa, what it looks like outside on 275. more cars on the road but still not a bad drive on 275. just heads up if you're heading into downtown tampa and use cypress there is an extended closure happening later today. they are closing cypress between north oregon and willow avenue. alternate, casst to willow and take it to the downtown area.
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prepared for that. the average speeds on the interstates, looking great on this tuesday morning. null the green. -- all in the green. >> we're still watching the crash in manatee county blocking state road 70. an update on that is coming up in 15 minutes. 6:20. still ahead -- a sweet surprise for the boy in this viral photo. the way that with him is now treating his entire family. >> why this mom is dressing up as a man. mustache and all to help her son. first 6:20 -- coming up on "good morning, america" -- a former longtime member of the u.s. women's soccer team is in the fights of her life. diane macedo shares her health battle. >> reporter: in "gma first look" a scary diagnosis for former u.s. soccer star lauren
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unforgettable goals like this. >> u.s. attacking now with numbers in white. morgan! holiday! go! >> she has been a stallworth on the field. >> the ball never left my foot. >> reporter: now off the field the 28-year-old mom-to-be faces her biggest battle yet. 8 months pregnant with her first child and has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. according to the new orleans picayune the tumor is benign, operable, not a threat to her unborn daughter but surgery has to wait born. >> everything that lauren holiday has been through as an athlete will make her tougher and stronger during these difficult times. >> reporter: dr. jennifer ashton will have more on the diagnosis at 7:00 a.m. request a gma first look, diane
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time now 6:25. we have an update. remember this viral video? certainly looks familiar now showing florida state wide receiver travis rudolph eating lunch with a student. >> we found out he has surprises for that young boy and his family. that sixth grader bo pacificky, autistic and eating alone as he often did until rudolph sat down with him. the pair reunited before last night's seminoles game and he surprised bo with a personalized jersey and game tickets for the entire family. the family is also set to have
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later this week. >> cool. rock star singer bret michaels is looking for his missing cell phone and asking for help to find it. >> the former poison singer says thieves took some things from his dressing room while he performed in new hampshire last week. michaels posted a surveillance picture of the two suspects. here it is now on his facebook page. gave them 24 hours to return the items with no questions asked. but that deadline has passed. so michaels says the criminals will now face full punishment from this viral photo here, this is a mom dressed like a man to attend her son's doughnuts with dads event at school. the pictures show her in a plaid shirt with a mustache. the single mom decided at the last minute to dress up so her son wouldn't miss out on the fun there. she says single parents from around the world are now reaching out to her with their own stories. >> i don't think she's fooling anybody though. >> i don't think so either. >> good for her. >> she may dress up again. her two younger sons want her
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are old enough. >> my husband would stand in a couple of times for -- our single friends. when the dads could make it. >> that's good. ivan with a check of the forecast. >> it's going to be 90 today but will feel like 90, lower humidity. so very comfortable. we'll climb into the 80s and rain chances gone for the next couple of days. they will be back though and we'll talk more about that in the extended forecast coming up at 6:30. 6:27 -- a business devastated by flooding. it's not the first time. the blaming the county for and demanding a fix. >> hillsborough school district is tackling an overspending problem. the huge amount they've been
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pasco county schools are
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people need a boat to make it to class. when can things return to normal? >> a major decision on ridesharing services in hillsborough county. the three things county leaders are trying to get uber and lyft to agree on. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. >> it's tuesday, busy day. presidential candidate coming to town as well. more on that, beginning with weather and traffic together. pretty big delay and issue down in manatee county. state road 70 blocked in both directions, i'll have an update on that coming up. >> we're drier today but if you need a boat to get to school why don't you stay home? mid and upper 70s now. james will update us on the flooding, dropping below flood stage in pasco with the anclote river at elfers. you can see the action to the south. where the moisture is left over but at this point from fort myers north we're dry, pretty good shape. dry air filtered in. this on the back side of hermine getting pulled all the
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benefiting us in two ways, shut off rain chances. and slightly lower humidity and temperature, not all that cooler especially during the day but overnight temperature, nature coast upper 60s. 85 for lunchtime. take the lunch outside today. with sunshine, lower humidity. that 85 will feel nice. usually we're 90 around lunchtime and then heading home, still dry with temperatures around 90 degrees. typical for this time as far as the high. rain chances below normal next 48 hours. we do have an update on the crash we've been talking about all morning. in manatee county in myakka city. state road 70 blocked now in both directions right at betts road. a little bit west of betts. so fhp now opened a little bit more of state road 70, before you had to take state road 64. let me show you the alternate.
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it to vernea road and back to state road 70. particularly helpful to i-75. still a lot of cars and congestion in the area so give yourself extra time to make that detour. this is what it looks like in pinellas county, i-275 at 22nd avenue south. no issues throughout the st. pete area. a lot of the major roads are clear. and checking the drive onle toll roads -- on the toll roads, and looking great on the selmon. let's look at i-275 and busch. action air 1 flying over the area, typically one of the busiest drives for the morning commute. looks crowded though i just checked the drive time, it's just 6 minutes to get from busch to downtown tampa. all pasco county schools are set to reopen this morning. more cars and bus there's but not everyone will be able to make it to class. >> a lot of families are still
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after hurricane hermine. school officials say if your child can't get out safely call the school, let them know. abc action news anchor james tully is live from one of the areas impacted most next to the anclote river. any improvement from yesterday? >> reporter: we are seeing some improvement from yesterday. there's no question but elfers parkway still underwater. you can see behind me it's very obvious this road is not passable. the water has receded from the front yards of several residents but -- still can't get through here. pasco county emergency management are assessing all the damage and their numbers as of this morning, 825 homes they say were impacted by hermine. nearly 300 sustained major damage. sunday as you can see we were given a ride by florida fish and wildlife officers. this makes it obvious that many of the homes the county said suffered major damage were right through here. pasco county schools as you
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schools reopening this morning, students cannot get out of their neighborhood -- if students cannot get out of their neighborhood due to flooding they need to call the school and let them know. this is water behind me on the parkway from the anclote river as ivan mentioned. the that river crested north of 25 feet. given the severity of the situation, people say they have not seen it this bad in 20 years. those who did evacuate, it could be until early next week when they can get back to their homes safely. live in pasco county, james tully, abc action news. we're getting a better idea of the damage left behind in pasco county. county just releasing this preliminary damage report from hurricane hermine. hermine hit one pasco county business a little harder than others. >> all those wood piles you see there, that used to be the floor at the spin nation
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a foot of water flooded that business leaving wood floors waterlogged and damaged. >> employees worked around the clock to rip that wood out, remove carpet, start drying out. this is the second time the owners had to replace the entire skating rink floor in less than a year! august of last year heavy rain flooded that business as well. they remodeled the whole rink. >> i'm not angry but really disappointed in the county. i mean when it happens one time looking. it happened a third time. there's something definitely wrong. >> the owner says since 2011 they have been flooded out three times. development in the area he says caused drainage issues to the county has done nothing to fix. he plans to reopen in less than two months. we're learning about a third death linked to hermine. a 30-year-old man died in south carolina while trying to clear a tree from a highway. he was hit by a car. he died at a hospital saturday.
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a homeless man who was killed by a falling tree, and the third death happened in north carolina where an 18 wheeler tipped over in a storm. we just found out minutes ago a pasco county hospital forced to evacuate all its patients last week is going to reopen in just a half-hour. 7:00. a fire caused by lightning is to blame for the total evacuation at that hospital. with hermine approaching officials at regional medical center bayonet point had to move all 209 patients when the backup generator didn't reopen this morning at 7:00. leaders with the hillsborough county school district are trying to fix an overspending problem. the district is holding its final public hearing today on the budget for the next school year. just last year they found out they were overspending by more than $100 million a year. leaders now planning to vote on a $2.8 billion budget but haven't yet we vealed what cost cuts they are making. that meeting starts 5:00
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transportation committee is considering a fee change that could drive uber away today. the ptc meeting starts 2:00 this afternoon. they want uber and lyft to agree to fingerprint background checks, immediate vehicle checks for new drivers and higher fees but uber has threatened to leave the county if the rules go into effect. uber has been fighting with the ptc for years over regulations work. by 7:00 we're at 73. upper 60s in the nature coast. and we'll hit a high around 90. with lower humidity and no rain. we're keeping an eye out on the roads, checking out i-75, around fowler, no crashes or breakdowns here so you're looking at a smooth ride, just 10 minutes from the apex all the way up to i-4. speaking of i-4 not too bad, starting to get a little congested, we're
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from 75 to 275. coming up -- an eagle scout reaches a milestone that only about 300 others have ever done. hardest part of his impressive accomplishment. >> appears the zika virus is hurting tourism in florida. the difference business owners noticed over the holiday
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6:40. a california teen who earned all 141 merit badges on his way to becoming an eagle scout says he couldn't have done it without support from is family. >> 17-year-old michael trainam is one of 300 eagle scouts in the organization's history who have earned all the merit badges. his parents took him to texas and north carolina just to earn some of the badges. michael says his final badge was the toughest. he hiked 75 miles in over 10 days, had to set up his own camp at night to earn the backpacking badge. >> i had to hike for more than like at least 7, 8 miles at a time usually. and then you would have to -- only take like five-minute breaks. >> congratulations to him. he's now encouraging other scouts who may want to follow in his footsteps. he says don't give up, just take it one step at a time. still ahead -- people are outraged after vandals
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the sent mental meaning behind it and how police are getting involved. >> imagine paying to have a random guy take a walk with you? a lot of people are doing it.
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just seconds ago fhp
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northbound right at fowler. but look at the camera. the northbound lanes here, these are the head lights, that is moving pretty good. southbound very congested. we just checked on the camera about five minutes ago and it was not this bad. this is just the morning commute. no reports of a crash in the southbound lanes but i'll continue to watch this and let you know if i do see anything out there. again, very congested on i-75. the bridges looking great. this is the howard frankland bridge. no crashes or breakdowns on any of the bridges including the sunshine skyway. morning. here are the drive times -- we're still watching this crash in myakka city, state road 70 still blocked at betts road. so your alternate, you can turn on to betts, take that -- back to state road 70, that is how to get to i-75. we'll continue to watch this crash, in fact captain al is
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hopefully will have pictures for us before the end of the show. we're looking pretty good as we check in on temperatures right now. i was just talking to dan with temperatures in the 60s out there. haven't seen this kind of a change for quite some time. as we locked into summer but next couple of days we'll get a little taste of what will be coming the next couple of months. case in point, look at crystal river, from this time yesterday we're big time. courtesy of this dry air that continues to funnel in here. so that is going to not just give us cooler temperatures overnight but also more comfortable humidity during the day and then we'll be talking about, of course the rain chances, going to be gone the next couple days. so that is a bonus for us. rain chances down to nothing next couple of days and we'll slowly begin to get our numbers up so about 30% by the time we
6:47 am
we'll be in the upper 80s across the interior. then once again tomorrow upper 60s. most of us stay in the 70s. with the 90 today we get back to around 90 where we should be for this time of year. the difference next couple of days will be the humidity. won't be as nasty through the afternoon, as oppressive or steamy. so it will actually feel like the temperature. lunchtime temperatures around the mid-80s. so rain chances along with the humidity climbs back up afternoon thunderstorms with rain coverage at 40%. labor day turned out to be a dud for florida's tourism industry but not because of hermine. it's the zika virus. restaurateurs so says there were plenty of empty tables in miami. authorities hope new mosquito control efforts will bring touristses back. they are using microbes to kill mosquito larva and doing aerial
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history, becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit laos. millions of unexploded bombs dropped on laos by the u.s. during the vietnam war still across the countryside. he's pledging $90 million to help laos get rid of those bombs. three people found dead in a home in lauder hill. police described the heiness but not releasing much about the victims. advise the family says the man who lived there was quiet, kept to himself. >> you never hear nothing about that boy before. or that man. nothing, ever, ever! i'm just praying this morning. >> investigators did stay on the scene for most of the night.
6:49 am
today. a is that family is now mourning the loss -- a south florida family is mourning the loss of two therapy dogs shoutshot dead by their neighbor. the neighbor arrested for animal cruelty charges. he said the dogs came into his yard, they were not aggressive, just shot to scare them but not to kill them. one was for a mother that survived cancer, the father comforted by the other dog. >> she helped me when sleeping, depressed or whatnot. she'll come. lick me. >> ( indiscernible ) - >> luckily the family's third dog was able to escape without injury. the family says that dog is helping them get through their loss. actor bill cosby is expected back in a fipped courtroom today for his sexual assault case. his attorneys could ask a judge to throw out key pieces of evidence. one is a deposition cosby gave in a 2000 knife lawsuit filed
6:50 am
by his accuser. he acknowledged giving her pills before what he calls consensual sex. prosecutors say cosby drugged and molested her. cosby pled not guilty. the judge could set a trial date. today another trial is starting on the general motors ignition switch problem. this after the automaker settled two cases yesterday. judges will hear three more cases next year. gm recalled more than two million cars for the defectsive switches in 2014. as a result of that defect. we have just enjoyed the lowest gas prices for labor day weekend since 2004 and now there's even more good news at the pump. analysts say by the end of this year we could end up saving a total of $300 on fillups. gas is right now 20 cents cheaper across the country compared to this time last year. authorities in connecticut found $1 million worth of marijuana plants growing in the backyard of a home day care
6:51 am
the owner wouldn't let them inspect the entire property. they called police. officers then found 600 pot plants. shut the day care down. police are now doing a criminal investigation. neighbors say they also got suspicious when the day care owner built a tall fence. authorities in oregon are looking for the people seen in the video sand liesing that vandalizing that sandstone foundation. it's known by locals as duckbill. at first state park officials thought it was a natural collapse but the video on-line shows three people knocking it over. locals are upset because they say it's part of the coast's history and beauty there. >> definitely a part of pacific city. something like that that is so beautiful and people captured their memories there, to know it's gone forever because someone chose to knock that rock over is wrong.
6:52 am
when found they do face a $400 fine and then it's up to police to file charges. it's 6:51. the florida state seminoles made a historic comeback in orlando to beat ole miss in their first game of the season. fsu freshman deandre francois helped the fourth ranked seminoles overcome a 22-point deficit. threw for 419 yards and two touchdowns in his first college game in front of his florida state's 45-34 victory over ole miss ending up being the largest comeback victory ever in school history. you've heard of dog walkers. how about people walkers? >> a struggling actor in los angeles says his business is actually taking off. chuck mccarthy originally considered walking dogs for money, then says he didn't want to clean up after dogs. so he decided insted to advertise his services as a
6:53 am
his phone is ringing off the hook. you might be wondering why in the world would someone pay for something free? he says it's not really about the walking, it's about the conversations instead. i try to do more listening than talking this. is something people need, to get out and experience human interaction. get off their phones. >> mccarthy has become a local celebrity. he says plenty of people recognize him in the park, even stop and ask for selfies. 6:53. your m america." >> we start with things returning to normal for some students in pasco county. >> pasco schools open today after hurricane hermine but as some folks are still dealing with major flooding. the school district says if your child can't safely get to school because of the flooding call your school. emergency management also tells us more than 800 homes were impacted by hermine. breaking overnight -- a massive fire destroys a tampa home the fire broke out early this morning at the house on
6:54 am
this is what firefighters were dealing with, took about an hour for them to put out the flames. the house 100 years old. no reports of injuries. that cause now under investigation. hillary clinton is coming to tampa today, set to speak at usf at 1:45 this afternoon. her campaign says she'll talk about national security. how she would work with allies and the reasons she thinks rival donald trump is not fit for the presidency. a new poll showing donald trump le voters. it's within the margin of error. cnn/orc poll finds voters trust trump more to improve the economy and fight terrorism while clinton does better on foreign policy issues. a veteran tampa police officer killed in an off-duty diving accident in nevada last month will be heyed to rest today. funeral services for master patrol officer fred arnold iii begin 11:00 this morning at life point church on hunters lake drive. over the next two months
6:55 am
roadway project is going to impact your neighborhood or commute. the first of fdot's tbx informational meetings is tonight 5:30 at the brandon library. we have a new crash to tell you about. in clearwater, at ulmerton road at 35th street north. i am seeing some delays in the westbound lanes so make sure you leave extra time. we're starting to stack up a little bit at downtown tampa. that is a lot of brake lights. here are the drive times, 27 minutes from the apex to i-4. 11 minutes just to get from busch to i-4. yesterday's commute and today's combined as we check in -- there's action air 1 -- sending it over to you janelle. i don't know what we're looking at there. >> he's flying through a crash in myakka city, not quite there
6:56 am
there we'll give you an update on that crash. >> nice-looking shot weatherwise. 60s to the north. that is a change there with mid and upper 70s elsewhere. as far as our forecast, climbing back to the upper 80s to around 90. the difference is lower humidity and rain chances, they are gone for the next couple of days so we'll enjoy dry times which we desperately need. there's a lobster that says summer. he lives in southeast maine. >> he can choose between two scrolls. one predicting the start of fall. another predicting more summer. his prediction was accurate last year. ivan doesn't believe it though. >> you know what happens if he gets it wrong. >> dinner. >> aw, poor pete. no.
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good morning, america. dead heat. donald trump takes a lead in a new poll this morning as he battles clinton in a fight for ohio. both candidates in cleveland, ramping up their campaigns in the swing state. clinton suffering a coughing fit on the stump. bu trump. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> his campaign immediately hitting back. >> i don't joke. she jokes. look at the deal she's made. >> david muir sits down with both candidates and their running mates right here on -- >> good morning, america. the cdc and pediatricians out with a major headline about flu vaccines and nasal sprays. dr. ashton joins us live. an abc news exclusive.


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