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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: the message is very clear. don't point your guns and shoot at law enforcement officers if you don't want to be shot. >> a gunman is now in the hospital. good morning, thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm deiah >> i'm rodney dunningan. later, we will get an update on the man who shot at officers. >> the officers who were highly trained pulled over a drug fugitive. >> it's believe he was trafficking meth when they pulled him over. francis perry fired at officers through the tinted passenger's side window so they never saw the attack coming until after
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opened fire pitting perry multiple times. >> the windows were blacked out. we could not see into the vehicle at all. as the officers and deputy walked up to the car, he started shooting. when he started shooting, we started shooting. >> perry underwent surgery for multiple gunshot wounds. he had just gotten out of prison a few months ago for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and drug charges. no officers were the shoot-out. we'll have a live report from lakeland coming up. authorities are looking for the man that you see in the video behind me there. that man is accused of stealing jewelry at a local mall and injuring an employee while trying to get away. deputies have not identified the suspect just yet. >> reporter: you are watching a man browsing jewelry at the mirage diamonds inside of the
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you can see the employee letting him try on a necklace. the customer sprints out of the store and employee immediately chases after him. >> just by the basis of his action, it appears he knew what he was doing and pre-planned this. >> reporter: this happened tuesday night. deputies say the burglar got away with a gold necklace and bracelet which together total more than $23,000. >> we'd like to catch him before anybody else gets hurt. >> reporter: what you don't see is the moment this employee got onto the hood of the get away car trying to stop the man who didn't pay for the jewelry. deputies say that employee flew off the car as it sped away. >> it's important that we catch this guy from the nature of his actions. he very easily could have killed this poor victim. >> anybody with information needs to call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. that was marisela burgos reporting.
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a man who broke into a home decoration store. this is on manhattan avenue north of euclid avenue. detectives say the man stole checks from the store and tried to break into another store right next door. crime stoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for any information leading to this guy's arrest. in hillsborough county, deputies are looking for a robber. this guy with his face covered shown with a gun taking from a hampton inn on monday in tampa. if you know anything about the crime, you could get a $3,000 reward. a florida woman wants to know why police never responded to her report of reckless driving. the woman followed an 18 wheeler for more than an hour on florida highway. she recorded the video on her cell phone. she called police several times to give them updates on where the driver was headed from 85 to i-10. >> when you see something unsafe, you are supposed to
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know and they are supposed to come investigate. i did that. nobody came. isn't that what my tax dollars are supposed to be for? >> the florida highway patrol says they don't have enough troopers to respond to every call. they are down about 20 troopers in that area. olympic swimmer ryan lochte now suspended for 18 months. he admitted that he exaggerated about a sources say the other swimmers involved in the case received a less severe punishment. lochte has sense apologized and is working on moving forward. he will be on "dancing with the stars," which premieres monday night right here on your abc action news station. the pillsboro health department is issuing -- the hillsborough health department
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diseases and infects. the advisories will be lifted when the water is deemed to be safe. we'll check in with ivan now for florida's first forecast. >> looks great through most of the day today. we have a bonus as far as the weather with the dry air limiting the rain chances. mid to upper 70s right now. we're mostly clear with the crescent moon out there. upper 60s right now. there you go, crystal river. that's what dry air can do, right? the dew point allows the temperature to fall even further. not so much that we've gotten a front coming through. although, of course, we look forward to that this the next month or so maybe. 75 at 7:00 a.m. 89 by 1:00 and our rain chance today at 20%. that would be again mainly for the areas in the south. we'll talk about the extended forecast for the weekend in a few minutes. we want to get a look at your morning commute.
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boulevard. janelle will have a full look at your morning commute coming up in 15 minutes or so. hillary clinton and donald trump appeared at the commander in chief forum in new york last night. they answered questions about national security, military affairs and other issues. donald trump had harsh criticism for the military. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> reporter: donald trump at the forum slamming his rival and president obama while also praising russian president vladimir putin. >> i think i would have a very, very good relationship with putin. >> reporter: moderator matt lauer coming under harsh criticism with some saying he pitched trump too many softball questions. lawer also failing to challenge trump for this repeatedly debunked claim. >> i was against the war in
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totally destabilized place. >> so is the plan you've been hiding this whole time asking someone else for their plan? >> no. i have a plan. i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is. >> reporter: on the topic of isis, hillary clinton spoke of using air power and regional alliances to defeat the group. >> we have to defeat isis. that is my highest counterterrorism goal. >> reporter: her answer rushed because roughly 30% of her time she faced mails. clinton reiterated using a personal account while secretary of state was a mistake but defended her handling of classified material. >> i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. take another look at this here. police in south florida caught that mobster gator roaming near two schools yesterday. the 11 foot gator weighed 450
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alligator with the help from trappers. florida fish and wildlife would determine what to do with this massive gator. martin county deputies called in backup to get another gator off the streets there. there are reports that the 5 foot gator was chasing children. a deputy called in a trapper. a florida man is in big trouble this morning. he told officers that he simply had too many long island iced teas before he ran his yaht aground on tom beach. everybody on board, thankfully, walked ashore, but the captain is not going anywhere. he is now charged with boating under the influence. officials have lifted an evacuation order allowing people to move back into their homes after flooding from hermine. cameron polom shows us the damage that was hidden by the high water. >> reporter: after six days in a hotel, 89-year-old margaret farina is finally back home.
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out of the roads. we couldn't get out, couldn't come in couldn't do anything. >> reporter: she along with another two dozen living at the mobile home park left everything behind with hopes it would all be there when they return. >> you can see the water marks. see down there, that's where the water came. it came through the shelfing out here and the whole driveway was like that. >> reporter: farina is feeling relief. she will have to replace her washer, dryer, and ac unit. fortunately, water never its way into her home. more than a dozen other homes in the park weren't so lucky. >> this one lasted quite a while, okay? after the strong winds kent through, we had the feeder bands come by and it kept raining. >> reporter: al has been through this before, five times, in fact. that's yes decided to wait it out. as the water continued to rise, so did the 75-year-old's blood pressure. >> i just put in $2400 of
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i'm praying please do not ruin my floor. >> reporter: the floor made it, but his ac unit did not. the park continues to pump water out of the street as people continue returning to their house. shoe loves her home and sunny florida, so she won't be going anywhere. i'm cameron polom, abc action news. all you could think at that >> iowa firefighters rushed to a house fire and find a cat overcome by smoke. how long it took to revive the cat with a special oxygen mask for animals. >> you're almost there. >> pretty interesting. that is a robot giving birth to for nursing student -- giving
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those stories and much more coming up at 5:00. >> the buccaneers will have to make a move here in the
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caught on camera a shocking attack. a 70-year-old man watering his lawn shot, the victim of a
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two men on bikes simply ride up, take a look at this take his wallet then shoot the man in the stomach. luckily, he survived and is listed in fair condition. this is the type of attack that has shocked his chicago neighborhood. >> i heard the gunshots. he was dazed in the street. >> absolutely ridiculous. you are not even safe in your own yard. >> take a look at these numbers. there have already been 500 murders in the city of chicago this year alone. that's los angeles combined. august is now the deadliest month in chicago in the last 20 years. police are doing everything they can to stay live. one -- stay alive. one is using his own monday for a product that stops bleeding until medics arrive. some are calling on the police department to make it standard
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for a gunman who opened fire at a principal on the second day of school. fortunately, the principal was not hurt. it's believed it was a person escorted off the school property earlier in the week. no charges for a husband caught on video beating a man who death who tried to rape his wife. prosecutors this new york planned to charge the 61-year- old man of murder, but the family of the suspect intervened saying the man should not be charged for protecting his wife. a maryland facing up to 15 years in prison for going shopping and leaving a nonverbal handicapped man inside of a hot van. the man was left in the van for an hour in 88 degree weather. a shopper found him unresponsive and in heed of help. he will be okay. the wounded warrior as
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at 9:00 on 49th street north of lake boulevard. riders will get a police escort. it's all meant to inspire veterans to get out and be active. we're learning this morning that better insurance does not always mean better health care. one study finds doctors may be ordering tests on better insured patients who don't need it. a study done by the journal of american medical association says certain hormone tests, x- rays, mris, provide little value at a higher cost, but it's not all doctors doing this. some tests are requested by doctors. proper recommendations are not always updated with new technology. >> working out is not only good for your waistline, it's good for your wallet. the journal of the american heart association reports people who work out spend less money on medical bills every year. people with heart disease who
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$2500 every year. tonight, nasa is launching space capsule cyrus rex from cape canaveral. it is hoped to be the first to gather samples from an asteroid and bring it back to earth. the launch is set for 7:00 tonight. look goods for the launch late -- looks good for the launch later on. by the way, rodney, excellent pronunciation there. make sure you say that slowly. >> i try. >> that's a tongue twister. temps in the mid and upper 70s right now. mostly clear skies. we're looking good. once you see 7 0, 71, there are pockets in and around reporting stations that dropped below the actual temperature we're reporting. so very comfortable to the north. you get further south and to
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temperatures are holding in the mid and upper 70s. as we see the easterly flow that continues here, beginning to make a little more northern progress. so southern hillsborough and portion of pinellas will get impacted by our very low coverage. still 20% as far as rainfall, showers, and storms. the dry care is still hanging tough for certainly the panhandle. even for most of us here from i-4 to the north. that continues today so that will limit our coverage. you will be nicely on the futurecast. there you go, showers getting going by 2:00, 3:00. clouds in southern hillsborough and southern polk again so any points south of that, that's what we're looking at. as far as the forecast temps today, 91 will be the daytime high. the extended seven-day forecast will see rain chances increasing into 40% this. they stay there beginning friday into the weekend with highs in the low 90s.
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start of the regular season. tonight, the rays start a three-game series against the yankees in new york. tom korun has the morning sports report. >> reporter: good morning, everybody! just when the buccaneers looked like they strengthened the roster they lose depth in the backfield. the buccaneers having to release mike james yesterday. we're not sure how james got hurt, but the bucs' plan was to go with only three runningbacks and all three obviously be healthy. so as head coach cutter said, they had to make the move money >> it didn't look like mike was ready to go this week so we had to make a move here. a hard part of the business. i feel horrible for mike, but we have to have 53 healthy guys ready for this week. the story at the trop with a big thank you going out to corey dickerson who was aces on
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the game. in the seventh right here, dickerson would give the rays a lead with his double scoring mikey and alex will get the save. the rays go on to win this one by a final of 7-6. and that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. it's nine minutes until 5:00 right now. an alarming new study on college students who smoke marijuana. how much researchers say pot use is growing found about other drug use coming up at 5:00. live long and prosper. >> marking 50 years since the very first "star trek" episode. a new series will debut this january. we'll look at another clip and
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all right. let's check out your thursday mid-70s. here comes 75 around 8:00 with plenty of sunshine. by 2:00, we're still in pretty good shape. by then, we begin to see showers especially i-4 to the south. they won't be a big deal. about 20% chances. we'll talk more about that and the increased coverage we're expecting tomorrow.
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>> the logical thing for you to have done was to left me behind. >> spock, remind me to tell you that i'm sick and tired of your logic. >> that is the moch ill logical attitude. >> get this. today marks 50 years since the debut of the very first "star trek" episode. it aired september 8, 1966. since then there have been more than a dozen spin-offs. a new series will debut. ? [music] ? >> that's ja rule and ashanti with their hit. tonight they perform in ybor city and the show starts at 8:00. an update on a man who was shot by officers. >> officers shot him after he fired at them during a traffic stop. that man is recovering from surgery. a live report from lakeland is
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county officials lifted an evacuation order allowing people to move back into their homes after flooding from her cane hermine. we're live in port richie in one affected neighborhood and the efforts to stop more
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captions by: caption colorado,
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mail: police are hunting for thieves caught on camera during a get away. how you can help ahead. >> residents say they don't want to go through this again. pasco county is planning for the future, but what will flood control efforts mean for homeowners in at-risk areas? lindsay logue is out live and she wi questions coming up. good morning, thanks for waking up with us on action news. >> how's it looking out there, ivan? >> looking great and by afternoon, i think we'll be great here. that has been the trend in the last couple of days. that will continue today and some changes begin tomorrow. mid and upper 70s. look at brooksville even cooler now at 67. compare that at st. pete. it's 78. a big difference there as we


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