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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  September 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the details we expect later today coming up. a man tries to save his sinking boat using a plastic cup but finally has to call for help. we'll show you how the coast guard rescued that man. >> you need a bigger cup. [ laughter ] good morning. thanks for waking up with us on this friday. looks like janelle rough night. oh, we missed that one. >> what? >> bad joke. >> she had a long weekend. [ laughter ] let's get to the weather here and let you recover there and answer all of the tweets and facebook posts and all of that stuff. upper 70s right now. clear skies out there that's nice, hot, and humid already. you can feel the humidity by the afternoon. 80 in st. pete.
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we're well into the 09s and trip -- into the 90s and triple digits. we're easily going above that today. when it gets hot for me, bring the thunderstorms on. the rain chances are 30%. we're a bit limited. it comes on the weekend but you can time it out just fine. plenty of sun earl lip and afternoon storms saturday into sunday and into monday and thereafter. >> all well, maybe janelle will be back by then. we'll see. [ laughter ] we're looking good on the roads right now. absolutely clear on the crosstown. excuse me, i'll get the gnomen clay chore correct. the selmon. this is going to be right at nebraska and fowler you'll have
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your average speed will take you 14 minutes to get into the downtown interchange. more traffic woes and thumbs up throughout tampa bay traffic. follow me on twitter. deiah? in just a few hours, a manatee county woman will face a judge after deputies say she hired a hitman husband. ashley yore, we're expecting to find out more details on how this alleged plot ended with the woman being arrested. >> reporter: that's right, deiah. we expect to get that affidavit with more information later on this morning, including communication between that woman and the hitman that she tried to hire. take a look at this video.
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leahy as she was transferred to jail yesterday. deputies say she made a deal but the price of her ex- husband's life was $5,000. a few weeks ago, someone tipped off authorities that she wanted her ex gone so she could have custody of their three kids. deputies set up a sting and the hitman she hired was a sheriff's detective. she paid cash twice. the first time a thousand bucks. yesterday, another $1500. now she's charged solicitation of murder and being held without bond. leahy will make her first appearance later on this afternoon. of course, we'll be bringing you updates on that and other details about this case as they unfold. for now, reporting live, i'm ashley yore, abc action news. winter haven police need your help this morning to catch three men who they say busted a glass window to get that a radioshack. police say they stole phones
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less than two minutes. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. we told about you the boater who ran his yaht aground after too many long island iced teas. it's not the first time he's taken to the water after a few drinks. thomas bake her been arrested weeks before by police in port canaveral. they charged him with bui on august 14th. look at that boater desperately trying to scoop water out of a using a plastic cup. the boat started taking on water 12 miles from the pass. the coast guard lowered the pump to the water because it stopped working. he did the right thing by keeping his boat running because if he had turned it
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patel was reported missing from the carnival ecstasy. she may have gone overboard near grand bahama. the father of a teen accused of a gruesome double murder in martin county says his son's condition is deteriorating. when authorities arrived, the teen was allegedly biting off the face of one of his alleged victims. he was accused of randomly killing a couple in their garage. ruth is still hospitalized a month after the attack. police believe chemical. his father says his son can't talk. he can only open his eyes and squeeze his hands. the city's storm water and flooding plan was done in 1984 and should be done every ten years. he is proposing a rate hike that would include immediate fixes. a south florida family is in mourning demanding answers
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during cosmetic surgery. maria christian died wednesday night while getting a tummy tuck. she leaves behind two young children. her family says she was in good health before the procedure. the facility has an "f" rating by the better business bureau. homicide detectives are investigating. now to a disgusting story at an apartment complex affiliated about the university of south florida. the students tell us they complained to two weeks about urine, involvement and feces. every time they complained, management didn't do anything about it. the student we spoke with even says workers in the office were combative to their complaints. >> you don't know what it's like to run a business. i think the management is newer here. why are you managing an apartment complex when you don't have a cleaning team or good maintenance? >> after we spoke with the
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entire office staff showed up and begun cleaning the hallways and stairs as well. the manager tells us it was her first day on the job but the problem will be fixed in the future. a harvard university student is calling out the university in its own paper saying the school failed her after she was raped by a fell loy studentp -- fellow student. she wrote "unless i subjew gated myself to a long trial, harvard would do nothing to keep him away from me. that's the writer says she has class with the rapist twice a week. she did have a rape kit done that came back positive and criticized harvard's controversial move to shut down all single sex organizations. the decision has drawn fire from fraternities and sororities across the country. an army veteran donating a puppy whose dog was shot to death by a neighbor. the marine and his wife said
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important members of the family. the neighbor faces animal cruelty charges, and they are grateful for the husky wolf mix puppy who they already have named alpha. >> bure reit toes falling from the -- burritos falling from the sky sounds like a college person's dream but it may be soon coming. you can order them at a special kiosk and made at a food truck on site and delivered to a confined area. lower the burritos using a tether. amazon's new service should prevent tailgating emergencies but sadly only in san francisco. 49ers fans can order more food and drinks with prime now and the company will deliver it to levi stadium within the hour. the company worked out a deal with the team. no word on whether any other teams like the buccaneers will
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the college football season kicked off last weekend. it's already time to start thinking about college basketball. the university of florida men's basketball team is coming to tampa on november 21st. the gators' home game in gainesville at the o'connell center is being renovated forcing florida to begin the season on the road. prices begin at just $15. the tampa bay show opens featuring hundreds of newest boats. there's also boating, paddle boarding and fishing seminars. the show runs through sunday evening. >> we'll have temperatures there in the lower 07s. of course -- lower 70s. of course it's indoors. the bus stop today looks dry but a couple of showers already by 3:00 and will also turn to thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that in the weekend forecast straight ahead. a golfer is shocked to
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why it's more common than you might think and how to avoid it. >> and dozens of people got trapped in a gondola high in thalps overnight doctor -- in n the alps overnight and how th
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welcome back. the time right now is 5:43. these guys look a lot happier than i would be that high in the air at that construction site. those workers posing on top of
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the mississippi. they just finished putting the finishing touches on this 1100 foot tall wilshire grand tower in l. a. it is expected to open next march. we have a warning from golfers this morning. hitting your ball into the rough can lead to fires like the one you are seeing over my shoulder in california. that one is blamed on a golfer. the golfer unintentionally started the fire when he tried to hit his ball out of the rough with the titanium golf club. it's only the titanium -- it's only the titanium alloy clubs. >> as long as these clubs are being used especially in areas like california, we'll continue to see the fires happen. >> the golf course where the fire started this week also
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golf club. wow. who knew? >> yeah. i'll tell you what, when a golf club cause as i fire, you know you are in deep trouble. the reason for it, the big drought. california is a tinderbox as far as anything going. this is why folks have to be very careful here. it doesn't take much to get things going here. unlimited fuel in the dry brush. by the way, as we zoom in, we're not completely average here. some parts of the eastern part of the state here are heading into brevard county. looking at the dry conditions, you can take care of that quickly with a couple of days of rainfall. dry air has been limiting our rain chances here. in fact, this has been just across the southeast. so we have not seen much in the way of activity here. this is the time of year we can do that. going back and form. still a wet season. not going to lock in any dry, cool air any time soon. we've had a nice bonus. a couple of showers out there has been the case for the last
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moisture is, right? the last few days, the showers have been in south florida. this morning, you can see them across the eastern part of brevard there. they will continue to migrate towards the west. as they do, they will develop with enough moisture and will be able to rain with 30 to 40% cover. still in the morning, a hot day, steamy, heat index and showers begin to develop. this will not materials a as we see it here, right? just a general idea that 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, we'll see the showers with a few thunderstorms especially along the beaches. feels like 100 to 105. by the way, next week, we go lower, right? our average high goes 89 to 90. the light at the end of the tunnel as far as our weather changing. yeah, right? a little cool out there.
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and storms. as will well knows, we don't -- as bill well knows, we don't get into those temperatures until october. >> crazy times. things are still staying very quiet and calm and cool on the roadways. taking a look right now, ashley drive in through the downtown interchange. we're fine. also out along the airport, this is where highway 60 comes in right at 275 coming acro the howard frankland bridge. we're look going. still have that accident causing backups. this will be at nebraska and fowler. there is an injury associated with that. you'll have to take some time getting around. the expressway is looking good. veterans 1 minutes to get you down to 275. the selmon, six minutes to get you to downtown and the dell
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at five minutes. let me tell about you an unusual sight on the roadways. truck spilling money every dids where. sounds like a dream to some but it was a nightmare for dell care commuters. this was along the i-95 corridor north of the maryland line. the tractor-trailer care rig 6.6 -- carrying 6.6 million unstamped pennies overturned on the interstate there. that's 40,000 pounds of little metal wafers highway. it took about 13 hours in total as blank pennies were literally being vacuumed after the highway. >> that is an awful lot to carry with you.
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there. now to something a bit worse than being trapped on the highway. how about this? being trapped overnight in a gondola. that's right, 33 people got stuck high in the air on the front side of a mountain in the alps. 110 people got stuck but helicopters rescued about 60,000 of them. another 12 were able to walk to a connecting cable car. night fall rescue. the last few were rescued after sunrise. the altitude was almost 12,000 feet. officials say the gondola stopped after two cables crossed over each other. neighbors are angry in indianapolis because they are planning to put it right next to a chuck e. cheese. right now, it is a vacant store
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there aren't any signs the company claims they will sell less than 25. it is listed as retail and the company says they won't be violating any codes. >> we don't know what kind of case we, as a community of concerned citizens, can possibly have when they are not violating a zoning ordinance. >> people in the community say they fight to stop the store from opening. still to come this morning, a man who proves that getting old does not mean you have to slow down. >> we want to warn you, his weekend plans might make you feel lazy. >> celebrating the start of football season where buccaneers fans are getting together this morning after the
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it's very upper 70s and sunrise coming up at 7:13. by 3:00, a couple of showers out there with about 20% coverage that increases to 40 later on into the season. 7 until 6:00 right now. attention prince fans, paisley park, the compound where prince lived is looking for workers. they are hiring operators, security, and management to
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compound. the team that oversees elvis presley's graceland is coordinating. paisley park will open this fall. daily guided tours will take fans through the recording studios, sound stage, and concert halls where he held many private events. a brand of shoe made entirely out of wool is getting very popular. they are called all bird and have already got a cult following in the tech industry. they were created by from new zealand. they say they are good at wicking away moisture. they are available only on the all bird web site. a 72-year-old man will compete in his very first full ironman in madison, wisconsin this weekend. >> lon is his name. he says he chose madison, wisconsin because he graduated from the university there nearly 50 years ago. he was on the university's
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triathlons nothing like he's ever done before. >> it is a much more sophisticated sport. you have to pace yourself and go long distances over periods. >> the ironman is this sunday. he says he does not want age to hold him back, and he just wants to simply finish that race. you can be kelly ripa's now this challenge to fans started posting online how easy they thought the job is. there's an opening on the show after the her co-host left "live" to join "good morning america" full time. the tampa bay bucs want you to join them on sunday. >> they celebrate the return of nfl football today during the
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the buccaneers' cheerleaders will be at the square from 11:00 to 1:00. there will be food trucks and latin music. should be fun. coming up, dramatic video of a crossing guard standing her ground. the reason parents are calling her a hero and the bizarre explanation the driver says is the reason for the incident. >> also this morning, loophole numbers showing how close hillary clinton and donald trump are among voters in the state of florida as trump defends what fact a blatant lie. and clinton goes viral on
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from an impatient driver. you have to see the video of a florida crossing guard standing her ground. >> none that i can speak of with any clarity. all of a sudden, you go from fine to worst but weather-wise, we'll stay that way through most of the day. we'll get into a few showers and aftern thunderstorms here. not just the southern counties that have been the case the last few days. coverage is not a big deal here, 30%. showers are continuing to move to the west that brings everything from the atlantic. the moisture is back here by later this afternoon. by the way, 93 will feel
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heat index today. we'll have rain chances around 30 to 40%. the weekend is a little different. we'll talk more about that heading into next week as well. >> 93 degrees and you are wearing a sweater vest? >> it's after labor day. >> so far it's cool on the roadways. no problems to report, i-4 looking both ways coming in and out of tampa. this is the lone wreck out there. 41 nebraska avenue near fowler. looking good into downtown.


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