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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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after 1:00, 2:00 and we'll continue to see locally heavy downpours here with frequent lightning and some isolated strong wind gusts. we'll watch that and that pattern by the way sticks around the next few days. so that is something to look forward to if you do not like the 295s we hit saturday and sunday. very hot this weekend and dry. we see more flashing lights that have been added to the crash. this is southbound on the howard frankland bridge so if you're heading from tampa into pinellas you're going to pass the flashing lights. it initially came in and-run and then ambulances on scene, could be injuries involved with this. not really slowing things down. just slow down and move over when you pass that crash. a couple of other crashes to tell you about, in pasco, lewis avenue at u.s. 19 some reports of a roadblock on lewis so be aware of that. also pinellas, a crash reported at 124th street, at 75th, 74th avenue so again if your morning commute takes you through that
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minutes. now to breaking news -- an arson investigator looking into a fire at a mosque this morning where pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen attended. crews in st. lucie got the call at 12:30 this morning that the islamic center of fort pierce was on fire. they say there's no indication nog pointing to an arson but there have been past threats made at the very same mosque. the fire marshal and sheriff's office are investigating this morning. no word just yet on any injuries. causeway is back open after a chain reaction crash overnight. >> eight people were still in the hospital this morning. two of them toddlers. abc action news reporter ashley yore is live on the courtney campbell where that crash happened. ashley, one of the toddlers still in serious condition this morning. >> a 2-year-old little girl still in critical condition this morning. law enforcement says this was a
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stop at that light you're looking at now. look at this white vehicle involved in the crash. so mangled you can hardly tell with a type it was. rescuers took a total of eight people to the hospital. the 23-year-old woman who caused the crash says she took her eyes off the road and then didn't see cars stopped at the redlight here at damascus road. she slammed into a mini van and set off that chain reaction. firefighters had to extricate several people from that van. eight people are now at three different hospitals this morning. that 2-year-old little girl critically injured is now at tampa general hospital. later on this morning we expect to find out more about the victims. who they are and how they are doing. of course we're going to keep you posted right here on air and on social media. for now reporting live, i'm ashley yore, abc action news. debris removal after hurricane hermine begins in an
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they toured dozens of homes this weekend. to verify the county's damage assessment numbers before money is handed out. flood victims need to document any repair work that is done. there should be emergency funding available quickly. estimates now are at $111 million. >> the average payout from fema to a homeowner is only $6,000 a household. it's not a lot of money. it's not an insurance gap. if they get every bit that fema can give them it's $33,000 and $36,000. again, it's not going to fix a destroyed home. >> we should know by the end of the week with pasco qualifies for funding. for those cleaning up today there are some rules. we'll break them down live on the news at 6:30. two tampa police officers are on administrative leave after they were involved in a shooting.
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then he backed up and hit two officers. cook has non life-threatening injuries after the officers fired. he got out of jail 10 days prior where he served time for grand theft auto. the officers are on paid leave, again during this investigation. pinellas dive team members hunting lionfish rescued two divers in distress this weekend. members of the sheriff's office dive team heading out for the lionfish safari roundup and heard someone yelling for help and he said he had been diving for lionfish but became detached from a buoy. deputies found his boat almost a mile away and were able to rescue a second diver. today's the deadline for the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting to apply for funds. the families of those killed as well as survivors of the massacre must submit a claim to receive a portion of the one orlando fund. it's up to $23 million and will continue accepting donations until next friday. the city of orlando and national center for victims of
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that money september 27th. meanwhile city officials are announcing they want to keep an assistant center for victims open for at least three more years. people around the country and right here in the tampa bay area stopped yesterday to mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11. >> many of them you may have been there gathered at the curlew hills gardens in palm hasher to remember lives lost from the worst terror attack on u.s. soil. >> the sounds of amazing grace rang out. 9/11 survivor and retired new york city firefighter mickey cross escaped towers that collapsed and then spent months in search and rescue efforts. >> of course it's a special
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everything else has faded. christmas, new years, my birthday. those days mean nothing, this is the only day that is really important to me. >> the event also included a unique traveling exhibit that features the names and photos of the 304 florida soldiers who died fighting the war on terror since 9/11. exciting news this morning -- clearwater marine aquarium is breaking ground this morning an major on a they are adding a parking garage with 400 spaces, 1.5- million gallon habitat for rescued dolphins and pelican habitat and two more four-story buildings. it will stay open to the public through construction. if you're in the market for a new job or know someone who is browse through 500 jobs in tampa today at a job fair. the coast-to-coast career center is going from 11:00 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon in westshore. more than 20 of the top employers in the bay area will be at the doubletree by hilton
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tampa airport. if you are looking for a job get there early, bring at least 40 copies of your resume. we're always updating our job listings too. go to even though football season just started the tampa bay lightning already gearing up for the next hockey season. staff at amalie arena will begin to lay down the ice just one hour from now. the crews will be laying down a base coat of water on the concrete floor starting 7:00 and painting markings. the bolts start their preseason on tuesday, september 27th at home against the carolina hurricanes. 6:07. still ahead -- the florida teen notorious for pretending to be a doctor is in trouble with the law again. what police say he tried to fake this time and how his past tipped off the person he was trying to trick. >> a school bus crash leads one dad and several others injured.
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driver did that investigators are now honing in on. z23xyz zy6z
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new developments, a florida teen already who is facing charges for impersonating a doctor is in more trouble with the law. >> the guy can't stay out of trouble. this time in virginia where officers say he tried to scam a
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19-year-old malaki love robinson faces identity and theft fraud charges this morning. investigators say he used fake documents to try to buy a $35,000 lexus friday. the dealership says his application raised several red flags. >> the things he was staying and doing that didn't add up. >> the dealership says when they performed an on-line search of love-robinson they found his previous arrests and called police. officers jailed him without bond, love-robinson was original after giving a medical exam to an undercover officer. he still is awaiting trial for that crime. big change in the forecast here after a dry hot weekend. ware going to be cooler but that is because rain is going to be coming in. in fact tropical moisture will raise rain chances big time the next few days. more on that coming up in a few minutes. coming up -- a new miss america was crowned last night
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history. a cause she hopes to bring awareness to. >> plus this -- cell phone cameras capture a student beaten outside of a florida middle school. the scolding police have not
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person that shot a 2-month-old girl on the interstate in wisconsin. witnesses say she was a passenger in a silver prius. the driver pulled off the highway after the shooting. authorities shut down the freeway for an hour to investigate. the girl is in the hospital this morning. and should survive. into a school bus driver is dead after veering off the road at the denver airport and crashing into a concrete pillar. at least 10 others on the bus, students, were hurt. two of them in critical condition this morning. the bus driver had just picked up the members of the legacy high school football tm another loop through the airport. police don't know at this point why she circled back. there were 28 students and four adults traveling team with the team. miss arkansas is your new miss america. >> miss arkansas! [ cheering and applause ] >> shields performed a jazz
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of the show. and during the question and answer segment she took a more political route when asked about hillary clinton saying that both presidential candidates have done a good job and that everything they say or do matters. shields is a senior at the university of arkansas and majoring in art. while miss missouri didn't place in the top 15 she made history at this year's pageant. the first openly gay contestant. the 23-year-old says her goal of getting this far was not community but to inspire others to follow their dream. she hopes all the attention will help raise awareness for her platform which is suicide prevention. sad news for the lgbt community. transgender actress alexis arquette has died. family members confirmed the loss yesterday. they have not revealed a cause of death. saying she was just battling a lengthy illness. robert arquette, alexis was born robert arquette was a
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roles in several movies. her famous siblings were there with her at her final moments. she was 47. cell phone video that shows an eighth grader being beaten by her classmates at a palm springs middle school. the two accused attackers have been taken into custody. the victim's mother says she can barely sleep after watching this video. she called her daughter last week wednesday to tell her she was coming to pick her up and on the call says her and got to school and someone said her daughter was beaten up. and nobody called for help, they were too busy taking photos and videos. >> instead of taking videos and photos take action. call the police department, call a parent, call the school. there's police officers all around. so rather than taking the time to sit and videotape it we have basically at risk because they
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phone out of the victim's hands faces additional charges. let's check in on the forecast. we have big changes underway today. and through the middle part of the week. i think we're going to be copying and pasting the forecast. if you don't like rain it's a problem because a lot of it is coming in, in the form of tropical moisture. that doesn't mean we're going to rain the entire day. just we have a lot of moisture to work with so we need the heating of the day and sea breezes, everything gets going moisture streaming from the southeast. of course one bonus, we won't be as hot as we were this weekend with the mid-90s. we'll top off in the mid-80s to lower 90s. look at the moisture coming. in it's not that we have to wait for the showers in particular here. we make our own with the sunshine as we head through this afternoon. it's a tropical wave. we'll talk more about that in the tropics here but here's your futurecast, showers and storms by 1:00, 2:00, firing across the east and ending up looping the coast between 4:00
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into the gulf. quiet down tonight and do it again tomorrow and that is going to be the case through the next few days. this is the middle of the atlantic, that tropical development is going north. no need to worry about that. this 10% is not going to develop into anything except a lot of moisture for us. that sets the stage for plenty of thunderstorm activity. by the way we have action in the pacific, away from mexico, moving to the west the next few days and western typhoon in t almost a category 155 headed to taiwan with 160 mile-per-hour winds. they are bracing for that. 91 today, 86 st. pete. we'll continue to see rain chances coming up. 60% to 70%. that will be the trend through the middle part of the week. then beginning to come back down by friday and in time for the weekend. looks decent now but that is seven days out.
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>> still flashing lights on the howard frankland. in the southbound lanes not causing delays but a little distraction. cars slowing down when passing the southbound lanes on the howard frankland. no huge delays here. in st. pete, 275 at 54th avenue north up to speed now in both directions. let's check drive times on some of the major roads in our area. still ahead -- a big change for tesla's self-driving cars. one technology the company says would have prevented that deadly crash earlier this year in florida. >> jail with a side of fries. one woman's hunger lands her in
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>> first -- on the first sunday of the football season players joined protests during the national anthem. we see how the movement is growing. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look the wave of nfl players joining colin kaepernick's protest against racism and police brutality. from coast-to-coast players showing the quarterback's movement of support new york some cases entire teams making the unified decision to link arms in solida national anthem. >> it's unifying our team. but it's also unifying our stadium. it's unifying our communities. it's unifying our state. and hopefully it will unify our country. to where there's a message that needs to be heard. >> reporter: with other players like the chief's cornerback grabbing headlines. but making a statement has come at cost for some players like denver broncos brandon marshall. the academy credit union dropping him saying his actions
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and coming up at 7:00 a.m. -- espn's steven a. smith weighs in live with your gma first look, abc news, san
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we're learning tesla will update the autopilot software on its cars in two weeks tops. that is what the ceo announced
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deadly crash in levi county four months ago. that is when a driver slammed into a tractor-trailer when the autopilot didn't identify. tesla says the new system will rely more on radar than traditional cameras, that may not work well in some lighting conditions. a woman picked the wrong person to steal fries from. >> police say she sat down next to a police officer in washington, dc and simply helped herself. >> what? >> to his plate. not the smartest. that officer was eating dinner at an italian restaurant last week when and a friend joined him. uninvited. the officer says she seemed drunk and tried to start a conversation before taking one of his fries. now the officer told her to stop but she took a second and third. finally the officer arrested her charging her with theft. good morning. we're still watching this crash on the howard frankland in the southbound lanes. now it looks like we have an
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still not causing any major problems. we have a report of a large hole that opened up on mlk, we'll have more on that coming up. also ahead -- a man who wanted to try out a bulletproof vest ends up dead. the family member police say pulled the trigger and his account of what happened. >> hillary clinton's health scare captured in video many of you are talking about. new information from her doctors as donald an opportunity to rehash an old
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6:30 -- picking up the pieces. new progress today for flood victims in pasco county. >> clean-up starts just minutes from now and there's one thing fema is focusing on today. how much federal money if any
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on this monday. >> we have a live report on the recovery in pasco county with steps for people to take but first weather and traffic. come on back. >> ready for that weather. it's mondays, it's tired. just wants to get on with the thing, i get it. 80 degrees in st. pete now. 79 in tampa. big changes coming up. clean-up in pasco county, unlike the last week it's going to be pouring this afternoon. keep it in mind. we're going to tropical moisture moving in and that will yield rain chances to 60%, 70% the next couple of days. so most of us will be getting wet certainly through the middle part of the week as that moisture streams in from the bahamas. in fact there's a tropical connection from the southeast. you can clearly see showers streaming in. these will turn into thunderstorms eventually and so that by the time we get into the evening commute i think we'll be in some pockets of heavy downpours, frequent lightning and even strong gusty winds. we'll watch that.
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rain chances about 89 to 91 the range for today. let's check with janelle. we're still looking at the same camera on the howard frankland because we had a hit- and-run crash reported in the southbound lanes, now looks like an incident, possibly a stalled car or another minder fender-bender in the northbound lanes. so flashing lights both ways though i checked drive times and you're still looking at less than 10 minutes across the howard frankland. again in both directions. this is what it looks like at i- 275 and busch, starting to get a some cars tapping the brakes. 7 minutes to get from here to downtown tampa. your toll roads looking pretty good. veterans still in the green. and 6 minutes on the selmon from i-75 to downtown. we have a large hole that opened up on mlk between himes and macdill. captain al is checking it out. >> reporter: good morning.
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himes avenue. that first light. panera is out of the picture there to the right. you can see that hole is on the entry lane to -- eastbound mlk. it's off to the side. however, they are using that right lane just to protect that construction area until they deal with this i'm sure a little later this morning. one lane getting by, not really backed up, not a lot of traffic eastbound on mlk early. that is good news because westbound from i-275 is busy, southbound dale mabry as well, it's a -- a lot of cars coming from carolwood to 275, otherwise back to you. hurricane hermine clean-up continues today in pasco county. >> nearly 3,000 homeowners are able to put trash in front of their home for collection today but jake peterson, live in new port richey, there are several do's and don't's during this process today. >> reporter: yes. there are different crews going out to pick up different items. if you have things like tree limbs, they need to be placed near the curb in one pile.
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it needs to be in a different pile. if you you don't do that there's a chance it may not get picked up. here's a breakdown the county gave out. items can be separated into different piles like furniture, appliances, construction materials, vegetation and hazardous waste. crews will not separate the debris for you. so again if you don't separate them they may not pick up your trash. meanwhile, crews are going door- to-door looking and evaluating damage. this is vide today the reps are evaluating damage from pub properties such as daniel to county-owned buildings and land. the assessment is important because a federal disaster deck clearration could be declared that makes federal dollars available. >> homeowners welcome this relief. >> it falls on me.
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>> reporter: the initial storm damage in pasco county, to properties is $111 million. if you need any more information on debris pickup it's on reporting live in pasco county, jake peterson, abc action news. the courtney campbell causeway is back open after a four-car crash closed it force hours last night. six people are still in the hospital from the crash, two just toddlers. a total of eight people were hurt in all. a 2-year-old girl is in critical condition this morning. police say it was a chain reaction started by a distracted driver. a 23-year-old woman told officers she took her eyes off the road for some reason and didn't see cars stopped at the red light. she slammed into the back of a mini van. >> when you're driving on any road, about whether a 30 mile- per-hour road or 50 mile-per- hour road like this one you need to pay attention to what is in front of you every moment of every time.
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for a second, that can spell disaster. >> no word on if the driver who started the crash will face charges. we expect to find out who the victims are and to get an update on how they are doing a bit later this morning. 6:35. a man wanted to know if a bulletproof vest worked. now he's dead and cousin in jail. police say joaquin mendez wondered allowed if the vest worked. at a house in tampa saturday night. there's say alejandro garibaldi said let's see. he pulled out mendez who died at the hospital. that's not the story -- mendez is charged with manslaughter and being a felon with a gun. not allowed. hillary clinton cancelled plans to travel to the west coast today after feeling faint at the 9/11 memorial in new york city. >> her doctor revealing she has pneumonia and needs to rest.
6:36 am
campaign van. she's seen leaning against a and appearing to swoon before aids with the secret service catch her and help her into the van. doctors say she felt overheated, was dehydrated after spending 0 minutes at ground zero -- 90 minutes at ground zero. later appearing outside her daughter's apartment saying she felt better. >> how are you feeling? >> great! [ applause ] >> donald trump ceremony. when asked about it he didn't reiterate criticisms of her health. >> there a question about her health independence this morning? >> i don't know -- incident this morning? >> i don't know anything about that. >> neither trump nor clinton have released their full medical records. good morning on a monday. heads up again, we're going to be in a pattern change for today. what we had last couple of days and even latter part of the
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the way and they will be numerous, 60% to 70% coverage the next few days and temperatures this afternoon in the low 90s. i-4, crowded in the westbound lanes around county line road. so i checked the drive times, still not too bad. just starting to slow down a little bit, 25 anyone's to get from county line road into downtown. 10 minutes at the bottom 75 to 275. coming up -- the expression raining cats and dogs but what about raining catfish? the unusual happening that made one woman's walk very interesting and her friends think they can explain it. >> a little later -- the bucs are off to a great start in the regular season. how yesterday's win against the falcons serves as a first and
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welcome back. time now 6:40. pretty strange story this morning. a woman in philadelphia says a catfish fell from the sky. hit her smack in the head. lisa lobery was walking the steps of the art museum on labor day, the ones made famous by the movie "rocky." all of a sudden something hit her in the head. her friends saw the whole thing and confirmed it was a catfish.
6:41 am
and scars and admits she was a bit freaked out. >> i was slammed in the face with something. i think it may have been head, face and neck because i smelled so bad afterwards. i think of all things to happen, it was a -- traumatic at the time and but it's funny and there sore many worse things thatp >> where he can actually did this fish came from? it came from the sky. apparently a friend spotted a bird flying away right after that fish probably pretty upset -- >> the bird had it in its talons and dropped it? >> and lost the catfish. >> embarrassing too. how did you get that injury? a fish fell on my head. still ahead -- another round in the fight for zika virus funding. what are officials warning if congress doesn't act? >> refer agree takedown. what a -- referee takedown. what a father says his son was
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got in the way. >> live look from action air 1 and traffic backing up along the howard frankland bridge.
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good morning. we're starting with a serious crash in manatee county in the palmetto area, u.s. 41 at 49th street.
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both directions so an area to avoid. possibly take u.s. 19 to palm view road and work your way back to 41 depending where you're coming from and where you're going, either way give yourself extra time to get through that crash there. we have reports of that depression in the roadway that captain al showed you a little while ago this. is mrlg eastbound between himes and - mlk eastbound between himes and macdill. outside lanes blocked. no major delays yet but as rush hour continues we could start to see looking outside, i-75 around fowler, traffic starting to back up a little. still looking at just 11 minutes from the apex to i-4. captain al is watching the howard frankland, how's it looking? >> reporter: good morning. you talked about the two incidents, maybe breakdowns. disabled vehicles, whatever, on the howard frankland, tampa side. on the right is northbound. you can see that headed into tampa. that is the east side of the main span. on the lefthand side, that is
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petersburg. the move over rule is in effect whenever there's emergency vehicles on the shoulders. people are not abiding by it. they should really slow down under 20 miles per hour or vacate that lane. keep it in mind if you're crossing. visual delay only, no travel lanes taken. it's going to be a dry start, then not. it's just going to rain pretty good the next couple of days but it will be afternoon and evening thunderstorms that we're going to be talking about. so it's not going to be anywhere showers already along 95. got a flow from the south and east. not just the wind that is coming going from south and east. that is there, so that is going to take the storms towards the coast by later on today but it's where the moisture is coming from. a disturbance in the bahamas will pump in plenty of moisture to work with. so as we get the heating of the day and then our sea breeze going across the west that will allow for the thunderstorms to really get going by later this afternoon and evening. any time you see futurecast
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the middle and then this line, that is an indication of the potential of stronger storms, frequent lightning and heavy rain and isolated severe wind gusts can't ruled out. that's the pattern we're in today, tomorrow and thereafter. we continue this a good chunk of the week. upper 70s to around 80. unlike the weekend with less, of course dry conditions, not in the mid-90s. saturday and sunday we had records. no 91 for the airport with a mix of sun and clouds early. stor c and continue with us through the evening. pushing to the gulf. then we repeat again and set the stage for another rainy afternoon tomorrow, wednesday into thursday. and by the end of the week we should be back to more september typical rain chances, about 40% for next weekend. a plane crash in reno kills all four people on board. no one was hurt but several cars in the parking lot are damaged. a man faces several charges
6:48 am
airport in albuquerque on 9/11. police evacuated security checkpoints and numerous flights in and out were delayed. the bomb squad cast called in and eventually gave the airport the all clear. the zika virus is set to take center stage today during a meeting between president obama and the top four leaders in congress. if they don't agree on a budget by the end of the month we could possibly see a government shutdown and debate on zika virus funding has stalled those talks. congress could vote again this week on additional funding. the director of the cdc warns the money to fight the disease could dry up within weeks and scaling back the fight could possibly have longterm consequences. >> in the congress weeks and months we will see unfortunately and tragically many more babies born in puerto rico and in the continental u.s. with microcephaly and other birth defects. >> there are more than 600 cases of zika in florida now. more than 50 were transmitted in the u.s.
6:49 am
hurt at a college party in connecticut over the weekend when a third story balcony collapsed to the ground below. a fleet of ambulances lined up outside the house to rush victims to the hospital. police say the deck was rotted and rickety. it also took out a second floor porch below it. all of it crumpling to the ground. trinity college owns the property which is managed by a private company. a chicago man is fed one crime in his rising community and now taking matters into his own hands by hiring security officer. the owner of the security company, howard grier, also a chicago police officer, patrols the block. he and fellow off-duty officers now walk that neighborhood with guns and handcuffs six days a week, eight hours a day. >> it's a supplement to a crime fighting. to the police department. i think it's very effective. >> it's effective but also very expensive. that chicago homeowner has paid
6:50 am
"dancing with the stars" on your abc action news station. >> season 23 already. brings many contestants to keep an eye on including two u.s. gold medalists and former presidential candidate. lorne -- lori hernandez is joining ryan lochte and also texas governor rick perry. starts at 8:00. it gave us the well known songs "define graft" "for good" "popular." now you can experience "wicked." ? i'll help you be popular? >> those tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning for the musical. the show will be at the straz center from february 1st through january 26th of next
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? landslide will break you? ? down? >> tickets for stevie nicks go on sale today as well at 10:00 a.m. she's touring with the pretenders. the show will be at amalie arena november 2nd. tickets available at the arena and at all ticketmaster outlet's and the ticketmaster web site. to the dramatic confrontation between a ref and college football player. the player now is facing felony battery charges. his dad says >> the ref just got punched in the face by a player! >> wow. >> what? >> bernard schreimer hit the ref that was holding him back at the time. the dad says the player was hitting himself in the head to calm himself down. and the ref just got in the way. >> if you look at the video you can clearly see he struck
6:52 am
charges dropped. or a suspension could last five years. the bucs started the regular season on the road against the atlanta falcons last night. >> quarterback jameis winston started off right. it was a pretty good game from start-to-finish for the bucs. tampa took a 17-13 lead at lasttime and jameis winston looked great in the second half. ended the game with 281 passing yards to go along with four the bucs win 31-24 giving tampa bay's head coach his first win as the team's new leader. >> don't ever apologize for winning games in this league. let's do it 15 more times. this year. all right? it's a team effort. and everybody helped. excitedded for every guy in that room because we played
6:53 am
week starts today. there will be an official kickoff party tonight from 7:00 to 10:00 at the raw studios. you need a $99 fashion week wristband to get in the doors. 6:53, your morning sprint counting you down to "good morning, america." >> abc action news bringing you what you need to know before you walk out the door. starting with a fire on florida's east coast at a mosque where pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen used to looking into the cause of the fire at the islamic center of fort pierce. there have been past threats made on the same mosque. no word on injuries. courtney campbell causeway is back open. law enforcement says a distracted driver caused a chain reaction and now eight people are in the hospital including a 2-year-old in critical condition.
6:54 am
her eyes off the road and didn't see the cars stopped at a red light at damascus road. she slammed into a mini van and set off the chain reaction. firefighters had to pull several people from the mini van. later this morning we're expected to find out how the victims are doing. of course we will certainly keep you updated. in pasco county crews will begin to pick up storm debris. you must place items on the right of separate different types of debris in separate piles. it starts today. let the county know if you have materials that you need picked up. hermine caused more than $111 million in damage to pasco properties. a man who police say shot and killed his own cousin while testing a bulletproof vest is set to anear in court later today. police say the victim, 23-year- old joaquin mendez wondered allowed if the vest worked. they say alejandro garibaldi
6:55 am
gun and shot mendez in tampa saturday. mendez died at the hospital. officers have charged his cousin with manslaughter and for being a felon with a gun. a teen who jumped into a pond to save a 71-year-old man will be honored today. the 17-year-old was riding with his mom, heading to family dinner a couple of weeks ago when he heard -- on a -- a splash and saw a car in the pond. he told mom to stop, jumped out and dove into he helped the driver out of the vehicle. that to an will be honored -- that teen will be honored tonight at a ceremony in palm harbor. good morning, still following this crash in palmetto in manatee county. u.s. 41 at 49th street. we have a serious crash with some roadblock in both directions, you may want to stay on u.s. 19, take to it palm view road to work your way around the crash. it's starting to get crowded on i-4 around 301 heading in
6:56 am
from 57 to 275. let's check with action air 1, captain al, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. now there's more light. let's take another look at the hole in the road, eastbound mlk past himes avenue, it's to the right. you can see it in the entrance lane there. not on mlk actually but they have one lane closed there and there's a little backup so keep it in mind. here's ivan with the forecast. >> checking in with temperatures in the 70s. a lot of sunshine bu thunderstorms between 4:00 and 8:00, 6 o% coverage with highs around 91. 60%. a picture of a tennessee firefighter going viral. a woman who works at a planet fitness said the firefighter asked if he could climb 110 sets of stairs in his full uniform to honor the firefighters killed on 9/11. >> what picture now going viral -- that picture now going viral
6:57 am
6:58 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight -- hillary clinton cancels a campaign trip after her knees buckle at the 9/11 ceremony. hours later, waving and smiling. >> feeling great, feeling great. >> then, clinton reveals she pneumonia. the latest on her health this morning. how will donald trump respond? out of control. at least a dozen wildfires burning out west, forcing evacuations from california to washington. now more states facing fire watches and warnings and winds up to 50 miles an hour threatening to spread the blaze. a ship with 150 people on board smashes into a pier. both engines consumed by fire. the captain rushes passengers off the deck, a police helicopter and firefighters on the scene. standing united.


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