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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  September 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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1500 psychological background checks that includes the orlando shooter. >> adam spoke with a former employee who said that the -- said that they company employed -- did a background check on him as well. >> it sad. -- it's sad. >> he says that he should have never received a security license. the florida department of corrections fired him after he threatened to bring a gun to work. his ex-wife also accused him of >> mentally unstable and mentally ill. >> the coworker said that he threatened him pick >> cash. >> there was always curse words and this was not seldom it was almost all of the time pick >> the fbi questioned him twice about potential ties to terrorism pick >> i'm very troubled for all of those souls that were lost.
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background check it's a disgrace. >> the state says his background check contained an error 2007 they said that this character form to the state indicating that he performed his psychological background check. but he no longer perform devaluations at that time and had moved to colorado. investigation revealed that her name appeared on 1500 certifications that she did not perform and the state find them $100 per instance. >> it is a farce when you see that risk involved it could -- for those people that could have guns and be certified and they're not. >> he says that those candidates were properly evaluated by dr. joann. but they submitted the wrong forms. plumber who passed psychological exams says that he was not even allowed to
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maybe 15 minutes and they took the test from me and the other guysaid something and i asked him later how did i do and he said you past. >> you can fill it out cork >> no. >> you only feel like you did maybe half? >> maybe a third pick >> he doesn't know who signed off on his exam. >> did you ever talk to a psychiatrist? >> no. i never did. that's what amazed me. they didn't finish the test and then i was hired. >> he said he received a assessment those properly evaluated by a licensed psychologist. today is the deadline for victims of the pulse nightclub shooting to apply for the orlando fund. families of those killed and survivors will submit a claim to receive a portion. the city of orlando will begin
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september 27. 49 people died. a frantic search is underway to find a missing three-year- old boy from the nellis park. we are checking with authoties to see if they have any leads. they say the 30-year-old grabbed his three-year-old son and took off. he may be driving a blue 2003 honda civic with the license plate number gcuf36. if you have seen either of them 911 right away. the sure to check our facebook and twitter feeds. new pictures giving us a look at a crash in mulberry. they say the driver of this pickup suffered a medical ex -- situation. thankfully nobody was in there at the time.
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we've definitely got some changes to talk about after a sunny hot weekend. and we have a lot of moisture rolling in. that means moderate to heavy rain at times. and a couple of lightning strikes up towards luke's and a closer look at the northwest and just shy of 6:20 am. and, pushing over the bay of eventually, over to clearwater, and that will continue to develop heaviest rains are long -- along sarasota county. and the rains taper off by 10 pm tomorrow morning, they returned and they get heavier later on in the afternoon. i will let you know who sees the heaviest rain. pascoe county cannot catch a break. they are tweeting over these pictures, showing localized flooding. they said is
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many of those counties are underwater for two weeks now. and people are dealing with stacks of debris. it has been more than a week now since it has impacted 500 properties there. and all new at six, -- 6 pm, they're finding why best finding out why they're picking up that process. >> yes, take a look behind me. at how much this one homeowner is responsible. baseboards and floorboards. and, we have found debris piles like this all over crystal river. they are promising that help is on its way. >> your life is sitting in your frontline pick >> it is revealing a community plagued by debris. >> just about everything from
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underwater. >> we have had this house for a yearthing that is a- year-old is destroyed. >> kings bay lodge is totaled. >> is everything lt? >> couches, mattresses, box springs. >> the co-owner says it will cost his business at least one month of renls. they will refurbish but for now they wait. >> government is slow pick continues to pile upore than one week since t hrica hit. the city maner says that fema pays for two rounds ofebs. we will do a final cleanu that
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opportunity to getheirtuff out. >> they say that crews will be out fl forcrrmoow and they say it can't come soon enough for nehbors west of 19 and number of small businesses. >> hopefully when they get started it won't take long. > cash >>nd we also found out tod last week they approved spending up to $1 million to and another reason i'm pulled for this, is finding a fema approved company they approve the area for the disaster relief i'm told that that money will be paid back to the city. thank you. manatee deputies need your help finding a possible witness to a deadly shooting. sharon johnson is not a suspect that she may have information. an unknown gunmen shot and killed the 44-year-o the 11th st. the 11th st. they say that gardner was arguing with someone
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if you have any information call the man she county sheriff's office. mills cy deputies are charging man with child abuse. they say he let a 13-year-old to drive a car and told them to leave deputies on a chase. deputies tried thearst t becae it di'tdnave headlights on. they say that he ordered the underage driver not to stop and when they did deputies say he jumped behind the wheel and drove into a cruiser. > police are giving us information about a deadly weekend shooting. they say that he was not wearing a bulletproof vest but rather a jacket. they are not designed to stop most bullets. they say that his cousin alejandro shot him on saturday night to see if it worked. and he died. do you notice anything wrong here? is looks le your erage
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costs a lakeland woman $114. you can see, ryan shows us every for the driver. >> last week -- >> i didn't know it was illegal pick >> they slapped her with a $104 ticket. >> he said, the license plate holder was against state statutes. >> plate hold, ame and the state says that it is against e law. but why do you need to see the florida? >> the shifers office and
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. she said s read it -- they redesied than 15 yearsgo to become in compliance. but in recent years, and the w says that nothing can be obscured. >> this is by no means an issue with one single dealership. the next time you're there at the store most of those cars are illegal. >> they say they will either do another redesign or they may have to do away popular frames altogether. but as for the ticket. >> i would love for them to take care of it. >> after he got involved they called the customer and told them that they are sending her a check the plan to take the issue up with the state. it is the biggest crime in the bay area. the growing trend that is only getting worse and the simple thing that you can do that could save lives. intentionally run over four
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deputies need your help. they say that he broke loose change. but they did not say wch neighborhood that this happened in. cases just like that are the number one crime in the bay area. the problem is so bad that detectives are overwhelmed with thousands of cases of identity theft tied directly to your unlocked car. >> and all new at 6 pm they break down the numbers and explain why deputies say that this problem will only get
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>> left wide open. >> this one is not. >> two of those three vehicles in this driveway are unlocked. >> for 16 years they patrolled those districts and hill broke count -- hillsborough county. >> and more and more he is having this conversation. >> make sure that you lock your cars. >> it's unlocked.>> and, that's and i'm pretty sure that they will be checking that. >> they had hundreds of dollars worth of tools and his unlocked truck. the other car in his driveway was locked. his wife locked his car but he did lock kids. >> for all of them it is their biggest problem. this year nearly 1300 auto
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hillsborough county is more than 2000 with 60% unlocked. and each one of these cars often leads to another crime and another investigation. >> it's nothing for some detective to come in and have 10 vehicles and one evening. it makes it very difficult. because now the victims have to wait even longer. >> if the fourth largest county in florida. 1.3 million people and growing. >> if you look out there, what do you see? >> major headache. >> it is serious and responsible people who are putting lives in danger -- irresponsible people who are putting lives in danger. >> and, a shotgun all in the trunk of the vehicle. >> they could be pointing his direction but he still has a
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convinced that hopefully it is one person at a time. >> he said, while they are unlocked. >> he appreciates that. but he had no clue. >> we have all ready got self driving cars. now, with self driving car's? yes, they just granted walmart a patent for a new system allowing them to drive themselves. they will be equipped with detachable m video cameras. no word yet on when or where they will start using that system. >> that's pretty cool. >> why? >>[laughter] >> but there's always that one wheel that doesn't work. >> [laughter]. a look outside, we are still looking at clouds.
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it looks beautiful. a typical summer day. and, you have a nice little picture. sent to us earlier today. and a ring around the sun. pretty significant once a day. it means that the sun is going through some ice crystals. and it very often can create what we call a ring around the sun or a certain horizontal arc. and here's a look outside, it will continue to see continue to see scattered showers. and this is a nice little line up towards carrollwood closer to lutes. and a couple of lightning strikes with this as well. in the last 10 minutes there are strikes about 20 or 30. in this goes right through downtown tampa. and courtney campbell, howard franklin and the gandy bridge are picking up rain extending down towards seminole.
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they need any rain but they picked up about an inch of rain. that's the way that this will shape up. we're going to continue to see scattered showers across the area butn my mind i expect that we will probably more than likely see the bulk of the rain arriving after lunchtime. let's take this as we go look at most of the area you can see the moisture. typically, initially the water vapor it is because it is brown. that's the way we had it last week. will all of a sudden we have gone from a very dry atmosphere to a juice atmosphere. you can thank the folks who do not want any more rain. it is this tropical wave and interestingly enough this is a wave that we have been tracking all the way off of africa. and a couple of weeks ago those models were showing it into a hurricane. what's interesting is, and never develops but it did make
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our rains tonight and again on wednesday. we will see a little spin going right up the eastern side. and, there is that little spin and it's going east. in my mind, the heaviest rains will be polk county eastport. there will be areas that will pick up for it hour or two. heaviest rain. and, that track of that rain we are still looking at a decent chance of rain. until things go back out to normal so let's check this out on facebook, we would get the update as his lights up. and, the rain chances are 60% between wednesday and thursday
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as we speak houston police are trying to track down the driver who intentionally ran over a woman four times. >> the victim is currently in critical condition. police are not releang his name. they say that the two had been arguing beforehand. still ahead, the bucks not only when on -- win on opening
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hello folks it is nice to be king even though it might only be for one week. but heading into week two, the only one in zero team in the south. and love the fact that they got that win. and, love the fact that we saw
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hoped that we would see. last year at this time, there is little to no chance that these plays would have been completed. james winston letting it over the top. and he went to get it. that's a huge catch right there. and how about mike ebbets? this was an impressive catch. he caught this one in the fingertips. that's concentration right there. 31 points on the board. and, that something they will have to work out with the second. but all in all, a win is a win. >> i told him, great job. that's a team effort. and everybody helps. so excited for every guy in that room because we played like a team today. that was good. >> and, they will be back on
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played this game at high noon. but first they travel to syracuse and fsu is traveling to louisville. and meanwhile, the american conference player is there and we also have davey o'brien for that week. and 350 yards there. and they are putting it up. >> we're continuing coverage of
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tonight, hbl hillary clinton's health scare, and a short time ago, her new message. clinton's legs appearing to buckle beneath her as she left the 9/11 memorial early. and then, more than an hour later, this. why didn't she reveal the pneumonia earlier? donald trump today say, get well apology from clinton for something else. also, the pictures tonight. a mosque set on fire, and this evening, new surveillance. what it reveals. and the other stunning fire. the home with nine people trapped inside, six of them children. the breaking headline. the southwest flight and the piece of the engine that broke off mid-flight. the first findings in the investigation now in. and for the first time, jon benay ram see's brother breaking


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