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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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gushing underground. rodney dunningan, this discovery was made weeks ago? >> reporter: deiah, in fact, the company found out about this issue the last week of august and this hole, as you guys mentioned, is massive. it is about 45 feet wide. they aren't sure how deep it is because they actually can't see to the bottom of this thing. this video is incredible. let's take a look at this. the aerial view gives you a great perspective of how massive this hole is. it containment pound. about 215 million gallons of contaminated water used to process fertilizer was actually drained into that hole. the problem was discovered by a routine inspection. >> one of our field technicians whose job is to monitor water levels in the ponds, when they were making their rounds, they
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>> reporter: okay. you may be wondering howell they are dealing with this. a recovery well has been set up. the entire process, though, could possibly take months to complete. back out here live this morning, another concern maybe for folks who live in the area, company officials say folks who live nearby have nothing to be concerned about, about this contaminated water. no sort of water issues as far as homes or apartments in this area. so that is something positive to report this morning.
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sentenced to 180 days in jail. rhonda and her boyfriend passed out with their 4-year-old grandson in the car in east liver pool ohio earlier this month. police say she overdosed on heroin. she pleaded no contest to child endangerment, public intoxication, and a seat belt violation yesterday. now to democracy 2016. the donald trump campaign issuing a statement claiming that trump did the nation a service by harping on the
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was, in fact, born in the u.s. >> and hillary clinton called trump out for refusing to say that on camera. as recently as 36 hours ago, trump wouldn't answer a question posed by a "washington post" reporter asking him if he believed that president obama was, in fact, born in the u.s. he said instead that he would answer that question at the right time. clinton pounced on him for that and also what she calls his repeated divisive rhetoric. me how concerned they are by the extreme policies and divisive rhetoric they've heard from my opponent. from the racist lies about mexican immigrants toes a racist attack on atrial judge. every time we think he's hit rock bottom, he sinks even
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>> clinton said yes if elected that she would send an immigration reform proposal to congress within 100 days. she said it would keep families together and include a path to citizenship. trump meanwhile campaigning in florida today is planning a rally tonight in miami. he's avoided talking about the birther controversy but he is talking about a controversy caused by his son donald trump, jr. who said the media would be "warming up the gas chamber if things clinton was taking." trump went on the offensive at an event with one of his other sons eric. >> working so hard. boy, the press likes to hit them. right? boy, the press likes to hit 'em. they are such good kids, but they can take it. eric, can you take it?
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>> trump admitted on "the tonight show" that he didn't like apologizing. he also took part in a lighthearted part of the show, allowing jimmy fallon to mess up his hair. >> thought we would see it. missed it. fiat chrysler is recalling more than 2 million vehicles worldwide because the air bags might not deploy. they were manufactured between 2010 and 2014 and among the models being r and seat belt control modules with a certain design might not even tighten the seat belts or deploy air bags, which would increase the risk of injury. taking action for you right now. dollar general is expanding. that's good news if you are looking for a job. they are planning to hire 10,000 employees in the next month. they are holding hiring events in several stores now through september 24th. the company's web site shows 100 job openings in the bay area.
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created nationwide outrage with a tacky 9/11 ad is reopening. remember this ad? >> we'll never forget. >> people were so angry after that aired that miracle mattress in san antonio had to close. the store owner mike bonanno hired new staff. it's not clear if he fi daughter. they both received death threats after the story broke. one 9/11 widow has already forgiven them. lisa patterson's husband worked on the fifth floor. when she heard about the death threats, she picked up the phone. >> at the beginning of the call, she could barely speak. she was crying so much, she was so distraught. >> the family is grateful for
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love living in florida. >> the black bear population has rebounded thanks to extra protection measures now in place. it's gone from just a few hundred bears statewide in the 1970s to allowing the first bear hunt in 20 years last october where 304 bears were killed. all right. we're looking good this morning for the bus stop. temps in the upper 70s. we'll have mostly clear skies and then by the afternoon, coverage about 40%. we'll talk more about the weekend and extended forecast as well and a check on the tropics in a couple of minutes. also coming up, kids pepper sprayed in a portland neighborhood. you'll never believe why. >> a biologist in virginia found a unique way to fight zika. the surprising new tool that
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. >> welcome lackwelcome back. a butte elf look at the tampa sky -- welcome back. this is going to be a hot one here. don't take my word for it. stand by. ivan cabrera has florida's most accurate forecast coming up. there is a lot of miss industry surrounding the zika virus, especially in dogs. traces of the virus have been found in the eyes of people
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vision problems in adults. the virus is already known to cause severe eye damage in developing fetuses. and anyone who thinks learning about zika is boring, one doctor raps about mosquito control. ? [music] ? ? prevention is easy ? [music] ? >> aw. [ laughter mosquito kind of rhyme. he had people douse themselves in bug repellent. he also explained how to identify two types of mosquitoes that carry the virus. he admits it's not a sexy message but admits it saves
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[ laughter ] we'll check in on current conditions right now as we talk about temps in the upper 70s. right around 7:00 and this morning, it is the full harvest moon. we call it upper 70s and low 80s. of course especially as the sunrises. it looks huge, right? it's 79 in tampa. we'll get to 91 this afternoon. the issue is the humidity. it's so high that it will feel talking about 100-plus degrees. rain chances are average about 30 to 40%. the tropics are busy. just don't think anything will be impacting us here as far as ian or karl are concerned. temperatures caming into the mid-80s. by 10:00, it will feel like 95. futurecast will show you clouds this morning and then plenty of sunshine. then we'll heat the atmosphere. showers get going and
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so a good bet you won't see anything in your neighborhood. that is the coverage for the entire area. so in fact, i haven't had much just at my place. been left out over the last few days. grass is getting yellow. it is julia, still a tropical storm impacting the carolinas. ian, we'll say good-bye to ian today. carl is the one we'll be tracking in the next few days. that is the one that's forecast to become a hurricane. it won't about early next week. plenty of time to watch it. there it is as count one. it look u.s. like now the cone is going -- it looks like now the cone is going north. this is better and looks to track farther to the north. so temps this afternoon, lakeland, good morning, 89 for you this afternoon with again, the feels-like temp around 95 to 100. we'll continue that into the weekend as we check in on the boating forecast.
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thunderstorms out there because winds are pretty light for the afternoon at 5:00. 40% coverage tomorrow into sunday. fairly similar conditions heading into early next week. nothing to organize, no front, nolos. just sea breeze thunderstorms that will continue at about 30 to 40%. it is friday. let's check in on the friday morning commute. a dark one, of course, now as the time continues to get later, right? we haven't seen much anyways, so it's hard for me to notice that. one car left with the flashers on. so no slowdown there on i-4 from lakeland all the way into downtown tampa. you are looking at a smooth ride. let's talk about construction that's happening right now in wesley chapel. i can tell you old pasco road is closed from state route 52 all the way to overpass road. there is a neighborhood right in here. those residents can get to their homes, however.
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you might want to try i-75 right there. it is looking great this morning, up to speed in both directions. you can even check your drive times on i-75, if you are heading up to i-4. 21 minutes from 52 to i-4. ten minutes down there at the bottom from the apex to i-4. dan? 5:46 now. in georgia, wild hogs apparently are becoming a big problem at schools in one county there. officials have captured three wild hogs the past few months. officials say the hogs are digging under fences to get onto the property. now to a million dollar jewel heist from houston all caught on camera. the surveillance video starts off quietly. an employee showing a customer a necklace, but look at this. nobody expected what happened next. several men busted in with hammers smashing all of the jewelry cases. they filled the bags with top dollar diamonds and then ran
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heists all around the country. it is 5:46 right now. in michigan, police are noticing an uptick in 911 calls now that school has started. parents are calling in because the kids are apparently refusing to go to school. police are responding to the calls because a third party can sometimes help. new research shows drug dealers hiding on the dark net might incidentally reveal everything with the advertising pictures. the which reveals their location in a real world. two harvard seniors published a paper on how to track them. they published an interactive map along with the findings. the data is only accurate within a mile or so, so police still have work to do. a grandmother in portland, oregon feels like she let her family down after her grandkids were attacked with bear repellent. >> the man drove by and attacked. the grandmother was nearby
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time. then a man on the bike rode by and sprayed her grandchildren with bug repellent and yelled out a racial slur. she is crushed because she wasn't there to protect them. >> i was going to protect them i feel like i let my grandkids down. >> the kids are okay. police are now searching for the suspect and are coming up, a chihuahua is living the life of luxury. >> you won't believe the room a dog owner built under the stairs. ? [music] ? >> and our teacher harnessing "hamilton," the musical
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1 million of the iphone 7s are affected by the move. customers get their hands on the new apple iphone 7. >> the devices are going on sale at apple stores but there's sure to be disappointment because some models are already sold out thanks to heavy pre-order
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songs like "it's hot in here" in huge numbers hoping to help him pay off debt to the irs. >> the rapper is facing a $2.4 million tax lien. his streamed songs on spotify have increased by 200% by last week alone. >> how about "ride with me"? >> the one with kelly rowland is my favorite. >> those are your tech bytes. here's your forecast as we head into the afternoon with temperatures in the lower 90s. we'll be dry through the morning commute good. the weekend forecast is coming up in the next hour. seven minutes until 6:00 right now. take a look at this woman showing off a roone she had tuesday come built for her chihuahua. even art work is on the wall. there's even a piano she picked up along the way. poncho is living the good life, isn't he? this woman is from tampa trying to take her pet pig for
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the animal is sprinting and the woman is barely able to keep up as he picks up speed. alexander hamilton used to be the forgotten founding father. of course not anymore. the smash broadway musical hamilton has impressed the president and even a tougher audience, high school students. ? [music] ? >> history teacher jim cullen saw the musical last year. he was surprised by how much he loved it after noticing his students getting into it as well, he decided that they were onto something. he designed an entire course on "hamilton." the students get to list ton the music which helps them -- listen to the music which helps them get through the 800 page biography. >> i am excited to come to this class every day so it did help. >> while the focus is on alexander hamilton, it gives
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the -- insight into the writing of the constitution. this morning, wounded war veterans are out with their brothers of arms. >> the next step golf tournament started yesterday morning. dozens turned out and it's meant to help continue with their recovery. one veteran says golf helps amputees learn to gain their balance again. >> it's amazing. i feel more at ease. when i come here, i know it's fun. >> the program is now in its eighth year. 5:55. coming up at 6:00, another live report from a sinkhole at a fertilizer plant. >> chemicals could leak into the aquifer. we'll explain. what's being done -- we'll
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 gallons of contaminated water sieving into the ground through a sinkhole. what's being done? some people are camping out to get their hands on the iphone. some people will go home tellty handed today.
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>> one iphone is already sold out in some places. let's get you out the door with traffic and weather on the threshold of the weekend. >> i think people are sleeping in. >> yeah, roads look great out there. >> the weekend looks fantastic. have you looked outside? the harvest moon is out there. i want to show you that in nonvirtual form out there. upper 70s to around 80. another in great shape. if we could just hold on to the temperatures, right, for it daytime highs, it won't be that far off, right in a couple of months maybe? those are overnight lows at the moment. the highs once again in the 90s. that means what the humidity will feel like at 100-plus this afternoon. rain chances through the weekend. we're talking 30, 40% so scattered storms is what we'll call it. the tropics are staying busy out there. three storms are not impacting
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and on the way up as opposed to the others. let's check in now with janelle thinking the slow morning commute. we'll hold on to that as long as we can. >> the friday morning commute is usually slower than normal. that is what's happening today. i like i-275 and bush because this is one of the first places where it starts to get crowded out there. look at that. we are still wide open. these cars right here are heading towards downtown tampa. let's check our other cameras here. i-75 right through the brandon area up to speed in both directions. just about ten minutes to get from apollo beach to i-4. checking the speeds on the major interstates, looks like we are still in the green. i-4 into tampa. 275, this is over in pinellas, 67 is the average speed there. dan? now at 6:00, we begin with this action air one video out of polk county. the sinkhole you are seeing here opened up at a hoe stayic


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